BPTH Chapter 7

Xue Wuhen

Ye Shanhu, a collateral descendant of the Ye Family, was in a rather good mood today. He had managed to summon a battle beast, even though it was only a low grade one. And just a couple of days ago, after diligently cultivating for over twenty years, he had even finally reached the second level of the Realm of the General. Because of these achievements, he was appointed as the captain of one of the patrolling teams.

Right now, Shanhu, together with his team members, were taking a break in a tearoom after patrolling through the southern part of the city. One of the members lifted the teapot, politely pouring tea into Shanhu’s cup. He then threw a subtle look at Shanhu, “Hey, Captain, I heard that you’ve been to the Spring Shower House on 13th street? How does that “Little Swallow” taste?”

“Oh… That girl… She’s really a stunner. But I won’t tell you the details, haha!” Shanhu chuckled and closed his eyes, recalling last night’s happiness.

“Captain, you’re really something. You know, we’ve been longing for Little Swallow for quite a long time, but she has always rejected us. Now, you’ve been promoted to Captain and she immediately threw herself into your arms. Gosh, we’re also strong men, what’s the difference?” Another team member complained, pretending to be as heavy hearted as he could possibly be.

The rest of the team members bursted out in laughter, while Shanhu seemed to become even more proud of himself.


“Let me go! Brother, help! Help!”

In the middle of their chatter, a girl’s screams caught their attention. They moved closer to the window and found that a man in white clothing held a girl in his arms, as he was dragging her away. Soon, a young man in green clothing appeared, he jumped at the man in white clothing, trying to chop his head off by using his palm.

The man in white clothing didn’t even raise his head, as he inadvertently lifted his palm.

– Boom! –

The two palms collided with each other and an ivory-white smoke emitted from the center of their palms. Strangely, the man in white clothing stood there as steady as several minutes ago, while the man in green clothing was pushed backwards, vomiting a mouthful of blood.

“Ground-Breaking Chop? Ah, this technique belongs to our Ye Family. Humph! Anyone who dares to challenge our family is doomed to be punished.” Shanhu recognized the technique used by the man in green clothing, which was part of the Ye Emperor’s Seven Moves.

Shanhu was furious, as he punched a nearby table and was determined to help his family member out.

“Stop! Let go of that girl…”

Shanhu unsheathed his sword. Soon, the man in white clothing was encircled by the patrolling team.

Suddenly, two elders in black clothing appeared ahead of the man in white clothing, each holding a longsword in their hands. They were evidently here to protect their young master.

“Lay down your weapons and follow me to the City Major Mansion. Otherwise, we’ll kill you on sight, without any mercy.” Shanhu threatened coldly.

“Oh, really? Are you going to arrest me?” The man in white clothing sneered. He loosened his hands on the girl, before he turned around.

He was a young man in his early twenties. Judging from his appearance, he seemed to be an audacious young lord.

– Ah! –

Looking closer, Shanhu stepped backwards, he was totally astounded.

“Born with dual-pupil eyes… Are you the young lord of the Xue Family – Xue Wuhen?” Shanhu stammered, as he was even slightly trembling.

The man in white clothing didn’t reply, instead, he tilted his chin and glanced at Shanhu. His special eyes were filled with arrogance.

“Shit luck to encounter such a guy…” Shanhu thought to himself.

Xue Wuhen, a well-known genius in the Mars Prefecture, was also the young leader of the Xue Family. on the Mortal Ranking List, he came in as the number ten. At the age of twenty-four, he had already entered the Realm of the General. It was even said, that his skill of raising bewitched worms, had already surpassed the skill of the elders in his family. He was honored as one of the rare geniuses of his generation. At the age of twenty-five, he was already appointed as the young leader by the Elder Clan of the Xue Family.

