BPTH Chapter 67

Ye Qingcheng’s Choice

Out of utter bewilderment, Qinghan stood in front of this middle-aged beauty, and met with her sincere, wishful eyes. Yue Ji’s abnormal response was really beyond his comprehension.

Previously, while other young lords were performing, he had just kept to himself, drinking and eating. Actually, he had turned his nose up at their performance, which he considered no different from the dance of some monkeys. However, the appearance of Qianjun, who had slapped in the “faces” of the five prominent families, made Qinghan outraged. In order to save their collective face, Qinghan had demonstrated the famous Dance of the Cavalry that he had learned in his previous life.

The serene landscape on the island of the Tranquil Lake had made Qinghan quite nostalgic of his previous life. But at the same time, he had been overwrought by his sister’s health condition. Therefore, he had quickly finished a kettle of wine, hoping to get rid of his sadness. He never knew, that in his drunken state, he had danced and chanted with rich emotions, which had touched the hearts of most of the audience. Even at the end of his performance, the audience, as well as himself, were intoxicated in a fantasy dream. It were the earnest words of Yue Ji, that had woken him up eventually.

Given Yue Ji’s age, she could indeed be Qinghan’s grandmother. She was the great elder of the Yue family, and one of the two Saint Realm cultivators of their family. How could a woman of such high cultivation and social status be willing to be his disciple? What for? Just because the song, or the dance? She was on equal footing with Ye Qingniu!


Meanwhile Ye Qingniu was sharing the same confusion with Qinghan, as he was staring at Yue Ji with widened mouth. Considering Yue Ji’s sincerity, she was obviously not joking.

The elders were all caught up in deep meditation. During Qinghan’s dance, there had appeared a sudden gust of wind that had come from nowhere, and had miraculously disappeared at the moment Qinghan had stopped. Some of them began to raise suspicion on this point.

As for Qianjun, he kept rolling his eyes, in an effort to find a proper answer for the changes he had sensed on the island. The essence between heaven and earth had been unknowingly thickened in the air. Also, the weird gust of wind had led him to a certain guess… He started to look around the camp, to make sure if there were even more changes going on.

As for the rest of the young lords, such as Feng Zi and Hua Cao, they were also trying to understand the reason why Qinghan was suddenly admired by an elder! Despite the fact that the song and dance Qinghan had performed was rather fabulous, it shouldn’t be the reason for an elder to become a disciple of him!

The protagonist of this festival, Yue Qingcheng, was stunned in sheer silence. Soon, she was told something by a secretly conveyed voice, and her eyes suddenly lit up with enthusiasm. She smiled with relief, and stood up, “Everybody, listen, hereby I announce the end of this Summer Fire Festival. I have chosen my man, only one. He is… Ye Qinghan!”


Hearing the crisp, but resolute announcement of Qingcheng, the crowd of young lords was, once again, confused. They couldn’t figure out why they were given a “death penalty”, and be deprived of their chance to continue the competition.

Each and every fifteen years, the Summer Fire Festival, which was held on the island of the Tranquil Lake, had proceeded through cautious-designed procedures. The holy virgin was supposed to select several candidates, and observe them for as long as three years. However, early in the last festival, Yue Yan’er was the first to break this ancient rule, and only singled out Ye Dao. Sadly, Ye Dao didn’t become a son-in-law of the Yue family, but married a Qingguan of the Yue Pavilion, named Yue Shui’er. The rejection of Ye Dao had disheartened Yan’er’s pursuit of love, and in the end, she had led a secluded life.

Now, Yue Qingcheng had followed suit and broke the rule once again. Not only did she end this festival in advance, but she also finalized her decision and selected only one man, Qinghan! How could the other young lords not be shocked?

Although Qinghan was an acknowledged lineal descendant of the Ye family, so far, he was far from the best among his peers. Some of the young lords boasted even higher reputation, and capability than him. The most notable example was young lord Qianjun, a descendant from Immortal City. Qianjun was more excellent than Qinghan, in almost every single aspect!

