BPTH Chapter 51

I refuse to be nice in front of you, so what?

By staring at this weedy-looking teenager, a surge of complicated feelings came over Wuhen.

Several months ago, when they had met for the first time on Cattle-fence Street, this teenager had acted like a roaring lion, and tried to end his life by one chop. Eventually, he had effortlessly thrown this teenager away, simply by the force of his palm.

However, he didn’t know anything about this hatred-filled, incompetent teenager, until Elder Mo did his investigation, and found that this teenager was named Ye Qinghan, the son of Ye Dao, and was regarded as a piece of garbage in cultivation.

Therefore, Wuhen had never paid much attention to Qinghan, because in his opinion, Qinghan had failed to inherit anything but the stubborn temperament of his father. In the Flame Dragon Continent, cultivation was regarded as the bases to build up one’s power and status, without which, even the lineal descendents from the five most prominent families would be deprived of their privileges as young lords. As a lineal descendent of the Xue Family, Wuhen knew all too well what would happen once a young lord showed no talent in cultivation.

That was why, as soon as Wuhen was notified that Qingyu had rejected his proposal, he had immediately dispatched Xue Yi and his four brothers to capture or kill Qinghan. He was confident, that the Ye Family wouldn’t antagonize the Xue Family simply because of a piece of garbage in the family.

Later, news came from Wild City, that Xue Yi and his four brothers had all been killed by Qinghan. Only then, did Wuhen start to look at Qinghan with new eyes. So, he had urged Qingkuang to advance their plan and kidnap Qingyu, before Qinghan returned to the Ye Family. To his surprise, however, their secret plan had turned out to be a failure, and Qingkuang had even lost all his cultivation.

Although, as an outsider, Wuhen didn’t know the details of what had happened that day, he did know that Ye Ron was killed, Ye Jian was imprisoned, and Qingkuang was ruined in cultivation. Meanwhile, the once undervalued young lord, Qinghan, was given the highest of expectations by the Ye Family.

Actually, as a young leader, Wuhen believed that his family would spare him over what he had done to Qingyu. Also, the Xue Family would certainly help him resolve the possible hostility between the two families. He had nothing to worry about.

Nevertheless, the moment he met Qinghan’s eyes, which were filled with a murderous cold light, he realized that even if the Ye Family would be lenient to him, Qinghan wouldn’t!

Being terrified by the hearsays that Qinghan’s cultivation had risen up like a rocket, Wuhen had prepared on what to say and do in front of Qinghan. However, he never thought they would meet so soon. He hadn’t come up with any words yet, as his pride was suddenly diminished in front of Qinghan’s revengeful glow.

“Young lord, this is the Yue Attic.” Shisan was puzzled by Qinghan’s sudden change, as his only impression of Qinghan was that of a shy, approachable young leader. But right now, Qinghan behaved presumptuous and ruthless towards Wuhen, the young leader of the Xue Family. Realizing Qinghan might’ve some impulsive actions, Shisan quickly tossed his head to Qinghan and whispered in his ear.

“I know this is the Yue Attic, that’s why… I refrained myself from attacking that bastard.” Qinghan replied in a cold, sharp voice, which stunned the nearby people.

Inside the attic, around seven people were sitting there drinking tea. Only those who were considered as the most valued guests would be invited into the Four Square Attic. Obviously, only a handful of people would be able to be listed by the Yue Family as the most valued guests.

Wuhen, the young leader of the Xue Family, also known as the teenage elite, after he was ranked the tenth on the Mortal Ranking list, was surely qualified to enter this attic. Before Qinghan had stepped into this room, they were leisurely chatting with each other, while enjoying a cup of tea; however, the amicable atmosphere was immediately ruined by Qinghan’s murderous stare and overbearing remarks.

“What? Is he going to attack Wuhen?”

“Oh, he’s so obnoxiously presumptuous!”

The people inside the room began to complain over Qinghan’s presumptuous manner. One of the younger ones, who sat on the left corner, stood up, attempting to defend Wuhen. This young man was pale-faced, with curly hair combed behind his head, which rendered a touch of evil shrewdness. He stepped forward, looked Qinghan up and down, speaking out arrogantly, “Yue Niang, where did this rude child come from? Why is he behaving so uneducated?”

“Young lord Long Shuiliu, this is the young lord from the Ye Family. Ye Qinghan, for my sake, would you please come in and take a seat?” Yue Niang stood smiling between the curly-haired young man and Qinghan, trying to calm both of them down.

