BPTH Chapter 42

 ­Ye Tianlong

– Buzz! –

​When the golden sword was about to chop off Qinghan’s head, the whole eastern yard was illuminated by a giant, glaring green light, which covered the entire courtyard like a lid of a cauldron.

“Who dares to hurt my lovely granddaughter?”

A booming voice resounded in the air, which caught the attention of all the elders. Out of sheer horror, they jerked their heads towards the rear part of the eastern courtyard, and instantly, they found it hard to turn their head around again. Not even a move of their fingers was possible.

Everything in the eastern courtyard was frozen, as even the sleeves of the elders in the air were no longer swaying in the wind. Also Elder Tianqing’s beard remained steadily in a tilted upward position, Qingwu maintained a running appearance, the white teeth of Ye Jian were still exposed and Qinghan remained in his kneeled down position, with the golden sword hanging in front of his head… It seemed as if everything was condensed, or frozen by the green light.

“Saint’s Domain!”

Suddenly, this word struck the elders’ heads. The cultivators in the Realm of the Saint would be capable of obtaining an earth-shaking technique – Saint’s Domain!

Although Ye Jian was forced to keep grinning like a moron, deep inside, he was bitterly regretful. Yes, it was true that he had sealed the rear hill, in an attempt to block any whistle-blowers. Therefore, he believed, that no matter what happened here, the great elders wouldn’t be aware. However, his plan was far from flawless. He didn’t anticipate that Qingwu, the most spoiled granddaughter of Ye Qingniu, was on Qinghan’s side and had quickly ruined all of his strategies.

Unlike Ye Jian, some people in the crowd were rather happy for the arrival of the great elders. Their bodies were unmovable right now; however, it didn’t affect their thinking. Ye Qiang was pondering on how to take advantage of this event and kick Ye Jian down. Meanwhile, Elder Tianqing and Tianxing were planning on how to protect Qinghan from being punished.

– Bang! –

Suddenly, A green figure, which was as fast as a meteorite, was diving into the crowd from the sky. Soon afterwards, a pair of black and white figures appeared after him.


The first to arrive was an old man in green clothing, who had a pair of bulging eyeballs, which somehow indicated his domineering temperament. Once he landed on the ground, he gave out a deep humph and glanced at the static crowd, before he ran towards Qingwu to check whether his granddaughter was hurt or not.

Soon, the black and white figure also descended. The old man in black clothing frowned over the messy scene, before he rose his mighty hands up towards the golden sword. Instantly, the sword shattered.

“Qingniu, dismiss the Saint’s Domain.”


After making sure that his granddaughter was safe and sound, Ye Qingniu waved his hands, after which the light that covered the eastern courtyard instantly disappeared.

“What happened here? It looks like a battlefield.” Looking at Ye Ron’s corpse, as well as the kneeled-down Qinghan, Tianlong turned to Qingwu and asked.

– Swoosh! Swoosh! –

Once the Saint’s Domain was dismissed, everyone felt alive again. The elders all kneeled down in front of the three great elders, “We’re honored to meet you, your highness family leader, as well as the two respected great elders.”

“Humph!” Ye Tianlong responded with an angry humph. He stood there, without releasing any Battle Qi, but the crowd lowered their heads in awe, as though Ye Tianlong’s figure was as huge as a mountain. The atmosphere turned to be quite oppressive.

Disregarding the crowd of elders in front of him, Ye Tianlong looked around the courtyard, where he saw Ye Ron’s corpse and the heavily-injured Qinghan. Finally, his eyes anchored on a girl with white hair, who was peacefully lying on the ground.

“Who’s that girl over there?”

To his surprise, no one dared to answer him, as the elders were still not sure on how to explain this situation. At this point, they really had no other choice, but to quietly await their leaders fury.

“Her name is Ye Qingyu, my sister. And… she’s dead.”

Just when some of the elders were ready to open their mouths, a childish voice broke the silence.

