BPTH Chapter 49

Super Dantian

Ten carriages marched along the spacious road, both Shisan and Shiqi sat in the third carriage on high alert, as they kept checking the surroundings with both their eyes and ears.

They already were halfway to their next stop, so they had arrived in the Yue Family’s territory, where they didn’t possess much influence. In order to better protect the young lord, Shisan and Shiqi had to be vigilant against any emergency that they might encounter, especially since they were no longer on the Ye Family’s land.

Given the frankness of this unique young lord, their antipathy towards Qinghan had abated. Instead, they respected him, and tried to be on intimate terms with their leader. Since Qinghan had first stepped off the carriage and chatted with them, their impression of him had twisted, because Qinghan was so different from any other young lord they had served.

Both Shisan and Shiqi guessed, that Qinghan might’ve been long undervalued in the family, or his personality wouldn’t have led him to be so kind to his subordinates. In front of the death squad, he never put on high airs. The mutual-respect made all the members in the team feel quite comfortable, as well as honored.

Qinghan’s diligence in cultivation was another aspect that his team members admired about him. Except for eating and sleeping, Qinghan stayed within his carriage to cultivate. As adopted children in the Ye Family, they all had something in common with their new leader: Excluding talent, diligence was the determinant factor that would make a cultivator distinguish himself among others. They, too, had cultivated around the clock for many years, in order to be valued and promoted by the family. As for Qinghan, he was far from satisfied with his current level of cultivation, the third level of the Realm of the Commander, which was actually above average. Qinghan’s subordinates believed, that their new leader would eventually become an advanced cultivator with overwhelming power, because they knew that his diligence plus his superior battle beast, would certainly create a miracle. Therefore, they were convinced that Qinghan was a leader who deserved to be respected.


While inside the carriage, Qinghan didn’t have any clue about what impression he had left behind on his subordinates. Actually, he didn’t care about it at all. He had simply tried to get along with these people in the most comfortable way. For one thing, when he heard that his entire team consisted of death warriors, he knew for sure, that they must be those people who were willing to sacrifice themselves for the family at any costs. So, he admired their spirit. Never did he feel any form of superiority in front of these people. Also, he had a mixed feeling about these warriors, who were ready to die for him. He felt that he should be indebted to them all, for saving his sister, though they might not be aware of this. Therefore, in order to reduce the risks of losing everyone’s life, he was resolute to quickly advance into the next realm.

Qinghan was sitting on a seat of his carriage, close-eyed, and cross-legged.

All he was trying to do now, was to condense the Battle Qi, and drive it into his Dantian. If he succeeded in doing so, he would able to enter into the next realm – the Realm of the General.

Battle Qi was like wine, and the meridians were like containers, which would turn out to be too small when one’s cultivation reached a certain level. In order to be more powerful, one had to absorb more Battle Qi. Therefore, a larger container would be required at this stage. At the end of the rudimentary cultivation, cultivators had to utilize their Dantian as the place to store Battle Qi.

The Dantian had two main benefits, for those cultivators who had condensed it: the space for storing up Battle Qi would be enlarged; and the Battle Qi would be better circulated through the meridians. Indeed, the Dantian was a junction point among the meridians, including the twelve normal meridians, nine small meridians and three main meridians. The Dantian stood in the middle of all the meridians, thus the Battle Qi would be conveyed to this part. Once a cultivator was in a fight, he just needed to extract the required amount of Battle Qi, and keep the remaining amount in his Dantian, which was known as the hub of the whole circulation system. In short, a Dantian played a vital role in using Battle Qi in the most effective way.

If one’s cultivation level was analogue to a human being. Then for those who hadn’t condensed their Dantian, they would be in their infancy; for those who had reached the Realm of the General, they would be in their early teenage years; for those in the Realm of the Emperor, who had vaguely sensed the Laws of Heaven and Earth, they would be in their late teenage years; and for those in the Realm of the Saint, they would be a man.

Though the condensation of the Dantian sounded easy, it was actually much more complicated than one would imagine. Theoretically, one had to use the flow of the Battle Qi as a force to dilate the Dantian’s acupoint, until it had turned into the shape of an oval. And only those, who could make a straight horizontal line by connecting the two side of the oval and the center of the Dantian, would be considered successful. Any skewed line would be a sign of failure.

