BPTH Chapter 70

Set off for Dragon City

The next morning, outside the gate of the Yue Pavilion, a line of luxurious carriages marched off. The pedestrians all looked over their shoulders, marveled at its grandiose. In Enchantment City, rich people were everywhere; however, rarely had they seen such a great number of luxurious carriages on the streets. The carriages were driving in the direction of Dragon City, with family flags fluttering in the air.

Shisan and Shiqi kept smiling along the way, for they felt so relaxed after these joyful days in the Yue Pavilion – the paradise for men. Most importantly, the Ye Family had paid for all of their expenses. No one would complain about such a golden opportunity.

Therefore, when they saw Qinghan, a touch of flattery was added in their smile. Overlooking the vanishing Yue Pavilion, they were so reluctant to say goodbye to the beauties they had enjoyed. But, when thinking of what Qinghan had promised them, they felt refreshed and were in high spirits.

“As long as you can survive the Elite Prefecture War, I promise, that I’ll allow you to stay at the Yue Pavilion for a whole month! Remember, this is a privilege that can only be enjoyed by those who contribute the most in the war. Now… Let’s go and kill!”

One entire month in the Yue Pavilion! The super-grade service! Ever since Shisan and Shiqi had heard this, their passion had been in an upsurge. The first-grade service they’d enjoyed these days had already made their heads spin in sensual satisfaction. Now, they were told that they would be enjoying an even more exciting service, for as long as one whole month! Qinghan had gone to great lengths to stimulate their morale. Actually, it was rather risky living in the Yue Pavilion for such a long time, as they could meet with an early demise due to over exhaustion. Anyway, this was still a quite feasible and encouraging method

The other members of the Death Squad, who were sitting in the rear carriages, extended their heads out from the curtain, trying to listen to what Shiqi and Shisan were talking about. Although, they had all been barred from stepping onto the island of the Tranquil Lake, the story of their master had still found its way into their ears, which had only increased their appreciation for Qinghan.

“Our young lord has surpassed his father in this regard. When Ye Dao rejected Yan’er and left, the Yue family did nothing to dissuade him.”

“Yeah, but now, the Yue family are hunkering down, in order to cater our young lord. They are begging him to marry Qingcheng. How funny!”


Dragon City wasn’t far away from Enchantment City, and the journey wouldn’t take more than five or six days. On the spacious streets, the carriages of the five families marched in a formidable array. The young lords, owing to yesterday’s festival, were all exhausted and slept inside their respective carriage, while meals were placed on the tables inside their carriages.

On the second day of the journey, after a whole day’s rest, the young lords began to leave their respective carriage, to refresh themselves. The negative mood from the festival was all swept away after one night’s sound sleep. Feng Zi, Hua Cao, and Shuiliu were now sitting around a plain table, enjoying wine and barbecue, while chatting cheerfully with each other.

In the middle of their casual conversation, a figure appeared. Feng Zi raised his head, and smiled, “Hey, where’s your master? Is he too busy to come over? Go and invite your master to join us.”

The figure was Dongfang Dao. He and his four fellow brothers had been accompanying Qinghan since they had left the island of the Tranquil Lake. However, compared with Shisan, they were less welcomed by their master. But Dongfang Dao didn’t care about this at all, because he believed that Qinghan would find their value as time passed by.

Now, he was stopped by Feng Zi, and was asked to invite Qinghan.

A minute later, he returned.

“Young lord Feng Zi, young lord Hua Cao, and young lord Shuiliu. Our master said he will remain in his carriage to cultivate. But when he comes out, he’ll drink an urn of wine with the three of you, as an apology.” Dongfang Dao, who was supposed to be a young lord, had changed his identity to a subordinate, and he felt quite natural in doing so.

“Dongfang, I know you’re a rare talent. Are you really determined to become a subordinate of Qinghan?” Feng Zi stared at Dongfang in sheer curiosity. According to the intelligence he had received from his family, Dongfang Dao and other four guys, who were all amazingly in the third level of the Realm of the General, had kept a low-profile all these years. Their combination of young age and advanced cultivation met the criteria as rare talents. They were able to rule a small region… They were able to be an actual leader! However, in front of Qinghan, they behaved so heartily submissive, which was beyond the understanding of most others.

“Yes! Dongfang, you five guys are all rare talents, like the glaring stars in the sky. If you five follow me, I promise that I’ll treat you as my elder brothers! To be frank, you look like a servant in front of Qinghan. I guess he doesn’t truly appreciate you guys.” Shuiliu broke in with a chuckle, in an attempt to lure Dongfang away from Qinghan.