Following the sound, Ye Tianlong found a teenage with blood stains all over his body. Actually, he thought that the face of this young man was quite familiar, but he failed to recognize him. So, eventually he asked, “Who are you?”

“Haha, this must be the best joke I’ve ever heard. Who am I? I’m the son of Ye Dao. I was your grandson. But now… I’m not.” As Qinghan was saying these words, he tried to stand back up.

“Ye Dao… Ye Dao’s son?” Ye Tianlong knitted his brows in grieve. He looked back towards the elders, who were actually eager to talk now, and shouted, ”Shut up, all of you!”

“Why wouldn’t you be my grandson? And why are they planning to kill you?” Ye Tianlong turned back to Qinghan.

“Why? Oh…That’s simply because I don’t want to be your grandson anymore, as I’ve decided to abandon my surname – Ye. As for the reason why they’re planning to kill me, it’s also simple. Look, today, I’ve already killed a bunch of people, including Ye Bao, the key descendant, Ye Qingxie, and Elder Ye Ron. On top of that, I’ve also ruined Ye Qingkuang’s more than twenty years’ cultivation. Moreover… I’ve also attempted to kill Ye Jian!”


Both Ye Qingniu and the other other great elder, Ye Baihu, were shocked by these words. They all pinned their eyes on this quivering young teenager.

“How could Ye Dao’s son suddenly become so confident? Before I went into seclusion, I’d heard that he was just a piece of garbage in cultivation. If he had only killed Qingxie and Qingkuang, I could still understand it, as they’re both of the younger generation. But how could he possible kill Ye Ron, he was a cultivator in the Realm of the Emperor!”

When they turned their eyes to the white-haired girl behind Qinghan, they vaguely realized something. However, they’d rather wait until this young teenager unveiled the truth for them.

“Ok, then why did you kill them? Don’t you know we have rules in this family? Don’t you know we have a Punishment Department here? Don’t you know we have the Elder Clan who can intermediate between you guys?” Ye Tianlong remained as composed as he was, though Qinghan’s reply was out his expectation.

“Haha…” Suddenly, Qinghan bursted out laughing, however, his voice was bland and sarcastic. A moment later, he threw a cold glance at Ye Tianlong, before he said, “Family rules? They’re rubbish! The Punishment Department? Look, its vice-president is lying dead on the ground. As for the Elder Clan, oh, they’re a bunch of dogshit! Ye Tianlong, I guess your age has impaired your comprehension ability. If all these things you’ve mentioned are helpful, then why would I risk my own life to seek justice?”

“Bastard, don’t be so unbridled!”

“Ye Qinghan, how dare you be so rude to our leader? You should be killed!”

“Father, Ye Qinghan is insane. Let me end the life of this black sheep of the family.”


Due to his rudeness to the family leader, his grandfather, Qinghan received a ton of curses from the other elders. All of a sudden, they all were pointing their fingers towards Qinghan, blaming him for his impoliteness. Among them, Ye Jian was the most excited, as he aimed his palm towards Qinghan’s neck and he quickly tried to kill him.

– Bang! –

Immediately, Ye Tianlong slowly waved his hand, forming a ball of invisible power, and threw it at Ye Jian’s chest. Then, he glared at Ye Jian, who held his hand against his wounded chest, as he was completely stupefied.

“Ye Baihu, before this event is clarified, make sure, anyone who dares to interrupt my judgement will be punished.”

“Silence! No one is allowed to say or do anything without our leader’s permission, understand?” Ye Baihu, who was the great elder in white clothing, commandingly spoke. He was a shrewd old man, who realized that this whole ordeal was going to be rather complicated.

Satisfied with Baihu’s quick reaction, Ye Tianlong turned to Qinghan, and said in a calm voice, “Go and bring your sister to the Punishment Department hall, I’ll give you an answer. And hopefully, you too, will give me an answer.”

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