BPTH Chapter 76


As per the rules, the participants were only allowed to stay on the island for three days. After that, they would be sent to Ghost Island, where the slaughter would commence!

During these three days, Qinghan had been cultivating in his own room. Pushed by the urgent desire to save his sister, he cultivated around the clock, in an effort to reach the next realm. At the same time, he also continued practicing the Mysterious Trace Steps, to ensure that he could run away from a possible fatal attack.

Before Qinghan’s arrival at the Yue family, he had already finished clearing all of his meridians, and condensed his Dantian, entering into the first level of the Realm of the General. Since then, he had focused his attention on accumulating a large amount of Battle Qi, before he turned it into the liquidation state, and preserved it in his Dantian. In this complicated process, Qinghan had to compress every drop of liquefied Battle Qi, before it solidified, and fully integrate it with the acupoint in his Dantian. This way, the peak level of the Realm of the General would be obtained.

According to the seemingly simple theory, as long as one cultivated daily, it was only a matter of time to reach the peak level of the Realm of the General. Qinghan, however, found it extremely difficult to accumulate an adequate amount of Battle Qi – because his battle beast, which was in its maturing period, relied on inhaling Battle Qi to grow. As time went by, Little Black’s required amount of Battle Qi had multiplied. Unlike its weak period, when it only ate demonic crystals, it now ate nothing but Battle Qi. Despite Qinghan’s daily efforts to cultivate more Battle Qi, he had failed to reserve any. Basically, the supply of Battle Qi merely met Little Black’s demand.

Therefore, in these three days, aside from practicing how to unleash Battle Qi from his feet, he kept on accumulating Battle Qi, without which he would be doomed in the war, just like a soldier without a bullet.

Since he had learned how to unleash his Battle Qi, the Mysterious Trace Steps took him little efforts to wholly grasp. What he needed to do right now, was to test it in actual combat.

– Dong! Dong! Dong! –

Being distracted, Qinghan jerked his head towards the door, as he stopped his cultivation, and got up to answer the knocks.

“Young lord, it’s time to set off. Miss Qingwu wants to see you.” The square-faced Shisan stood outside the door, heavily panting.

“Err! Three days have passed?” Qinghan tapped on his forehead, for his sense of time had been disrupted by his continuous, crazy cultivation. In a hurry, he washed his face and rinsed his mouth, before he followed Shisan out.

In the lobby, Qingwu and Shiqi were sitting, waiting for Qinghan’s arrival. The moment Qinghan stepped in, they both stood up, as Shiqi threw a wink towards Qinghan and smiled; while Qingwu wrinkled her adorable nose impatiently.

“Hurry up. We’ve been waiting for you for quite some time. Later, we’ll assemble on the square, listen to the guardian elder’s explanation of the rules, before we set off for Ghost Island.” Qingwu complained.

Out of slight compunction, Qinghan stared at her, as he embarrassingly smiled, “Sorry for my delay. L… let’s go!”

The Death Squad had also been waiting for them outside the gate of the western yard. When Qinghan arrived, he looked at them and at his five disciples, who waved their hands in response.

Soon after, Qinghan, together with his team, arrived at the crowded square. Except for a few people, the majority were standing in a long queue.

By narrowing his eyes, Qinghan found the muscular Feng Zi, the feminine Hua Cao, the white-lily-like Qingcheng, and the handsome Shuiliu, among the crowd. However, when his eyes met with the dual-pupil Wuhen, he tried very hard to refrain himself from the impulse of killing him. Since they had left Enchantment City, Wuhen had deliberately avoided meeting Qinghan, afraid of being killed.

“Young lord Qinghan!” Feng Zi waved his hand in the air, greeting Qinghan and his team. But the moment his eyes fell on Qingwu, his body turned awkwardly stick, for he was infatuated by her beauty.

Her curving body was exposed by the tight clothing she wore, and added with her pure smile, seldom would any men escape from her attraction. Even Qingcheng felt somewhat threatened by her beauty. While at the same time, Qinghan also discovered another beauty standing beside Shuiliu – a tall girl, who was holding a cyan sword in her hand, revealing an unyielding heroine spirit in her eyes. Since she was with Shiliu, her identity was easily guessable. So Qinghan didn’t bother asking, instead, he was trying to introduce Qingwu.

