BPTH Chapter 79

The First Time to Encounter the Demonic Race

They quickly followed the scout of the Hua family, who was obviously panicked by what he had just seen – the demonic race! Throughout the history, the demons had been hostile towards the human race for thousands of years, but seldom had anyone from the group ever fought with them in person. Even the advanced cultivators in the Realm of the Prince, who thought of themselves as a notch above the others, turned nervous for the upcoming fight.

The three races, human, demon and barbarian, had fought against each other for a myriad of years. The hatred had embedded in their bones; a battle would be unavoidable once they met each other. Now, owing to the large quantity and quality of the super team, they believed that the demon ahead would definitely be defeated, even if he happened to be a Demonic Emperor. Based on this assumption, the team members relaxed a little bit, but the curiosity of seeing the demonic race didn’t diminish in the slightest.

Walking silently along the path for more than five kilometers, the team finally approached their target – which disappointed them all. They thought, that the demons should be ferocious-looking monsters, with probably three heads and six arms, or even more bizarre. To their surprise, however, the appearance of this demon was quite similar to that of a human being, as it was only a little bit taller.

By stepping closer, they could clearly see the details of this demon: he had extremely sturdy hands and feet, golden hair, a prominent nose, sharp teeth… Indeed, he looked like a wild, untamed human being, to some extent.

The demon looked around gingerly, for he had sensed the approaching crowd behind him. With a resounding roar, his body was suddenly emitting glaring yellowish beams. With a dash, he hurriedly ran forward.

With a sneer, Hua Cao disappeared. Suddenly, next to the demon, there appeared three black figures, each of them holding a sharp sword in their hand, and each of them stabbing into the flesh of the demon. A second later, the three figures all faded away.

Figure Replication Technique!

Hua Cao, by using this special technique, left a deep wound on the demon’s leg, causing the latter to nearly fall down.

– Swoosh! –

The golden-haired demon kept running away. But, unexpectedly, the three figures, once again, emerged in front of him. The demon found it impossible to avoid their swords, due to the flash-like speed. Undoubtedly, he was stabbed for the second time.


Apparently, this demon was frightened by the unpredictable attacks. Being afraid to be stabbed for a third time if he kept running away, he turned around and rushed towards the team members instead.

Immediately, two Prince-Realm cultivators stepped forward, in an attempt to protect the others. While at the same time, two colorful beams emerged from Qingcheng’s eyes and shot directly into the demon’s eyes. After these two beams hit the demon’s eyes, he suddenly stood still and started to laugh like a moron. Feng Zi seized this opportunity, as he pulled out his sword, and stabbed it right into the demon’s head, chopping it into a mud-like state.

The first cooperation of the team proved to be successful. Some of them, however, felt like vomiting by seeing the beheaded corpse of the demon, which was covered in white brain matter and red blood. Finally, one of them couldn’t stand it anymore, and threw up. All of a sudden, one third of the team ran to the nearby thick trees, and started vomiting, in which the girls of the Yue family accounted for half of them.

As for Qinghan, since he had experienced this kind of brutality before, he was quite used to it. He patted on Qingwu’s shoulder, who was pretending to be calm, before he went towards the demonic corpse, and took off his ring. Judging by the color of the ring, the demon must be a Mighty Demonic Soldier, equivalent to a Realm of the Commander cultivator of the human race. The incompetency of this demon was thus no wonder. Without hesitation, Qinghan put the orange ring against his yellow ring. When the two rings met each other, the ring from the demon instantly vanished into thin air, as it left a number “five” on Qinghan’s ring.

“Five credits obtained! This is a good start!”

Although they still had a long way to go to reach the ultimate goal of 10,000 credits, Qinghan was satisfied with their initial success. Glancing at Qingcheng, who was squatted under a tree vomiting, Qinghan walked towards her, and came up with some consoling words, “Wipe your mouth. You’ll get used to this along the way. The demon race are hybrids between beasts and humans. Hmm, just think of it as a simple beast, maybe you’ll feel better.”

Qingcheng had hurriedly taken her veil off to vomit. And, now, Qinghan could see her reddened face, as she was exhausted from nausea. Grabbing a branch of the tree, she bent her thin waist, as she received a handkerchief from Qinghan. Although Qinghan’s unique explanation didn’t have much effect in soothing her, she still wiped her mouth, and smiled, as she was trying to calm herself down.

“Qinghan! I bet you already forgot about your Sister Qingwu. I’m also rather uncomfortable. Why don’t you come and console me?” A touch of envy flashed in her eyes, as Qingwu unhappily pouted.

“Come on, Sister Qingwu, at least you’re not vomiting. Ok, shall I take off my clothes, and present those to you as a handkerchief?” Qinghan laughed from ear to ear, as he walked towards Qingwu, and placed his hand upon her shoulder.

