BPTH Chapter 39 Part 1

Family Gathering (1)

The door opened, as one of Qingkuang’s subordinates respectfully entered and kneeled down, before he explained the previous events to Ye Jian.

As he listened attentively, Ye Jian’s face grew even darker. He held the cup of tea in the air, without drinking it. Eventually, he silently closed his eyes and took a sip of tea.

The subordinate scratched his head in bewilderment, as he was confused to see Ye Jian so composed after hearing this breaking news.

“We should do two things right away. One, send someone to block the entrance to the rear part of the Ye Castle, in case our secret plan leaks out. Second, it’s time to use our secret force. Let them closely follow everyone’s current actions, especially Ye Qiang… If he dares to oppose me, then I’ll gladly have some fun with him.” Ye Jian ordered sternly.


It was still early in the morning, Ye Qiang rose up for some cultivation, as this was his long-formed habit. Throughout his cultivating years, he had always been a firm believer of absolute power, which he regarded would shatter any and all evil plots.

Unlike the talented Ye Dao, Ye Qiang was a resolute, diligent cultivator. Every day, he would rise up early to cultivate.

This year, he had turned thirty eight. Embarrassingly, despite all of his persistent practice, his capability in cultivation was never listed on the very top as he had hoped for. However, because of his diligence, he had managed to outstrip his big brother, Ye Jian. Now, based on his achievements in cultivation, he had entered the Realm of the Emperor and was appointed as the vice-president of the Combat Department of the Ye Family.

As the two major departments in the Ye Family, the Punishment Department was established to deal with internal affairs, while the Combat Department was founded to confront outside attacks. At present, the presidents of these two departments, accompanied by Ye Tianlong, had gone into reclusion. Therefore, the vice-presidents of these departments enjoyed a stunning amount of authority over almost everything.

Ye Qiang knew, since the death of his super talented second brother, Ye Dao, that their father was really heartbroken, which was the main reason for his seclusion. He also knew, that his big brother, Ye Jian, aspired to become the leader of the family. As a leader of the City Major Mansion in Grey City, Ye Jian wasn’t yet in the position to lead the whole family. However, Ye Jian was a crazy careerist, who dreamed of leading his force to launch attacks outside, so that he could become a monumental figure in the Ye Family. In order to crash Ye Jian’s aspiration, Ye Qiang kept on cultivating, in the hope to obtain absolute power, which he believed would turn Ye Jian’s secret force into mere vulnerable bubbles.

However, while in his morning cultivation, he was shocked by a piece of appalling news.

“How can the son of Ye Dao be this strong? He even killed one of the key descendants of the family! Most importantly, he’s currently on his way to kill the eldest young lord!”

“How interesting!”

Ye Qiang’s face was beaming with smiles, which somehow added to his physical charm.


As for Qinghan, he didn’t realize that someone in the family had already taken a series of actions against him. The only thing on his mind right now, was to seek revenge for his sister. Actually, he didn’t care much about what the family members thought about him. After all, he had already decided, that after he had sought revenge for his sister, he would permanently leave the Ye Family.

Therefore, he carried his sister on his back, as he burned the eastern part of the Ye Castle, before he ran to the western part. At this moment, he had finally arrived at the entrance to the Drunken-heart Garden.

“Ye Qingkuang, come out and let me kill you!”

The furious yelling broke the silence in the usual peaceful garden, as though a silent pool was hit by a stone that violently rippled the water.

A few seconds later, the whole western part of the Ye Castle was in chaos, as numerous people came out from their rooms. All of them were surprised, as they were looking towards Qinghan.

Qingkuang had already predicted Qinghan’s arrival, but he had never expected that it would be so soon. Plus, he had been worried about the possible conspiracy of Ye Qiang, so he hadn’t expect Qinghan to come in such a presumptuous and wild manner.

As a key descendant, as well as the eldest young lord of the Ye Family, Qingkuang was always arrogant, and he had the capability to be arrogant. He was never able to stand anyone who was more overbearing than him. However, today, he was actually treated in such an overbearing way by Qinghan! Therefore, he couldn’t wait any longer to come out to confront Qinghan. Even though, he had originally planned to wait until Ye Ron’s arrival. Immediately, he strode out of his room, accompanied by several guards.

