BPTH Chapter 75

Secret Team

Out of curiosity, Qinghan turned around, and found an elder standing alongside his Death Squad. The silver-haired elder, who was in a grey robe, was smiling at them.

“As far as I know, only those cultivators below the age of the thirty are allowed to participate in the Elite Prefecture War. Why is there an elder here?” Qinghan raised his vigilance, ready for an emergency.

However, Shisan tapped Qinghan’s arm, and whispered in his ear, “Take it easy, young lord. He is responsible for safeguarding this island. Of course, the elders aren’t planning on entering Ghost Island.”

Both Shisan and Shiqi cupped one of their hands upon the other, and shouted, “Your highness, guardian elder of the island!”

“Nice to meet you, respected elder!” Qinghan, together with his Death Squad team, followed suit, and bowed to the elder.

“Glad to meet you here! I guess you’re the descendant of the Ye family, aren’t you? Well, we’ve reserved the southern yard for your team. Please, walk along this road, and there are servants waiting at your rooms for your arrival.” The grey-robed elder suddenly disappeared, after he had finished saying these words.

“Teleportation?” Qinghan turned to Shisan for help, as he was terrified by witnessing such a technique, which had allowed the elder to vanish within a second.

“I don’t think so!” Shisan said, as his eyes were still flashing with the awe he had for the elder. He pondered for a while, before he explained, “This elder should at least be in the Realm of the Saint. Based on the Law of Heaven and Earth, he studies its special rules. It’s his fast speed, that makes him disappear almost instantly.”

“That’s quite impressive!” Qinghan kept silent after learning this information. Originally, owing to his terrifying speed in cultivation, he had grown a little bit self-conceited about his ability. In other words, he wasn’t as diligent as he used to be. Now, after seeing this incredible technique, however, he regretted his ignorance, and was determined to unswervingly continue his cultivation. Because currently, he had only just stepped over the threshold of the vast cultivation world, and there was still a long way to go. Otherwise, he could be killed by those more advanced cultivators, who accounted for a large number of the people in this world.

The elder, by showing off in front of Qinghan and his team, warned them to refrain themselves from arrogance, and to stay alert. However strong you were, there was always someone stronger out there! At the beginning of the war, the first and foremost thing for them was to adjust their mindset, so that others wouldn’t be able to abuse it.


After realizing the true purpose of this elder, Qinghan sighed with relief, and instructed his team to move forward.

The island wasn’t as large as it was supposed to be, because people could see its entirety with a single glance. The whole island was filled with countless yards, and in the near distance, there was a boundless ocean.

Since the island was protected by elders in the Realm of the Saint, it was supposed to be rather safe here. The yards, made of cyan bricks and black tiles, were neatly arranged here.

When Qinghan and his team arrived at the southern yard, he didn’t find Feng Zi and Hua Cao, who were probably busy settling in themselves. As he was being led by two guardian elders, who were in symbolic grey robes, Qinghan walked to the small yard specially prepared for the members of the Ye family. Qinghan asked Shisan to arrange the Death Squad, as he and Shiqi entered the lobby.

Inside the lobby, various people had clustered together, among which, a familiar face fell into Qinghan’s vision.

“Ye Qingwu! Why are you here?” Since they’d went separate paths two months ago, Qinghan was stunned to encounter her here. As always, Qingwu was in a scarlet-red tight, leather short, and a pair of ankle boots. Her feminine shape, as well as her pure, innocent face, distinguished herself.

“Haha, you can come here, so why can’t I? Remember, I’m listed as the number six on the Mortal Ranking List. I’m qualified to be here!” Qingwu stood up from her chair, as her two straight, slim legs grabbed everyone’s attention, dazzling their hearts and minds.

“Nice to meet you, young lord Qinghan.” The other four people, who were sitting beside Qingwu, also stood up and cordially bowed to Qinghan.

“Forget these formalities. Shiqi knows that I’m not fond of formal rules.” Qinghan slightly nodded his head, and glanced at Qingwu, with a smile, “Miss Qingwu, would you please explain a few things to me?”

“Hey, Qinghan, don’t call me Miss Qingwu. It feels distant. Our family may not treat you well, but I’ve always been friendly to you. Remember, we’ll probably risk our lives in this war in order to help you earn more credits. How can you treat me like a stranger?” Qingwu said, as she was dissatisfied by the title ‘Miss Qingwu’.

Looking at Qingwu’s pouted lips, Qinghan actually found her quite adorable. He also remembered what she had done for him: When he was still a piece of garbage, Qingwu had helped him out at the School for Battle Beasts. And in the recent rebellious family attacks, when he was on the verge of death, Qingwu had called her grandfather, and saved him. Aside from this, Qingwu was the kind of girl who you would never forget after a first glance. Plus, her terrifying ability in cultivation was another plus. At the age of twenty, she had already entered the first level of the Realm of the Marshal. If she integrated with her seventh-grade battle beast, Snow Fox, she would most likely reach the third level of the Realm of the Marshal. On the other hand, since Ye Qingniu had approved of her participation in the war, he must’ve left her with some life-saving treasure.