“Yes, I won’t fight with Wuhen in your place.” Qinghan replied indifferently, and strode into the room directly in the direction of Wuhen. Under all the people’s gazes, Qinghan suddenly showed an exaggerated smile, until his eyes were narrowed into two slits, “Xue Wuhen… young leader Wuhen! Good to meet you here… Xue Yi told me to pass on some words to you, he said, if you have time, please go and have a reunion with them!”


Hearing this, Wuhen’s face turned surly. Both Elder Shi and Elder Mo, who sat on either side of Wuhen, immediately stood up, and started gathering their Battle Qi, while at the same time, they resentfully glared at Qinghan.

Unlike others, who didn’t know what had happened between Wuhen and Qinghan, Elder Shi and Elder Mo got the undertone of Qinghan’s words. Since Xue Yi had already been killed by Qinghan, the invitation of a reunion was actually an invitation to fight.

At the same time, Shisan and Shiqi stood beside Qinghan on full alert. Though they didn’t understand the hidden meaning in Qinghan’s remarks, they did know that they must protect their leader at any cost. Both of them stretched out their palms and hung them in the air, as a sign to threat the two elders, who seemed tempted to attack Qinghan.

“Hehe!” Unexpectedly, the curly-haired young man, who was known as young lord Long Shuiliu, sneered. He was offended by Qinghan the moment he had passed him without looking at him, or in other words, he felt belittled by Qinghan’s attitude. Thus, he straightened his back, and said, “Young lord of the Ye Family? How come? I thought the eldest young lord of the Ye Family was Ye Qingkuang. Who are you? Are you sure that you’re capable to represent the Ye Family in the Elite Prefecture War? Oh, come on. Is the Ye Family so short of talents?”

These harsh words provoked Shisan and Shiqi, however, without Qinghan’s instruction, they refrained themselves from any further reaction.

“Who the fuck is he?” Without being irritated, Qinghan turned to Shisan in curiosity.

“He’s young lord, Long Shuiliu, the nephew of the leader of the Long Major City.” Shisan whispered in response.

“Oh?” Qinghan nodded his head, and added, “As far as I know, the leader of the Long Major City only has a daughter. Why does he suddenly have a nephew? Is he adopted?”

The question raised by Qinghan surprised all the people in the room, among them, two extravagantly-dressed young men displayed diversified expressions as this farce went on. Now, Long Shuiliu’s paled-looking face turned sullen.

“Anyway!” Qinghan turned around, stared at Long Shuiliu, “Alright, the fact that you’re a relative of the leader of the Long Major City won’t make you a relative of Wuhen. So, this is none of your business, why would you interfere? Or can I think of it this way: are you going to make an enemy out of the Ye Family by supporting Wuhen?”


The sharp retort from Qinghan stunned everyone, because Qinghan had intentionally raised the conflict to the family level. Who would dare to challenge the authority of the whole Ye Family? Apparently, Long Shuiliu didn’t have the guts to antagonize the wole Ye Family, and as a result, his handsome face was slightly twisted, yet he could find no proper words to reply with.

Meanwhile, the two young men with luxurious clothing kept paying great attention to what was going on right now. They were quite different in appearance: one was a muscular, rough-looking man, who carried a sword on his back; the other looked rather pretty, without looking closely at his plumping Adam’s apple, he could be mistaken for a beautiful woman. Now, they wore a subtle expression, as though they were trying hard to refrain themselves from laughing out loud.

“Shit, why are the people from the Ye Family so wildly arrogant?” Yue Niang complained in a low voice and winked to her maid. Immediately, her maid submissively nodded her head and left.

“Young lord Long doesn’t represent the whole Long Major City. And you, Ye Qinghan, a poor young lord, since when do you dare to represent the whole Ye Family?” Wuhen cut in angrily. He could no longer stand Qinghan’s openly hostile attitude towards him. If he kept silent, he would surely be looked down upon by others.

“I thought you were only a timid turtle, who only hid his head in his shell. Hehe, can’t you see, that I’m the leader of my elite team, though I don’t really care much about this identity.” Qinghan raised his brow, and stared at Wuhen provokingly.

Out of fury, Wuhen’s dual pupils shrank a little bit, and he finally came out with these words, “Ye Qinghan, sometimes, we have to be nice to others, for the sake of our family!”

“Oh, come on! I’m nice to all people, especially my subordinates. But… to someone like you… I don’t think it is necessary to do so. Yes, I refuse to be nice in front of you, so what?” Qinghan sneered as he replied.

As the tension between Qinghan and Wuhen intensified, everyone kept silent with nervousness, knowing that an inevitable fight was about to be triggered.


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