“Thanks for your kind words. However, young lord Shuiliu, I have to make it clear that we’ve volunteered to become our master’s servants. Decades ago, Ye Dao saved the lives of our fathers, we owe him more than our lives, and so we vowed to be his family’s servants. We all agree, all five of us, that we’re blessed to become our young lord’s subordinate.” Dongfang retorted in a composed manner, before he bowed to them all, and left to join Nangong, with whom he silently ate.


Shuiliu was choked by Dongfang’s response. Out of helplessness, he rubbed his nose, and grabbed a cup of wine.

“Haha, buddy. If I were you, I wouldn’t say such things. I guess you don’t know Qinghan well, but he’s really a masterpiece. Qinghan’s extraordinary speed in cultivation, in my opinion, is the main reason why they’ve decided to follow him.” With a faint smile, Feng Zi jerked his head towards Shuiliu.

“I agree with Feng Zi. It would also be in our best interest to be on friendly terms with him. In my opinion, offending him is the most stupid thing you can do!” Hua Cao joined the conversation.

Unlike Feng Zi and Hua Cao, Shuiliu was just a nephew of the leader of the Dragon Major Mansion. So he didn’t have access to any confidential information, such as Qinghan’s background. Therefore, he frowned, and asked, “How come? Why are they all afraid of him?””

Enjoying a sip of wine, Feng Zi looked around, and tossed his head to Shuiliu, whispering, “Can you believe it? Several months ago, Qinghan was merely a piece of garbage. He was stuck in the Realm of the Elite and he hadn’t even managed to summon a battle beast. Astonishingly, within just a few months, he rose several realms, which has refreshed everyone’s concept of cultivation. Initially, in Wild City, at the first level of the Realm of the Commander, he successfully killed five subordinates sent by Wuhen, one of whom was an advanced cultivator in the Realm of the General; Later, when he returned to the Ye family from Wild City, he killed a key descendant of his own family, who was said to be in the Realm of the General. Moreover, he even killed Ye Ron, an elder of the Ye family, who was already in the Realm of the Emperor! Oh, I almost forgot, there were two more victims in that internal strife: one was Ye Qingkuang, whose Dantian was ruined by Qinghan, the other was Ye Jian, who was imprisoned in the rear hill of the Ye Castle. Given all these impressive kills, Ye Tianlong didn’t punish Qinghan at all. On the contrary, he imprisoned Ye Jian, and excluded Qingkuang. Ye Qingniu is now treating Qinghan like a precious treasure, which should be sufficient evidence of Qinghan’s mind boggling potential.”


At the beginning, Shuiliu had listened with rapture, as he drank his cup of wine. However, out of sheer astonishment, he had spit out a mouthful of wine, the moment he was told that even Ye Ron was killed by Qinghan. He shook his head in disbelief, “That’s impossible. How can a teenager kill an elder who’s in the Realm of the Emperor? Are you sure that your information is reliable?”

“Yes, the information is definitely true, because that’s exactly what our family received too. Although I don’t know any of the details, it is a fact that Qinghan has killed Ye Ron. I believe, that your uncle has already received this information. The elders of my family have already warned me not to offend Qinghan, in case he would decide to kill me! As far as I know, he’s able to kill those in the Realm of the Marshal within a second! As for the specific reason… I really have no idea!” Hua Cao explained ahead of Feng Zi.

– Bang! –

The cup in Shuiliu’s hand suddenly fell onto the carriage floor, and shattered into several pieces. He was terrified! After all, he and Qinghan were far from friends, so it was definitely possible for Qinghan to do something lethal to him. Because of his ignorance, he had underestimated Qinghan back at the Yue Pavilion, and fought with him. Although he had escaped from that punch, he wasn’t sure if he could escape another one.

Since Qinghan was chosen and supported by the Yue family, his influence had now even doubled. It seemed too naïve for Shuiliu to launch a revenge for that previous punch. And now, after knowing the truth, he quickly decided to keep a distance from Qinghan, in order to protect himself from being further harmed.

Despite their hot discussion, Qinghan remained silent inside his carriage. He was cultivating with great concentration.

As they were quickly nearing Dragon City, Qinghan had to seize every moment he had to cultivate. Although he was proud of his current achievement, the first level of the Realm of the General, he was an inexperienced beginner in terms of unleashing his Battle Qi. Thus, he had told Shisan that, from the second day on, he would focus on cultivating until they arrived at Dragon City. He was confident, that he would be able to grasp this new technique in such a short amount of time.


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