BPTH Chapter 34

Homeward Journey

Ye Gun was annoyed by being woken up. Anyone who had just fallen asleep would be provoked under such circumstances.

As a collateral descendant of the Ye Family, Ye Gun had cultivated to the third level of the Realm of the General and he had even managed to summon a sixth-grade two-headed tiger in the Awakening Ceremony. Once integrated with his beast, his power would be comparable to those in the Realm of the Marshal. Honestly speaking, the Realm of the General could only be regarded as mediocre in the Ye Family. However, among other collateral descendants, Ye Gun was still above average.

Wild City, the most popular place for cultivators to replenish cultivating necessities, was located on the southern border of the Mars Prefecture. A while ago, Ye Gun had been given the lucrative position as the leader of this city.

As a collateral descendant in the Realm of the General, it had taken Ye Gun a great amount of effort and money to climb up to his current position. Since the first day he had sworn in, he had also started collecting bribes, in order to lead an extravagant life.

Once Ye Gun’s position in Wild City had become firm and steady, he had continued expanding his financial power. At the same time, he indulged himself in sensual pleasures. Those good-looking daughters from less influential families, for example, would be asked to accompany him for a whole night.

Tonight, after some arduous mountain-climbing, he was rather exhausted. All he wanted right now was to have a good night rest. However, the knocks on the door kept him from having a peaceful night. Eventually, he strode towards the door and opened it. Here, a rugged-skinned guard stood.

“If you fail to give me a proper explanation for waking me up, I’ll make your fourteen-year old sister become a young married woman in advance.” Ye Gun scolded the guard harshly, threatening to take the guard’s sister for the night.

“Your Majesty, my sister is as ugly as I am! Er… There is someone who wants to see you.” The guard replied with a bitter expression.

“Oh, shit! Are you an idiot? Do I have an obligation to see all the people who request to see me? Ask him to come here tomorrow afternoon!” He scolded, as he slapped hard on one of the cheeks of the guard.

As the leader of Wild City, Ye Gun was a ruthless dictator, who wouldn’t welcome anyone, unless they were from the Ye Family.

Regardless of the spicy pain on his face, the guard added, “Your Majesty, that young man has a golden token of the Ye Family.”

“A golden token?” Ye Gun came to an abrupt halt, he arched his thick brow and slapped the guard on his other cheek, “Fuck, why didn’t you mention that earlier?! Hurry up and lead the way.”

The Ye Family had a highly hierarchical family structure. The color of the tokens represented the rankings within the family, which would indicate the power and position of the token-holder. Ye Gun knew that the golden token was a symbol of lineal descendants of the Ye Family, thus he wouldn’t dare to give a cold-shoulder treatment to the man waiting outside.

Qinghan had never been too excited about his status as a lineal descendant. However, he was so anxious to return home, that he decided to abuse his position.

To his surprise, the moment when he showed the golden token, the arrogant guard had abruptly changed his attitude, and spoke to him almost as submissively as a cat. Qinghan knew, that based on his current cultivation level, he would be qualified to be a truly respected seventh young lord.

“Are you from the Ye Castle?” Ye Gun narrowed his eyes, as he looked Qinghan up and down, before he finally managed a pretentious smile on his fat face.

“Yes, Your Majesty. I’m honored to meet you.” Qinghan smiled back, before he bowed to Ye Gun.

“Alright, aside from the golden token, do you have anything else to proof your identity as a descendant of the Ye Family? This is just a procedure we’re supposed to go through, dear nephew, please don’t mind.” Ye Gun nodded his head and seated himself.

“Oh… This fatty pig really looks like a corrupt official. It seems he’s still suspicious about my identity. Well, I’ll show him my battle beast.” Qinghan thought to himself, as he decided to show off a little bit to frighten Ye Gun.

“Swimming Dragon Kill!”

By using all his Battle Qi, Qinghan transformed himself into numerous visional figures, brandishing his palms within the confinement of the main hall. Suddenly, there emerged a glittering spot on his chest, from which a dog-like battle beast, with a horn on its head, emerged. Within a second, the battle beast had disappeared again.

Subsequently, Ye Gun received the golden token from Qinghan, examining it discreetly.

“Considering his power, he seems to be a key descendant, but I’ve never heard that our family enlisted a new member as a key descendent.” Ye Gun was still doubtful.

But, on second thought, given the golden token, the battle beast, and the skill of the Swimming Dragon Kill, all of which were specially-owned by the Ye Family, Ye Gun eventually chose to believe Qinghan. Based on Qinghan’s exhibited capability, Ye Gun even predicted, that Qinghan would soon have an emerald token instead. His cross-grained features shivered, as though he was excited to build a relationship with a promising descendant of the family.

“Oh, my dear nephew, I was overwhelmed by your performance. It was really Impressive! Since you’re in Wild City, then let me show you around and find you some entertainment. Right now, I’ll instruct the servants to prepare a delicious breakfast for you.” Ye Gun said with a bright smile on his face.

