BPTH Chapter 39 Part 2

Family Gathering (2)

– Chi! –

Qingkuang’s stomach was stabbed through, making him closely resemble a saggy balloon. The whole crowd was panic stricken, as they widened their mouths and protruded their eyeballs. At the same time, when Qingkuang woke up from his short unconsciousness, he was also stupefied.

Without the help of his Dantian, which served as a reservoir for Battle Qi, Qingkuang felt he was like a withered flower, unable to regain his vigor. The huge amount of Battle Qi he had accumulated over the years, was quickly rushing out of his Dantian. The Battle Qi was in a complete mess, which even caused further damage to his meridians. All of a sudden, Qingkuang was caught by bouts of unbearable pain and coldness. Looking at the ruthless Qinghan, who was holding a blood-stained dagger, Qingkuang turned terror stricken, as he hysterically cried out.


“Calm down, I just ruined your cultivation. If you keep moving like this, I’m afraid you’ll never have another chance to see your father and brother… Cultivation can be regained if you start from scratch. But, if you were to die… then that would be the end!” Qinghan whispered in Qingkuang’s ear. He then looked around at the crowd, and added, “Oh, my hand is shivering, I’m afraid, that I might accidentally kill Qingkuang. Go and tell Ye Jian, that if he cares about his son, to do me a favor. Tell him to bring the three great elders here.”


“Ye Qinghan, you’re mad! How do you dare to ruin the cultivation of our eldest young lord? You’ll certainly get killed…”

“Crazy, absolutely insane! Ye Qinghan is a lunatic. He… He…”

“Hurry up! Inform the leader of the City Major Mansion, the vice-president of the Punishment Department, and all the other elders… An unexpected emergency has taken place…”

“Fuck Ye Qinghan, he even dares to ask for the great elders to come here. He has absolutely no respect for his superiors and their authority!”

The whole crowd bursted out into a clamor. This time, it was like a bomb falling into a pool, causing the water to splash in all directions.

Interestingly, some people ran away, while others continued to harshly curse Qinghan, and again others were simply spooked silly. Obviously, they were all utterly shocked by Qinghan’s ferocious behavior, but expressed their horror in their own ways.

Suddenly, several streaks of shadows appeared from the air, dashing towards the Drunken-heart Garden.

“Ye Qinghan, let go of my son!”

The booming sound of Ye Jian caught everybody’s attention. As Qingkuang’s father, his voice was filled with incessant indignation and regrets.

“Qinghan, hold on!” The next one who landed on the ground was Ye Qiang, who hastily arrived before Ye Jian could do any harm to Qinghan.

“Ye Qinghan, you’re doomed today!” Ye Ron blustered with an outraged expression. Actually, he felt regret for coming later, otherwise Qingkuang could’ve been saved. Once he had received the message from Qingkuang’s subordinate, he hadn’t given it much heed. However, they all underestimated the revengeful power of Qinghan.

Soon, Ye Tianqing, Ye Tianxing, Ye Gong, Ye Quan… dozens of elders flew towards their direction. They all slowly arrived, gathering together in the Drunk-heart Garden.

“Aside from the members from the Elder Clan, others please leave here as soon as possible. No one is allowed to spread the word about what has happened today in the Ye Castle!” Ye Jian ordered in a seemingly-composed manner, trying to refrain from his fury, which was about to explode. It was heart-aching for a father to witness his son being treated like this. Looking at Qingkuang’s bleeding stomach, Ye Jian felt as if it was his heart that was bleeding.

A minute later, the crowd had silently dispersed in all directions.

Qingkuang was closely and firmly held by Qinghan, while drops of blood kept dripping from the dagger in Qinghan’s hand. Everyone anchored their eyes on Qinghan’s indifferent face, as they were pondering on possible solutions to end this farce.

“All of you have finally arrived, hm? Why doesn’t anyone negotiate with me? Do you wish to see this bastard suffer, like I do?” In front of so many respected elders, Qinghan was a little bit nervous, as he was trying to say something to dissolve the awkward atmosphere.

Ye Jian lifted his brow and clenched his fist, “Let my son go!”

“I’m not that silly!” Qinghan rejected.

“Qinghan, you should prevent Qingkuang from bleeding to death. If he died, things will get worse.” Ye Qiang broke in, as he was apparently on Qianghan’s side.

Qinghan nodded in agreement and swiftly pressed his fingers on the bleeding meridians.

“Do you know what you are doing right now? If you don’t let go of Qingkuang, you know, a life for a life… You’ll pay for it!” Ye Ron screamed in a high-pitched, hysterical voice, as though he was trying to conceal the startled feelings deep inside his heart.

Ye Ron hadn’t even finished his words, or Qinghan indignantly interrupted, “Shut up! Qingkuang is the accomplice of that shameless scheme to force my sister to marry Wuhen. I know, that you’re probably part of this secret plan. One day, I will kill you!”

“You… you dare to tarnish my reputation? Haha, little bastard, I’m afraid that no one will help you clear this mess up. You’re finished, boy.” Ye Ron yelled despitefully.

“Really? Alright, before I die, I wish for this eldest young lord to be buried with me.” Qinghan sneered, holding the dagger above Qingkuang’s chest.

“No, Hold on, Qinghan. Father, please help me!” Looking at the sharp dagger, which was only an inch away from his body, Qingkuang shouted out for help.

“Stop! Ye Qinghan, What do you need from us, hm?” In order to save his son, Ye Jian lowered his voice, though the flames of anger were still roaring inside.

Actually, Qinghan didn’t need anything from them. The moment he had killed Qingxie, he was suddenly convinced, that he must think of a wise strategy for his revenge. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to safely leave the Ye Castle.

At the beginning, in order to grab everyone’s attention, he had burned the eastern part of the Ye Castle. Then he had ruined Qingkuang’s cultivation, and kidnapped him, so that the big bugs in the family would show up. Now, most of them had already joined this gathering, except for the three great elders – the family leader, Ye Tianlong, and the other two great elders.

Given all the “evil” he had committed in this family – killing Ye Bao and Qingxie and ruining Qingkuang’s previous cultivation, Qinghan was destined to be killed. Ye Jian, for instance, would seek revenge for his son; the Punishment Depart, would execute him according to the family rules; and the Elder Clan would also not let him live peacefully. Even his Third Uncle, Ye Qiang, wouldn’t be able to protect him under such severe conditions.

The only people who could save him were the three great elders, who were secluded at the rear side of the Ye Castle. Qinghan thought that the three great elders wouldn’t kill him, because he held a trump card in his hand – the holy-grade, soul-eating battle beast.

Therefore, following Ye Jian’s question, he requested, “Sure, I’m glad to let him go, as long as you manage to invite the three great elders, who are in seclusion, to come and meet me.”

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