BPTH Chapter 59

The Melody of the Spring Song is as Beautiful as the Mountain Flowers

The northern yard of the Island of the Tranquil Lake.

In a plainly decorated bamboo house, a veiled girl was sitting in front of a window, staring into a bamboo grove.

“Miss Qingcheng!”

Several minutes later, a girl in red clothing entered the room, and bowed to her master.

“What’s going on in the Emerald Green Garden?” Yue Qingcheng turned around with a heavy sigh, as her pearly eyes were flickering with light.

“As you predicted, the young lords all behaved themselves after Yue Qi and several other girls were invited into the hall. However… young lord Qinghan asked them to perform… a dirty dance! Later, young lord Wuhen stopped it. Afterwards, young lord Qingan took all the girls to a bedroom…” The girl in red clothing replied objectively, for she was afraid that her personal view would affect Qingcheng’s judgment.

Without showing any change of expression on her face, Qingcheng kept looking through the window. However, there was something subtle that flashed through her eyes, when she was told that Qinghan had brought all the girls with him to a bedroom. Out of curiosity, she asked, “What did they do in the bedroom?”

“What did they do?” The girl in red clothing repeated the question with baffled eyes. What would happen between a man and a woman when they were in a bedroom together? After a second, she replied with a blushed face, “Based on our scouts’ information, they heard some groaning sounds… coming from that bedroom!”

“Humph! I don’t believe that Ye Dao’s son is so lousy! Go and tell the Scout Team, to activate the stalking facilities… I need to know what has really happened in there.” A slight touch of shyness and fury emerged on Qingcheng’s face. She couldn’t convince herself, that Qinghan, whose eyes had been gleaming with wisdom on the boat, could be a lecher. Plus, Ye Dao, who didn’t even care about the holy virgin, should have a son with a similar personality, rather than the opposite. Given her matchless beauty, Qingcheng was confident that Qinghan would finally throw himself at her feet.

The Yue Family’s Scout Team was rather efficient. Within a quarter of an hour, the girl in red clothing hurried to Qingcheng’s room, and replied before she had even regained her breath, “Miss… Miss Qingcheng, thank goodness, they didn’t do nasty things in the bedroom. Yue Qi was asked by young lord Qinghan, to make loud, groaning sounds, and the rest of the girls were massaging the young lord, who had already fallen asleep at that point!”

Although the news was in Qingcheng’s favor, she didn’t feel happy at all. Instead, she replied resentfully, “Like father like son. To Qinghan, I’m certainly not the only fish in the sea… He really doesn’t care about the holy virgin.”


It was noon and the sunlight was soothingly warm in the early summer. The fresh breeze from the lake drove away all the drowsiness, as the people quickly sobered up.

Inside the Emerald Green Garden, the four young lords had just finished several kettles of tea, and some buckets of wine, as well as dozens of trays of snacks. They had been awkwardly sitting there for two hours. The dissolute groaning, or what they had nicknamed as the “spring song”, from the nearby bedroom, made them feel so restless, as if they had ants in their pants.

– Creak! –

After a long time, the door of the bedroom was pushed open, and Qinghan walked out with a refreshed spirit. He rubbed the saliva on the corner of his mouth, and stretched his arms out lazily, before he walked to the hall.

Disregarding the other young lords’ envious eyes, Qinghan took a seat, grabbed a bunch of grapes, and ate it with relish, “The grapes in the Yue family are so special, so… sweet! Hey, guys, don’t look at me, eat the grapes!”

“Phew!” On hearing this, Feng Zi sprinkled the wine out of his mouth, and replied indignantly, “Qinghan! Stop showing off, or I’ll deny my friendship with you.”

The other young lords all threw despiteful glares at Qinghan, as they were all outraged by his shamelessness. Since Qinghan had left the hall with the beauties, they had been left listening to the seductive “spring song” coming from his bedroom for almost two hours!

“Calm down, buddy. I just said something about the grapes, not the girls. I bet you guys regret giving up on this chance, and letting me alone enjoy them all. Anyway, if you’re still mad, I’ll ask Yue Niang to arrange some extra beauties for you.” Qinghan turned to Feng Zi, as he chuckled.

“No, thanks! Alright, forget about it.” Feng Zi reluctantly bowed to Qinghan, wearing a long face.

Following that, the rest of the young lords kept silent. They didn’t dare to offend Qinghan any further, in case he broke his promise and made a mess at the evening festival.

“Hey guys, did you have a good rest here?”

Yue Niang came in with a big smile hanging on her face, but when her eyes landed on Qinghan, her smile abruptly disappeared.

“Yeah, we had a good rest, especially young lord Qinghan.” Feng Zi forced a smile.

