BPTH Chapter 50

Enchantment City

Indeed, Enchantment City was originally called Silvermoon City. Roughly a thousand years ago, a beautiful woman named Yue Hou (Literally means Queen of the Moon), occupied this city, and listed it into the territory of the Yue Family.

A long time ago, an unknown city leader once nicknamed Silvermoon City as Enchantment City. He was an advanced cultivator, who had successfully won against several other participants in a Challenge Fight Competition. After that, his reputation had spiraled, and one day he had even received a letter of invitation jointly written by the five prominent families. Interestingly, he was invited to visit each of the five prominent families for a couple of days. Given the influence of the five families in the continent, he found it impolite to reject them all, so after he had finished his own matters; he happily traveled to every family’s major city.

​After he had been in Silvermoon City for five days, he had decided to go back to Dragon City, despite the Yue Family’s warm hospitality. The moment he stepped outside the city gate, he stood there, staring at the plate “Silvermoon City” for some seconds, and finally said, “Based on my experience, this name doesn’t really fit this city. It should be called… Enchantment City.”

Since then, people had spread the word, and Enchantment City had become a more frequently used name among civilians. It was fair to say, that if Immortal City was the most holy place for cultivation, then Enchantment City would be the paradise for all men.

Actually, nothing in Enchantment City truly attracted visitors, except for the women, numerous beautiful women!


“Is this the well-known Enchantment City? Oh, I don’t see anything that really grabs my attention.” Looking through the curtain, Qinghan found a normal street, with normal shops lined on each side. He was a little bit disappointed, as he had expected more from this city. So the smilingly turned to Shiqi, who sat beside him.

“Oh, come on, young lord. We can’t judge a book by its cover. In appearance, this city doesn’t boast anything that will distinguish itself from other cities.” Shiqi replied mockingly, as he smacked his lips and continued, “The special part of this city, is located in the pavilions up ahead, including the Yue Pavilion we’ll be staying at.”

“Oh!” Qinghan slightly nodded, as he didn’t quite believe Shiqi’s description, until they passed two turnings, and arrived at another street. By that time, Qinghan finally understood why this city was called Enchantment City – the road on the street was two times larger than those in the Grey City, which could accommodate five carriages running abreast with each other. Every day, there would be countless carriages and pedestrians flooding in and out of this street.

“We are in Enchantment City already, aren’t we? Unlike other streets we passed by, why is this one so busy?”

Qinghan was stunned by the sight, where people seemed like ants moving along the street. He suddenly came to the realization, that most people were lured to this place, which left other streets hollowed out.

“Yes, you’re right. Actually, this street is called Cloud and Rain Street. Within Enchantment City, there are thirteen streets like this one. Just to remind you, this isn’t even the most amazing part. The more interesting thing is straight ahead of us.” Shiqi replied, and smiled with enjoyment, the same expression he had had when he had first come here.

“Those… those women, oh… fuck, are these buildings all brothels? And these men, are they all coming here for those prostitutes?” Qinghan exclaimed out of sheer surprise, for he had never been here before. Now, it was clear to him, why this street was built in such a large space, and why visitors from different places kept swarming into this city.

Along the street, pavilions were orderly displayed on each side. In front of each pavilion, lines of women, with heavy make-up on, and little clothing, were touting customers while shaking their bosoms and exposing their legs. Their flirtatious passion stirred the hearts and minds of the men. Once a man stopped in front of the gate, he would soon be encircled by a bunch of women, who would touch him and speak to him with seductive voices, until they had successfully dragged him into their pavilion.

“Young lord, it seems as if it’s the first time you’ve come to this city, isn’t it? But do you know the most famous skill of the Yue Family? The enchantment skill! As far as I know, up until now, there are approximately 3,600 registered brothels throughout this city. The most exotic and charming girls are all living here. I’ve heard that the total number of beauties here surpasses the 100,000! Their slogan is ‘Our beauties are the best in the continent’. Come on, let’s go to the Yue Pavilion, and feel the enchantment tonight!” Shiqi explained, as he couldn’t help drooling before he had even finished his words.

“Oh… I know, the enchantment skill of the Yue Family is the equivalent of the battle beast of the Ye Family, they’re all matchless. However… I never thought, that it was a weapon to enchant men. Never have I encountered a city with such a thriving prostitution industry.” Qinghan frowned in confusion.

“Wrong! Young lord, these women we saw just now are not from the Yue Family, and their skills are too low compared with the Yue Family’s. The only brothel in the city, which belongs to the Yue Family, is the Yue Pavilion. Once we arrive there, you’ll see how powerful it really is.” Shisan broke in, correcting Qinghan.

“Oh! Really?” Qinghan showed a bright smile, which had rarely appeared on his face throughout the journey. Actually, he was eager to witness the famous enchantment skill of the Yue Family.

