BPTH Chapter 73

Long Pifu

North of Snow City, there was a famous Green Mountain. At the foot of this mountain, a small city was located, which was named after the mountain – Green Mountain City. Fifty years ago, an eighteen years old teenager, who was born and raised in this area, boasted exceptional cultivation capabilities. One day, he left home, as he was determined to challenge the well-known advanced cultivators. Incredibly, he defeated each and every challenger. Gradually, his reputation spread, and the five prominent families sent invitations to recruit him, which he all declined in the end. Instead, he participated in the chaotic Prefecture War, which was launched thirty years ago, and killed countless Demonic Emperors and Barbarian Kings on his own. Eventually, he accumulated the highest credits ever recorded, with which he exchanged the most-valued treasure at that time. After gaining considerable fame among his contemporaries, out of everyone’s surprise, he led a reclusive life. Five years later, he came out once again, and fought with the then-leader of the Mars Prefecture. The fierce fight lasted for a day and a night, before finally ending in a victory for him. Since then, he has been the leader of the Mars Prefecture. His name was Long Pifu.

Standing in front of the palace-like City Major Mansion, Qinghan leaned forward, in order to listen clearly to Shisan’s introduction of the leader of the Mars Prefecture. Given the absolute ability of the leader, Qinghan’s admiration for him raised his expectations, and he was craving to see the leader as soon as possible. Qinghan had gotten up early this morning, for he knew, that the elite teams would assemble at the square of the City Major Mansion, to receive the leader’s inspirational speech. After which, a relevant badge would be given according to one’s true capabilities.

On the square, lines of elite teams stood in order, waiting for the leader. People swarmed in from all directions. On the periphery area, there were even numerous onlookers, watching the magnificent military parade.

“Younger brother, Qinghan. You’re so early. We went to your place, but were told that you had already left!”

Feng Zi and Hua Cao, leading their elite teams, walked towards Qinghan.

“Oh, really? I woke up a little bit early today, so I decided to come here in advance.” Qinghan replied. At first, he was surprised that both Feng Zi and Hua Cao, the future leaders of their respective family, were designated to participate in the war personally. But, when he remembered what he was told about the Prefecture War yesterday, he immediately figured it out. As long as they kept themselves to their own camp – the island of Mars, the risks were low. Even if they went out of this safe heaven, as long as they didn’t go into the inner parts of Ghost Island, they, most likely, wouldn’t encounter any life-threatening danger.

“Let’s wait here together. You guys, stand beside the fellow brothers of the Ye Family.” Feng Zi instructed his team to stand in line with those of the Ye Family. Likewise, Hua Cao also waved his hands to his team members, and asked them to stand together with Qinghan’s death squad.

– Hua! –

All of a sudden, a resounding sound pierced through the crowd. Everyone started to look around, trying to find where the sound came from. Out of curiosity, Qinghan also craned his neck over the others’ shoulders, and saw a group of face-covered beauties walking towards the square. The sweet fragrance emitting from their bodies was blowing directly into people’s faces, while they passed through the crowd.

“Young lord Qinghan, your wife is coming!” Feng Zi winked to Qinghan, and straightened his back.

Looking at the approaching girls, especially the one in the middle with her pearlescent eyes, Feng Zi’s heart saddened for a minute, but he soon pulled himself back together.

“Hey, buddy, don’t deride me like this. You know, I’ve tried to refuse this marriage. Sadly, however, I’ve failed.” Qinghan shook his head helplessly.

“Fuck you, you’re just showing off in an ostentatious manner!” Both Feng Zi and Hua Cao showed their middle finger and cursed at Qinghan in muffled voices.

“What are you guys doing?” At this moment, Qingcheng stepped towards them, as she winked her eyes, and said in natural tone, as if these young lords were some of her best friends. Not even the slightest trace of embarrassment could be found in her expression.

“Hello, Miss Qingcheng. We’re talking about when the leader will show up.” Feng Zi quickly changed the topic.

“Look! He’s coming.” Qingcheng turned around smilingly.