“Yeah, Qinghan had the best rest!” Shuiliu stood up, as he was good at adding insult to injury.

“Yue Niang, Qinghan was quite satisfied with the girls you arranged.” Hua Cao replied coldly.

“Yeah, Qinghan enjoyed it very much.” Wuhen waved his folding fan, as though he was never tired of doing so.

“Quite a treat! I appreciate Yue Niang’s considerate arrangement. What about the other young lords, do you need any more girls?” Qinghan stood up, superstitiously looking around to see the other young lords’ reactions.

“Er? Do you need me to invite more girls here?” Yue Niang’s body was glowing with the sunlight reflecting from the window, which made her look much younger than usual.

“No, thank you!” Except Qinghan, the other young lords declined almost at once. They were fed up with the groaning sounds, and would probably go crazy if they heard any more of it.

Yue Niang first stared at Qinghan, then looked at the other young lords, and found the unsounded implores in their eyes, “Since you aren’t interested, then I won’t bring them here.”

“Hehe! I’ll take you guys to have lunch, after which I’ll show you around the island of the Tranquil Lake!” Yue Niang added as she smiled to them.

“That’s great!” Feng Zi Yue Niang responded. The rest of the young lords all sighed with relief, and all followed after Yue Niang, out of the Emerald Green Garden. Meanwhile, Qinghan also jumped to his feet, catching up to the crowd.


The lunch was arranged in the Elegant Pavilion. Despite the inviting dishes, most of young lords didn’t have much appetite. However, Qinghan’s gluttony surprised them all.

As an undervalued young lord in the Ye family, Qinghan hadn’t had any chance to enjoy such a rich meal. In his childhood, he seldom got himself fully stuffed; when he was in Wild City, he only fed himself on a tiny budget; when he had returned to the Ye Castle and had stirred up some chaos, he was left in the rear hill unconsciously. During the previous days, seldom had Qinghan received a hearty meal.

Now, he was in the Yue family, and he couldn’t help himself in front of such a sumptuous feast. Words failed to describe his savage way of eating – he grabbed the drumsticks with bare hands, and directly tucked them into his mouth. The other young lords dropped their chopsticks, gawking at Qinghan. Originally, Feng Zi planned to fuddle Qinghan at the lunch table, but now it seemed this was infeasible.

“No wonder Ye Qingniu had insisted on the large amount of compensation from the Xue family, the Ye family might’ve been running out of rice!” Yue Niang, who sat nearby, was also stunned by Qinghan.


After lunch, Yue Niang led them to walk around the island. However, she didn’t take them to the western yard and the northern yard. Soon, the young lords were tired of the ordinary scenery around them, as they all said goodbye to Yue Niang and went back to have a rest.

Since Qinghan had slept for almost two hours in the bedroom, and enjoyed a grand feast, he was full of vigor. He walked along the bank of the lake by himself.

“Little Black, come out and play with me!” Seeing that nobody was around, Qinghan decided to walk his battle beast. Aside from the occasional talking with Little Black, Qinghan seldom took it out during these days. Now, he missed this naughty “puppy” so much.

“Boss! Finally, you let me out!”

Now, Little Black was in its maturing period, all it had to do was to inhale the Battle Qi inside Qinghan’s body. However, if Qinghan kept it in his body at all times, it would eventually get sluggish. The moment it jumped out of Qinghan’s chest, it ran from here to there and back, like an unbridled horse.

“Little Black, don’t run away! Wait, can you swim?”

With a splash of the water, Little Black jumped into the lake. Qinghan chased after him anxiously, until he saw that Little Black was nimbly paddling with its claws in the water.

“Don’t belittle me. After all, I’m at least a holy-grade battle beast, how can swimming be a challenge for me. I’ll find some fish to eat. “Soon, Little Black dived into the deep water.

“Hmm, soul-eating battle beast… Your human language has improved a lot!” Qinghan chuckled to himself, and couldn’t help himself admiring his own beast.

– Pu! Pu! –

After a short while, the fish were thrown onto the ground, and piled up high. Looking at the underwater Little Black, who was diving like a mud fish, Qinghan burst out peals of laughter.

“Hey, Ye Qinghan, what kind of secret technique is this? How do you get all the fish jump out of the water by themselves?” This weird scene stupefied a passer-by, as a soft, confused voice raised up from the near distance.

When Qinghan turned around, he found a veiled girl in a luxurious dress slowly walking towards him. Her black eyes kept staring at Qinghan, while they were filled with curiosity.

“Hello, Miss Qingcheng. Tonight is your big moment. How do you have the time to wander around and run into me?” Qinghan smiled at the girl.

“No, it’s not a coincidence. I came here especially for you.” As she replied, a faint smile appeared fluttered over Qingcheng’s face.


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