BPTH Chapter 53

Bring Him Down

“The young lord of the Ye Family is going to fight with young lord Long Shuiliu?” Yue Ji smiled bitterly, as she reckoned that the young lord from the Ye Family might’ve been carved from the same mould as Ye Qingniu, and inherited the latter’s aggressiveness. In one attic, the young lord from the Ye Family was going to fight; in the other, the great elder from the Ye Family was provoking a hostile environment.

Being afraid of Ye Qingniu, the maid held her breath and failed to make any more words. Therefore, Yue Ji turned to her, trying to ease up the atmosphere, “Don’t panic. Tell us in detail, what has happened there?”

In order to not frighten the little girl, Ye Qingniu cleared his throat and added, “Yeah, tell us more about it. I don’t think our Ye Family will stir up a fight for no reason.”

Following Ye Qingniu’s softened remarks, the maid slightly relaxed, and explained in a hurry, “The moment the young lord of the Ye Family stepped into the room, and saw young leader Wuhen, he automatically behaved extremely hostile towards him, who kept silent and refrained. However, Long shuiliu stood up, and declared that he would teach the young lord of the Ye Family a lesson. Now, both of them are preparing to fight outside the attic.”

“Look, it’s Long Shuiliu, not Qinghan, who triggered the fight. You know, Qingyu, or the Jade Spirit Body, is his sister. I’ve told him, before we left the Ye Castle, that the family will find a proper solution and find justice for his sister, so he’d better not seek for revenge himself. It’s understandable for him to be hostile towards Wuhen, who attempted to kidnap his sister, yet he didn’t attack him. Long Shuiliu is just a moron. Qinghan had no choice but to teach him a lesson instead. If our negotiations today fail, then I’ll let him solve this matter by himself!”

“Holy braggadocio! Unlike his talented father, Qinghan is overshadowed by Wuhen’s capabilities, who’s number ten on the Mortal Ranking List.”

“Stupid as Long Shuiliu is, he has entered into the second level of the Realm of the General through diligent cultivation. It’s still too early to say who’ll win in the end.”

The rest of the people whispered to each other, showing contempt towards Ye Qingniu’s words. Among them, Yue Ji was the one most anxious about what would happen next. She murmured to herself anxiously, “If Long Shuiliu was brought down, his uncle from Long Major City would show up and find justice for his nephew; while if Qinghan failed, Ye Qingniu is right here to seek revenge for him. Oh, God, please don’t fight in our pavilion.”

“Hey, everyone, come on, let’s watch the fight outside!” Ye Qingniu seemed to be rather excited, because in his opinion, since Qinghan was able to ruin the cultivation of Qingkuang, who was in the third level of the Realm of the General, Long Shuiliu should be a piece of cake for him. Moreover, he was told that Qinghan had made another breakthrough recently.


“Since you’re much younger than me, I’ll allow you to take the initiative in the first three rounds!”

Long Shuiliu stood outside the Foursquare Attic, holding a sheathed sword in his hands, while he tilted his head up arrogantly.

“Idiot. Who’s he showing off his pretended demeanor for, there isn’t even a beauty standing nearby.” The muscular young lord mumbled to the other young lord, Hua Cao, next to him. He was the most competent descendant of the Feng Family, Feng Zi. Despite the feminine-sounding name, he was a rough man with a stout build. In sharp contrast to his muscularity, the beautiful young lord sitting beside him seemed even more delicate.

“I guess the fight will end within three rounds.” The feminine-looking young lord replied ambiguously – either Shuiliu or Qinghan would be defeated within three rounds.

Fengzi sort of figured out the undertone in his reply. As a friend of this ladyboy-like young lord, who was brought up in a world of incessant slaughter, and who had accumulated ample amounts of battle experience, he firmly believed in his prediction. Suddenly, Fengzi found Qinghan’s eyes were lit up with fury.

Given what Ye Qingniu had told him back in the Ye Castle, he had been refraining himself from attacking Wuhen, though he wished so deeply to crush him. The fire of anger inside his heart grew rampant and he was eager to find a way to vent it out. Now, the stupid Shuiliu, who thought highly of himself, gave Qinghan the chance to let loose of his flames of fury. Staring at Shuiliu, Qinghan wondered whether to defeat him within one punch.

“Come on, young man, I hope you won’t end up as a cripple. Would you beg me for mercy?”

At this moment, a familiar sound secretly entered into Qinghan’s ear. At first he frowned, then he smiled to Ye Qingniu in response. Yes, Ye Qingniu conveyed his voice to Qinghan to encourage him to fight immediately.


Without any warning, Qinghan exclaimed.

All of a sudden, a black figure emerged in front of Qinghan’s chest, and soon afterwards, it disappeared into his body. Meanwhile, above one of his eyelids a black tattoo appeared. The unexpected integration with the battle beast made everyone dumbfounded.


Shuiliu was apparently shocked by Qinghan’s technique. In defense, he released his Battle Qi in a hurry, forming a yellow ball outside of his body.

