BPTH Chapter 30

Integration with a Battle Beast

After the glance of the soul-eating battle beast, Xue Si stood erect, pondering. He remembered that Qinghan should be heavily injured by Xue Yi’s powerful palm of Battle Qi, and the subsequent blow of the fireballs. He was convinced, even with the aid of his battle beast, that Qinghan wouldn’t pose much of a threat in such a circumstance.

However, when he was about to press his finger on one of Qinghan’s meridian, he saw two lines of blinding light shine from Qinghan’s eyes, and soon, he flew at a mind-boggling speed, as he only left a streak of a black shadow.

“Oh, My God!”

Xue Si scurried back, because he felt that his neck was touched by something cold when the black shadow had appeared in front of him. Subsequently, he slipped into unconsciousness, and collapsed onto the ground, with eyes wide open. Never in his wildest dreams had he seen such a fast speed, it was even much faster than his big brother’s top speed…

Disregarding the dying Xue Si, Qinghan simply stood there, petrified by his own speed and power. Although he had already heard that one’s power would be greatly increased once integrated with the beast, he was still shocked silly by experiencing it himself.

Back when Qinghan was lying there watching the battle scene, the performance of Xue Si killing eight fire wolves within a single minute was still vividly in his mind. Qinghan believed, though Xue Si seemed less powerful than the man who exerted the palm of Battle Qi, he was definitely in the peak level of the Realm of the Commander.

“How come a man in the peak level of the Realm of the Commander was not able to avoid my dagger? Could it be… After integrating, that I’m now in the Realm of the General?” Qinghan wondered in excitement.

Elder Tianxing once told them, that those high-ranked battle beasts that were in their maturing period, would help their master to increase one or two levels once integrated together. Taking Qingkuang’s seventh-grade violent bear for example, once they integrated, Qingkuang’s power would be equivalent to those in the third level of the Realm of the General, which was one level ahead of his previous power.

As for Qinghan, who was now in the first level of the Realm of the Commander, he had successfully reached the terrifying Realm of the General once he and Little Black integrated, though he wasn’t quite sure what level he was actually in yet. In other words, he had increased at least three levels after integrating!

“How could this be possible? Oh, it’s really an eye opener!”

“Little Black, I know you must be a holy-grade battle beast. Look, I surged to a whole new realm! Though I’m not quite sure what level I’m in, maybe still low, you know what? I’m overly joyful about this achievement!” Qinghan confided to his beast.

“Fourth Brother! Oh… Big Brother, Third Brother, our Fourth Brother is dead!”

Compared to Qinghan’s ecstasy, Xue Wu grieved over the death of Xue Si, exclaiming loudly after he found the remarkable wound on Xue Si’s neck.


“Fourth Brother?”

Both Xue Yi and Xue San turned around, looking at the saddened Xue Wu and the dead body of Xue Si, whose eyes were still wide open. Suddenly, with a booming growl, Xue Yi dashed towards the heavily injured giant thorn dragon; while at the same time, Xue San lifted his sword, swooping towards Qinghan.

“Third Brother, calm down. You’d better protect Second Brother and Fifth Brother.” Xue Yi turned around his head, screaming hysterically. Meanwhile, the clumsy claw of the dragon was approaching him. He quickly dodged it and slammed his fist on the back of the dragon.

On hearing Xue Yi’s advice, Xue San hesitated for a second, before he spurted towards Qinghan.

“Haha, I can use him to test my true power now.” Looking at the incoming outraged Xue San, Qinghan chuckled to himself.

“Bastard of the Ye Family! I’ll send you to hell today!”

Xue San jumped up in the air, with a raging fury, as he pointed his sword right above Qinghan’s head, attempting to divide Qinghan’s skull into two.

“Kill me? You’ll end up being killed yourself! I’ll dig a grave for all five of you brothers… As for your young lord, I’ll drag him to hell to reunite with you one day…”

Since integrating, Qinghan felt that not only had his power leveled up, but also his hearing and eyesight had greatly improved. Now, to him, the seemingly brutal sword upon his head was actually moving in slow motion.