Following Qingcheng’s eyes, all the people jerked their heads towards the opening gate of the mansion, from where a shorty emerged. The crowd immediately closed their mouths, standing silently on the square.

“Is he really Long Pifu?” Looking at the approaching dwarf figure, Qinghan doubtfully asked. He had heard of Long Pifu since he was a child. In his imagination, Long Pifu should boast a sturdy, tall figure, and perhaps even have superhuman powers. However, the image of his idol was instantly shattered the moment Qinghan saw this small fellow, who very much resembled those old sanitation workers in the streets.

“Leader of Dragon City! Leader of Dragon City!”

Despite Qinghan’s disillusion, the crowd burst out into an ear-piercing shouting. As the leader walked out with an amicable smile, the resounding sounds grew louder and louder, as more people joined in. Out of sheer respect, numerous cultivators waved their arms in the air, screaming their lungs out, in order to welcome the number one cultivator of the Mars Prefecture.

An affable smile was plastered on Long Pifu’s face, just like an ordinary grandfather. Without any bodyguards, he silently stood in front of the gate. Despite his short figure, people found that he looked like an insurmountable mountain. When the yelling faded away, his body slowly rose up into the air, as if there was a mysterious power underneath his feet that propelled him up. The crowd widened their eyes in utter disbelief.

As was known to all, either a cultivator in the Realm of the Emperor, or a cultivator in the Realm of the Saint, would be able to fly with the help of Battle Qi. Long Pifu, however, flew up without showing any trace of unleashed Battle Qi. Indeed, in the square, there were many cultivators in the Realm of the Prince, and even they failed to sense any Battle Qi around Long Pifu.

“Leader of Dragon City!”

Once again, a wave of exclamations exploded forth. Looking up at the leader, people called out his title with great enthusiasm. With a slight nod, Long Pifu held his palms down, as a sign to stop the yelling.

“Hello, everyone, I’m Long Pifu! Tomorrow, the Elite Prefecture War will be launched. I don’t have very much to say to you, but may I ask one thing: Are you ready?” Long Pifu spoke in a soft tone, but it could be clearly heard.

“We are ready!” The response made by millions of people sounded like the waves of a tsunami, which almost drowned the square. Qinghan was astounded by the popularity of this leader.

“Very good! But don’t forget, the demons in the west, and the barbarians in the east, are also fully prepared for this war. Young fellows, sharpen your weapons and fight! Thirty years ago, we used our weapons to bring down those bastards from the other two prefectures. Now, it’s your turn. Please bear in mind, you’re supposed to fight until the last minute to safeguard the glory of our prefecture! I’ll wait for your return, on this square, in three years from now!” Long Pifu continued, in a composed, amicable, but confident voice.

“We’re going to war!”

“We’ll fight until the last minute!”

The passion of the crowd was fully kindled by Long Pifu’s stimulating speech. Countless people began to wave their weapons in the air, as they were roaring like ambitious lions. However, in the middle of their excitement, Long Pifu turned around, and only his shadow could be seen, as he had already vanished.

Soon after, a group of cultivators in white robes walked out of the mansion, with each of them holding a white crystal bar in their hands.

Unexpectedly, three white-robed cultivators rose up in the air, one of whom flew forward to the crowd, and said, “In front of you, there are one hundred crystal bars that are used to test your true capabilities. You just need to stand in front a bar, and exert your Battle Qi, which will be automatically clung to the crystal bar. This way, we can tell exactly how strong you are. As per your strength, we will give each of you a badge, which needs your blood to be activated. Now, please line up.”

Feng Zi took the initiative, and walked directly towards one crystal bar. By holding his left hand, he exerted the Battle Qi inside his palm, and then applied it to the bar. Immediately, the white bar turned dark yellow.

“The third level of the Realm of the General. Dark yellow badge. Please drop your blood to activate your badge.” The man standing beside the bar said coldly, as he handed a dark yellow ring to Feng Zi.

Accordingly, Feng Zi squeezed a drop of blood out of his finger, and dripped it onto the ring. Incredibly, the ring instantly lit up, as a vague character of “war” emerged on its surface.



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