BPTH Chapter 78

Super Elite Team

The elite teams from the five prominent families remained in the camp, as they were preparing large amounts of food and water for the upcoming war. Young lord Wuhen, as well as his team, however, had kept to themselves quietly, as though they planned to stay here for a long time, instead of venturing into the Visionary Forest.

Qinghan and Qingwu, at the invitation of Feng Zi, walked towards one of the bamboo houses. When they pushed the door open, Qinghan found Hua Cao and Qingcheng looking at them with a subtle smile.

“Hey, guys, what’s the matter? Why urge us to come here?”

“Good news! Super good news!” As Feng Zi replied, his face was radiant with a healthy ruddy color.

“Yes, buddy. We’ve got good news to tell you. It’s pretty funny!” Hua Cao glanced at Qinghan under his long eyelashes.

At the same time, Qingcheng also winked with her limpid eyes, and explained, “We’ve made a decision that all our top 50 advanced cultivators will join your team. And they’ll contribute to the total credits of your team!”

“What? Are you sure?”

Out of sheer confusion, Qinghan pondered for a minute. As for the Yue family, in order to make Qingcheng and him a couple, they could’ve done such thing. But, what about Feng Zi and Hua Cao? Qinghan firmly believed that their relationship hadn’t yet developed to the extent, where they could sacrifice their own families’ interest to help him out. Therefore, he threw a doubtful glance at both Feng Zi and Hua Cao. Meanwhile, Qingwu was also staring at these two young lords, with a suspicious smile.

“Qinghan, why didn’t you tell us about your sister’s illness earlier? If you did, we would’ve absolutely assigned all of our best elites to your team, to help you level out Ghost Island and get that Spirit Immortal Dan.” Feng Zi patted his own muscular chest, as he said in a valiant heroic tone.

“Hehe, a super elite team formed by the four prominent families! Our family will be responsible for exploring the way, and assassinating whenever necessary; the Yue Family will be in charge of attack; the Feng Family will provide additional assistance in the rear; the Ye Family will march forward in the front line. How can anyone defeat such a formidable team? We’re confident to annihilate all enemies and obtain the required credits!” With a sinister smile, Hua Cao envisaged the glorified future battlefield.

After listening to what Hua Cao said, Qinghan was suddenly filled with passion. Definitely, with the help of the other three families, the credits would be easy pickings! The Hua family was good at exploring the way with their Invisible Technique; the Yue family was excellent at soul attacks by forcing the enemies to fall into an unreal fantasy. Most importantly, as valuable young lords of their families, they would certainly be protected by one or two cultivators in the Realm of the Prince, who would, in some way, also contribute to the full power of the super team. Putting all the above elements together, the safety and attack level of this super team would absolutely be invincible.

Qinghan stood up, bowed to them all, and said in a solemn expression, “I sincerely appreciate your great kindness. I’m afraid I cannot make any recompense for you. I owe you for doing this for me…”

“Haha, you’re welcome. Remember? Back on the island of the Tranquil Lake, we made our promise. Plus, your future wife has sent us two beauties from the Yue Family. You’d better thank Qingcheng instead. But if you’re determined to compensate us, we would gladly accept… ” Feng Zi stole a glance at Qingcheng, as he replied.

“Yeah, what kind of compensation will you give us? Haha!” Hua Cao said jokingly.

Qingcheng kept looking at Qinghan with affectionate eyes, to see his response.

Without an immediate reply, Qinghan met Qingcheng’s eyes, and curled up his lips in doubt, in an almost indistinctive way. After a short while, he managed a smile.

“Thank you again. We will report to our leader about this. I hope, that in the near future, we’ll give you guys generous rewards in exchange.” Qingwu helped Qinghan to break the awkward silence.

“No… Miss Qingwu, please don’t say so. We’re just kidding. Originally, we just planned to have some fun in this war, and accumulate some practical battle experience. Now, since we’ve formed a super team, I feel more secure.”

The enthusiasm in Hua Cao’s eyes remained obvious, “We should hurry up. The rest of our team will stay in the temporary camp as guardians. As for us, we need to have a small drill or something, to ensure the respective responsibility is clearly conveyed to everyone. I’m so itchy to rush into the Visionary Forest, and have a grand feast of slaughter!”

Originally, both Feng Zi and Hua Cao didn’t care much about how many demons or barbarians they would kill, or how many credits they would collect. As young lords of affluent families, they were never short of money and beauties. However, Qingcheng’s proposal had raised their interest, and they also found it more secure to join such a large team. It was justifiable to say, that they killed two birds with one stone in this case: they would receive two stunners from the Yue family; and they could have Qinghan feel indebted to them.


In the house where Wuhen stayed, two young men stood on each side of their young leader, instead of Elder Shi and Elder Mo.

