BPTH Chapter 36

 The Scarlet Blood on the White Wall

Qingxie sensed that something might’ve gone wrong, so he decided to finish the task in a simpler way.

The brightening sky and the scarlet-red morning glow reminded him to speed up his plan. Therefore, he scurried forward, and hit the towards the back of Qingyu’s neck with his palm. These movements were made in absolute silence, as not even the slightest sound could be heard.

Originally, Qingxie was confident to hit Qingyu with his powerful palm, before forcing her to drink the three-day intoxication liquid, so that he could throw her into a big sack and carry her to the north gate. Here Wuhen would be awaiting their arrival. However… When he was only several inches away from Qingyu, a sharp fruit knife caught his attention.

The knife itself was thin and almost weightless, Qingxie could crush it in a second. But, this wasn’t what he was worried about. Because right now, Qingyu was holding the edge of the knife against her own neck, as blood was gradually oozing out, drop by drop.

“Stop! Or I’ll kill myself.”

Despite the fact that Qingyu had never cultivated any Battle Qi, her special body condition allowed her to be ill-free, while she also had better hearing and eyesight. She knew by instinct, that someone was approaching her with evil intentions. Without any hesitation, she took the knife out and recklessly put it on her neck and accidentally cut herself.

“Ye Qingyu, calm down. I just stopped by to visit you.” While he made up some lame excuse, Qingxie stretched his arms out, attempting to show that he was unarmed.

“I believe that I’ve already told you last time, that I won’t decide on anything until my brother has returned home. Get lost…” Disregarding his explanation, Qingyu sternly said.

“I really don’t understand… Why are you so stubborn? In the Ye Family, you and your brother are ill-treated, why not go with young lord Wuhen and enjoy a decent life?” Qingxie began to persuade. He didn’t dare to irritate Qingyu any further, in case she really killed herself. Thus, he refrained himself from revealing his anger and pretended to be as patient as possible.

“Listen, before my brother’s arrival, If you guys keep compelling me into agreeing to this marriage, then the only thing I can do is die.” Qingyu’s hands slightly shook, as if she was trying to show her determination.

“Alas…” Qingxie made a long and deep breath, before he glanced at his two subordinates and indicating them to stop moving forward.

As a last resort, Qingxie rummaged through his chest pocket, and slowly enunciated, “Since you’re such an uncontrollable person, we have to tell you the truth about your brother. Half a month ago, we received news that your brother… accidentally died in the Wild Mountain Range. The news came from Wild City. Since then, our family has sent people there to reconfirm his death. You know, we wished to save you from having to deal with this cruel reality. We wish you to marry Wuhen and live happily ever after. But, you keep saying you won’t make any decision until your brother arrives… So, I think it’s the right time to let you know this.”

“My brother accidentally died? Nonsense! You’re a liar! I don’t believe the shit that’s coming out of your mouth.” Qingyu glared at Qingxie. Now, she was caught by a mixed feeling of fury and grief, which made her hands shook even fiercer.

Qingxie shook his head, before he turned to one of his subordinates and said, “Ye Bao, show her the official death announcement of her brother.”

Ye Bao retrieved a roll of white paper and unfolded it in front of Qingyu. It read: In March, in the year 9998 of the Flame Dragon Calendar, there occurred a demonic beast riot in the Wild Mountain Range. Therefore, the leader of Wild City, Ye Gun has led an emergency team, which consisted solely of family members, to quell the upheaval. The death toll was huge, including Ye Tiandong, Ye Tianyu… Ye Qinghan, Ye Xiaoshi… We should express our condolence to these martyrs and their relatives. A decent amount of compensation will be allocated to their bereaved families.”

Looking at these words, Qingyu’s heart tightened, “Ye Qinghan?! Dear brother… Oh… No, this is impossible. You must’ve fabricated this announcement!”

Soon, tears welled up from Qingyu’s eyes, before they dropped on her white dress, leaving some visible marks. Though she refused to believe Qingxie, she was already crying her heart out.

“Miss Qingyu, please restrain your grief. I think that your brother, who is already in heaven, would wish you a happy, worriless life.” Noticing Qingyu had loosened her hold on the knife, Qingxie’s eyes lit up, as he felt the situation was finally turning into his favour. Despite his inner excitement, he still kept a gloomy face to match with Qingyu’s grief.

