BPTH Chapter 8

The Jade Spirit Body

Wuhen quietly stood in a courtyard, his pair of dual-pupil eyes were blinking frequently, as if he was pondering over something important. The two elders in black clothing stood on both sides, as they submissively escorted him.

“Young master, I’m afraid, that you were a little bit reckless today.” One of the elders couldn’t help reminding Wuhen.

“Huh, I was?” Wuhen frowned. He didn’t seem to fully comprehend the elder’s words.

After some meditation, the elder bowed to Wuhen, “I mean, we’re supposed to come here for the discussion of next year’s Prefecture War, which is also what our Elder Leader reminded us of before this trip. I’m afraid, young master, if… If you insist on offending the Ye Family by molesting that girl, that it’ll disturb our original plan.”

“Oh? Elder Mo, do you think I’m just molesting that girl? Hehe, you belittle me! You know, I’ve never been short of beauties around me.” Wuhen raised his eyebrows even higher, as a vicious smile emerged on his face, before he continued, “However, the remarkable thing is, that this girl is one of a kind. You can never find another one like her. By the way, have you spied on her? Did you obtain any results yet?”

The other elder stepped forward, “The girl is named Ye Qingyu, the daughter of Ye Dao. The young lord that tried to save her is her brother. I’ve been told, that Qingyu is an adopted child. Both she and her brother have a rather low status in the Ye Family.”

“Ah? That rubbish is the son of the genius – Ye Dao? How ridiculous! Wait, had Ye Dao already seen through his adopted daughter? Did he intentionally raise her for his son? Ah! The sooner the better…” Wuhen hurriedly turned to the two elders, “Elder Shi, please immediately go back home and ask my grandfather for twenty bottles of top-grade Snow Spirit Dan. I will propose to Ye Qingyu! I will… I will marry Ye Qingyu!”

“Ah? Twenty bottles of top-grade Snow Spirit Dan? Marry Ye Qingyu?”

Both elders were dumbfounded by their young master’s abrupt decision.

In the Flame Dragon Continent, the Dan had been categorized into four grades – holy-grade, top-grade, middle-grade and low-grade. These were the best nourishments for cultivators. The materials for refining these Dan encompassed a large variety of herbs and other valuable items. Even the low-grade Dan would be sold for over a hundred crystal coins per bottle on the market. The Snow Spirit Dan was a specialty of the Xue Family, and they had never sold any of it on the market, because it was priceless. The Healing Dan that Qinghan was offered from the Punishment Department was the least valuable Dan in the low-grade category. Even for the lowest quality Dan, Ye Ron only allowed Qinghan to take one, which proved how precious these Dan were. Now, Wuhen suddenly decided to take out twenty bottles!

“Errrr?” Elder Shi hesitated for a moment, “Can it be that this girl possesses some special skills?”

“Haha! Don’t forget that I’ve got a pair of dual-pupil eyes, which let me see through her at my first glance… She actually possesses a Jade Spirit Body!” There was a touch of distinctive joyfulness in Wuhen’s voice, even though he tried to calm himself down.

“What? One of the two most holy bodies in this continent – the Jade Spirit Body?”

Both Elder Mo and Elder Shi exclaimed together. They looked at each other, while a sense of unbelief was plastered on their faces.


In a small room in an eastern courtyard of the Ye Castle.

“Brother, lie down. I’ll go to the Punishment Department and get you the Healing Dan.” Qingyu squeezed the towel before she rubbed her brother’s face.

“No, don’t go there!” Qinghan pulled his sister back, “Qingyu, we don’t need their sympathy. Poor as we are, we have to adhere to our own moral principles, and never, ever beg for someone else’s compassion. Besides, I’ve only got some external bruises, nothing really serious. Maybe after one or two days, I’ll be fully recuperated. You know, I just need some rest.”

“But, your injury…” Qingyu gathered her beautiful eyebrows, as she was full of anxiety.

She knew her brother’s stubborn personality, so she wouldn’t bother to try and persuade him. She could only pout in sadness, as she didn’t know what she could do to relieve her brother’s agony. Eventually, she sighed and left the room.

As soon as his sister had left, Qinghan arduously leaned himself up against the back of his bed, while he was wondering in bewilderment.

“If you turn yourself into an ass, don’t feel insulted when people ride you. In this world, without true ability, you’re destined to be bullied, or even disgraced… Just like a fish on the chopping block, ready to be killed!” Qinghan mumbled, mocking the condition he was in.