“Eighth-grade battle beast?”

Both Feng Zi and Hua Cao looked at each other in curiosity, as they didn’t expect Qinghan to have such a strong battle beast. Judging by the imposing atmosphere it created, they predicted that it should at least be an eighth-grade battle beast, though it could be even stronger.

“Brother Qingniu, congratulations! This teenager, who has already summoned an eighth-grade battle beast, and entered into the first level of the Realm of the General, has boundless prospects! But why have you never told us anything about him before?” The two elders from the Feng family and the Hua family respectively, who had kept silent for a long time, suddenly opened their mouths. Looking closer, their eyes were filled with surprise and envy, because they understood well what an eighth-grade battle beast stood for – an advanced cultivator with a terrifying capability in cultivation!

“Hehe!” Ye Qingniu replied with a short, awkward smile. He didn’t intentionally conceal the existence of such a mighty cultivator, it was Qinghan who had disguised his ability. To his surprise, Qinghan had even entered the Realm of the General within a single month. Thus, he believed, that there would be more secrets to be discovered in Qinghan.

However, Xue Fei, the great elder from the Xue Family, stood there with a long face. He was thinking hard, trying to find a way to wrap up this mess.

As for Qinghan, he wasn’t aware that there were elders attentively watching his every move. He only focused on Shuiliu, as the fury within him had urged him to punch Shuiliu harshly, so that his inside fire could be put out.

Without hesitation, Qinghan gathered his surging Battle Qi on his left palm, throwing it in the direction of Shuiliu. The force created by the palm, was akin to the power that was released by a rutting rhinoceros. As a cultivator in the Realm of the General, he was about to extract his Battle Qi out of his body, yet as a beginner, he didn’t quite know how to use it. Thus, he had decided to attack Shuiliu with merely the force of his palm, rather than any fancy techniques.

Qinghan’s left palm sped towards the surface of the yellow ball, that wrapped up Shuiliu, and finally collided with it with an explosive boom.

– Bang! –

Doubtlessly, the yellow ball was instantly smashed, and Shuiliu, without the protection of the ball, was thrown away in the far distance, until his back hit against a solid wall, and bounced back on the ground, before he rolled back and forth several times. In the end, he didn’t manage to get back up, but fainted instead.

Due to his super Dantian, as well as his battle beast, Qinghan’s true power had sharply accelerated, as he was now equivalent to those in the Realm of the Marshal. Therefore, Shuiliu, a cultivator in the second level of the Realm of the General, was beaten up by Qinghan with a single palm, even though he had the protection of his yellow ball Battle Qi armor. If Qinghan hadn’t withdrawn some of his Battle Qi, then Shuiliu would even have been crushed into a heap of meat powder.


“Oh, My goodness!”

To everyone’s astonishment, the fight ended within seconds. After several sharp screams, the crowd became deathly silent. Fengzi, the muscular youth, widened his mouth; Hua Cao, the shemale-looking youth, blinked his eyes in curiosity, with his long, hairy eyelashes covering half of his eyes. The most nervous one among them all, however, was Xue Wuhen, as he couldn’t find a proper explanation for Qinghan’s quick improvements in cultivation. Several months ago, he remembered that he had punched him to the ground in the Cattle-fence Street, almost effortlessly! But, now…

There was only one guard, named Long Wu, who was escorting Shuiliu. He was a bald man with a tanned skin. Now, he was anxiously walking towards his young lord. Strangely, throughout the whole process, this bald guard didn’t make a single sound, or even try to stop Qinghan from hurting Shuiliu.

Long Wu carried Shuiliu in his arms, as he walked towards Qinghan, and said, “Thank you, young lord, for being lenient and refraining yourself from killing my young lord. Now, we have to leave.”

On hearing this, Yue Niang sighed with great relief, because she knew, that as a cultivator in the second level of the Realm of the Emperor, Long Wu could stir up another ferocious fight if he was determined to seek revenge. Fortunately, he had behaved rather composed. Soon, Yue Niang had arranged some people to lead Long Wu out to heal Shuiliu.

“Qingniu, as far as I can see in the force he has exerted, I guess this teenager has the power equivalent to those in the Realm of the Marshal! Another Ye Dao!” The great elder of the Feng Family threw an envious glance at Ye Qingniu.

“This teenager is really something. Our Hua Cao is not his opponent.” The elder of the Hua Family also nodded approvingly.

Yue Ji joined in the conversation, smiling from ear to ear, “Brother Qingniu, congratulations for having such a brilliant descendant!”

“Haha, you’re all flattering me. But, there’s still a long way to go for Qinghan to catch up to Feng Zi and Hua Cao.” Ye Qingniu replied humbly. Suddenly, he tossed his head towards Xue Fei and suggested, “However, I think Qinghan is capable to compete with Wuhen. Why not let them have a fight right now, right here? Neither side will be responsible for the other’s death. Regardless of the result, I won’t take any of your Snow Spirit Dan if you agree to this. Deal?”


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