“I’m afraid I have to decline all of your kind intentions. Frankly, I’m coming for some help from you.” Qinghan slowly explained.

“Oh, really? Just say it.” Ye Gun urged Qinghan.

“Sorry to disturb you at such a time. Embarrassingly, I’ve been in the Wild Mountain Range for months, but now I need to go back to Grey City for an emergency. I hope, that you can help me out.” Qinghan nodded his head and explained his intentions to Ye Gun.

“No big deal. But, I sincerely suggest you to stay here a little bit longer. You know, the girls in Wild City are fabulous.” Ye Gun stared at Qinghan, in a way that only a man could understand his undertone.

“Oh… I just tried one last night. She’s such a stunner.” Qinghan was reminded of An’yue and thought to himself. However, in front of Ye Gun, he insisted, “No, thanks, your Majesty. But, I really need to go right away.”

“Er, ok, Next time you come here, please stay longer. You’re welcome anytime.” Ye Gun turned around and ordered the guard, “Go and bring my fastest horse to this young lord. In addition, arrange four guards to escort him on his way home.”

“I really appreciate it, your Majesty. I’ll set off now. I’ll revisit your place to express my thanks next time.” Qinghan bowed to Ye Gun, before he followed the guard out.

In front of Ye Gun’s mansion, four guards stood beside a luxurious carriage, as they were already awaiting Qinghan’s arrival. The horse was purplish red, and one of the guards silently held the rein.

“Let’s go to Grey City as fast as possible!” Qinghan ordered, as he jumped onto the carriage.

Qinghan was sure that the five men he met in the mountain range were sent by Wuhen. Even though he had annihilated all of them by luck, he was haunted by some ominous predictions. Thinking of his sister, who was all alone in the Ye Castle, Qinghan began to worry more and more. So, when he realized this, he had instantly made his mind up and left An’yue at midnight.

Afterwards, he directly went to the mansion of the leader of Wild City, in the hope to borrow a carriage. It wasn’t because he was financially-restricted to rent a carriage; rather, it was because the best horses were in the hands of Ye Gun. With the help of his carriage, Qinghan would be able to efficiently shorten the time for his homeward journey.

Looking at the carriage that was quickly disappearing on the horizon, the ugly guard walked through the gate, as he hesitantly reminded Ye Gun, “Your Majesty, he is the seventh young lord of the Ye Family!”

“Fuck you! Of course I know that. I even know that he’s the son of Ye Dao.” Ye Gun scornfully glanced at the guard.

“But… Your Majesty, the seventh young lord is a notorious undervalued piece of garbage. Why would you be so kind to him?” The guard frowned in confusion.

“Garbage? You’re a piece of garbage, not him!” Ye Gun held his palm and slapped the guard’s cheek once again, which was already slightly flattened due to the successive impacts.

“Have you ever seen a piece of garbage, who improved his cultivation from the first level of the Realm of the Elite to the Realm of the Commander within two months? Have you ever seen a fourth-grade battle beast look so domineering? Don’t forget, his father, Ye Dao, was once a genius! Let’s wait and see, inside the Ye Castle, there will soon arise some turmoil. The more chaotic the situation, the more I’ll thrive. You know, in that way, I can fish in troubled waters. Haha…”


In the southern part of Wild City, a short man in black clothing hurried down the streets. He skirted several corners, before he eventually sneaked into a small hotel. Then he walked into the backyard and knocked on a door.

Manager Liu was lying awake, while his beautiful young concubine was sleeping soundly beside him. However, he wasn’t able to sleep, as he looked to be rather upset. The five men sent by young lord Wuhen hadn’t returned yet, which had been haunting him.

“Since the target is in the Realm of the Elite, it should be a piece of cake for them to capture him. Why is it taking them so long? Is it possible that they’ve encountered an accident?” He wondered.

– Dong! Dong! Dong! –

The sound of the knocking on his door finally brought him back to reality. He quickly crawled out of his bed and put a thick overcoat on, before he walked towards the door.

“What?! All of them were killed by Ye Qinghan?”

Glancing at the frightened Jin Niu, Manager Liu screamed, as utter unbelief could be heard in his voice. It might be the chilly wind, or the shock in his heart, but his hands were violently trembling.

“Yeah, I’ve seen it with my own two eyes, while I was hiding in some nearby bushes.” Remembering the ferocious fighting scene, Niu Jin’s face turned pale. The moment, that the five brothers had died, he had immediately ran away. However, on his way, he had ran into a group of third-grade demonic beasts, which had delayed his return.

“I’ll arrange some of my best horses, as well as two guards for you. Jin Niu, hurry up, go and inform our young lord about this bad news. Right now, this is your top priority, don’t screw it up, or your life will be in danger.” Manager Liu shouted with a shaking voice.

Not long ago, Manager Liu received the information that a fast-running carriage was going in the direction of Grey City. After hearing Jin Niu’s explanation, he predicted that the man in the carriage could be Qinghan.

Soon, against the chilly spring wind, a carriage led by several strong horses ran past the city gate and disappeared into the distance.

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