BPTH Chapter 45

To Save Ye Qingyu

– Swoosh! –

A streak of a yellow figure could be seen flying into the pavilion. After this person entered, he hastily spoke, “Qingniu, how’s it going?”

“Your Highness!”

While Qingniu and Qingwu were talking, Ye Tianlong suddenly interrupted. Therefore, they both faced their leader and bowed to him.

“Qingyu’s Soul Sacrifice was not a complete success due to her previous injury. In other words, her soul wasn’t fully consumed, there are still some remains. Despite all that, she’ll most likely never wake up from her current vegetative state…”

Out of excitement, Ye Tianlong raised his brows, “Oh? Since your soul power is higher than mine, do you think there is a chance to save this girl?”

“Yes, she could be saved. Yet, the cost is extremely high.” Ye Qingniu knitted his brows anxiously.

“Idiot! We’re about to lose a holy-grade battle beast holder, do you think I care about the cost? Even if it requires half of the treasure of our Ye Family, I’ll approve it anyway.” Ye Tianlong flared up, as he glared at Qingniu.

“Yes, your highness. The first step to save Qingyu is to prevent her soul from dispersing. To accomplish this, we’ll need tons of soul-nourishments. After that, in order to fully wake her up, two pills of Spirit Immortal Dan are needed!”

“Spirit Immortal Dan?” Although Ye Tianlong was mentally prepared for the high cost, he had never expected the Spirit Immortal Dan to be involved. Now, he was quietly pondering, as he didn’t know what to say.

Out of curiosity, Qingwu asked her grandfather, “I’ve heard about soul-nourishments several times, yet, I’ve never heard anything about this Spirit Immortal Dan. Grandpa, what is it?”

“It’s a spirit Dan made from the condensed soul of a supreme cultivator in the Realm of the Heaven Immortal.” Ye Qingniu explained patiently.

As the granddaughter of Ye Qingniu, as well as a key descendant, Qingwu had some access to confidential information in this continent.

In the Dragon Flame Continent, most people mistakenly believed that the Realm of the Saint was the summit of their cultivation. However, at least to Qingwu’s knowledge, there existed a much more powerful, or even terrifying realm, which was called the Realm of the Heaven Immortal.

Once a cultivator entered into the Realm of the Heaven Immortal, he would be able to live forever. Not only could he chop a mountain into halves and stir storms in the ocean, but he could also effortlessly slaughter cultivators in the Realm of the Saint. They were the true, mighty immortals.

Actually, Qingwu was shocked when her grandfather said that two pills of this kind of Dan were required to save Qingyu.

“Could immortals be killed? Do we really have those kinds of immortals living in this world? Even if they existed somewhere, no one would be capable to end their life, in order to extract and condense their souls.” Qingwu murmured in bewilderment.

“We’d better discuss it further with Qinghan once he wakes up.” Ye Tianlong finally replied.


Qinghan was caught by a variety of weird dreams – he went back to his school on Earth and met with his senior, female schoolmate, who he had secretly been in love with for years. Suddenly, his beautiful schoolmate changed into the charming lady boss he had met at the An’yue Hotel, and he found both himself and the lady boss lying in a large, pink bed. After that, he found himself in the Drunken-heart Garden, and saw his sister, Qingyu, sacrificing her soul. After which her hair turned completely white…


Qinghan shrieked with cold sweat oozing from his forehead. He woke up and found himself in an unfamiliar pavilion.

“Thank goodness, you woke up!” A yellow figure appeared in front of Qinghan, who stared at him with deep, affectionate eyes. He was Ye Tianlong, who had lifted the corners of his mouth in joyfulness.

“Where’s my sister? Why did you stop me from killing myself?” Qinghan smacked his dry lips before he spoke to his grandfather. He was still lamenting over his sister, who he believed was already dead.

The stubbornness of Qinghan reminded Ye Tianlong of his son – Ye Dao, because both Ye Dao and Qinghan shared the same unyielding and obstinate personality.

“From now on, I won’t stop you from doing so. Because I don’t think you’ll do such a silly thing again once you know that your sister is still alive. Follow me, I’ll show you how to save her.”

Following the slim back of Ye Tianlong, Qinghan walked out of the room, while he still wondered what his grandfather meant by saying that he wouldn’t stop him from killing himself from now on. However, the main reason he bounced up from the ground was because of his sister. So he just chased after Ye Tianlong to see if Qingyu had somehow miraculously survived.

“Your Highness!”

In another room, Ye Qingniu bowed to Ye Tianlong immediately after the latter entered the gate. He also nodded to Qinghan with a smiling face. Soon after, Ye Qingniu retreated from the room, leaving only Ye Tianlong, Qinghan and Qingyu, who was lying on a large bed, like a sleeping beauty.

“Qingyu!” Qinghan’s eyes became wet, as he strode towards his sister. Here, he kneeled down, as he grasped her hands.

Everything on and surrounding Qingyu was white – the sheets, her dress and her hair, which was unusually noticeable in this room.

“Listen, your sister isn’t dead. Hold back your tears and stop being such a pussy. You’re a man, and tears don’t belong to a man. A man should solve his issues in a man’s way!” After some silence, Ye Tianlong finally moved closer to Qinghan and strictly scolded him.

“Are you sure?” Qinghan suddenly rose up to reconfirm that his sister was still alive. However, he already believed that his grandfather, who was also the leader of the family, wouldn’t lie to him.