“Ye Qinghan, what do you mean by killing me?” Qingkuang flared out.

“Nothing special, I just want to end your life.” By looking over his shoulder, Qinghan noticed that Qingyu was soundly asleep. A second afterwards, he turned his head back towards Qingkuang and calmly replied. It seemed as if he was talking to an old friend, rather than an enemy.

“Haha, end my life? Hey, everybody, have you heard what this piece of garbage just said? He wants to kill me? This is the funniest thing I have heard in my entire life.” Qingkuang wasn’t intimidated at all. Instead, he crossed his arms, as he was laughing uncontrollably.

“Who am I? I’m Ye Qingkuang, the eldest young lord. While I also have the biggest potential of becoming the heir to the position of family leader. Everyone in the family respects me. Look at that over-confident bastard… That piece of garbage… Kill me? How funny! Even Ye Qiang wouldn’t be so bold as to act blatantly against me.” Qingkuang quietly chuckled to himself.

Following Qingkuang’s wild laughter, his guards, as well as the onlookers, were all bursting out in laughter, as though they too found it hilarious, that this piece of garbage wanted to challenge the capability of their eldest young lord. Soon, the garden was filled with various noises buzzing in the air. It was a mix of discussions, curses, sneers and more.

“Holy shit! Has the seventh young lord developed a fever? Why is he spouting such nonsense?”

“Haha, this dumbass, I’m afraid that he received some brain damage recently. Given his nasty ability in cultivation, he probably won’t even be able to hurt a chicken.”

“Even if he has the courage to kill Qingkuang… How could he possibly succeed with his cultivation and that fourth-grade lion-nosed dog…”

“Definitely, he’s insane. No one with a normal brain would yell this early in the morning. We have to isolate this crazy man. Otherwise, he might even run to the rear part and kill our elders. Haha.”

However, Qingkuang was careful in front of Qinghan. After all, the fact that Qinghan had killed both Ye Bao and Qingxie couldn’t be neglected. Moreover, his younger brother – Qingxian, had already been sneak-attacked twice by Qinghan. Based on these concerns, he chose to be wary of the possible dangers ahead of him, despite his composed manner.

“The world is not as just as it should be, so I have to enforce justice on behalf of the Heavens. The human being bears no sense of justice in their mind, so I have to bring those wrongdoers to justice by killing them myself. I have no choice but to kill you right now. Ye Qingkuang, even if I report your nasty plot to the Punishment Department, I believe that they wouldn’t justly punish you. Since neither the Heavens nor the family is reliable, I will be the judge of you myself… As a key descendant of the Ye Family, you took bribes from an outsider, Xue Wuhen, and together, you conspired to cheat my sister into marrying Wuhen. You even fabricated a false family announcement. Eventually, because of your greediness and foolishness, my sister almost killed herself. All in all, I hereby declare your punishment… Death, which will executed immediately!”

Disregarding the despiteful glances that were cast on him, Qinghan slowly narrated what had happened to his sister to the public, making the atmosphere increasingly intense.


The familiar figure of Little Black appeared in front of his chest, before it instantly jumped into his body.

Staring at the mysterious tattoo on Qinghan’s forehead, as well as his murderous eyes, everyone present felt a chill in the air.

“He isn’t kidding. A real fight is about to commence.” The crowds held their breath, waiting for any change that would happen in the next minute. Some of them retreated, as they went to their own masters to spread the word.

“Everyone, please be my witness. It’s Ye Qinghan who has started this fight!”


Qingkuang had also integrated with his battle beast, a seventh-grade violent bear. Now, after integration, he was as powerful as a cultivator in the peak level of the Realm of the General. He threw a despiteful glance at Qinghan, before he stepped closer.

Now, the distance between Qingkuang and Qinghan was only five steps. At this moment, Qinghan tossed his head towards Qingkuang, staring at him with his pair of horrible, glaring eyes. Suddenly, to Qingkuang’s sheer surprise, two dazzling beams of light suddenly emerged from Qinghan’s eyes. Within a second, Qinghan appeared beside Qingkuang, while he was holding a black dagger and thrust it into Qingkuang’s stomach, where his Dantian was located. The Dantian was extremely important in cultivation and once it was damaged, the cultivators cultivation would be ruined.

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