“Young lord, did you really decide to decouple yourself from the other four families?” The young man on the left asked with anxiety in his tightly-knitted eyebrows, as he seemed to be rather concerned.

The young man on the rights side also frowned, “The five prominent families are like different branches of the same tree, they share the same roots. Remember, if you do so, you’re going against the will of our ancestors.”

With a little jerk of his mouth, Wuhen sneered, and replied scornfully, “Alas, let me tell you, the Flame Dragon Continent is like a dead well, and we cultivators are all frogs within it. The only difference among us is how high we can jump. Our main task is to jump out of this well through cultivation! For me, everything is meaningless but this task. Now, get out of my room. I’ll start cultivating! I require all the team members to stay in this temporary camp until the end of the war.”


Helplessly, the two young men shook their heads, and walked out of the room.

It was true, outside the continent, there was a boundless world to explore. Thousands of years had passed, however, no one had ever successfully jumped out of this “well”. To the two men’s surprise, the Xue family didn’t make the slightest effort to keep their young leader from doing so, as if they had adopted a laissez-faire policy towards Wuhen.


After a whole afternoon’s efforts, the super elite team, led by Qinghan, had become a mighty force, as all of the young and competent cultivators were included.

In total, the number of this super team reached two hundred and twelve, including seven cultivators in the Realm of the Prince, one hundred and fifty in the Realm of the Marshal, and the rest in the third level of the Realm of the General. In comparison, Qinghan’s external cultivation level was placed at the bottom.

When night fell, the super team gathered together, discussing how to cooperate in the most efficient way, and they practiced several sets of defensive formations. Also, the proper solutions to emergencies were taken into consideration. In the end, they stayed up most of the night.

The next morning, the super team left the camp, waded through the small river, and eventually disappeared into the Visionary Forest.

As per what was agreed upon last night, all the members in the super team were in black samurai suits, which made it convenient to cover their heads once they met the enemy. In order to avoid similar head-covered disguise from the enemy’s side, they all sprayed specially designed perfume, which was made by the Yue family, on their clothing. Thus, it would be easily distinguishable by just smelling at each other. As for the young lords, and the girls, different patterns of images were embroidered on their clothing, so they could know who was who.

“Team One from the Hua family, disperse in all directions, stay alert!”

Under Hua Cao’s instruction, scores of people dashed to the front, and soon scattered in all directions, walking into the thick forest. Soon after, one member would come out with a piece of information about the situation of the path ahead. If it was clear, they would continue walking forward.

Being afraid of unexpected dangers, the team walked slowly within the Visionary Forest. It was hard to say, whether in the next minute, they would encounter demons or barbarians. No one could guarantee absolute security before they got themselves familiarized with the situation of their surroundings.

The seven Prince-Realm advanced cultivators circled Qinghan, Qingwu, Feng Zi, Hua Cao, and Qingcheng at the center, with their eyes vigilantly sweeping around the surroundings. They were responsible for protecting the young lords, and young ladies from any danger. Actually, this was their first time taking part in such a war, and they almost lost their confidence in finishing this task in such a creepy forest…

Instead of being anxious, Qinghan was rather disappointed. Before the Prefecture War, he had imagined the grandiose of the battle, and how he slaughtered others ruthlessly. But now, as a fragile flower vase, he was protected by others from falling down and breaking into pieces. Being left in the circle, he was definitely bored. In order to amuse himself, he started to practice the Mysterious Trace Step.

“Report! There are seven mini-teleportation-posts in the front area, and we left a mark on each post accordingly. There are no high-ranked demonic beasts. We can march forward!” An hour later, the intelligence member from the Hua family came back after having checked the landscape of the surroundings.

“Ok, keep up the good work. Four hours later, Team Two will take over your responsibility, so you guys can have some rest.” Hua Cao nodded his head, as he was satisfied with his subordinate’s performance.

The team quickened their pace, for they believed the scouts from the Hua family should be the best. Even if they did encounter some unpredictable dangers, they were confident to deal with it properly. Therefore, they found themselves more adapted in the forest, so they increased their pace.

As per their negotiation, they planned to walk 2.5 kilometers on the first day, after which, they would stay in a mini-teleportation-post-clustered area, waiting for some accidentally-teleported demons and barbarians. They all agreed, that it was better to know the specific technique of the enemies, before they directly fought with them.

Thanks to the company of the girls, the young men found the journey less boring. They all looked full of spirit, and walked like a gust of wind. Some of them even flirted with the female members of the Yue family. As the saying goes, you’ll never feel tired if you are accompanied by the opposite gender.

“Report! We found a soldier from the demon race. Team One has followed him secretly.” A while later, another scout from the Hua family reported to them. The news he brought quickly refreshed the team, especially Feng Zi. As if he was about to have a look at his new toy, Feng Zi waved his fist in ecstasy, “What are we waiting for? Let’s go, and kill him!”



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