The ten luxurious carriages marched along the street in a formidable array. Inside one of the carriages, Qinghan was, once again, stunned by the number of brothels and people. The length of the street was about five kilometers, from one end to the other, brothels, with different name plates hanging overhead, stood like the teeth on a comb. Crowds upon crowds of prostitutes and brothel-goers were scattered on the street. Dusk had already arrived, as the night life had yet to start. This street, however, already displayed itself with a boisterous scene packed with men and women. In Enchantment city, there were another twelve streets, which were each as thriving as this one!

Soon, the fleet passed another turn, and arrived at a plaza, where the grandness of the place thoroughly shocked everyone in the carriages.

Qinghan estimated, that the area, which the plaza covered, was as large as two football fields. In front of the plaza, there lined a cluster of pavilions, which was mysteriously blocked by a pink wall. However, in the middle, three giant gates were installed in line with each other, and the size of them were two times larger than those in the Ye Family. Above the top of the middle gate, some words were written, “Yue Pavilion”. On top of the luxurious structure of the buildings, the most astonishing part for Qinghan, were the numerous large carriages on the plaza. Meanwhile, countless newcomers were flooding in from all directions.

“Oh… There must be thousands of carriages here already!” Qinghan widened his mouth, as he looked at the orderly arranged carriages parked on the plaza.

“Later, there will be even more! Errr… No offense, but I have to say, you should’ve know more than us… Simply because you’re a young lord.” Shiqi embarrassingly reminded Qinghan. He thought that Qinghan behaved like an illiterate bumpkin, who came to the city for the first time and was filled with an endless amount of questions. That made him believe that Qinghan must’ve led a hard life in the past.

Definitely, Qinghan’s childhood had been a hard struggle. As a young lord of the family, he was neither allowed to travel to places like this, nor was he permitted to sit in a luxurious carriage. Although, right now, he was enjoying this treatment, deep in his heart, he still believed nothing had changed in his attitude towards the Ye Family. However, since he had been through alot in the past, he soon mollified himself and jumped out of his negative mood.

Finally, their carriages slowly arrived at the brightly-lit Yue Pavilion. To Qinghan’s surprise, he found long rows of middle-aged guards, instead of topless beauties, standing in front of the gate, smiling and bowing to them.

When the ten luxurious carriages arrived in front of the guards, their smile turned even brighter. And when the calligraphy “Ye” painted on the flag fell into their eyes, they treated Qinghan’s team with even greater respect.

While the Death squad descended from their respective carriage, three guards stepped forward in front of the carriages, smiling at them. In the end, the eyes of the guards were all fixed on Qinghan, as they politely bowed to him. The one in the middle said, “My name is Yue Pin, nice to meet you, young lord from the Ye Family. Please come in with me, our manager has been waiting for you for a long time.”

“Thank you!” Qinghan smiled back, and followed them into the pavilion. Both Shisan and Shiqi closely followed Qinghan on his heels. As for the rest of the Death squad, Qinghan believed they would be treated well too.

Strangely, they were not led to the main hall; rather, they were shown to a luxuriously-decorated aisle, where two heavily armored guards were standing on each side of the entrance. Obviously, only special guests were allowed to enter this aisle. Soon, they reached the end, and found a two-storied attic.

The attic seemed lackluster compared with the extravagant decoration of the aisle, and the plate on top of the door read “Foursquare Attic”, which rendered a touch of antiquity. On the second floor of this attic, four women appeared, all of whom were full of the alluring womanly smell.

“I’m Yue Niang, the manager of this pavilion, nice to meet you, young lord from the Ye Family.” The woman in the front opened her red lips, and her voice was so soft and feminine that it could make anyone fall for her. Her appearance was so charming, that you would find it hard to take your eyes off of her. She was like a ripe peach that propelled the men to take a bite out of her body. Even though the girls in Wild City also had a similar slim body, for instance, An’yue, Qinghan still felt that these women in front of him right now, were far more capable of enchanting men. A simple smile, or a couple of sweet words, would be enough for them to create a sluttish atmosphere.

“Oh, shit. She’s really something. My mind is stirred up a little bit just by hearing her voice. But I believe, that she hasn’t used her enchantment skill yet. Fuck, what if I use my integration technique to defend against her enchantment skill? Who will lose their consciousness first?” Qinghan thought to himself, before he managed to calm down. Eventually he replied, “It’s my honor to meet you, beautiful manager. I’m Ye Qinghan. I Hope that I’m not disturbing you.”

“Yue Niang, we haven’t seen each other for almost a year. Look, you’re still as charming as before!” Shiqi immediately cut in.

“Ahh, Shiqi, you’re always so naughty.” Yue Niang rolled her eyes quickly and added, “Please, come with me, young lord. The other three families have already arrived.”

“Alright!” However, the moment Qinghan stepped into the attic, his smile suddenly disappeared, and turned cold and murderous. The change of reaction surprised Shisan, Shiqi as well as Yue Niang. The atmosphere soon turned out to be gloomy, and hostile, like the icy coldness in the winter.

Both Shisan and Shiqi straightened their spine, ready for any emergency. Following the eyes of Qinghan, they found a handsome face with a pair of evil-looking, dual-pupil eyes.

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