What happened today had greatly shaken his self-esteem. From now on, he would never be seduced to any kind of peaceful life again. What he wanted right now, was to improve his cultivation and fight back!

Everyone bowed to Qingkuang, and called him “eldest young lord”. But what about him? As the same lineal descendant, Qinghan had never received any form of respect in this hierarchical family.

Xue Wuhen had insulted his sister and injured him in broad daylight, yet no one dared to bring him to justice. Ye Ron and Qingkuang even vindicated him from his evil behavior!


Down here on earth, your actual ability in cultivation determined what kind of treatment you would receive.

Qingkuang, who was only twenty-five, had entered the first level of the Realm of the General, while he had also summoned a seventh-grade battle beast. Once integrated, his power would be equivalent to that of the top level of the Realm of the General.

Xue Wuhen, who was only twenty-six, was a one in a million genius in cultivation. He had already entered the third level of the Realm of the General. If matched up with his extraordinary skill of using bewitched and poisonous worms, his ability would be equivalent to those in the Realm of the Marshal. This all together, made it no surprise that he ranked tenth on the Mortal Ranking List.

But how about himself? He was fifteen years old and had only reached the first level of the Realm of the Elite… He had never been able to summon a beast either… What a sharp contrast!

The Realm of the Warrior, the Realm of the Soldier, the Realm of the Elite, the Realm of the Commander, the Realm of the General, the Realm of the Marshal… The gap from the Realm of the Elite to the Realm of the Marshal was huge – there were three realms in between. Plus, he had no battle beast, and his parents had both passed away, all this led to his current dire situation – he was marginalized by his own family. He could almost be compared to a puppet young lord, as he had no influence, no ability and no good relationships.

“Peaceful life? Hehe…” Qinghan clenched his fists as he slowly, yet firmly let out these words, “The Secret Code for Sacred Blood, don’t let me down!”

The endless oppression and bullying he had received, and the oath he had made in front of his deceased mother, all of this had finally forced him to make that one decision, that was, to improve his ability!

He had no other alternatives. Even though this method was risky, or might even cost him his life, he wouldn’t regret it.

Qinghan crawled out of his bed, and took the yellowish book out from the box. Opening the book, he turned to the page of the Secret Code for Sacred Blood volume and started to read it once again.

“Secret Code for Sacred Blood, the method used in this book is based on the hundreds of classics written by our ancestors, as well as my own cultivating experiences. After years of arduous study…(omitting hundreds of words). Once you have grasped this method, both your physical body and your talent will be greatly improved. At the same time, it’ll change the blood and bone marrow inside your body… (omitting hundreds of words). Once you’ve succeeded, your destiny will surely have changed, your ability will definitely be peerless…”

“Wow, daddy, you’re more than a simple peddler, you’re actually a genius in marketing…” Qinghan had read the book for almost half an hour, but nothing critical had yet occurred. The starting part was all of insignificant nonsense, persuading people to believe how matchless his method was.

Taking a deep breath, he patiently continued reading.

“The five prominent family in this continent are all descendants of ancient immortals. Therefore, to some extent, their ancestors’ blood still flows in their bodies. Each family has its own unique awakening technique, to empower themselves by relying on their ancestral power. Like the Ye Family, the density of the sacred blood in your body determines what kind of battle beast you can summon. The content of this book is genuine, please believe in me, I’m not a braggadocio. I have solid theoretical bases! However, as I have previously mentioned, this method is against the will of the heavens, it is rather dangerous to practice. So, you’d better write a will before you start practicing this method, in case you won’t survive the process…”

“The learning process is as follows:
Step one – Bloodletting! Let out one-fourth of your blood. This step is extremely risky. Possible symptoms: prolonged high fever…
Step two – Enrich the blood. Eat the secret medicine for fifteen days. Reminder: Eat it raw! Possible symptoms: delirious, insane…
Step three – Refine the blood. Use a silver needle to prick the twelve meridians in your body three times a day. In this step, you have to prick it at the exact place. If you fail to do so, then the blood flow in your body will be blocked. If that happens, your cultivation will come to an early end…
Step four – Stop the flow of your blood. At the awakening ceremony, you have to deliberately block the flow of your blood in order to activate the sacred blood, so that it may resonate with the ancestral power. Possible symptoms: blood starts to flow backwards or meridians get cut off, or perhaps… Even death…”

“What the hell… Daddy! You’re delirious! Is this method really for humans?”