BPTH Chapter 54

Summer Fire Festival

“Er…” Xue Fei managed a smile, yet came up with no words.

“Is there any trump card in Qinghan’s hands? As a cultivator in the third level of the Realm of the General, Wuhen has already distinguished himself from mediocrity. With the help of the twelve golden beetles, his power will undoubtedly rise up to a great degree. Even those in the first or second level of the Realm of the Marshal will not easily defeat him.” Xue Fei weighed in the pros and cons of the advised battle, but still couldn’t make a final decision.

“Brother Qingniu, are you so confident in this teenager? Remember, Wuhen is regarded as a talent that appears only once-in-a-century. Our Feng Zi already admitted that he wasn’t his opponent.” The great elder of the Feng family sarcastically said.

“Brother Fei, come on, just say yes! I don’t believe a teenager will pose any threat to Wuhen.” The great elder of the Hua family took advantage of the situation, and poured oil on the flames.

Yue Ji remained silent, while her expression revealed herself. She didn’t believe in Qinghan, either.

They echoed one another, using their coordinated efforts to persuade them into launching the life-and-death competition. To these families, having either Qinghan or Wuhen killed or injured would be good news for them all. After all, an advanced cultivator would represent himself as a big threat to other families.

Despite the encouragement of the other elders, Xue Fei remained shilly-shally. Wuhen, the only son of the leader of the Xue family, their future leader, was supposed to be protected, rather than pushed out in a fight. In the end, he remained silent.

“Hey, elder Xue, what’s your final decision? What if the competition is between you and me, will you accept then?” Ye Qingniu rolled his bulging eyes, provokingly urging Xue Fei.

“You…” Ye Qingniu’s resounding sounds silenced Xue Fei once again.

As was known to all, Ye Qingniu was in the second level of the Realm of the Saint, if he integrated with his eighth-grade battle beast, his power would be even mightier. Within the Mars Prefecture, seldom was anyone qualified to challenge his capability in cultivation. Therefore, Xue Fei was sure, that he would be doomed if he accepted this fight.

“Hehe, Xue Fei, I suggest you to choose the first scenario: fight between Wuhen and Qinghan, rather than you and Ye Qingniu.” The great elder of the Hua family instigated excitedly.

Immediately, Yue Ji gave a black look at this great elder, blaming him for his apparent attempt to see the situation plunge into chaos.

Yue Ji then said, “Enough. Brother Qingniu, I’ll make a suggestion: apart from the promised amount of Snow Spirit Dan, add another two thousand bottles, plus a book of Emperor-level Battle Technique Manual. Let’s write off the past conflicts. The Elite Prefecture War is around the corner, we must unite together in order to unleash our concerted potential to fight against the other two prefectures. Don’t let them laugh at us.”

After a minute of silence, Xue Fei stammered out, “Alas… I admit, it is our Wuhen’s fault, we should take the blame. I agree with what Yue Ji advised.”

“Brother Qingniu!” Being a little bit irritated by Ye Qingniu’s silence, Yue Ji reminded him to give her a proper reply.

“I’ll agree, if I can add one more request on top of what you’ve suggested.” Without waiting for Xue Fei and Yue Ji’s reply, Ye Qingniu continued, “Don’t worry. I won’t ask for more Snow Spirit Dan. I only wish to have the first chance to exchange the credits after the Elite Prefecture War.”

“The first chance to exchange the credits?” People began to whisper to each other, yet no one replied.

“Are you going to exchange the Spirit Immortal Dan with the credits? I’m ok with that, if you’re able accumulate enough credits.” The great elder of the Feng family broke the silence.

“If I remember correctly, then it takes ten thousand credits to exchange for just a single one. If the elite team led by this teenager can hit this number, I’ll also be ok with that.” The great elder of the Hua family quickly followed suit.

“We agree with that as well.” Both Xue Fei and Yue Ji replied.

Although people were craving for having a pill of the Spirit Immortal Dan, the cost, ten thousand credits, scared them all. Also, they had heard that both the Demon Prefecture and the Barbarian Prefecture had dispatched a great number of elites to join the Elite Prefecture War. Given the high risk of sacrificing their own elites, the other four families had considered that the loss would outweigh the gain eventually.

“Alright, since you all orally consented with my suggestion, let’s sign a written agreement, which should stipulate that any family is not allowed to damage the solidarity of our five families because of this event.”

Following Ye Qingniu’s reply, all the people, including Yue Ji, went into the Three Square Attic, before writing and signing the agreement accordingly. Once the deal was settled, the atmosphere turned relaxed. Ye Qingniu’s solemn face disappeared, instead, he talked smilingly with sparkling eyes. The other elders were also depressurized from the past intense tension, chatting cheerfully with one another.

“Hey, Yue Ji.” The great elder from the Feng family suddenly realized something, and tossed his head towards Yue Ji, “Three days from now, your family will hold the Summer Fire Festival, right? I heard that a peerless, holy virgin will be presented during the festival?

“Yeah, our Hua Cao came merely for the purpose of seeing this beauty. I have to complain, why didn’t your family allow us to have a view of this beauty in advance? Every time, we have to wait until the Summer Fire Festival! Once she appears, numerous young men will be enchanted.” The great elder from the Hua family nodded with a subtle smile.

“Hehe, not true. Anyone remember Yan’er? She was dumped by Ye Dao, and fell into depression ever since!” Yue Ji looked at Ye Qingniu, and there was hidden bitterness in her eyes.

