BPTH Chapter 35 Part 1

The Secret Plan (1)

Although it was late at night, the beauty of Grey City, which had been established in the southern part of the Mars Prefecture for an unknown length of time, still exhibited its antique, yet charming characteristics.

Ever since Ye Huang, the founder of the Ye Castle, had established his status in this ancient city thousands of years ago, the Ye Family had evolved into the leading power of Grey City. Now, it was fair to say, that Grey City belonged to the Ye Family and vice versa.

On Thirteenth Street, Wuhen, accompanied by Elder Shi and Elder Mo, was aimlessly wandering along the road. It was known to all, that the girls on Thirteenth Street were hot and sluttish and even more passionate than the prostitutes in Snowing City. However, Wuhen didn’t show much interest in these girls right now, as his head was occupied by something else.

He had been in Grey City for over two months now. Back in the Xue Family, rumors had already spread that their young leader had fooled around with indecent girls on Thirteenth Street, which had not only angered his family members, but it had also caused them to worry about him. Moreover, the people who lived in the Ye Castle, were also secretly discussing about the dandy lecher, Wuhen, who was only fond of women, rather than cultivation.

Only Elder Shi and Elder Mo knew, that their young leader had no better means to keep this facade up. If he didn’t pretend to do be a dandy lecher, then people would become suspicious about his intentions for staying in the Ye Castle for such a long time. During these two months, they had visited all of the brothels on Thirteenth Street, as they could even recite the names of all the famous prostitutes due to their frequent visits.

As Wuhen stood outside a brothel, the girls with heavy make-up on were leering at him, showing off their white and plump bosom. In response, Wuhen smiled back, as he gracefully waved the folding fan in his hands. Suddenly, he turned to the elders, as if he thought of something urgent.

“Any news from Wild City yet?” He asked with an anxious expression plastered on his face.

“Up until now, we haven’t heard any news. But I think it won’t take much longer.” Elder Mo stepped forward, as he respectfully replied.

“A bunch of trash!” Wuhen cursed at his subordinates, before he quickly slipped into the brothel, which was named the Hundred Flower Pavilion.

The Hundred Flower Pavilion, located at the center of Thirteenth Street, was famous for its prostitution business. Sister Feng, the boss of this brothel, was an aged woman who looked like a girl in her twenties. The amorous glances shot from her phoenix-like eyes, were an effective weapon to tout in many guests.

Speaking of Sister Feng’s beautiful eyes, she was also excellent at identifying people. When she was walking down the stairs, she immediately recognized Wuhen. Immediately, her eyes lit up, as she greeted him with her yellowbird-like melodious voice, “Whee, no wonder that the magpies (a sign for forecasting good news) outside kept singing all day long today, you’ve returned, my dear young lord Wuhen!”

“Ah, Sister Feng, you’re flattering me.” Wuhen nodded his head indifferently. It wasn’t his first time hearing her as-sweet-as-honey remarks. In fact, he had grown a bit bored of her extreme hospitality.

“As usual?” Sister Feng inquired with a smile plastered on her face.

Without saying a single word, Wuhen just slightly nodded his head, before he went upstairs and entered a room that was specially reserved for him. In contrast to the other rooms, where there would be a large, pink bed and a special scent with a flirtatious smell lingering, this room was tidy and concise – it only had a couple of wooden desks and chairs, as well as some pieces of landscape paintings hanging on the walls. It was more like a study, rather than a room in a brothel.

“Your Highness, young leader.”

Suddenly, the side door of the room was pushed open and Sister Feng, who stood there, bowed to Wuhen. Her eyes were full of shrewdness and her expression was solemn, as she didn’t show the slightest trace of her identity as a coquettish brothel boss.

“How’s the preparation going?” Wuhen asked, as he grabbed a cup of tea from the desk.

“I have tightly arranged the plan and we’ll take action in five days. If the three elders in the Ye Family won’t interrupt our play, I promise, that I’ll successfully accomplish this task.” Sister Feng bowed again, after she had replied.

“I don’t think that the elders in the Ye Family will meddle or intervene… Anyway, I’ll deal with the people of the Ye Family. Also, you have to guarantee that the girl will arrive in Snowing City alive. I do not wish to see a dead corpse, understand? In fact… if she dies, then so will you.” Wuhen had decided to take the risk, because nothing would wear his determination to pursuit this girl down.