In a few words, Qinghan had suddenly become the unexpected winner. The choice of Qingchen had dampened the last gleam of hope of the other young lords, who were infatuated by her beauty head over heels.

Now, this toxic peach flower was in full blossom in advance, only for Qinghan!

“Why? Just because of that relatively innovative dance?”

“Oh, gush. I’m totally not convinced.”

Observing Qianjun’s surly face with great caution, Wuhen stood up, in an attempt to defend his future master, “Miss Qingcheng, don’t you think your decision is a bit too rash? In my opinion, you’d better reconsider, and make a better-calculated one, for your own good.”


The pink-dressed Miss Qingcheng had already predicted what would happened after her announcement. But to her surprise, Wuhen, who had kept a low-profile all night, jumped on this topic and blamed her decision, not for himself, but for young lord Qianjun, who was sitting beside him. After throwing Wuhen a despiteful glance, Qingcheng replied coldly, “Young lord Wuhen, are you scolding me?”

Based on the previous politeness of Qingcheng’s replies, Wuhen had expected Qingcheng to be kind to him. Nevertheless, he received a threatening question in return. Even great elder Xue Fei’s face turned pale. Moreover, as the elder of the host family, Yue Ji, who was supposed to be the mediator in any conflicts, she turned her eyes away from Wuhen, pretending to not have heard it. Wuhen finally forced a pretentious smile, and explained, “Of course not. How would I dare to scold you, Miss Qingcheng. I just think, that it would be better to discuss with the elders, before you make such an important decision.”

“Well, believe it or not, to me, it’s the most cautious decision I’ve ever made!” Qingcheng quickly replied, but after a little while of awkward silence, she continued, “As for the elder’s opinions, honestly, I have received a conveyed voice, which has made my decision making process easier. The one who spoke to me is the great elder of the Yue family, Yue Ji. Are you satisfied with my explanation, young lord?”

Like throwing a bomb in the lake, the crowd burst into a clamor. As a respected elder of the Yue family, Yue Ji was well-known by her anti-aging beauty, as well as her absolute capability in enchantment skills. No doubt, she had been a celebrity across the Mars Prefecture. For such a heavyweight figure, no one would be suspicious about her decisions.

“Yes, as a great elder of my family, I admit that I have conveyed my message to Qingcheng, to help her make the best decision. And I respect her choice! For those, who haven’t been chosen, we express our gratitude for your participation!” Eventually, Yue Ji suddenly cut in, in an apologizing tone, while speaking to the other young lords.

“Humph! Such being the case, I’ll take my leave immediately!”

Qianjun had kept silent since the discouraging announcement, but he couldn’t refrain himself any longer after Yue Ji’s confirmation. His eyes were full of envy and hatred, as he glared at Qinghan. Hardly had he finished his words, or he bounced up from his chair, and straddled over to his Pterosaur. He then flew in the sky, sneered, and looked at Qingcheng over his shoulder, trying to remember her beauty.

“Yue Niang, please arrange some rooms for the young lords, and the elders. They need some rest.” Yue Ji ordered, and prepared to lead everyone off the island of the Tranquil Lake. As usual, once the festival was over, no one was allowed to linger on the island, except for the selected man.


People looked at Qinghan, who was standing in the center of the camp, with mixed feelings – envy, resentment, and confusion. Since the holy virgin had announced her preference, there was no need to struggle for her, because there were still another twelve girls for them to choose from.

“Congratulations, young lord Qinghan! You did a good job! Although I envy you to death, I’m happy it isn’t Qianjun who takes Qingcheng away!” Feng Zi stood in front of Qinghan, holding a cup of wine in his hand. However, the disheartened expression on his face betrayed him.

Surprisingly, Qinghan shook his head, and pushed Feng Zi away, before he directly stepped toward Yue Ji, “Elder Yue Ji, I’m afraid there’s something missing in this whole process… You forgot to ask a question. Have you ever asked my opinion on this matter? Who said that I’m willing to become a son-in-law of your family?”

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