“Don’t… Don’t look at me, I didn’t dump any girls in your pavilion. I know, Yan’er had developed lovesickness since Ye Dao’s death. Now, since they’re all dead, I admit, it is a pity, yet one cannot challenge destiny.”

“Come on, Yue Ji, let bygones be bygones. Let’s talk about the new beauty, Qingcheng, I suggest you to give her to Fengzi. I promise, our Feng Zi will treat her well. Given his appearance and capability, our young lord Feng Zi is one of a kind.” The great elder of the Feng family said jokingly.

“Oh, are you joking? Compared with our young lord Hua Cao, Feng Zi looks too rough and bulky. Our Hua Cao is a pretty young man, almost like a flower. Oh, his cultivation level is also something I’m proud of – the Realm of the Marshal! One would instantly lose his life, once sneak attacked by him.”

“Pretty? Fuck, he’s not a woman. Oh, maybe he is… Never mind, to me, he looks neither a woman nor a man. Haha, it always confuses me to tell his gender. As for his capacity, even if he is in the Realm of the Marshal, in front of those from the Barbarian or Demon Prefectures, he simply has no chance to sneak attack them.” The great elder of the Feng family yelled with full, intense eyes.

“Stop insulting our young lord! If Feng Zi was sent to fight with the barbarians, he will…”

“Enough! Forgive me, I’m fed up with your quarrel. Listen, It’s not my choice to decide who will be the final candidate for Qingcheng, it all depends on her own will, understand? Such a quarrel is simply pointless.” Yue Ji couldn’t help but interrupt, as she found both of the two elders showing no sign of giving up.


“The Summer Fire Festival? What kind of festival is that?”

Qinghan was sitting in the room of the Four Square Attic, as he asked Feng Zi in confusion.


On hearing this question, both Feng Zi and Hua Cao looked at each other for a second, before they burst out in laughter.

“Don’t you know anything about the Summer Fire Festival?” Feng Zi straightened his back, showing his strong muscles.

“No, is it famous?” Qinghan winked his baffled eyes.

“Oh, come on… It is the most important festival of the Yue Family.” Feng Zi narrowed his eyes, and smiled to Qinghan wickedly, “The Yue family is famous for what? Beauties! Every year, a new beauty will be presented on the Summer Fire Festival, who will be asked to work in the Yue Pavilion as a Qingguan for a whole year after the festival. No doubt, she will become the most popular woman among the guests. When her service in the Yue Pavilion expires, she will be sold at an auction. At last, the top three bidders will have the chance to carry her home!”

“Three? I thought she should belong to the highest bidder.” Qinghan’s curiosity was fully stirred up by Feng Zi, as he kept asking with great interest.

“No!” Feng Zi shook his head, and sighed, “You know, this the wisest part of the Yue Family. Their girl is allowed to choose from the three candidates, and marry the one she favors most. This is a win-win situation. The bidders, as well as the girl, are happy with the result. “

“Yeah, I can’t agree more. I mean, this is a wise method indeed. Three days later, who will be the girl to be presented on the festival?“ Qinghan inquired closely.

“A beauty, and her charm would be unmatched. You know, you’re so lucky. The Summer Fire Festival of the Tranquil Lake is around the corner, a carnival for all the youngsters of the Mars Prefecture. I’ve been waiting for this day for years. “Feng Zi combed the fringe of his hair with his hands, and his eyes suddenly gleamed with enthusiasm

“Wait? The Summer Fire Festival of the Tranquil Lake? I suppose we’re talking about the Summer Fire Festival of the Yue Family. Oh, now, I’m even more puzzled. Isn’t the Tranquil Lake the place for descendants of the Yue family?”

“Haha, if there is only one girl, the Summer Fire Festival won’t live up to its reputation. The reason this festival is so famous lies in the Tranquil Lake. Every fifteen years, the Yue Family will choose a holy virgin from hundreds of young female descendants. They’ll hold an Adult Ceremony in the Tranquil Lake for these girls, and numerous young lords from other families will be invited to witness this moment. The holy virgin will choose a young lord from the crowd to be her husband. Once one becomes the son-in-law of the Yue family, he will enjoy plenty of privileges in the family… All the young lords are crazy for it.” Feng Zi explained in details.

“I heard, that Ye Dao once rejected a holy virgin.” Following Feng Zi’s hysterical narration, Hua Cao, who had been silent for quite a while, opened his mouth.

“Ye Dao is unique. He chose a Qingguan from the Yue Pavilion, rather than the holy virgin.” Feng Zi retorted.

“That Qingguan must be my mother.” Qinghan thought to himself.

Looking at the bewildered Qinghan, Feng Zi was speechless, “Hey, you should know more about this, as a young lord from the Ye family. Why are you looking so perplexed? Fifteen years ago, Ye Dao was invited to take part in this festival. He wasn’t interested in any of those girls; however, his handsome appearance and gentle demeanor captured the heart and mind of Yan’er, the holy virgin. To others’ great surprise, Ye Dao declined to marry her, because he already fallen in love with the Qingguan, Shui’er, from the Yue Pavilion. In the end, Yan’er died before the age of thirty. Such a tragedy…”

“Humph! I’m confident, that I’ll be the chosen one in this festival!” Abruptly, Hua Cao broke in.

Hearing this, Feng Zi bounced up from the ground in a fury, “You disgusting lady-boy, if you dare to compete with me, I’ll teach you a lesson.”


Both Feng Zi and Hua Cao started cursing at each other.

“I see… Summer Fire Festival, interesting!” For the first time, Qinghan had learned the touching romance of his parents, and three days later, he would have a look at the legendary beauty – Qingcheng.


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