As the tenth ranked on the Mortal Ranking List, Wuhen’s ability in cultivation well surpassed most others. In the Mars Prefecture, apart from the Mortal Ranking List, which only listed those below the age of thirty, there was also an Immortal Ranking List for those beyond the age of thirty. Both lists were the most authoritarian evaluation of one’s cultivation ability. Each year, these two lists would be updated with new names.

For example, Ye Tianlong was ranked in the very front of the Immortal Ranking List, which was a recognition of his achievements. Ye Dao, the father of Qinghan, had even maintained his number one position on the Mortal Ranking List for many years before his death.

On each list, there was a total of a hundred names. Once your name was added to this list, even if you came in on the 100th spot, you would still become famous because of this official recognition. Therefore, Wuhen, who was ranked tenth, was already an outstanding person.

As the young leader of the Xue Family, even the elders in the Ye Family would have to respect him, let alone Shanhu.

However, this young leader had committed a crime in broad daylight, by molesting an innocent girl. As the newly-appointed General, Shanhu felt that it was his responsibility to punish the wrongdoers, as to make sure that the nearby civilians wouldn’t lose their faith in him.

Obviously, Shanhu didn’t dare to arrest this young leader, nor the two men in black clothing that were protecting their young master. As a cultivator in the second level of the Realm of the General, there was little chance for him to beat Wuhen up, who was in the third level of the Realm of the General. Because, Wuhen had his trump card – super bewitched worms, which would probably increase his ability to the Realm of the Marshal. Out of helplessness, Shanhu slipped into a dilemma, standing there awkwardly.


“Brother, are you ok?”

The girl was Qingyu, and the young man in green clothing was Qinghan. Qingyu carefully held her brother’s head, cleaning the blood off of his face with her sleeve. She was utterly petrified by what had happened just now.

Qinghan suffered from a fit of coughs before he staggeringly stood up. Observing the bruises left on the snow-white skin of his sister’s hand, his wrath towards Wuhen was almost on the verge of eruption. Since their parents had passed away, his sister had been the only one he cared about in this world. How could he stand his sister being bullied?

Touching his injured chest, Qinghan admitted that his cultivation was way lower than that bastard’s. Even if he could replicate himself a dozen times, he wouldn’t win from that guy, who was already in the Realm of the General.

“General, please arrest this bastard. He was molesting my sister and even injured me. Please send him to the Punish Department of our Ye Family.” Qinghan ordered the General, while holding a golden token in his hands.

“Ah? A golden token?” Shanhu stared at Qinhan, showing a sense of suspicion.

In the Ye Family, the golden token represented the lineal descendants; the silver token stood for the collateral descendants; and the emerald token belonged to the key descendants. Basically, Shanhu was familiar with all the lineal descendants, the number of which was roughly twenty. But he had never met Qinghan. Plus, as a lineal descendant, how could he be so inferior in cultivation?

However, despite all of his doubts, Shanhu was sure that the golden token was an authentic one.

“Now, I request you to fight with these three men, who publicly provoked the dignity of our Ye Family. Send the red signal to rally all the Wolf Warriors in Grey City. Let’s prepare to fight! Everyone, integrate with your beasts, and suppress our enemies. Shadow Wolf, my friend – integrate!” Shanhu followed Qinghan’s order.

As Shanhu gave out this order, a high-pitched howl could be heard, as a ball of white smoke emerged from his chest. Gradually, the white smoke formed itself into the shape of a wolf. Suddenly, the wolf entered Shanhu’s chest and disappeared.

Moments later, Shanhu’s body went through a series of changes. His giant hands turned out to be edgy claws, while each finger looked terrifyingly sharp. Most interestingly, his pair of ears had been enlarged, like a pair of large leaves. Finally, on his forehead, there appeared a wolf-shaped black tattoo.

Integration with a beast! The special technique of the Ye Family!

At this moment, Shanhu looked like a hybrid of a human and a wolf, ferocious and domineering. Due to the integration, his combat capacity had even reached the third level of the Realm of the General!

“Fire wolf, integrate!”

