BPTH Chapter 40 Part 2

The Hopeless Situation (2)

Actually, Qingyu had already woken up before Ye Jian’’s arrival. However, once she had come to her senses, she was struck by a series of mysterious information, which was causing her a lot of trouble to digest. She had learned that she had indeed a Jade Spirit Body. The ritual of Soul Sacrifice would help her activate the concealed power within her body, and then transfer this power to her lover, who would obtain a terrifying amount of power for a short period of time. If her lover had entered the peak level of the Realm of the Prince, then he would even be able to break into the Realm of the Emperor, once he absorbed the inborn Yin Qi from Qingyu’s body.

“Do I really have this mysterious power? Do I really have a Jade Spirit Body?” In the beginning, Qingyu was suspicious about this seemingly farfetched information.

Nevertheless, the more she knew, the more convinced she became. During the past fifteen years, she had never become sick, not even a cold, as though her body was ill-free. She had even wondered, whether she had the power of self-healing. She remembered that her forehead was bleeding, but now she couldn’t find the wound. She didn’t know that she was actually saved by Qinghan’s bronze ring. If it wasn’t for Qinghan’s efforts to pour his own healing blood into her mouth, she wouldn’t have woken up so early.

Finally, she opened her eyes, after she had grasped the method of Soul Sacrifice. The first thing that she saw, were her brother’s familiar shoulders. Looking at the back of Qinghan, she screamed in utter disbelief, “Brother? Is that you? Brother!”

“Qingyu?” Qinghan turned his head over his shoulder. When his eyes met the pure, pearl-like eyes of Qingyu, his heart was instantly melted.

Qingyu was overly excited to see her brother again and finally managed to utter some words, “Brother… I’m… I’m so happy that you are back.” Suddenly, a mixed feeling of sadness and happiness drowned her heart… However, this didn’t last for long. Abruptly, she squealed in terror, “Ah, brother, watch out!!”

“Watch out?“ Looking at Qingyu’s frightened expression, Qinghan swiftly put his dagger on Qingkuang’s neck, as he tried to instantly kill Qingkuang.

– Swoosh! –

However, compared to this sneak-attack, which originated from a cultivator who was in the Realm of the Emperor, Qinghan’s speed was simply too slow. Even cultivators in the Realm of the General had the ability to extract Battle Qi, let alone those in the Realm of the Emperor. Back when Qinghan had turned his head around, Ye Jian had instantly released a stream of Battle Qi. He had then utilized this opportunity, when Qinghan’s attention was distracted by his sister, and formed the stream of Battle Qi into a thin, almost invisible needle. Therefore, without any warning, one of Qinghan’s arms was silently stabbed by the needle.

Sadly, the thin needle accurately poked into the meridian in Qinghan’s arm, which was instantly paralyzed. The black dagger dropped to the ground, and Qinghan stumbled backwards with a pale face. Out of fury, he lifted his unharmed left arm, and aimed his left palm towards Qingkuang’s back. Unexpectedly, the needle suddenly turned around, and flew towards Qinghan’s left hand this time. Subsequently, the needle continued to randomly poke into Qinghan’s body.

– Boom! –

The power of Ye Jian, a cultivator in the Realm of the Emperor, was simply too overwhelming. He directed his needle and broke most of Qinghan’s meridians within seconds. The worst of all was, that all of Qinghan’s tendons in his hands and feet had also been cut off by the needle. One false move was quickly leading to the failure of the whole plan.

As Qinghan fell down, Qingyu threw herself upon him and yelled disconcertedly, “Oh, no! Brother!” She felt as if her heart had broken, when she saw Qinghan lying paralyzed on the ground, much like a boneless worm.

“I recommend that we immediately detain Qinghan. Hopefully we can then properly investigate the causes that led to this event.” With a deep sigh, Ye Qiang figured out an expedient way in order to protect Qinghan from being killed by Ye Jian. Although he did realize the dangers when Qinghan had turned his head towards Qingyu, he couldn’t offer him any help in front of so many elders.

“No need to do so!” Ye Jian said, before he formed a palm of Battle Qi, which he used to snatch his son back. He then put his son in front of another elder, instructing him to heal the wounds on Qingkuang’s body.

