BPTH Chapter 38

Raging Like a Storm

“I have to break out of this silence, or I’ll be forever restricted within its shackles. Now, the time has come… To break this silence and let them hear my voice…”

– Puchi! –

The black dagger was raised high up in the air, before it cut through Qingxie’s neck.

“I guarantee that I’ll never hurt your family members. After all, they didn’t take part in this scheme and haven’t offended me at all.”

Qinghan ended Qingxie’s life without feeling even the smallest hints of regret. Instead, he turned around and walked back to the room. Here, he tore the sheet into strips and then fastened his sister on his back. With a resolute expression, he strode out of the room.

At this moment… Qinghan behaved like an insane person, as he set the entire eastern part of the Ye Castle on fire! Unlike the western part of the Ye Castle, which was mainly decorated with marble, the structures of the eastern part were mostly build from wood. Once it had caught fire, it had instantly become totally uncontrollable. It only took several minutes, before the entire eastern part of the Ye Castle was overtaken by waves of raging flames.

“Qingyu, don’t worry, I’ll bring those bastards to justice. After that, we’ll leave this place… Forever!”

In front of these raging flames, Qinghan’s expression actually looked somewhat relieved. Right now, the little house he had lived in for so many years, was burning fiercely in the bright, giant fire. He felt relieved, as the “cage” that had locked him in had finally perished. Like a bird that was freed from its cage, Qinghan’s heart and mind were freed at this moment. This feeling it… it was amazing!


After Qingkuang had received the ten bottles of Dan from Wuhen, he had entrusted Qingxie to finish this secret task. In the early morning, he had visited Qingxie himself and instructed him on how to implement the plan. After that, he had returned to his place and had decided to have a good rest.

He had deployed Qingxie to finish this task, because he had complete trust in his loyalty, as well as his capability. Judging from previous experiences, Qingxie would be able to quickly understand his instructions without further explanation. It was rather convenient for Qingkuang to cooperate with such a smart guy. Today, for instance, under the circumstance of not having any escorts sent by Qingkuang, Qingxie had immediately brought two of his father’s subordinates and left.

However, Qingkuang didn’t seem to be able to fall soundly asleep again. Eventually, he started to cultivate instead. Yesterday, he had obtained the emperor-level battle technique manual from Wuhen and he was extremely itchy to try it out.

Thumbing through the pages, he excitedly found that the name of the technique was called “Soul Refinement”. The soul was regarded as the essence of everybody, especially for those aspiring cultivators, who were determined to comprehend the Laws of Heaven and Earth. Once his soul would reach a certain extent of power, it would be much easier for him to understand the Laws of Heaven and Earth. However, this was a second-hand, dilapidated book, which also only contained the first half of the whole volume. It was actually not very surprising, that Wuhen was so generous to give it to Qingkuang as a gift.

“Eldest young lord.” A guard anxiously exclaimed at the door.

Being disrupted, Qingkuang viciously glared at the guard. When the guard met with Qingkuang’s eyes, he slightly shivered, but he still spoke, “Eldest young lord, Qinghan has returned. He was escorted by several guards from Wild City.”

“Oh? He’s already back… Wait, the leader of Wild City is… Ye Gun!” Qingkuang arched his brow, pondering on the hidden meaning behind this news.

He was well aware, that Ye Gun belonged to Ye Qiang’s side. However, he didn’t know why Ye Gun was willing to do Qinghan a favor and escort him back to the Ye Castle.

“Could it be that Qinghan had already become a member of Ye Qiang’s team? Why did Qinghan have to come back at this point of time, right when we’re implementing our plan? Is there any secret relations between Ye Qiang and Qinghan?” Qingkuang lost himself in these groundless guesses.

“Go and follow Qinghan. Remember, don’t reveal yourself. Qingxie… I hope you won’t be so stupid as to reveal our plan to Qinghan.” The situation turned out to be more complicated than he had expected, Qingkuang even suspected that all these coincidences had something to do with Ye Qiang. He figured, that it would be better to analyze the situation, before he would take his next step.

However, not even five minutes later, a subordinate who was sent by Qingxie had arrived. He quickly reported the events, that had taken place after they had taken action.

“Oh, Qingxie is indeed an idiot! He screwed up our plan. How could this happen in his presence? Didn’t he persuade, or keep Qingyu from committing suicide?” Qingkuang suddenly erupted.

Actually, he didn’t really care about Qingyu committing suicide. After all, in his eyes, she was just an unimportant adopted child of the Ye Family. However, according to what Qingxie’s subordinate had told him, Qinghan had effortlessly killed Ye Bao. This had made him wonder… Since when did that piece of garbage store up enough courage to kill a man well beyond his cultivation level. Out of surprise as well as anger, he walked hasty down the lane, preparing to denounce Qinghan for killing this man.

