BPTH Chapter 5

The Secret Code for Sacred Blood

The Secret Code for Sacred Blood!

Would it really increase the density of his sacred beast blood?

Would it really increase the possibility for him to summon a seventh-grade battle beast… Or even higher?

How amazing would this be? Qinghan was thrilled by this groundbreaking skill. If it proved to be true, then he would probably become a legendary figure in the Ye Family, or perhaps… Even throughout the whole Flame Dragon Continent!

Having been in this continent for over a decade, Qinghan considered himself to be rather familiar with the general picture of this place.

The continent consisted of one major city, and three prefectures – Immortal City, the Mars Prefecture, the Demon Prefecture and the Barbarian Prefecture. Immortal City enjoyed the highest status, as it was always protected by the halo of the immortals. The three prefectures would never turn themselves against Immortal City, and the latter would seldom involve itself in any type of confrontations or disputes among the other three.

Interestingly, the three prefectures boasted three different races.

The Mars Prefecture was inhabited by a race of purely humans. They were endowed with great intelligence and were able to cultivate.

The Demon Prefecture had the descendants of the hybrid of ancient evil beasts and immortals. They were half beast and half human in appearance, but they possessed unimaginable evil powers.

The inhabitants of the Barbarian Prefecture were a faraway offspring of the ancient barbarian tribe. The beings there were extremely tall and strong, and they could split a hill with the power of a single fist.

Thousands of years ago, wars would frequently erupt among the three prefectures, because of their incompatible faith. The masses in the three prefectures suffered from a turbulent and unstable life. Until the arrival of “Tu” – a member of Immortal City, who cracked down the conflicts and forced a ceasefire. Eventually, the three prefectures reached an agreement, that they would hold a prefecture fight every twenty years to solve all accumulated disputes, rather than starting a war whenever a dispute occurred.

During these thousands of years of war, five peerless masters had emerged from the Mars Prefecture – Feng, Hua, Xue, Yue and Ye. These five masters were all high-ranked cultivators, who could even gain access to the celestial authority. They were the founders of the five most prominent families in the Flame Dragon Continent.

As a lineal sibling of the Ye Family, Qinghan roughly knew an inside story about the origin of these five masters. They were actually descendants of some immortals, who possessed the essence of sacred blood and secret techniques.

The Feng Family was the descendant of the Sword Immortals; they had the best swordsmanship in the continent. The Hua Family was the descendant of the Stabbing Immortals, their skill of stabbing was rivalless. The Xue Family was the descendant of the Bewitched Immortals; they could kill people by using bewitched and poisonous worms. The Yue Family was the descendents of the Soul Immortals, they could seduce people by showing them beauties, while gnawing on their souls. The Ye Family was the descendant of the Beast Immortals, and the integration of a beast with its master was a unique advantage for them.

Therefore, the descendants of the five families were generally associated with the ancient immortals, due to which they were considered to have a higher chance of success in cultivation. They were the ones who stood on the shoulders of the giants, as it wasn’t unusual to find talented masters in these five families. Those from the Ye Family, for instance, if they could summon an eighth-grade battle beast and raise it to adulthood, it would be as competent as a normal cultivator in the Realm of the Emperor.

However, the descendants with thick sacred blood in the five families were extremely rare. In the Ye Family, as far as Qinghan knew, it had already been over three hundred years since the last appearance of a ninth-grade battle beast. Both his father and grandfather owned an eighth-grade battle beast, which were considered to be superior in their family nowadays.


Right now, the handwritten book in his hands was the Secret Code of thickening one’s blood, which would serve as an offset for Qinghan’s thin blood.

If this secret code stuff was real, what would that represent?

It represented that Qinghan would be able to summon a high-ranking battle beast! Although he had long been doomed as a low-talented cultivator, he would be able to solely rely on the power of his beast, if he followed what the Secret Code instructed him to do. His status in the Ye Family would quickly increase, which would help his brave oath to become reality. How nice!

According to the Secret Code, the beast he could summon would be at least of the seventh-grade! That meant, that he would meet the criteria to become one of the key descendants of the Ye Family.

Qinghan started to wonder, what if his whole family learned this skill and summoned superior battle beasts, it would probably shake the status quo of the Mars Prefecture, or even of the entire Flame Dragon Continent…

Oh, God… This was mind-boggling!

Taking a deep breath, Qinghan swallowed, before he opened the book. He read the lines gingerly, while trying to keep his hands from trembling.

