BPTH Chapter 33

A Sleepless Spring Night

“Do you mean you need a shower too?” Looking at the shy young man, An’yue smiled, as her face turned red, “Oh, take your time. Why the hurry? You’ll work in my hotel for the next three months anyway… You know, lots of chores, but mainly washing dishes in the kitchen.“

“Oh! I’m not quite interested in washing the dishes, but I’m curious about this bed of yours. Is it soft enough to let me enjoy a comfortable night? I’ve missed a real bed so much. You know, back in the mountains, I always slept on those stiff branches… Ok, seriously, if you lose this fight, you’ll stick to your promise, right?” Qinghan sincerely looked into An’yue’s eyes, before he peeped through the bead-curtain in front of the bed.

“Hehe, you’re such an interesting young man.” The childish and naïve expression on Qinghan’s face greatly amused An’yue. She chuckled for a short while, causing some violent waves of ups and downs between her breasts.

“Alright, I promise, you’ll be allowed to sleep in my bed if, and only if you can beat me in our agreed upon duel. You know what? I’ll transform you from a boy into a man.” She added, after she stopped laughing.

“That’s awesome. But I have to remind you, as we agreed upon, you’re only allowed to exert half of your strength while fighting!” Qinghan was confident that he would sleep on this large-sized, red bed, which so many guys had tried all their means to get access to, but had ultimately failed.

“Yeah, I won’t go back on my words, because that’s against my nature. Let’s begin now. I hope we won’t pull down my courtyard…“ An’yue tightened her bathrobe, and quickly combed her wet hair with her hands.

“Oh, sorry, I forget to introduce myself. My name is Ye Qinghan and I have a battle beast. Would you mind if I integrate with my beast? Is it against the rules?” Qinghan asked embarrassingly, as he scratched his head.

“No problem. Oh, just recently, I entered into the third level of the Realm of the General. Even if I exert half of my strength, my power would be equivalent to that of someone at the peak level of the Realm of the Commander. So, I don’t think you can win, even with the help of your battle beast. Alright, let me see how powerful the integration will be. Ok?”

An’yue began to exert her Battle Qi, letting it flow throughout her body. Though, as promised, she could only use half of her Battle Qi, as she thought it would be more than enough to defeat Qinghan. Actually, she had already investigated Qinghan’s background and knew that he only possessed a fourth-grade battle beast. Therefore, she didn’t care much about this. On the other hand, she was a firm believer of self-cultivation and any external assistance, such as a battle beast, would be considered by her as unreliable.


The moment she saw the mind-boggling speed of the integrated Qinghan, all of her previous confidence was shattered. Looking at the ghost-like Qinghan, who suddenly appeared in front of her, she was absolutely panic stricken. Her unique, oriental eyes widened in utter unbelief.

Based on her fighting experience, she swiftly slipped sideway. Although An’yue changed into a proper angle and gesture to successfully dodge the attack, her speed dwarfed in front of Qinghan’s. Without any warning, a black dagger already touched her neck…

“You failed! You owe me a sweet night!” Qinghan tossed his head towards An’yue, closed his eyes, and greedily smelled the delicate fragrance emitting from her body.

In fact, Qinghan wasn’t surprised about the result. He knew, once integrated, his power should be equivalent to those in the Realm of the General. Since An’yue had no external help to turn to, and she only exerted half of her Battle Qi, it would be a piece of cake for Qinghan to win this fight. Therefore, he won. So… He boldly stretched out his hands into An’yue’s bathrobe, stroking her straight, velvety legs.

“Wait a minute!”

The press of Qinghan’s hands brought An’yue back to reality from the previous horror scene. She immediately took away his hands, as she was rather confused. Finally she asked, “Your power improved a great deal, just within two months! Did you conceal your power two months ago?”

“Of course not.” Qinghan denied with a solemn expression. However, his shivering tone and his jarred breathing revealed himself. So, he stretched his hands back out, as he continued, “Yeah, two months ago, I was only in the first level of the Realm of the Elite. I’m not fond of cultivation. However, the first sight I saw of you, I was allured by your beauty. Thus I was determined to go to the mountain range to improve my cultivation and win the bet.”

