BPTH Chapter 62

Qingcheng’s Beauty, Like the Peach Flower, was Toxic

“Making friends with others? Who would believe that?” The remark of Tu Qianjun aroused a creeping suspicion among the elders.

The moment this young man had slipped off his beast, the golden glow around his body, also known as the Pseudo Saint’s Domain, had revealed his cultivation level – the Realm of the Prince. Also, according to the circumference in which his golden light had radiated, which was about one meter, he was only in the first level of the Realm of the Prince.

Despite his inferiority compared with the elders, who were all in the Realm of the Saint, he was behaving uncomfortably supercilious. His gliding in the air, and his high-profiled beast, were all something he had intended to show off with, and by doing so, he could embarrass the other young lords! However, his overweening manner had already outraged the elders, who were, of course, the judges of this festival. Therefore, his chance of winning Ye Qingcheng’s hand would be slim.

Among the elders, only Yue Ji had managed to keep her sweet smile. Because, for her, it was a great honor that people from Immortal City were interested in Qingcheng. Compared with the previous holy virgins, Qingcheng was chosen from the best of the best, and she really deserved this kind of popularity.

“Young lord Qianjun, I guess you’re the son of the immortal guard – Tu Long, aren’t you? Ah, Like father like son. You’re as handsome as him. Please… take a seat!” Yue Ji talked to Qianjun with extreme zeal.

“Elder Yue Ji, before I left, my father has asked me to send his greetings to you! Ah, I have a friend here. I’ll sit beside him.” Tu Qianjun smiled, and quickly swept his eyes over all the young lords. Finally, his glance landed on Wuhen.

“Hey, buddy. Long time no see! Please, have a seat here!” Wuhen waved his hands hysterically, trying to show his hospitality as much as possible.

“Hey!” Qianjun nodded his head slightly, before he walked over to Wuhen, and sat beside him. Under the glances of the others, he smoothed his clothing, and raised his head up, “What’s wrong with you guys? Don’t look at me. Help yourself to this delicious food.”

The curious people quickly lowered their heads in a furry. Some grabbed their cup of wine, some sipped their cup of tea, and others began eating the watery fruits with relish. However, in the presence of this special guest, their hands on the handle of the cup trembled, spilling the wine or tea; some even accidentally swallowed the stems together with the fruits. Their awkward and flustered behavior disclosed their nervousness.

Feng Zi and Hua Cao looked at each other, as their eyes were full of anxiety and shock. As advanced cultivators, both of them were in the third level of the Realm of the General, and if they added their special technique, their power would be equivalent to those in the first or second level of the Realm of the Marshal. As young lords at the age of twenty four, their achievements were quite impressive. However, Tu Qianjun, who was already in the terrifying Realm of the Prince, had easily overshadowed both of them. As a descendant of Immortal City, he was born with glory. Now, in front of all these young lords, he was like a superstar.

As for Shuiliu, he quietly drank his liquor; and once in awhile, he would toss his head towards Wuhen and Qianjun, to listen to what they were talking about. He was envious of Wuhen for being a friend of Qianjun. However, after being snubbed for a long while, he began to curse at their relationship as if it was a sour grape.

Qianjun, who had descended onto this island like a celestial being, had been put under the limelight of the whole camp. His background, as well as his shocking cultivation level, all added up to his momentum, which was badly needed during a fight.

At the same time, Qinghan sat there expressionless, however, he was pissed off by Qianjun’s imposing manner, which he believed was wilder than Qingkuang’s. However, unlike the others, he had no intention of bringing Qingcheng to his bed, so he didn’t consider him as a rival in love. The more disgusting thing he witnessed, other than Qianjun’s manner, was Wuhen’s brazen flattery. Usually, Wuhen pretended to behave like a high-esteemed young lord, but now, he was like a dog, wagging his tail in order to cater his master!

– Pia! Pia! –

Realizing that most people had finally calmed down a little bit, Yue Ji clapped her hands, and the servants brought in plates of appetizers, which they put on each table.

The gate of the western yard opened; from here, twelve young girls in red clothing emerged. Coincidentally, their dressing style was similar to those who had danced in the Emerald Green Garden: on their chest they wore thin bras, which covered half of their bosoms, revealing the other half outside; under their waist, their hips were wrapped by short lace skirts, below which their slender, white legs were vividly displayed; also, the long leather boots they wore, reached all the way up to their knees. The only slight difference lay in their bellies, where each of them had a purple mini-bell piercing. The snow-white complexion, the scarlet red clothing, as well as the purple bell, formed a blending of color that rendered enchantment.

