BPTH Chapter 32

A Beautiful Woman Took a Shower at Night

In an eastern courtyard of the Ye Castle, Grey City.

Wuhen wore a gloomy face, his feelings right now, were like the smell of the spring grass, refreshing, yet entangled with a trace of wintery cold.

As an outstanding, younger-generation leader of the Mars Prefecture, as well as the future master of the Xue Family, apart from cultivation, he should’ve nothing to worry about. However, the image of Qingyu had been haunting his mind for several months now.

In Cattle-fence Street, his duel-pupil eyes had immediately identified the uniqueness of Qingyu.

Throughout the history of the Flame Dragon Continent, there had emerged two different kinds of peerless physical bodies, one of which was called the Heaven and Earth Spirit Body. Those who had this body were gifted with an innate skill. This innate skill helped them comprehend the Laws of Heaven and Earth faster and more complete than others. As long as they were talented and diligent, they would become famous cultivators across the continent. Though this obviously didn’t include those who died prematurely.

In the preliminary period of cultivation, diligence was a prerequisite. However, once a cultivator reached the Realm of the Prince, on top of diligence, he had to be well inspired by the Laws of Heaven and Earth. Only when he grasped these laws could he have a chance to enter into the next Realm – the Realm of the Emperor. Compared to the numerous cultivators in the Realm of the Prince, those in the Realm of the Emperor were extremely scarce. Therefore, those in the Realm of the Emperor had undoubtedly become the mainstay of their families and they enjoyed a very high status.

Cultivators with a Heaven and Earth Spirit Body would achieve high-ranked realms, the lowest of which was the Realm of the Emperor. Some of them would even reach the Realm of the Saint and were on the verge of becoming an immortal.

The other kind was named the Jade Spirit Body. Strangely enough, throughout the thousands of years of history in the Flame Dragon Continent, there were merely five people bestowed with this kind of body, all of whom were women. Now, plus Qingyu, this number should be six. Unlike the Heaven and Earth Spirit Body, the Jade Spirit Body owners didn’t have any outstanding achievements in cultivation, as the most promising one had only reached the Realm of the General. However, to everyone’s surprise, four of the five women’s husbands eventually entered into the Realm of the Saint and their majesty was awed throughout the continent.

Actually, only a few families in the continent knew this unique aspect of the Jade Spirit Body and the Xue Family was obviously one of them.

Whether the Jade Spirit Body could help him reach a higher realm or not, Wuhen had no idea about it. However, he had heard a legend that once a male cultivator had had intercourse with a female Jade Spirit Body, the power within that special body would be conveyed to the male and help him reach a higher realm. This process of obtaining the power of the special body through intercourse was named “Sacrifice”.

Apart from the legend, which was just a piece of groundless hearsay; the data preserved in the library of the Xue Family must’ve been 100% authentic. It said, that for those in the peak level of the Realm of the Prince, once they had intercourse with a Jade Spirit Body, the odds to enter the Realm of the Emperor were as high as 90%. It was common knowledge in the cultivation world, that once a cultivator broke into the Realm of the Emperor, his cultivating speed would accelerate in a crazy way. It was said that it could be compared to a horse riding on a piece of flat land, without any obstacles in its way. At that time, the Realm of the Saint would be at the end of one’s fingertips.

Hence, Wuhen had stayed in Grey City for months, as he was determined to marry Qingyu and obtain her body at any cost.

However, the process of finishing this mission was more challenging than Wuhen had originally expected. After all, he wasn’t in Snowing City, where he could do almost anything he wanted to do. Right now, he was in the Ye Castle, which was inhabited by three elders who were in the Realm of the Saint. Plus, the Prefecture War was just around the corner and neither side could afford an internal strife at this important moment.

Since a direct conflict wasn’t a smart thing to do, Wuhen had decided to marry Qingyu secretly. Therefore, he had asked Elder Mo to collect twenty bottles of top-grade Snow Spirit Dan, which he had used as a bait to lure Qingkuang and his father in to assist him. Nevertheless, the shy-looking Qingyu was so staunch and unyielding, that she had refused to become Wuhen’s concubine. Even to the point where she’d rather take her own life. If it wasn’t for the knowledge that he should preserve her until he had reached the Realm of the Prince before having intercourse, Wuhen would’ve already crawled through the window and raped her.

Wuhen wasn’t someone who simply gives up. It seemed as if nothing would stop him from marrying Qingyu. On one side, he had deployed five deacons to Wild City to capture Qinghan. These five men he sent included one in the Realm of the General and four in the Realm of the Commander. With such power, he was confident that they would quickly bring Qinghan back alive. After all, he was only a garbage cultivator who was stuck in the Realm of the Elite. However, he had already waited for more than a month, but no news had come quite yet…

On the other side, he had bribed many Ye Family members with money and valuable items, hoping that they could help him persuade Qingyu. The contents these people articulated to Qingyu could be generally categorized as follows: once she married Wuhen, she would be better off and enjoy an affluent life ever after; or, her brother, Qinghan, would have more cultivation opportunities, if he was a brother-in-law of Wuhen. All in all, they promised Qingyu a wonderland. One where she could enjoy a high position and great wealth. However, Qingyu had rejected them all, as she was wary of their evil intentions, and moreover, she had her own Mr. Right deep in her heart… All their persuading efforts were in vain, as Qingyu remained as impenetrable as she had always been. And as an expedient strategy, she would come up with the excuse of needing to discuss these matters with her brother, before she would be able to make her final decision.

