BPTH Chapter 65


As time went on, the atmosphere on the island of the Tranquil Lake became even more boisterous.

This year’s Summer Fire Festival was more intriguing than usual, due to the appearance of one special young lord. This young lord was ranked third on the Immortal Ranking List. Besides, he had the appalling skill to imitate other families’ secret techniques, such as the swordsmanship technique of the Feng family, the Invisible Technique and the Figure Replication Technique. Also, the unique technique that only belonged to the Dragon Major Mansion was no stranger to him. Above all of this, he was also liberal with resources. At least, they had never met a candidate as generous as him, who would send out a seventh-grade demonic beast as a gift. The most important thing was, he came from Immortal City!

Immortal City was undeniably a holy place for all the inhabitants in the continent. For thousands of years, Immortal City had played a pivotal role in keeping the stability among the three prefectures, so that civilians could live and work in peace and contentment. Taking this historical factor into account, this city was thought highly of by the people of the Flame Dragon Continent.

Today, a young lord from that city had come to the festival, and presented everyone with his matchless capability. He lived up to the high expectations, both in temperament and in cultivation level. The other young lords, who were arrogant on normal days, turned into submissive slaves. Wuhen was the most exemplary one, as he was currently chasing around this young lord from Immortal City like a puppet.

Indeed, most of the people felt honored to meet this young lord from Immortal City here today. Some of them were even happy with his imposing manner, which surely challenged the absolute authority of the five prominent families, and they thought that only this young lord deserved to win the love of the holy virgin!

However, staring at this contemptuous young lord, Qingcheng hesitated to receive his gift – a seventh-grade demonic beast. It was a special beast-saddler only for people in Immortal City! If Qingcheng accepted this super valuable gift, it would be equivalent to accepting his love. Originally, irritated by Qinghan’s indifference, Qingcheng had planned to upset him by showing interest in this young lord’s performance. This was a normal reaction for a moody girl. Nevertheless, never did she expect such a gigantic gift from this young lord. Now, she didn’t know how to handle this awkward situation…

“Hehe, young lord Qian, we cannot accept this gigantic gift, for it is beyond our ability to raise up such a beast. If Qingcheng chooses you in the final round, we will consider accepting it then!” Yue Ji read Qingcheng’s embarrassment, and helped her out. To Qingcheng’s relief, it worked. Qianjun agreed by nodding his head, put aside his Pterosaur, and continued to chat with Wuhen merrily…

Meanwhile, some people in the camp just couldn’t share Qianjun’s happiness. Feng Zi posed a long face; Hua Cao was barely able to keep his anger silent; Shuiliu’s handsome appearance had disfigured a little bit due to indignation. Whereas Qinghan was still eating fruits, showing no interest whatsoever in what was happening around him.

“Brother Qingniu, I know how we can regain our face…”

Despite the smiling face he pretended, Elder Feng whispered to Ye Qingniu, trying to find a way to teach Qianjun a lesson.

“Brother Qingniu, where’s the young lord of your family? I’ve recently heard that he is really something! Come on, let him perform. If he is lucky enough, Qingcheng will definitely fall for him. Have a try!” Elder Hua also persuaded Ye Qingniu.

Without any words, Ye Qingniu silently drank his cup of tea, and glanced at the two elders with his large eyes. In the beginning, he was worried that Qinghan would probably be left behind. But now, he thought that Qinghan was rather smart, because he had avoided being humiliated by simply not showing up. It was clear, that both Elder Feng and Elder Hua harbored malicious intentions, as they were obviously trying to drag Qinghan into the chaos. Fortunately, Ye Qingniu was no fool, and he would never be convinced into doing such a stupid thing.

“Young lord Qinghan, we have lost face all together! We have to do something!” Feng Zi turned to Qinghan, and whispered into his ears.

At the same time, Hua Cao’s ears joggled a little bit, and tossed his head towards Qinghan, “Yeah, buddy, you’re quick-witted. Come on, do something and gain our face back. After all, us five prominent families are always in the same boat.”

Despite their anxiety, Qinghan continued eating another watermelon, spitting out the seeds. The moment when Feng Zi and Hua Cao decided to implore him, and tried to explain him the severity of this event, Qinghan suddenly turned around, “It’s none of my business! Oh, count Wuhen in, he’s also one of the young lords from the five prominent families.”

“Fuck that bastard! I must’ve been blind to acquaint myself to such a traitor!” Looking at Wuhen, who was laughing and talking with Qianjun, Hua Cao’s expression turned even worse.

“From our generation onwards, we’ll only admit the presence of the four prominent families. Look at him, he acts like an obedient dog in front of Qianjun.” Following Feng Zi’s criticism, Hua Cao also replied coldly, as if he was heartbroken by Wuhen’s behavior.

“Oh?” Qinghan was also confused by Wuhen’s abnormal behavior, which had placed himself in a bad position towards the other four prominent families. The strangest part was, as an elder of the Xue family, Xue Fei seemed to silently agree with what his young lord was doing.

However, since Wuhen was the organizer of the kidnapping-scheme of his sister, Qinghan had already placed him on the top of his killing list. Therefore, he was glad that both Feng Zi and Hua Cao were antagonized against Wuhen. The more outraged they were, the happier Qinghan would become.

“Don’t forget, I’ve already given up the chance to compete for Qingcheng. I always keep my promise.” Qinghan shook his head helplessly.

“Errr…” Both Feng Zi and Hua Cao gathered their brows, and replied as sincere as they could, “Surely, we know that you’re a man of your word. But… right now, we have to regain our face. We beg you to stand up and outperform that bastard.”

