BPTH Chapter 44

Severe Penalty

“I don’t need your answer anymore.”

Ye Tianlong immediately released a glaring yellow light, which directly flew towards Qinghan and wrapped his body up. Due to this timely help, the dagger in Qinghan’s hand dropped to the ground, while Qinghan had already fainted.

Since Qinghan’s holy-grade battle beast was known to all, he was regarded as the future of the family. Therefore, Ye Tianlong felt obliged to protect the future of the family. Otherwise, how would he be able to face his ancestors in the next life? Right now, Qinghan was lying on the ground due to Tianlong’s Saint’s Domain.

“Qingniu, take both Qinghan and his sister to the rear hill. Make sure that the girl’s soul is carefully scrutinized. I suppose that she isn’t dead yet. She only has a severe soul injury. Alright, I’ll figure out a way to save them both.” Ye Tianlong secretly conveyed his voice to Qingniu, before looked towards the other elders with a long face, “Baihu, go and take Ye Ron’s body. Then, close down the whole Ye Castle… No one is allowed to spread the word about what has happened today. All of you, follow me to the Punishment Department.”

“Yes, Father!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

Looking at the surly Ye Tianlong, the elders couldn’t help but tremble, as though they were struck by a chill. The Punishment Department! The leader was going to implement the family rules here!


The Punishment Department, Ye Castle.

Ye Tianlong was absorbed in meditation in the main seat. Currently, both Ye Jian and Ye Qiang stood on each side of him. As for the other elders, they were standing in two lines. They were glancing at each other, as they were anxiously waiting for their leader’s instructions.

“Ye Jian!” After a long while, Ye Tianlong suddenly domineeringly said.

“F… Father!” A touch of nervousness could be seen on Ye Jian’s face.

“Do you admit your guilt?” Ye Tianlong asked. Surprisingly, this seemingly easy question left everyone present confused.

“Guilt?” Hearing this word, Ye Jian heart suddenly started to beat increasingly faster, as he tried to justify himself, “I’ve been working very hard to maintain the prosperity of our family. I really don’t know what kind of guilt I’ve committed.”

“Your Highness, we’re all witnesses of his hard work. We’re also unable to see what he has done wrong.”

“Yeah, we’re all willing to be his witness.”

One after the other, the elders bowed to Ye Tianlong, as they were defending Ye Jian.

However, Ye Tianlong looked tired, so he just waved his hand as sign to instruct them to be quiet. Then, he straightened his spine, and continued, “Do you know why our family, as well as the other four prominent families, have been prosperous within the continent for thousands of years? “

“Some of you may say, that it is because of the battle beast we have, or the special technique each family boasts. Wrong! Then why were the five prominent families able to govern the main cities? It isn’t the special technique they rely on, rather, it is unity. Yes, you hear me right, it is unity! Simply one or two heroes wouldn’t sustain the family for thousands of years! Long Pifu, for instance, is one of the sitting leaders of a major city. Is he powerful? Yes, of course. He’s in the peak level of the Realm of the Saint and he’s capable to fight me to a standstill. However, how will it be in a hundred years from now? Will his offspring still be as competent as he is? It’s hard to say.”

“The prosperity of a family relies on a group of advanced cultivators, rather than only one. It’s the persistent struggle of our ancestors that laid the foundation of our family. It is the unity within our family that has led us to survive over the years. However… you have all let me down. You forgot the rules of our family, the will of our deceased ancestors! The only thing on your mind are your own interests! Now, you even dare to unite with outsiders to harm your own family, hum?! If I hadn’t interfered, and let you continue on in this way, I’m sure that our family would lose its glory within a hundred years. Thus, our family will be doomed to become nonexistent in the history of the Flame Dragon Continent…” After this passionate speech, Ye Tianlong leaned against the bronze chair, feeling exhausted, both physically and mentally.

“We’re all to be blamed!”

All the elders hurriedly kneeled down, including Ye Jian and Ye Qiang, while they were all trying to figure out the undertone in their leader’s remarks.

“Father, I admit my guilt. It was my negligence that has led to today’s tragedy. I will resign from the position as the mayor of Grey City, and I’ll stay indoors for reflection.” Frightened by his father’s fury, Ye Jian gave up on defending himself, instead, he confessed proactively.

– Bang! –

Instead of being soothed by Ye Jian’s confession, Ye Tianlong’s fury surged like a volcano. He even pushed his hand forward and let out a stream of invisible power, which slammed against Ye Jian’s chest. Subsequently, Ye Jian was forced flying backwards until he hit a wall and bounced back.

“Just negligence? Ten years ago, Ye Dao was severely injured by the four demon emperors. If you didn’t inform them secretly about Ye Dao’s whereabouts, how could they have found him? Although I’m not quite sure about your involvement in the current kidnapping scheme yet, why did you seal the rear hill and prevent Qinghan from seeing me? If it wasn’t for your selfishness, Ye Ron wouldn’t have died. Nor would Qingyu, the Jade Spirit Body, have had to sacrifice her soul. At that point, even Qinghan wouldn’t be so disappointed towards the family. You’re such a moron! It’s because of you, that we’ve lost an elder in the Realm of the Emperor, and a Jade Spirit Body which is rarely seen even in a hundred years! Also, we had almost lost the future backbone of our family!”

