BPTH Chapter 57

Give up the Chance

Looking at the color of Qingcheng’s dress, who was fading away down the path on the island, the young lords just stood there, reluctant to take their eyes off of her. Before Qingcheng had disclosed her identity, they were already marveled by her graceful body, as well as her extremely refined feminine temperament. When she had walked towards them from the other side of the boat, and had revealed her pair of charming, black pearlescent eyes, their interest in her had instantly doubled. The moment they had realized that she was the next holy virgin of the festival, they couldn’t help but fall in love with her. Even the fragrance emitted from her body could dazzle their minds, let alone her piercing eye contact.

“Enough, she’s gone. Can’t you guys wait until tonight to have a good view of her?” Qinghan reminded them all with a faint smile.

After hearing what Qinghan said, the other young lords turned around, as they came back to themselves.

“Qinghan, we never knew that you’re so good at literature. But… how did you know that she is Yue Qingcheng?” Feng Zi threw his hands on Qinghan’s shoulder, and laughed from ear to ear.

“Yeah, tell us! It’s said that the holy virgin isn’t allowed to leave the Tranquil Lake before the Summer Fire Festival. If that is true, you couldn’t have met her before. Can it be, that you’ve sneaked in this place before?” Hua Cao interrupted with great curiosity. As a descendant of the stab immortals, he had mastered excellent lurking skills; however, even he wasn’t capable to enter this place before the festival.

The other young lords, including Wuhen and Shuiliu, all moved closer to Qinghan, with their ears pricked up.

“Hehe, it’s simple. You just didn’t pay attention to the details.” Qinghan wasn’t accustomed to their passion. So, after he shrugged his shoulders, he continued, “First of all, we all know that the Yue family is famous for its beauties, but a beauty of this level is rare. If all the women in the world are like her, then beauty would be too common to cherish. Secondly, how could a normal paddler have such a refined temperament? Thirdly, the silk veil, that covered half of her face, was the biggest hint. I remembered that young lord Shuiliu said, that a woman with a veil would be one of two possibilities: either she is a beauty or she is an ugly woman. Considering we’re at the Yue family, there won’t be any ugly woman here. So I confidently predicted that she must be a beauty. But why would she have to use a veil? Have you guys thought about that? She used it, not to hide her ugliness, but her extraordinary beauty! Alas, she tried to conceal her identity with the help of the veil, but ended up revealing her identity because of it. And the song she sang was the last clue. Remember? This song is made by the previous holy virgin, Ye Yan’er. Qingcheng had put herself into the shoes of Yan’er, that was what made her seem so depressed while she sang. I guess, that she was afraid to have a similar destiny as Yan’er. Anyway, my careless guess finally proved to be true.”

“Ohhh! All of us admire you. The facts were hidden in the details! Thank you buddy, you’ve enlightened us all.” Feng Zi nodded his head approvingly, and suddenly frowned, “Wait… Qinghan, since you’re younger than us, I bet you won’t compete with us for Qingcheng, right? Frankly, I’ll just fight with you if you dare to do so.”

Back in the boat, Qinghan had left a deep impression on Qingcheng. Plus, he was good-looking, and capable in cultivation. If he decided to win her heart, then the chance for the other young lords to win would become exceedingly slim.

“Young lord Qinghan! I believe you’re only sixteen years old, younger than Qingcheng. Do you expect any romantic relationship with a girl older than you?” The female-looking Hua Cao enthusiasm was also triggered by this topic, for he was ordered by his family to gain this opportunity to become the son-in-law of the Yue family. And after seeing Qingcheng, he was even more determined to fulfill this task.

As the young lords from the most influential families in the Mars Prefecture, these young lords had the biggest chance to win Qingcheng’s heart at the festival. However, if Qinghan, who Qingcheng had showed some interest in, joined this competition, then they would all have lost their opportunity.

Among them, Wuhen and Shuiliu remained silent. As for Shuiliu, who had been attacked a couple of days ago, he felt inferior in front of Qinghan, and didn’t dare to cut in. As for Wuhen, he carefully moved himself into a more comfortable position on the chair, and only listened, only seldom sharing his own opinion. He remained on alert, losing his usual imposing manner.

“Why not? A graceful young lady is the dream lover of all men. To my knowledge, she is only several months older than me. No big deal.“ Qinghan replied jokingly, which surprised the rest of the crowd, after which everyone slipped into a gloomy mood.

Several minutes later, Qinghan tilted his head again, and added, “However… I’ll give up on my chance to pursuit Yue Qingcheng on one condition.”

“Oh, Really? Say it! As long as you don’t ask me to kill my daddy, I’ll say yes!” Feng Zi burst into a cheerful smile, and patted Qinghan on his back. Although he didn’t have a clue what this condition would be, he already gave a positive yes to Qinghan in advance.

“Yes, just say it. We’ll promise you anything.” Hua Cao also declared, while his eyes suddenly gleamed with a mixture of hope and joy.

“I’m ok with anything within my ability.” Wuhen replied in a restrained manner.

“Young lord Qinghan, since we’ll all agree to your proposal, please just let us know your condition.” Shuiliu also joined in.

“Hehehe!” Qinghan was quite satisfied with their response. As for Yue Qingcheng, on one hand, even though he did admire her beauty as much as the other young lords, he thought she was too aloof. As a male chauvinism, Qinghan couldn’t stand being around a woman like a puppy. It would make him feel sick.

On the other hand, as the son of Ye Dao, who was known for rejecting a former holy virgin, Qinghan predicted that Qingcheng would find him obnoxious. Nevertheless, the most important reason was his sister, who had been lying on bed, and whose life was hanging by a mere thread. He really wasn’t in the mood to start another relationship with other girls, no matter how charming she was.

“In the Elite Prefecture War, I need you guys to do me a favor – to collect as much credits as possible. At the very least, you should keep up with my pace.” Qinghan made a trade out of their passion for Qingcheng.

“Is that all?” After waiting for several minutes, Feng Zi was actually expecting something more challenging, so he shouted unbelievably.

“Yes, that’s it! Do you agree with that?” Qinghan confirmed with him. Right now, nothing was more important than his sister. If the young lords from other families would help him to gather credits, his chance of getting a pill of Spirit Immortal Dan would soar.

“Yeah, I totally agree! I agree 200% with you!” Feng Zi answered promptly.

“I agree!”

“No problem!”

The other young lords all said yes to Qinghan’s proposal. After all, this trade didn’t cost them anything, yet their chances of getting Qingcheng would steeply increase. They were all happy to get rid of the candidate with the highest potential to win, before the start of the festival.

“Hey, guys, let’s go! Yue Niang is waiting for us. Today, I’ll drink some buckets of wine with Qinghan, haha, he’s a trustworthy younger brother!” Feng Zi threw one of his arms around Qinghan’s shoulder, before they walked down the path on the island.

At the same time, Hua Cao grinned hysterically, as his pair of beautiful eyes were narrowed into two slits, “Young lord Qinghan, now, we’re good friends!”

Wuhen and Shuiliu looked at each other inquisitively, as they racked their brain, but they failed to figure out why Qinghan had given up on such a good chance to become a son-in-law of the Yue family. Eventually, they followed the crowd and disappeared in the distance.

As soon as all of the young lords had left, a shadow appeared in the nearby thriving bushes – a girl with a white silk veil, stood up with her brows slightly gathered together. Inside her beautiful eyes, which were like a pair of black pearls, a gleam of a mischievous, playful and curious touch could be seen…

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