“Before the Soul Sacrifice, your sister had already suffered a great deal, both mentally and physically, which resulted in the incompleteness of the soul-burning process. Now, the slightest part of her soul is still lingering around, which has led to her false death state, or more exactly, her vegetative state. I’ve discussed it with Qingniu, and we’ve reassured with each other that there is still chance to bring your sister back to normal.” Ye Tianlong explained.

“Errr? Not a successful Soul Sacrifice?” Qinghan remembered the moment he had killed Ye Ron, he had suddenly lost all his vigor, which must’ve been the result of the not fully successful Soul Sacrifice.

“Respected leader, I beg you to save my sister to the best of your ability. I’m ready to do whatever I can!” Suddenly, Qinghan kneeled down in front of Ye Tianlong.

“You call me “Respected leader”?… Anyway, as you like.” Ye Tianlong knew that Qinghan still held a grudge against him for being an irresponsible grandfather, “Get up. I promise to you, that I’ll do whatever I can to save her. But, you have to be mentally prepared. Because, you’ll have to do a lot in the process as well. Alright, follow me.”

Soon, they both walked out of the room and only stopped when they stood in front of the pool in the middle of the valley.

Ye Tianlong stared into the distance, where the numerous houses stood splendidly in the Ye Castle. He then took a long breath, before he began his long story:

“Before I tell you anything relating the methods of saving your sister, I’ve decided to tell you something irrelevant. Maybe you’ll find my words farfetched bullshit, or refuse to believe it and that’s fine. All you have to do is listen to them.”

“Your father was a real talent in cultivation, and he inherited my personality, therefore, I liked him very much. However, your father was a son of one of my concubines, so family members, especially Ye Jian’s family had a prejudice on him. At that time, I was the newly-elected family leader, and I had spent most of my time dealing with other important issues. Yes, I admit that it was my negligence as a father, that led to the growing hatred in Ye Jian. The more I liked your father, the more hatred Ye Jian bore. The day I made my public announcement that your father was chosen as the heir of the family, Ye Jian was irretrievably infuriated. Later, in order to heal your mother, your father went to the Luo Shen Mountain to find a special herb. At this point, Ye Jian dispatched one of his cousins to bring the information of your father’s whereabouts to the Demon Prefecture. As a result of Ye Jian’s despicable scheme, your father lost his life in the ferocious battle with his enemies. Out of fury, I severely punished Ye Jian and killed his cousin.”

“Following your father’s death, your grandmother also died from extreme grief. Actually, during that period, I was downhearted and decided to go into seclusion myself as well. I didn’t expect, that Ye Jian had been trying to harm your family even after Ye Dao’s death.”

“I’m not trying to change your attitude and regain your trust. I mean, as the father of both Ye Dao and Ye Jian, I’m the one responsible for this tragedy. I should’ve interfered earlier. So, I’m the one you’re supposed to blame, rather than the entire family. Plus, you have to cooperate with other descendants of the family in order to save your sister. Therefore, I ask you to put aside all the hatred in your heart, and work with your counterparts, for the sake of your sister’s life, ok?”

Nonetheless, in spite of Ye Tianlong’s seemly sincerity, Qinghan rolled his eyes and felt speechless towards his grandfather, who had just thrown him loads of bullshit in order to persuade him to not leave the family.

“Please keep to the point and let me know what I have to do.” Qinghan curled his lips and urged Ye Tianlong.

“First, in order to wake your sister up, we have to find tons of soul-nourishments. Second, we have to find two pills of the Spirit Immortal Dan. I’ll help you obtain the first, but for the second one, you’ll have to obtain it yourself.“ Realizing that he was far from a perfect lobbyist, Ye Tianlong gave up on any form of persuasion and cut straight to the point.

“The Spirit Immortal Dan? How can I get it?“ Qinghan quickly responded.

“I believe that you know something about the Prefecture War, correct? Every thirty years, there is a Prefecture War, and the next one will be held in three months from now. This time, only the young cultivators are allowed to take part in it, as this war is known as the Elite Prefecture War. You have to lead a team of young elites from our family to participate in this war and slay those from the Demon Prefecture and the Barbarian Prefecture. Remember, you have to, with the concerted efforts of your team, slaughter as many enemies as possible. The number of people you kill will help you gain credits. You can exchange these credits for a pill of Spirit Immortal Dan from the Immortal Prefecture. Sadly, this isn’t the Ultimate Prefecture War, otherwise I would join the war myself. Listen, you have to pay special attention to the following…” Ye Tianlong then continued to explain the Prefecture War in details.

After a long time, Ye Tianlong finished his explanation, and Qinghan had obtained the general knowledge that was relevant to the Prefecture War. Although Qinghan was still confused as to what this Spirit Immortal Dan really was, he was convinced that it must be a peerless treasure, as it took over ten thousands lives to change for just one pill.

“I don’t want anyone from Ye Jian’s family to join my team. And I request absolute leadership over my Elite Team.” Qinghan proposed after some pondering.

“Ok, I agree. But you have to promise… that you’ll come back alive.”

“Sure, of course I will!” Qinghan nodded his head powerfully, as a light of bloodthirsty cruelness flashed in his eyes.

“The Prefecture War, the battle among the three prefectures… Alright, I’ll prepare to launch a slaughter!” Looking back through the window, Qinghan stared at his sister, before he showed a subtle smile.

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