“Father… you’re right… I’m the biggest moron in this family. Please, give me another chance!” Ye Jian kneeled down with a loud thud, as he was afraid that his father would kill him immediately. Now, the deep secret hidden inside his heart was exposed to the public, and he had no choice but to turn himself in.

Standing beside his father, Ye Qiang sensed a strong sense of a murderous vibe, so he hurriedly kneeled down, “Father, please give my brother another chance!”

The rest of the elders looked at each other and did likewise, “Your Highness, please offer Ye Jian another chance! We’re all supposed to be blamed!”

“Ten years ago, I had already given you a chance when I found you helped the enemies to kill Ye Dao. Now, you, once again, did harmful things to our family. How can I possibly forgive you? Anyway, since everyone is pleading mercy for you, I won’t kill you. However, from now on, you have to stay in the Reflection Cliff in the rear hill until you’ve obtained the Realm of the Saint! If you’re able to make that breakthrough in your cultivation, then you’re supposed to live there forever… A reminder for you: The Realm of the Saint is all about one’s mental peace, so that one can truly comprehend the Laws of Heaven and Earth. If you continue to be filled with such hatred, I guess, that you’re doomed to die in that cliff.” After a long time of silence, Ye Tianlong slowly said these words to Ye Jian.

“Thank you father, for not killing me! I’ll bear in mind what you’ve told me today.” Ye Jian lowered his head and stumbled out of the gate.

Actually, the moment Ye Tianlong had entered the Punishment Department, the elders had already sensed that he was irritated. But they didn’t expect that Ye Jian would be imprisoned. The Realm of the Saint! Most of the elders believed that Ye Jian would never come out again.

“Bring Qingkuang in!” Ye Tianlong pulled himself together, though he seemed rather fatigued.

Soon, Ye Qingkuang was carried in, with white bandages wrapped around his chest. Suddenly, he yelled out hysterically, “Grandpa, Ye Qinghan sneak attacked me and ruined all my previous cultivation! Please help me kill Ye Qinghan, grandpa!”

Before he was invited to the Punishment Department, Qingkuang had learned that Qinghan was alive and had been carried away by Ye Qingniu for recovery. So he immediately asked for Qinghan’s life in a sobby tone. However, he didn’t know that his father had already been imprisoned in the Reflection Cliff.

– Pa! –

Suddenly, Ye Tiaolong slapped on one of Qingkuang’s cheeks, “Tianqing, you’re now in charge of interrogating this little bastard. All the procedures must be in accordance with the family rules. Carry him out.”

Out of sheer horror, Qingkuang struggled from Elder Tianqing’s grasp, as he howled in grief, “Grandpa, why? I’m now a useless man, why are you so ruthless to me…”

“Everyone should be held responsible for what he has done wrong. If your cultivation is ruined, you can cultivate from scratch. However, if your attitude is rotten, then you’ll be a useless man forever. Listen, behave yourself in the future, or I won’t admit your identity as my grandson.” Through the opening gate, Ye Tianlong gazed at the hill in the distance, as he replied to Qingkuang.

The cruelness of Ye Tianlong had shocked everyone. He was like a sleeping dragon, who, once awakened, would spit out the fire of fury to showcase his supremacy.

In the real hill of the Ye Castle, there was a valley with a pool in the middle. Here, there were a couple of plainly-decorated pavilions established.

In one of the pavilions, Ye Qingniu put one of his hands on Qingyu’s forehead, and pondered with closed eyes. Meanwhile, Qinghan was lying nearby, as if he was sleeping. At the same time, Qingwu also stood nearby, anxiously watching them.

– Hu! –

Several minutes later, Ye Qingniu opened his eyes and let out a deep breath.

“Grandpa, Is Qingyu still alive?” Qingwu asked, as she really admired what Qingyu had done for her brother. Back in the Drunken-heart Garden, she had witnessed the romantic, yet tragic love between Qingyu and Qinghan. Qingyu had even sacrificed her soul to save her brother, despite the fact that she had already known the danger of this technique. Seldom would anyone in this pragmatic world die for their loved ones. This was something that only happened in stories.

Out of admiration, Qingwu had insisted to come with her grandfather and see what they could do for Qingyu and Qinghan.

“Luckily, thanks to her special body constitution, she’s still alive.” Ye Qingniu replied with a subtle expression, “However, the unfortunate part is, that her soul is almost completely burned out. So… she won’t live much longer.”

“Ah? We can save her, right?” Qingyu widened her eyes, as she was anxious to get a positive answer.

“Yes, she can be saved. However… it is beyond the ability of our Ye Family!”

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