“Oh, you glib-tongued liar…” An’yue threw a distrustful glance at Qinghan, as a faint smile appeared on her face.

Meanwhile, Qinghan’s hands gently worked their way up from her legs until they reached her neck. He softly whispered in her ear, “Hi, beauty, I’ll tell you the truth. My battle beast is not a fourth-grade one. It is much higher than that. Shhh… It’s a top secret!”

“Oh? You seem to have so many secrets… Alright! I concede defeat. Tonight, I’m yours.” Putting her hands around Qinghan’s neck, An’yue blinked naughtily, with a flirtatious expression. Her curving body was so sexy and charming, that Qinghan couldn’t keep his eyes from it. Inch by inch, they moved nearer and nearer, until they pressed against each other. An’yue closed her eyes and raised her chin, as her two red lips slightly opened…

Without any delay, Qinghan kissed An’yue, sucking hard in her mouth, as though he intended to take away all the fluids inside her. His hands were still busy with touching her body, right now, one of his hand was pressed on her breasts. Then, he put one of his knees between her legs, rubbing up and down. The sweet taste of her mouth, the strong breast in his hand and the occasional friction between his knee and her “secret garden”… All of this made Qinghan be lost in sensual happiness…

Outside the window, the spring wind was whistling violently. What a sleepless spring night!


“What? You want to leave right now?”

Dazzlingly, An’yue was woken up by some noises. When she turned around, she found that Qinghan had disappeared from her bed.

“Though I’m desperate to enjoy another night with you… However, you’re my woman now and I believe, we’ll have ample opportunities in the future. But, right now, I have to go. Am… Am I an irresponsible man?”

Qinghan had transformed from a boy into a man, as the confidence and aggressiveness in his eyes were nowhere to conceal. Looking at the beautiful An’yue lying in bed, he was quite sentimental about their departure.

“Hehe, little man, I won’t be responsible for you either…” An’yue made fun of Qinghan, but when she stared into his sincere eyes, she added, “Er, If you find it hard to get on with the Ye Family, you’re welcome to stay here, in Wild City. At least, I have some influence here.”

“Oh, really? But I want you to remember one thing from now on, no matter what happens, I’ll be the only man in this world you can rely on. I forgot to mention, actually, if you had exerted all of your strength, I would still have defeated you. Remember, I’m Ye Qinghan, your… Man!”

Soon, the door was pushed open, letting in the chilly wind. Qinghan stepped over the threshold and went off into the darkness.

An’yue was left alone, tightly wrapped in her sheets. She was pondering over Qinghan’s parting words.

“I’m in the third level of the Realm of the General now, how is it possible for him to defeat me? But, several months ago, he was just an undervalued seventh young lord, who was in the Realm of the Elite. He must be a man of high potential; otherwise I’m not able to find a better explanation for his immense progression in cultivation. Oh, he’s so mysterious. Maybe… Maybe he really is the man I should depend on…”

It might be because she had some spark of love towards Qinghan, or because of his sincerity. But in the end, An’yue chose to believe in him, though she subconsciously regarded it to be somewhat weird.


In the lobby of the hotel, Menglong had been drinking wine for hours. He was intentionally waiting for Qinghan to come out, covered in bruises.

Suddenly, the door to the backyard opened, and a young man walked out. Rubbing his eyes, Menglong jerked his head in that direction and found that it was Qinghan, who nodded to the old waiter and stepped out of the hotel, disappearing into the dark night.

Menglong waved his head violently, trying to return to a sober state. He helped himself up with great difficulty, walked towards the gate, and tried to shout out something to Qinghan, yet not a single word came out of his mouth. He just stood there, pointing at Qinghan’s direction with his wobbling arm.

Strangely, the expression on his face was a mixture of sadness and indignation, as if Qinghan had stolen something important from him. Actually, he was still unwilling to admit that that “thing” had never really belonged to him in the first place.

Eventually, Menglong moved back to his table and filled two cups of wine. He didn’t drink, as he just affectionately stared at the two cups. As if he was lamenting on the “thing” he would never have a chance to own…

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