“Leopard, integrate!”

Some of his most excellent subordinates integrated with their own battle beasts, fully preparing themselves for the fight that was at hand.

Meanwhile, some of the less competent subordinates started sending signals for more reinforcements to come.

“Stop! All of you!”

Suddenly, a booming sound caught everyone’s attention. Looking into the distance, two figures were rapidly approaching.

“Your Excellency, Elder Ron, and young lord Kuang.” Shanhu instantly dismissed his integration, and bowed to these two guys. He seemed to slightly relax with the arrival of these two men, as he felt like he had a strong force that would back him up now.

The middle-aged man had a prominent nose and a pair of eagle-like eyes. The scar on his face expanded to the back of one of his ears. He was the vice-president of the Punishment Department of the Ye Family – Ye Ron.

The younger man, approximately in his twenties, was wearing a set of brocade clothing, as well as a violet-golden crown. His complexion was snow-white and his lips were rather thin. He was the first young lord of the Ye Family – Ye Qingkuang.

Ignoring the bows of Shanhu, as well as the wounded Qinghan, both Ye Ron and Qingkuang stepped towards Wuhen. They then greeted each other in a hypocritical way.

Suddenly, Ye Ron turned around, “Put your weapons away! Wuhen is our guest in Grey City, do you guys think that this is a proper way to treat our distinguished guest?”

“Errr… Elder Ron, you may not be aware of the situation… This young leader, Xue Wuhen, had… He had molested this girl… And then… Then he even attacked this young lord from our Ye Family…” Shanhu coughed a little bit, as he was trying to conceal his embarrassment.

In case Ye Ron and Qingkuang didn’t notice Qinghan, Shanhu deliberately pointed at the golden token. He thought that it was a matter of dignity, if one of the lineal descendant of the Ye Family was beaten up this way. At least, Elder Ron or Qingkuang would help to find some justice for this poor young lord, right?

“Oh? Is he one of the young lords from your family? I apologize for my rudeness. Just now, I was only joking around with this girl. Then this little brother suddenly attacked me, in defense, I fought back and injured him. Please don’t take offense.” Wuhen smiled and bowed to Ye Ron and Qingkuang.

“Never mind! I’m the one to blame. I should’ve been here before, or else all of this wouldn’t have happened.” Qingkuang replied. Afterwards, he turned around and shot a disdainful look at Qinghan, “Humph… Young lord? One who can only use sneak attacks to win? Garbage you mean! Don’t make our Ye Family lose even more face, get out of here!”

“You…” Qinghan trembled, partly because of his injuries and partly because of his anger. As the first son of Ye Jian, Qingkuang was a talented cultivator, who had even summoned a seventh-grade violent bear at the age of five. Thanks to all of this, he was ranked in the middle of the Mortal Ranking List. Because of all these achievements, he was self-centered and arrogant, especially towards Qinghan. He didn’t give any face to his cousin, who had sneak attacked his brother, Qingxian, twice already.

“Alright, Qinghan, you’d better go back home and apply for a piece of Healing Dan from the Punishment Department. Shanhu, please escort the seventh young lord.” Ye Ron interrupted.

“Er? Yes, Your Excellency!” Shanhu looked at Qinghan with compassion. He came to the realization that this young lord was not properly-treated by the Ye Family. Given his terrible fighting skills, he would never be respected in the family, unless pigs could fly.

“Hehe! No escort is needed, I’m not dead yet. I can walk… Elder Ron, Qingkuang, and Xue Wuhen, you are too good to me…” Qinghan forced himself a fake smile. In his immature voice, a feeling of vicissitudes could be sensed. He narrowed his eyes, staring at the three of them, as if he was going to imbed their image into his brain.

His fake smile gradually disappeared; instead, his face became more and more ferocious. He was determined to fight back one day.

Soon, Qinghan held his sister’s hand, as he was limping down the street… Along the way, his footsteps gradually became firmer and steadier…