It seemed as if all of Wuhen’s plans were only making him go bankrupt, as his heart had turned cold like the spring chill in the air.


In the backyard of the An’yue Hotel, Wild City.

It was late at night, the gate of the yard was already closed, not even letting the star light or the spring chill enter.

In a plainly-decorated room, a large-sized wooden bucket could vaguely be seen through the misty vapor. Looking closer, the bucket was filled with warm water, on the surface of which floated countless rose petals. In the center of the petals lay an alluring body of snow white skin.

– Swoosh! Swoosh! –

She put her jade-like arms against the rim of the bucket, while she was playing with the petals inside the water, creating ripples on the surface. Below her neck, two plump breasts were partially revealed as she stretched her arms. Occasionally, two pink nipples could also be seen, as its pinkish color distinguished itself against the scarlet red petals. Her breath-taking beauty was absolutely impressive. Now, she stopped fiddling with the pedals, instead, she frowned in melancholy.

“It’s been two months since that young man has left. Is he still alive? Please, let him survive in the mountains, or else, I’ll be living the rest of my life with this sorrow in my heart…”

This beautiful woman was An’yue. She was actually missing Qinghan. Despite the latter’s young age, he exerted a unique temperament, as if he was a man full of stories. During his stay in the hotel, An’yue had limited conversations with him, but she found him different from all the men she had met before.

In their last conversation, she had promised to accompany him to one night if he could beat her. As an intelligent woman, she had never let any man climb into her bed without her consent, even though numerous guests here had a crush on her. However… This young man had recklessly gone into the Wild Mountain Range and no one knew if he was dead or alive. She had heard that this young man was named Qinghan, who was a descendant of the Ye Family. She acknowledged the influence of the Ye Family, but she wasn’t afraid, because she also had her own powerful backers. It wasn’t because of the Ye Family, but because she was feeling guilty for misleading this young man into going to such a dangerous place… She thought, that if it wasn’t for that ridiculous bet, that he might not have gone there…

– Dong! Dong! Dong! –

The sudden knocks on her door disrupted her mind; she knitted her brow as she asked, “What’s up?”

“Miss An’yue, Ye Qinghan has returned. He’s waiting outside at the lobby. He’s saying that he has an appointment with you.“ A man’s voice sounded out from outside the door.

“Oh? Haha! So interesting!” She loosened her arched brow, as she was laughing from ear to ear. Due to the hysterical laughter, her towering breasts were quivering in the water, making streaks of ripples.

Several seconds later, she replied in a low voice, “Bring him to my room and lock the whole yard.”


In a corner of the lobby, Menglong was drinking by himself. He looked really pissed off. As his name indicated, Menglong (powerful dragon), he was a beefcake with a strong build and a high-ranked cultivation. However, as tigerish as he was, he could only crouch here like a disease stricken cat.

Everything was quiet in the dead of night, as only the sound of the wind, that was blowing through the cracks of the door, could be heard. It might’ve been the result of the alcohol, or the hormones in his body, but Menglong felt stiflingly hot inside. The warmth inside him made him extremely restless and fidgety…

All his anger was because of the young man that the waiter had brought in.

The backyard of the An’yue Hotel was a frequently-visited place for the bachelor guests, because their enchanting, seductive lady boss’s bedroom was located nearby. Despite the fact that countless people dreamed of entering this place, seldom did any of them had the chance.

Suddenly, Menglong had seen a young man enter the hotel. This man had shouted, “Show me where your lady boss is, I have a gambling appointment with her.”

In the beginning, Menglong sniffed at this young man. He knew that their lady boss wasn’t just a woman of capability, but that she also had a powerful background. No one could step into her backyard without her permission. However, after a while, the old waiter came out and led the young man into the backyard!

“Wait… A gambling appointment? Oh, that young man! Yeah, right, it’s him.”

Though Menglong was far from sober right now, he remembered that two months ago, this young man had made a bet with An’yue. Thinking of this, he seemed less frustrated, as he grabbed another cup of wine.

“Not long ago, our beautiful lady boss improved her cultivation by one level. This young man is only in the Realm of the Elite, haha, he’ll lose…”

Out of curiosity, he decided to stay in the hotel to see whether his prediction was correct. He could already see the young man walking out with bruises all over his face. If he failed, he even had to work in the hotel doing all of the small and dirty jobs for an entire three months.


Indeed, when Qinghan entered into her room, he had little idea about whether he would be bullied or not, as he was entirely intoxicated by her beauty. Ancient people always said, only on two occasions, would women exhibit their most-charming beauty – one was when they were taking a shower; the other was when they were stripping their clothing. Widening his eyes, Qinghan was in total agreement with these sayings.

“If I win this bet, then I’ll witness the most attractive moment of An’yue…” As Qinghan said this, he started to have his imagination go rampant.

The door was closed and An’yue was loosely wrapped in a bathrobe. After a moment, she walked out with blushed cheeks. Qinghan stared at her, as he smacked his lips and embarrassingly asked, “ Do I… Do I need to take a shower, before…”

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