– Dong! Dong! Dong! –

The sudden knocks on the door irritated Wuhen, as he scornfully glanced at Sister Feng. Hurriedly, Sister Feng opened the door and quietly chatted with the man outside.

“Your Highness, we have to advance our plan. In my opinion, we’d better start tonight.” Sister Feng turned around and anxiously told Wuhen.

“What’s going on?” Wuhen frowned, as he realized that something ominous must’ve happened.

“Xue Yi… and the others… they’ve all died. Ye Qinghan killed them all! According to the informer, right now, Qinghan is already on his way back to Grey City. He’ll probably arrive tomorrow morning, or perhaps even earlier… Your highness, if you insist on our original plan, I suggest that we start right away.” Sister Feng spoke in a shaking voice, as she tried to calm herself down from the shocking news.

– Bang! –

The cup in Wuhen’s hand fell onto the floor and shattered. Wuhen tried to say something, but failed to do so.

Elder Shi and Elder Mo stood silently, staring at the poured out tea leaves, as they pondered on the possible consequences this breaking news would bring.

“Call him in, I need to reconfirm with the informer.” After several minutes, Wuhen’s cold, indifferent voice finally broke the silence.

Jin Niu, together with his two guards, was immediately called in. Looking at the handsome, peaceful young leader, Jin Niu bowed before he spoke. Subsequently, Jin Niu carefully detailed the events, that he had witnessed while in the Wild Mountain Range. He stuck to the honest truth, as he didn’t add nor miss anything. He was well aware, that if he lied, he would surely be punished or even killed by Wuhen.

“Alright, you three should have a good rest. Sister Feng, arrange a good room for them.” Wuhen managed to restrain himself, though the anger inside his heart was almost dashing to the sky. As a young leader, however, he had to maintain an unhurried manner, and not reveal his true emotions.

“We’ll take action tonight!” After he had pondered for a while, Wuhen finally stood up and ordered Sister Feng, before he left the room.


In the Drunken-heart Garden in a western courtyard of the Ye Castle.

Ye Qingkuang, distinctive from other young lords, was never seen on Thirteenth Street. He didn’t only refrain himself from visiting prostitutes, he also never showed his family’s affluence and social status in public, which many other young lords usually did. He usually remained in one of the courtyards, as he had his eyes tightly closed and diligently cultivated his Battle Qi.

Seldom did anyone discover, that Qingkuang spent more time on cultivation than on anything else. Only he himself knew, why he had to cultivate so diligently.

As the eldest young lord of the Ye Family, Qingkuang was supposed to be the number one candidate for inheriting the position as family leader. However, if he was lazy and lacked the desire to become stronger… then it was possible that, several years later, someone else would be selected as the future leader. As his name suggested, he was born with wild craziness (狂=kuang, means wild craziness). He was a bit eccentric, which was all he needed in cultivation, so that he could become the next leader of the Ye Family!

Though his father had successfully taken the throne as the leader, Qingkuang didn’t feel happy about it at all. Many years ago, when Ye Dao was still alive, his father had long been suppressed under the shadow of Ye Dao’s brilliant talent. Even up until now, his father couldn’t surpass what Ye Dao had achieved. Some people thought, that compared to Ye Dao, his father was incompetent to take the position as family leader, which made Qingkuang quite embarrassed.

Therefore, Qingkuang was determined to cultivate as hard as he could, to solidify his father’s position. He hoped, that one day, the “mountain of humiliation” that stood upon his father would be crushed by his outstanding achievements. Also, he believed, that through his diligent cultivation, he would become a household name throughout the entire continent.

Wuhen didn’t know anything about Qingkuang’s soaring ambitions, but he did know, that he must visit him as soon as possible. Therefore, he left Thirteenth Street and headed to the Drunken-heart Garden.


“Oh, Wuhen, What’s up? Why are you in such a hurry?’’ Qingkuang reached up to adjust his hair, before he ordered a servant to prepare some tea for Wuhen.

“I have something urgent to discuss with you.” Wuhen whispered into Qingkuang’s ear.

“Oh? Alright!” Qingkuang quickly instructed the servants to leave, as he smilingly replied to Wuhen. He had previously obtained ten bottles of Snow Spirit Dan from Wuhen, so he reckoned that he would also get some today, “No matter what, I’ll do whatever I can to help you.”

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