Afterwards, Ye Jian turned back again, as he threw a cold glance at Qinghan, “Today, I believe all the elders here have witnessed the evil doings of this bastard. So, I suggest that we should hold the trial and interrogation right here and now. In my opinion, for this shameless, insane outlaw, we should execute the death sentence immediately. I’ll be more than happy to do it myself.”

“I second that! As a warning to others, I suggest that we also hang Ye Qinghan’s corpse on the execution stage for three days!” Ye Ron replied in a scornful manner, as his scar quivered while he spoke.

“I agree!”

“I abstain from voting!”

“I object!”

“I second that!”


The angry yelling of Ye Jian and Ye Ron had encouraged the other elders to make their decision. Among them, some actually appreciated Qinghan’s courage to challenge the authority in order to seek justice. However, right now, Qinghan was beaten up by Ye Jian, who was most likely to become the next family leader. Therefore, no one dared to offend Ye Jian. Some of them just kept silent or gave up their rights to vote for the final decision on Qinghan’s execution.

Needless to say, the final decision of the Elder Clan was in Ye Jian’s favor – Qinghan was supposed to receive the death penalty.

“I refuse to accept this judgment. I demand to see the family leader!”

Things didn’t go as Qinghan had expected, he groaned desperately, as his heart was saturated with an unspeakable bitterness and helplessness.

In front of this group of elders, most of whom were in the Realm of the Emperor, any negligence would lead to death. Actually, Qinghan didn’t fear death at all, as he had already died once before. However… his sister… all he worried about right now was Qingyu!

“Qingyu, It’s my fault. I’m not strong enough to protect you. My dear sister, promise me, that we’ll still be brother and sister in our next life.” Realizing that his demand was neglected by the elders, Qinghan knew that he was doomed today. Strangely, this fact made him feel completely depressurized from the previous intense atmosphere. He stared at his sister emotionally, and managed a bright smile before he softly whispered to Qingyu.

“No, brother, you won’t die. I don’t want to be your sister anymore…” Qingyu replied with watery eyes. She kept shaking her head, “To be honest, I’ve always desired to become your wife. Hopefully, one day, I can give birth to your chubby son…”

“Er? My wife?” Out of shock, Qinghan repeated his sister’s words. He had never known of these feelings of his sister.

Looking at the bewildered expression on Qinghan’s face, Qingyu nodded firmly as if to show her determination. She replied sincerely, “Brother, ever since I was adopted by father, I was determined to marry you. I am yours alone. However, it seems that we aren’t meant to be… Brother, if we die and meet again in the next life, will you still marry me?”

Qinghan suddenly remembered certain words his sister had said to him in the past.

“Brother, I have a question for you. If… if I ask you to leave this family with me, and find a remote town to spend the rest of our lives together in, would you accept that?“

Remembering what Qingyu had told him after their mother’s death, Qinghan came to realize that Qingyu had been wishing to be his wife and live peacefully together.

However… he only realized this now! Qinghan nodded his head just as firmly as Qingyu did, and said, “I will, I will! Qingyu, I’m so sorry… sorry…”

Finding no way to make up for his mistakes, Qinghan just kept apologizing to Qingyu.

“Brother, don’t say sorry. Promise me, that you’ll stay alive…” Qingyu stopped crying, instead, she revealed a charming smile. At the same time, her eyes were filled with tenderness and affection, as if she was about to do something sacred.

“Hey, you two, are you finished?” Ye Jian was apparently annoyed by their conversation. He then moved closer to them, as he was trying to cut off the rope on Qinghan’s back.

“Stay alive!” Qingyu yelled at Qinghan, while a glimmer of a holy beam could be seen on her face.

Seeing Qingyu’s abnormal behaviour, Qinghan’s heart palpitated.

“Qingyu, no! Oh, my sister, stop!”

“Ye Ron, stop that crazy girl!”

Ye Jian sensed the dangerous atmosphere ahead of him, so he released more Battle Qi and formed a golden sword, trying to chop Qingyu to death.

At the same time, Ye Ron also rushed towards Qingyu, as he was stretching his hands out to catch her.

To everyone’s surprise, in the next moment, the situation turned upside down.

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