“All descendants of the Ye Family, were endowed with sacred blood, by following this secret method, they could temporarily halt the creation of fresh blood. This would increase the density of their sacred blood, which would help them summon any kind of beast… The density of the sacred blood would directly influence the power of the summoned beast. Therefore, improving the density of the sacred blood would be a top priority for all the siblings of the Ye Family… This Secret Code was based on various classics in the library that I have referred to, as well as all the places that I set my food on, even including the advices of numerous revered scholars that I have visited. I sincerely hope that this Secret Code for Sacred Blood will help you in awakening a high-ranked battle beast.
Warning: the method mentioned in this book hasn’t been tested before, according to my own calculations, the chance to succeed is roughly 50%. If you succeed, it is good for yourself, for me, and for the entire Ye Family… However, If you fail, you’ll probably be unconscious, delirious or even floating in the air…”

“What the fuck…”

– Bang! –

Qinghan threw the book on the desk and exclaimed furiously. He was speechless towards his deceased father.

“Are you fooling around with me, daddy?” Qinghan whispered to himself, “Being unconscious, delirious and floating in the air? Oh, come on, why don’t you just say it… Anyone who fails to do this, will be paralyzed or even dead!”

“The rate of success is roughly 50%, and it is based on your own calculations? This is an utterly untested, extremely risky guidance towards cultivation, which has little significance in practice… Oh… No…”

It was like someone gave him the “Sunflower Bible” [1], which required its cultivator to start by doing a self-castration. Then he would have a 50% chance to become the second Invincible Eastern [2]. How could Qinghan not be outraged by this?

The most miserable thing in life was that, the higher the expectations, the more bitter the disappointment. Originally, he thought that this book would be the life-saving straw for him to clutch onto; unfortunately, it turned out to be a highly toxic serpent!

“Nothing good will ever happen to me. Like people always say, God is always fair, when he closes a door he will open a window for you… But seldom does anyone know what is behind the window – a steep cliff, a deep ocean, or layers of pointed stones? Will you still jump out of that window?” Qinghan grumbled with contempt.

Qinghan couldn’t figure out if he was willing to take the risk and learn this Secret Code. He was like a blind man standing on a crossroad, wondering which road to take.

“Let it be! There are still more than twenty days left before the awakening ceremony. Let me see if there is an alternative… Oh right, the treasure from the Luo Shen Mountain.”

He picked the dragon ring up, after he had put the handwritten book aside.

“Ah, nice stuff… It was found in the Luo Shen Mountain, where numerous ancient immortals died during the ‘war-period’. Oh, look at the colors! Hmm, it must be something magic. Could it be possible that there is a soul concealed in the dragon sculpture, the soul of one of those dead masters…” Qinghan completely forgot the Secret Code for Sacred Blood; instead, he began to study the ring in a world of his own.

Admittedly, the appearance of the ring made it quite marketable if it was arrayed in a shop. The gleaming gold on the surface, and the vivid dragon that crouched in the middle of the ring, would make it a convincing treasure.

Staring at the ring, Qinghan swallowed. He was hoping that an aged immortal would emerge, like Elder Delin, who could be his Sifu.

– Creak! –

The window suddenly opened. A cold breeze went through the room and made Qinghan quiver a little bit. Out of panic, he accidentally dropped the ring.

“Who’s coming? Is that Elder Delin? Let me be your apprentice, Sifu…”

However, there came no reply. Qinghan rubbed his eyes and found a familiar figure standing outside his window.

“Brother, what are you doing? You’re making so much noise, you know, the piercing exclamations are really keeping me from a sound sleep…”

“Ah?” Qinghan realized that it was his sister, so he smiled embarrassingly before he bent his knees to pick the ring up.

However, all of a sudden, Qinghan felt like he was struck by lightning, as he remained squatted on the ground like a motionless sculpture.

“What the hell? Is this really found in the Luo Shen Mountain, or is it just a cheap copy… Oh… Daddy! I have seen through you, you might be a wandering peddler who only collected cheap fake items…” He angrily exclaimed, mocking his father.

A large chunk of the lacquer was separated from the surface of the ring, which exposed the bronze material inside, full of rusty stains. And… The head of the gleaming dragon was also broken, leaving the remaining bottom half of the body on the ring. A small, black hole could even be seen through the broken neck of the dragon…


[1]: Sunflower Bible: a guidance book for a certain cultivation, it requires to cut off the penis before learning any of its methods.
[2]: Invincible Eastern: the most famous cultivator who achieved what the Sunflower Bible instructed. He was a genderless man with invincible powers.