As a result, a cultivator had to be extremely cautious in balancing the force of Battle Qi, too much or too little would both lead the oval shape to be distorted. Given the accurateness of this process, the best way was to release some Battle Qi in intervals, to ensure that each swell of the Dantian would be mild and wouldn’t explode. One small amount of Battle Qi on each attempt was required, otherwise it would be too difficult to control the force and speed. If, unfortunately, the Dantian was swelled to an extent that it would explode, then the cultivator might become paralyzed, or, sometimes, even die.


However… Qinghan underestimated the dangers, and believed that it would be a piece of cake! Now, he was reading a book, which was titled “Secret Methods for the Condensation of the Dantian”. Which was actually given by his grandfather, Ye Tianlong, before he had left.

“Like blowing up a balloon? Should be extremely careful? Otherwise, it could explode?”

“Haha, I’m not afraid of any explosion of my Dantian, because I have this, the bronze ring! With the help of this holy item, I bet even a pig, that knows some cultivation, will be able to enter into the Realm of the General!”

In the following minutes, Qinghan began to “blow up” his Dantian. He spent almost the whole morning doing this; however, he ended up with an explosion in his Dantian, which frightened him to death. Soon, his arms and legs had become numb, and blood oozed out of his mouth… Amazingly, in the afternoon, he casually grabbed a bottle of liquor, and drank with a lighthearted mood. Yes, thanks to his bronze ring, all the injuries, that were caused by the explosion, had fully recovered!

At night, Qinghan continued his cultivation by savagely pushing the force of Battle Qi into his Dantian. Undoubtedly, by using this crude method, his Dantian would explode time and time again. While his bronze ring was healing him, he would lie down and sleep, and the snoring sounds could be heard outside the carriage.

The second day, the third day… the ninth day, nothing else happened, but the explosion of his Dantian and the snoring sounds afterwards. Surprisingly, he did this all on purpose.

Believe it or not, Qinghan was not a masochistic cultivator, nor were there some dysfunctions in his nerves leaving him unable to sense the pain of the explosions. The mystery behind his crazy behavior lay in such a prediction – the meridians would become more resilient and spacious after being healed by the bronze ring, and Qinghan found it convincible after his many previous tests.

As a result, Qinghan was determined to create a super Dantian, which no one else’s could be matchable with. At his current stage, Qinghan was rather ambitious, for he wished his special-cultivated super Dantian to be as powerful as a Dantian of those in the Realm of the Prince.

In any cultivation, the Battle Qi was a prerequisite for further improvements. One’s level of cultivation was based on the amount of Battle Qi inside their body. And the Dantian was the ideal reservoir for one’s Battle Qi. Interestingly, once a cultivator successfully condensed his Dantian, he had to continuously expand the space inside his Dantian, so that more and more Battle Qi could be reserved. At the beginning, the condensed Dantian was about the size of a pigeon egg. After the Realm of the Marshal, it would expand into the size of a chicken’s egg. And after the Realm of the Prince, its size would become as big as an ostrich’s egg.

Qinghan’s aim was to cultivate a Dantian the size of a chicken’s egg. Thus, he repeated the same method, trying to make the outer skin of the Dantian more solid and spacious.

On the fifteenth day of his cultivation, Qinghan remained seated, totally uninfluenced by the noises outside of his carriage.

However, time after time, Qinghan found that he had reached his limits. So he decided to wrap up his cultivation and see how big his Dantian would finally become!

Unlike the previous crude cultivation, this time, Qinghan mildly released his Battle Qi and slowly drove it from his meridians towards the joint point. Gradually, the meridians all slightly plumped up. Qinghan did this with extreme caution, as if he was trying to unwrap a bride’s clothing. Eventually, his Dantian expanded and expanded…

An hour later, the “balloon” stopped expanding, because it had turned into a three-dimensional oval shape, with the acupoint of the Dantian right in the middle!

“Oh, my God! This is incredible!”

Qinghan couldn’t help exclaiming in sheer surprise. Without any hesitation, he hastened his cultivation, and gathered the Battle Qi around the surface of the Dantian.

Another hour past, when Qinghan opened his eyes, and massaged his fatigued face with his hands, as he laughed out loudly.


At the same time, outside his carriage Shisan and Shiqi were somewhat creeped out by the crazy laughter. They frowned at each other, and murmured, “We’re almost at Enchantment City – the paradise for men. I have long-wished to come here. Look, our young lord cannot wait any longer. No wonder he laughed so… sluttishly.”

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