“Go to hell! I’m not that frail!” Quickly, Qingwu slapped Qinghan’s hand away, as he looked at him from the corner of her eyes. However, she seemed to quite enjoy Qinghan’s intimate gesture and playful remarks.

“Son of a bitch! The pig is trying to engage himself with all the beauties!”

In the near distance, Feng Zi observed Qinghan’s behavior, and he couldn’t contain his envy anymore. The intimacy between Qinghan and the two most beautiful girls in the team left him outraged.

“Fuck! These days, a handsome boy like me is no longer popular? Ye Qinghan is lackluster in front of me! How come the girls find him so attractive?” Hua Cao spit his hatred towards Qinghan out, and exchanged looks with Feng Zi.


After a short rest, the super team carried on their risk-ridden journey. Apart from the triumphant feelings, after killing the first demon, they realized that the sudden speed-accelerating skill must be a unique technique frequently used among the demon race. If they encountered a higher-ranked demon, the speed would be even more terrifying.

Nevertheless, the team hadn’t encountered another demon or barbarian along the way, ever since the appearance of the first demon, who could’ve been an unfortunate one who was teleported from another battlefield. At noon, they took turns to rest. After hastily eating some dry rations and drink some water, they continued on their journey.

Up until now, they had covered more than ten kilometers! It was only the second day of their journey. Despite all their efforts to walk faster, they were still at the outside area of the Visionary Forest. Hence, the chance of meeting enemies was still low. The few demons they did encounter were accidentally teleported from other places. It was said, that it took at least ten days to enter the deeper parts of the forest, and meet entire groups of the other two races.

During the boring march, the most tiresome people were those from the Hua family, because they shouldered the responsibility of exploring the way, and keeping a watchful eye. As for the others, in comparison, they had less to worry about before they met any enemies. The elusive Figure Replication Technique presented by one member of the Hua family had won the trust of the whole team, for the team members felt more secure after seeing its mighty power.

In the afternoon, instead of meeting some demons or barbarians, they bumped into three elite teams. They saluted each other, and diverged, as they took on different paths.

It was nearly dusk, when the team decided to find a place to shelter for the night. At this moment, a scout from the Hua Family arrived, telling them that there was a superb treasure land in front of them!

Hearing this news, the fatigue from a long-day’s walk suddenly disappeared. Everyone’s eyes were lit up with enthusiasm. Following the scout, they rushed towards this treasure land.

The so-called treasure land was actually a small pond, surrounded by lines of tall, ancient trees. Looking from afar, it was hard to discover. The ancient trees had a unique appearance. And, in the vicinity of the pond, there was a spacious grassland.

“Haha… Hua Jia, well done! Yeah, this is definitely a treasure land. Actually, this place is called the Monster Slaughter Pool. According to the information I’ve received, it’s the best place to encamp. It surprises me how intact this place is after so many years!”

Hua Cao nodded his head in satisfaction, as he explained to the others the general situation of this pond.

“Hua Cao, this is just a fucking pool. Why you are so excited?” Feng Zi found it hard to understand Hua Cao’s overexcitement, and disrupted him.

“Feng Zi, come on, you know nothing about it! I’ll talk to you later. Team One, go and search for the mini-teleportation-posts, I believe there are a large number of such posts in the vicinity; Team Two, activate first-grade vigilance, the demons and barbarians could appear in this place at any time, please report to us once you find them.” Though Hua Cao was tempted to quarrel with Feng Zi, he refrained himself from doing so, and instructed his team members in a solemn expression instead.

Members from the Hua family scattered off in all directions, finishing their own tasks. As for the rest of the team, they kept silent.

Meanwhile, Hua Cao took out a map made of goatskin, and explained:

“As you may know, our Hua family aren’t good at direct fights, we’re more adept in assassination. That’s why, in almost every Prefecture War, we’ll choose a perfect place, like this pool, to kill the enemies. Indeed, this Monster Slaughter Pool is ranked the fourth of all the treasure places recorded by our ancestors.”

With a prideful face, Hua Cao raised his head, as he was flattered by the admiring glances from the others. Soon, he continued, “This place is a geographically safe place. At night, we can rest on the tall trees. Food and water isn’t a problem, for the wild beasts will come here to drink every morning.”

“Most importantly, there are a large number of hidden teleportation posts in the vicinity. Although the location of these posts varies from war to war, strangely, this place always boasts a great number of such posts. We just need to wait here, and slaughter the teleported demons or barbarians, and get the credits!”

The rest of team weren’t as intelligent as Hua Cao, but they immediately understood the importance of the geographical advantage of this pool, especially when Hua Cao mentioned the teleportation spots.

Half an hour later, the scout came back with another piece of good news: they had found thirty three teleportation posts in the vicinity!

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