“Where’s his corpse? You said my brother has died, but where’s his body?” Qingyu inquired sharply as she suddenly stopped crying.

“Your brother was chased by a herd of the fourth-grade demonic beast, shadow wolves. Unfortunately, he didn’t escape their pursuit and his body was torn apart by them. Afterwards, his remaining body parts were cremated. Miss Qingyu, I share your sorrow, but we can’t bring your brother back to life.” Qingxie replied in a mournful tone, although his heart was filled with triumphant joyfulness. He was so proud of his acting skills, that he even jokingly thought he could probably make a living out of it.

“He’s been torn apart? Ohhh… How cruel!” In the end, Qinghan believed that her brother had truly died. After all, she was too young and gullible. Because, she thought that the Ye Family was one of the five most prominent families, who wouldn’t deceive her like this. Plus, though she was mad at the fact that the family didn’t ask her permission before making the marriage announcement, she felt rather relieved, at least they hadn’t forced her to marry him.

However, she never knew, that the Ye Family didn’t know anything about this. Everything that had happened, was a scheme created by Wuhen, who was bold and shameless. He was someone who would use despicable means to obtain his goals.

Staring at the red glow of the rising sun, Qingyu saw the smiling face of her brother emerging in the clouds.

– Bang! –

The knife fell off on the ground, and bounced back. In the sunlight, it shone a bright reflection.


With a deep groan, Qingyu woke up from her illusion and abruptly dashed towards the wall and slammed her head against it. Immediately, the blood spilled over the white surface of the wall…

“Brother… Brother…” Qingyu squealed like a rat, the sound of which echoed in the air of the courtyard.


An even louder sound rose up from not too far away. This high-pitched tone, which could almost soar into the skies, was ear-piercing.


A dark streak of a black shadow broke into the yard, which almost scared Qingxie out of his skin. The shadow was Qinghan. He looked at the falling Qingyu and the blood-stained wall behind her, while he desperately howled…

Meanwhile, Qingxie had calmed down a little bit. He turned to his subordinates and scolded them in a low voice, “You’re both dogshit! If we can’t accomplish this simple task as ordered, then we’re all screwed. Fuck! What should we do… Ye Bao, go and report the current situation to Qingkuang and we’ll wait for his further instructions.”

Ye Bao submissively nodded his head, before he turned around. When he brushed past the heartbroken Qinghan, he just gave him a somewhat careless and cold glance.
The contempt in Ye Bao’s eyes immediately irritated Qinghan, as his eyes turned out to be stern and emotionless. Though the size of his fist was no bigger than that of a small pot, it was powerful enough to end a vivacious life.

– Bang! –

Subsequently, Qinghan’s fist punched against Ye Bao’s chest, causing the latter to vomit a mouthful of blood and crouch on the ground in agony.

“Wait a minute! Cousin Qinghan, please allow me to explain the situation here.” Out of sheer panic, Qingxie exclaimed loudly, begging for leniency from Qinghan.

However… In response, Qinghan raised one of his legs high up in the air, and slammed it down on Ye Bao’s spine.

– Bang! –

Lying on the ground like a lobster, Ye Bao’s spine was flattened, or even shattered. The crisp sound of breaking bones went on for a little while, as though the whole trellis that supported the grapes had collapsed.

“You…” Qingxie was totally dumbfounded by the cruelty of Qinghan. He was determined to defend his dying subordinate, however, when he met with Qinghan’s ice-cold eyes, he fearfully retreated.

“If you dare to run away, I swear I’ll annihilate the small city in your father’s governance.”

Qinghan then picked his sister up and went into one of the rooms.

Thank goodness. There was still warmth in her body, which was an indication of life. Right now, the first and foremost thing for Qinghan to do, was to save his sister, rather than avenge her. However, he was neither a doctor, nor a magic person who could conjure up panacea. Therefore, he rested all of his hopes on his bronze ring.

He quickly took the ring off and put it on his sister’s finger. After which, he fetched a drop of blood from Qingyu’s forehead, and dripped it on the surface of the ring.

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