When Qinghan was about to open his mouth, he was unexpectedly choked back by the sudden question raised by the girl beside Shuiliu, “Sister Qingwu, I didn’t expect to see you here. Did your run away from your family again?”

Disregarding the intense glances from the men, Qingwu walked directly towards the girl, and grabbed her arm, “Sister Sainan, your presence is a guarantee for my safety. I won’t be afraid of those demons and barbarians with you here. Haha, no one will be able to escape from under your Dragon Bellow Sword.”

“Oh, sister, you flatter me! Haha, you can follow me and fall under my protection, if you like!” The tall girl responded with a naughty smile, as she slightly pinched in Qingwu’s adorable nose.

“No, I have this young lord to take care of.” Qingwu returned a smile, as she pointed at Qinghan.

Based on their conversation, everyone had learned their identity. Feng Zi sighed in embarrassment, as his confidence subdued in front of Qingwu, who he had certain feelings for. Actually, he had already heard of Qingwu, whose reputation was prompted by her terrifying cultivation level, and more importantly, by her boldness to curse at Tu Qianjun, the guy from Immortal City, right in his face. As a cultivator, she was listed sixth on the Mortal Ranking List; while as a girl, she possessed a shapely body, and a delicate face, which dazzled any men that looked at her.

The identity of the tall girl, was confirmed by Qingwu. She was the only daughter of Long Pifu, named Long Sainan: age 29, unmarried. Impressively, her ability in cultivation had reached the peak level of the Realm of the Prince, only slightly behind Ye Dao! On the Mortal Ranking List, she was the number one! Definitely, she was a leading figure among the young cultivators.

By now, Qinghan came to realize why the dwarf Long Pifu had named his daughter ‘Sainan’ (Literally, it means ‘to compete with men’). He had raised his daughter in the mould of a son. The aggressiveness, and tough spirit, were both suggestive of her male-favored environment while growing up. Nevertheless, her feminine temperament had remained intact.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Sainan. I’m Ye Qinghan.” Smilingly, Qinghan bowed to Sainan.

“I’ve been wishing to meet the man Qingcheng has chosen. Today, I’m glad to meet you.” Sainan grabbed Qingcheng’s hands, and drew them closer to herself, when she replied to Qinghan.

“Errr… I’m not good enough for her.” Qinghan touched his nose to disguise his embarrassment.

“Son of a…” When Feng Zi was about to say some dirty words, when he received Qinghan’s cold glance. He immediately changed his tone, “They… they’re made for each other.”

“Hehe, regardless of what has happened in the past, I’ll come after you, if you ever do any harm to Qingcheng.” Sainan warned Qinghan, as she stroke Qingcheng’s long, black hair with great care.

“Elder sister!” Qingcheng lowered her head, and softly pushed Sainan’s hand away. Her face had already turned red from embarrassment.

“Errr! Hehe!” Not knowing how to give a proper response, Qinghan just laughed drily.

– Buzz… –

A sudden noise disrupted their conversation, as all of them raised their heads upward into the sky. A silvery-haired old man in grey clothing was descending from above, with glaring lights in his eyes. This was the guardian elder of this island, who Qinghan had met before.

“Your highness, respected guardian elder!”

Everyone but the descendants from the five families kneeled down on one leg, as they shouted out simultaneously.

“Please, stand up! Today, the elite teams are going to be teleported to Ghost Island. I, on behalf of the Mars Prefecture, would like to share the rules of this war with you: the first rule, all the elite members aren’t allowed to kill each other, once discovered, we will end your life; the second rule, once you’re on Ghost Island, you’re not allowed to leave until three years have passed; the third rule, don’t be a traitor by colluding with the barbarians or demons; the fourth rule, remember, when you kill an enemy, pick up his ring and put it against your own ring. This way, the credits will be recorded automatically… Alright, it’s time to go!”

As the guardian elder finished his short speech, he gracefully waved his hands in the air. The next moment, on the northern part of the square, a gigantic teleportation spot emerged, with misty, colorful rays shining on its surface.

Looking over at the teleportation spot, everyone was awed by its magnificence. Quickly, like aspiring embattled soldiers, they walked in firm steps towards it.

When the teleportation waggled for the tenth time, the thickly-dotted crowd all disappeared from the square

“Alas, Only God knows how many will be killed this time…” The guardian elder sighed at the empty square, as a touch of pessimism flashed in his grey-colored eyes.



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