“Hehe, remember, you four guys also promised to help me in the upcoming Elite Prefecture War. If I break my promise, will you also do the same?” Qinghan nonchalantly extended his hands, with his palms up. Even though he said these words, he didn’t expect to be backstabbed in the war by this pretended ally.

“We two will absolutely abide by what we have promised, no matter what. And I bet that Shuiliu will agree with us. Well, as for that traitor over there… Humph!” Feng Zi spoke with a deep, and gruff voice, he was uncontrollably agitated by Wuhen.


Following Qianjun’s overwhelming performance, no one dared to stand out to compete with him. As for Qingcheng, however, she wasn’t interested in Qianjun at all. As a descendant of one of the five families, she shared the embarrassment with others’, and despised the overbearing manner of Qianjun.

In order to warm up the awkward atmosphere, Qingcheng decided to say something. By overlooking the young lords below, she noticed the absent-minded Qinghan, and said in a challenging tone, “Hey, young lord Qinghan. What do you think of young lord Qianjun’s performance?”


Qingcheng directed everyone’s attention towards Qinghan. Subsequently, Qianjun threw a cold glance at Qinghan, waiting for his response. While at the same time, Qinghan looked back at Qingcheng over his shoulder, as if he was scolding her for her unexpected question.

“Young lord Qinghan has more talent than Qianjun. He will show off a little bit. But… he’s not sure if Wuhen would agree with this.” Feng Zi stood up, pouring oil to the flames.

“Oh? Wuhen, what’s going on?” Qianjun whispered to Wuhen in utter confusion. And Wuhen quickly and quietly explained to him the previous promise he had made with Qinghan.

“Oh, I see. No big deal. Say yes to him! I want to see what mischief he is hatching up!” Qianjun replied coldly.

Qingcheng was fully provoked by Qinghan’s indifference, now she was determined to make fun of Qinghan to embarrass him, “Young lord Wuhen, can you explain to us why Qinghan’s performance requires your agreement?”

“No, they’re just kidding!” After being told what to do by Qianjun, Wuhen stood up, trying to clear up the matter, “Since young lord Qinghan is itchy to have a try. Let’s wait and see!”

“Young lord Qinghan, don’t worry about anything. Just perform what you like. We all support you!” Shuiliu also stood up, showing his temporary support for Qinghan. Right now, it seemed as if he only remembered Qianjun’s slap in his face, and forgot all about the beatdown he had received from Qinghan. But, the truth was, he was killing two birds with one stone – if Qinghan won, Qianjun would receive a good lesson; if Qinghan lost, Qinghan would lose face. Either way, Shuiliu would feel somewhat consoled.

“Qinghan, if you’re confident enough, just go and embarrass that bastard from Immortal City!” Ye Qingniu conveyed his voice to Qinghan.

After a moment of silence, Qinghan scratched his nose, and let out a deep sigh. He made an exaggerated yawning expression, as if he was too tired to respond.

“In my opinion, the way of selecting a Mr. Right by their performance is unforgivably ridiculous! Imagine when a charming female monkey is in her rutting period, she has to select a male monkey after their performance of hula-hula. The best performer will finally get the approval of climbing into her bed…”

What Qinghan said had stunned everyone, some of them even spit out a mouthful of wine. His analogy not only offended the young lords, but also their goddess, Qingcheng. Even Feng Zi and Hua Cao lowered their head in embarrassment, as they were secretly cursing Qinghan. However, young lord Qianjun still had a happy face, while he was looking at Qinghan intriguingly, as though he was looking at a funny toy. Meanwhile, Miss Qingcheng slightly bit the corner of her lips, as she found Qinghan’s vulgar analogy completely unbearable. How could Qinghan dare to analogize her with a rutting female monkey?

Only Ye Qingniu found Qinghan’s remarks full of wit and humor, because he shared a similar personality with Qinghan back in his youth.

But the other great elders all shook their head disapprovingly; they thought that Ye Dao’s son was even more… dissolute than his father.

Yue Ji actually even started to search for a deeper meaning in the words Qinghan had just spoken.

Disregarding the unkind responses and sarcastic glances, Qinghan took another step forward, and continued,

“Of course, this analogy is not appropriate… Honestly, I think the performance displayed by the previous young lords are less attractive than the monkey’s hula-hula. Normally, there are two ways to compete for a girl among men. One is pure cultivation – an arena will be set up for a knockout match. Isn’t this way more direct? Look at what the young lords did just now; they used their inherited secret technique to try and court a girl. They downplayed the wisdom of their ancestors! The techniques should be used in life-and-death battles, rather than in a romantic event! The second way is to compete for a girl’s heart with an artistic performance. Well… I admit that there is no pure artistic thing existing in this continent… Well, think about the performance just now, what were they trying to show off actually? Their survival skills or their cultivation level? It has nothing to do with your personality other than your self-contented sense of achievement.”

“Therefore, I said, that the monkey’s hula-hula is more natural and feasible to the eyes. Because they’re playing pure arts, rather than some techniques! Well, I’m a straightforward person, please forget my frank expression. As the elites of this prefecture, I believe you’re all generous in mind, and won’t mind my comment. Errr… Today is a special day, the Summer Fire Festival, I’d like to have a casual dance, to liven things up. Also, I hope that my dance will be taken as an apology to those of you, who I’ve offended with my words. Alright, what I am going to perform is the pure hula-hula!”


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