These dancing girls were now busy shaking their bellies, and the crisp sound made by the bell attached to each of them added a special flavor to this dance. Despite the aesthetic beauty of the dance itself, the young lords protruded their head, strained their eyes towards the girl’s wriggling bodies, as well as the two balls wobbling up and down on their chests, hoping that their lance skirts would be blown away by the wind. Only Qinghan and the elders, whose status wouldn’t allow them to behave inappropriately, sat still in their seats. As for the others, their eyes were now as big as Ye Qingniu’s, or even bigger.

Soon after, the belly dancing finished, and the girls quickly left. However, the young lords were reluctant to let them go, as some were already planning to take one away after the festival if possible. Originally, the Summer Fire Festival was created for the holy virgin to choose her favorite man. Nevertheless, almost every time, the Yue family would end up sending out twelve girls to some of the young lords.

For each and every girl taken by the young lords, they would require an enormous amount of treasures and resources as exchange. As long as the young lord found their cup of tea, they wouldn’t care much about these things, and their family would also support them.

Apart from their beautiful appearance, the reason why the girls on the island of the Tranquil Lake were so popular, had something to do with the possibility of forging an alliance with the Yue family. Once a young lord married a girl of the Yue family, not only would he enjoy sensual and spiritual satisfaction, but he would also enhance his family’s relationship with the Yue family. Based on this relationship, they would be privileged to get exclusive resources from the Yue family, until the death of his wife. It was fair to say, that the Yue family also relied on these alliances with other families to survive. In other words, this marriage union policy played a vital role in the prosperity of the Yue family.

“Oh! To think of such a win-win policy, the person behind it must be a genius!” Qinghan whispered in excitement, as he chatted with Feng Zi about the history of this festival.

Feng Zi also nodded his head approvingly, and continued, “The founder of the Yue family is Yue Hou! She was a legendary woman. You know, the ancestors from the other four families all fell in love with her, but she declined all of their proposals. Instead, she cultivated diligently until she had reached the peak level of the Realm of the Saint, and she was already halfway towards becoming an immortal! According to the historical records, in the end, she had occupied Silvermoon City and became a leader, rather than a wife of any of the ancestors.”

“I guess another dish is about to arrive. We’d better stop talking and enjoy. Oh, I’ll certainly cheer for you later!” Qinghan threw his arm around Feng Zi’s back, and nudged him to the direction behind where Yue Ji sat, who had just clapped her hands again.

Feng Zi straightened his back, and looked forward in a solemn expression.

Following the clapping sound of Yue Ji’s hands, a melodious sound broke through the air. It came from the western yard, and the song performed was almost an unknown one, because seldom was anyone present to hear it. At the beginning, the sound was as soft as the whispers among girls, as it was very refreshing and gentle; later, the rhythm abruptly turned fast, like a thunderstorm in the summer. Now the sound was like the beating of the raindrops, or the torrents in the river. Eventually, it turned out to be some sabers-rattling sound, full of passion and aspiration… Even the uneducated young lords were touched by this mind boggling music, played by the stringed instrument. The peaceful, surreal, and inspiring feelings overwhelmed all the young lords.

– Buzz… –

The music stopped in the middle. When the young lords jerked their heads towards the western yard, a figure in a pinkish color appeared. This figure was a girl, dressed in pinkish luxurious clothing, veiled by a pinkish piece of silk, and wore a bouquet of a dewy peach flower on her hair. While on her left hand, there was a sharpened sword; and in her right hand, there was a small-sized stringed instrument. Suddenly, she bounced up high into the air, flying with her dress fluttering in the wind.

No one knew whether it was because of the gust of wind, or because of her deliberate intention, but the pinkish veil fell off from her face, revealing her true identity – Ye Qingcheng. Her black pearlescent eyes were gleaming with a mixture of a mischievous and coquettish touch; her prominent nose was delicately displayed on her face; her red lips were parted slightly; and her snow-white neck was partially exposed… Each part of her body added radiance and beauty to her already complete beauty, rapturing the minds and souls of the people staring at her.

For the young lords, Qingcheng was like a fairy who had come from Wonderland. They were awed by her holy charm, while at the same time, they were itchy to push her down. This self-contradictory feeling made these young lords greatly suffer.

Usually, the pink color was regarded as a vulgar one, seldom did anyone have the courage to wear a pink dress. But today, Qingcheng had broken this stereotype about the pink color, as she even wore a pinkish peach flower on her head.

From now on, the pink color would become popular among other girls as well, at least for a long time. To Qingcheng, the pink dress wrapped on her slender body was a perfect match with her delicate, blush cheeks. Her beauty was so seductive, so unforgettable, so lethal!

Qingcheng’s beauty, like the peach flower, was toxic – it could topple a city, or even a nation, let alone kill countless amounts of people.


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