“Haha, alright, how about ‘sister Qingwu’? But seriously, you said you’re coming here to help me?”

“Yeah, exactly. Let me introduce these guys to you: Ye Yi, Ye San, Ye Jiu, and Ye Shiyi. They’re all in the Realm of the Commander. You know, our family has dispatched two additional teams to fight in the war. Almost all the qualified young advanced cultivators of the Ye family have been asked to be on this island. Our leader is resolute to help you obtain that Spirit Immortal Dan. However, we aren’t officially registered war participants.”

“Really? Oh, I’m so grateful for your help… Shall we fight together, or separately?” Qinghan nodded to each and every of the Death Warriors Qingwu had introduced to him. He began to appreciate his grandfather’s efforts to save his sister, and ensure his own safety. As Qingwu had just told him, his grandfather, Ye Tianlong, had already arranged secret forces to win the Spirit Immortal Dan, leaving him somewhat depressurized.

“I’m with you! Our leader wants me to keep an eye on you, though I know, that Shisan and Shiqi are enough to ensure your safety. Ye Yi, and his fellow men will be divided into two groups, as they’ll be secretly fighting for credits.” Qingwu threw a subtle smile towards Qinghan, as she showed an imposing expression of a “supervisor”.

“O… ok!”

Qinghan nodded mechanically, as if he was lost in a fog. Previously, he thought that he was different from the other young lords, who were just playing around in the war, while he had specific aims. He had to spare no efforts to obtain more credits, even if he had to die. Whereas, right now, he came to realize that he was also protected by his family. Given his current level, any Demonic or Barbarian Emperor could crash him into pieces. The family’s concern for him was pragmatic, for they wouldn’t risk losing a cultivator with such a terrifying potential. After all, he might greatly contribute to the family in the future.

“Cultivation! I have to cultivate with more diligence!”

Actually, on second thought, Qinghan found that the secret team sent by Ye Tianlong wasn’t completely reliable. He couldn’t put all of his hopes for saving his sister solely on this team. Now, Qingyu’s life was sustained by eating a lot of soul nourishments. She was still far away from a complete recovery. Before he had left the Ye Castle, Qinghan had vowed to obtain the Dan that was needed to save Qingyu. Now, that the family had appointed Qingwu to look after him, he had less of an opportunity to slaughter. Only if he increased his cultivation, to the extent that others wouldn’t worry about his safety, could he fully unleash his potential and kill as many demons and barbarians as he could. Currently, Qinghan’s short-term aim was to be capable enough to bring down the Demonic or Barbarian Emperors, who were equivalent to human cultivators in the Realm of the Prince. At that time, with the assistance of his integration technique, the likelihood of killing a Demonic or Barbarian King would be sharply increased. His plan was to kill the high-ranked enemies, in that way, he could get more credits by killing less.

“Now, I’ll retreat to my bedroom. See you.” After some analysis of the pros and cons, Qinghan had made his mind up, and walked to his bedroom, to cultivate.

“Haha, our leader is super smart! Qinghan will be probed into cultivating even harder. I can envisage a Saint-Realm Qinghan, sweeping the whole continent, with the help of his holy-grade battle beast…” Looking at the back of Qinghan, Qingwu murmured with an expectant light in her eyes.

“As long as young lord Qinghan lives in this world, our family will definitely become dominant over the other prefectures within the next two hundred years!” Ye Yi nodded in agreement. Suddenly, with a stern expression, he turned to Shiqi, “Buddy, tell Shisan, the priority of your task is to ensure the safety of Qinghan and Qingwu. San, Jiu, Shiyi, and I will lead our teams, and go to slaughter on Ghost Island right now. Take care!”

“Big Brother, Third Brother, Ninth Brother, and Eleventh Brother, take care of yourselves!” Shiqi nodded his head firmly. As adopted children of the Ye family, they shared the same background, and they had formed an ironclad friendship with one another. During these years, they had lost a dozen of their fellow men by finishing various tasks. And this task was considered, so far, the most dangerous. They had no clue how many of them would survive.

“Ye Yi, stay alert and be careful. I wish for you guys to come back safe and sound. Our leader has already promised you, that if you finish this task successfully, your title of ‘Death Warrior’ will be permanently removed; instead, you will be elevated to a post in the Elder Clan. This should be your last task. Take care, guys!” Qingwu broke in.

“Haha, Miss Qingwu, don’t worry about us. We have been to Ghost Island before, and look, we’re still alive. Honestly, we aren’t afraid of those demons and barbarians. Third Brother, Ninth Brother, and Eleventh Brother, are you ready? Let’s go for a killing!” Ye Yi replied with a long laugher. He then bowed to Qingwu, and patted on Shiqi’s shoulder, before he led his fellow brothers out.


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