Unexpectedly… Qingkuang only went halfway towards Qinghan, before returning home. On his way, a more appalling piece of news had changed his plans once again. This time, it was because Qinghan was not only coming towards him after killing Qingxie, but he had even set the entire eastern part of the Ye Castle on fire!

“What the fuck?! How the fuck can Qinghan kill Qingxie?!”

On second thought, Qingkuang figured that there must be a conspiracy going on between Qinghan and their Third Uncle, Ye Qiang. Even if he put all these things aside, he didn’t believe that Qinghan had the courage and capability to kill a key descendant like Qingxie. It was known to all, that Qingxie had already reached the first level of the Realm of the General, and he could even reach a higher realm once integrated with his battle beast.

“If my predictions are right, then Ye Qiang must’ve directed this entire event behind the scenes. Now, Qinghan even dared to kill Qingxie. Not only that, he even set the entire eastern part of the Ye Castle ablaze, which was an obvious sign that they intended to make some noise over this matter. Perhaps, they even intended to have the three elders of our family interfere.” Qingkuang was proud of his own analytical ability, and formed a counter plan based on this “truth” that he had found out.

Immediately, he divided his subordinates into three groups. One group rushed towards the north gate, to inform Wuhen on their failure and to apologize for it. The second group, together with Qingkuang himself, went to his father, Ye Jian, to tell him what he had just “analyzed”. As this could be an internal strife between his father and his Third Uncle, he reckoned that it would be proper to ask for his father’s decision. The final group went to the Punishment Department and invited Ye Ron to their house. They were prepared to see just what kind of storm Qinghan could stir up!


At the north gate of Grey City.

Wuhen was sitting on a luxuriously-decorated wagon, patiently waiting for the arrival of Qingkuang. He was struck by a mixed feeling of excitement and restlessness. However, as the sun rose up higher and higher, his mood became gloomier and gloomier. Now, the long period of waiting had worn out all of his patience.

Elder Shi and Elder Mo, who sat on both sides of Wuhen, held their breath, while they would occasionally roll up the curtain of the wagon to inspect their surroundings.

“Oh, My Gosh! Young lord, look, the eastern part of the Ye Castle is on fire!” Suddenly, Elder Shi broke the silence with a stupefied squeal.

Looking ahead, the eastern courtyard was wrapped in a world of red glows and ashy smoke.

– Bang! –

As he looked through the curtain, Wuhen accidentally dropped the cup of tea, that he had been holding in his hand. After taking a deep breath to calm himself down, he closed his eyes, as he tried to hide his fury.

“No need to wait here any longer. Let’s go back to Snowing City!”


Habitually, Ye Jian woke up early this morning and took a sip from a cup of tea in his ninth-concubine’s bedroom. The tea, that he enjoyed, was worth ten purple crystal coins per cup and was named ‘The Dragon’s Tongue’. And the beautiful woman, who was refilling this cup of tea, was his ninth-concubine. Actually, Ye Jian bought her from a brothel on Thirteenth Street, at the price of a few hundred purple crystal coins.

Staring at the smiling beauty, Ye Jian asked his concubine to sit on his thighs. Once her plump hips touched his legs, Ye Jian couldn’t help but move his hands through her smooth, silky clothing. Some people would say, that when a man hit his forties, his “sword” would become blunt. However, for Ye Jian this was definitely not the case.

– Dong! Dong! –

By the time when Ye Jian was at the height of his enthusiasm, as he was ready to pull his “sword” out to give his ninth-concubine a nice treat, a knocking sound came from the door. This untimely knock on the door utterly outraged him.

“What? Don’t you know I’m drinking my morning tea right now?” He hollered.

The servant outside the door was well aware of his master’s “morning tea” habit, but given the level of urgency, he had to continue his interruption, “Your Majesty, the eastern part of your Ye Castle is on fire!”

“Son of a bitch! If there’s a fire, you should find someone to put it out! Don’t disturb me over such a trivial matter!” Ye Jian furiously yelled out. Right now, he had to extinguish the “fire” inside his body, rather than the fire in the eastern part of the Ye Castle.

“Your Majesty, young lord Qingkuang is here, and he said that the fire may have something to do with Ye Qiang…” The servant said with a trembling voice.

“Qingkuang? Third Brother, Ye Qiang?” Ye Jian pondered for a while, before he finally tidied up his clothing and grabbed the cup of tea from his desk.

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