Therefore, he leisurely replied to Xue San and narrowed his eyes. The moment when the sword was just a meter away from his head, he dodged it at an unbelievably fast speed. Needless to say, he successfully escaped from the sword, before he bounced up, stretching out his right leg and pressing it onto Xue San’s back. At the same time, he raised his right hand and stabbed the dagger into Xue San’s flesh.

– Bang! –

With the raising dust and spraying blood, Xue San fell on the ground, dead!

“I killed him in almost a mere second!” Qinghan triumphantly stood there, licking his dry lips, while his heart was extremely elated by this accomplishment. As a powerful cultivator, Qinghan was thrilled to consecutively kill two men without any fear. Indeed, as a shameless time-traveling man, he had lived through two lives. Together with the years he spent on the Flame Dragon Continent, he was quite accustomed to killing. It seemed… That killing was a feeling he had long-desired for…

“Oh, no! Third Brother!”

The shrill cries of Xue Wu had dragged Qinghan’s mind back into reality. He reminded himself not to be absentminded again in such a circumstance. There was even some cold sweat oozing out from his forehead. Looking afar at the raging Xue Wu, he dashed towards him.

– Boom! –

Under Xue Yi’s crazy attacks, the giant thorn dragon finally collapsed with an ear-piercing boom. However, not even a faint trace of a smile could be found on Xue Yi’s face, as his heart was bleeding with sadness when he heard that their Third Brother had also died. Staring at Qinghan, his eyes reddened with fury, as he dashed forward.

The one thing that bewildered him, was why their target, who was known as a piece of garbage in the Realm of the Elite, could kill his brother who was in the Realm of the Commander?

Despite his doubts, he spited out at Qinghan, “Bastard, how dare you kill my beloved brothers! You’ll pay for it.”

“How dare I? I have effortlessly killed two of your fellowmen! The people that bastard Wuhen sent were not quite capable to handle their task… Besides this Xue Yi spoke like a retard.” Qinghan thought to himself, and quickly dashed towards Xue Wu, who was wailing beside the body of Xue San.

By nimbly twisting his body, Qinghan escaped Xue Wu’s randomly brandishing sword. Only after several punches did the already injured Xue Wu die. When Qinghan was about to walk away, he remembered something, and sliced at the neck of Xue-Er, who was still lying on Xue Wu’s back.

Qinghan was determined to completely annihilate these five brothers. He then turned around and stared at Xue Yi, who was infuriated, to the extent as if he was possessed by an evil spirit.

“Sorry, buddy, I have killed two more of your brothers… Don’t worry, I will soon send you there so that you five can enjoy a happy reunion.” Qinghan spoke carelessly, making a gesture of helplessness.

“Fuck you bastard, I’ll tear you up!”

Xue Yi’s face grew more sinister by the second, as he quickened his footsteps towards Qinghan. He hated those careless intelligence colleagues in the Xue Family, who provided them with wrong information. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have underestimated their target.

“I don’t know if you can tear me up, but one thing I do know… Is that I have already torn up the rest of your brothers.” With an apparent mocking tone, Qinghan replied. Actually, he didn’t have the habit of teasing others, but right now, he was so tempted to add fuel to the flames.

Even though the fight against the giant thorn dragon had consumed a large part of Xue Yi’s physical strength and Battle Qi, his speed remained fast, as he was still almost as fast as Qinghan. It seemed that it would be harder to kill Xue Yi than predicted.

“Anyway, I’ll try my best to fight with him. I’m prepared for the worst case scenario, and if I’m defeated, I’ll just run away.” Qinghan thought to himself.

“I’m coming!”

To Qinghan’s surprise, Xue Yi didn’t carry a single weapon in his hands. There were only two types of people who didn’t rely on weapons – one was those non-cultivators; the other was those overconfident cultivators who only believed in the power of their physical body.

A fair-skinned palm was approaching towards Qinghan, so he immediately withdrew his stretched out hand that held the dagger and turned left…

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