BPTH Chapter 3

 ­I Swear to Surpass You Within Three Years!

West Mountain, Grey City.

In front of a soil-made grave, Qinghan and Qingyu kneeled down silently. The pulled-out weeds littered the ground around the grave, suggesting that they had arrived here not long ago.

“Dear mom, I have brought my sister to visit you. Today is your seventh-day ceremony [1], we hope that you may find a peaceful place for your soul and reincarnate in a prosperous family…”

Qinghan, as well as his sister, Qingyu, kowtowed in front of the grave, in a respectful manner. Soon after, they both burned some spirit money, incense and candles. The seventh day of one’s death was considered a big event, even in normal families. Sadly, the Ye Family wouldn’t bother to take any further responsibility for this event, as they felt like they had done plenty by offering the coffin and digging the grave. As always, this poor pair of brother and sister had to do everything by themselves.

Earlier this morning, Qinghan and his sister had bought some spirit money, incense and candles, before they had rushed to the hill to condole their mother.

Looking at the mound of yellow soil, as well as his wailing sister, Qinghan was struck by a mixed feeling.

It had only been fifteen years since he had arrived in this world!

However, he’d already almost forgotten the name of his previous home, which was called “Earth”.

That was right! He was a shameless man, who had traversed through time and space. Or more accurately, he was a man who actually lived in the Flame Dragon Continent, but still carried his spirit from “Earth” deep inside his heart.

Back then, he was transported to this exotic world by an accident. During these fifteen years in the Flame Dragon Continent, he kept trying to readjust himself to be more adaptable to this wonderland.

For a moment, Qinghan wondered if there was a grave for him back on Earth. Or… Maybe… His mother had also been transported to another space and time and lived a new life there. As this new hypothesis crossed his mind, he became less saddened.

Oh well, since death was irretrievable, the living had to carry on. However… Could he really offer himself and his sister a peaceful life, away from the ruthlessness of the law of the jungle that ruled this Flame Dragon Continent? After all, he was mere garbage on the path of cultivation, how could he possibly survive and protect his sister? In the end, the big fish would devour the small fish!

The reputation of the Ye Family would overawe most citizens in this continent. However, as the seventh young lord of this influential family, Qinghan enjoyed few of the entitlements his counterparts did. Ironically, some outsiders, who knew nothing about the details, even envied his identity as a young lord.

The seventh young lord? This title was as disgusting as the excrements of a dog!

Qinghan sneered at his title, as he felt somewhat bitter about the fact that even in a less prominent family, any young lord, be it lineal or collateral, would enjoy a much better status.

– Alas! – He sighed and felt like he had to continue living, no matter how menial his life would be. What else could he do? Should he just commit suicide and transport himself to another space and time yet again? What if it didn’t succeed this time?

“Qingyu, we’d better go home now!”

Several minutes later, two skinny shadows could be seen disappearing down the narrow lanes leading down the West Mountain.


Qingxian still couldn’t get rid of his bad mood, ever since he was rejected by the prostitute in the Alluring Smoke Pavilion.

“Bitch, Qingguan! I hate that Qingguan… And that bastard Ye Qinghan who dared to surprise attack me! I swear, I’ll send that bastard to hell!”

Since his fight with Qinghan, Qingxian had received harsh punishment from his father. As punishment, he wasn’t allowed to leave the Ye Castle for an entire month.

As the current leader of the Ye Family, as well as the Magistrate of Grey City, Qingxian’s father represented the highest authority; no one would ever dare to be disobedient in front of him, including his son. Therefore, Qingxian submissively stayed within the confinements of the castle, even though he desperately missed the tender bodies of the prostitutes at the Alluring Smoke Pavilion. On the other hand, he discovered a sense of hidden mockery in the eyes of the lowly servants, which cemented his hatred towards Qinghan, who made him lose face in front of so many people!

“I must regain my face… I must!” Qingxian murmured to himself. Thus, he intentionally sauntered around the castle, in an attempt to encounter Qinghan and teach him a lesson or two.

Originally, when Qinghan’s father, Ye Dao, was still alive, they enjoyed a higher status than Qingxian’s family. However, Ye Dao’s unexpected death was followed by the then clan leader, Ye Tianlong, to recede to a reclusive life. The worst part was, that Qingxian’s father, Ye Jian, eventually gained the position of family head. Now, Ye Jian, as well as his son, were determined to suppress Ye Dao’s siblings.

The moment Ye Jian was told that his son, who was in the Realm of the Commander, was defeated by the garbage-like Qinghan, he felt so ashamed that he went into a fury-like state. This was exactly why Qingxian couldn’t wait to beat Qinghan black and blue.

“Gee, is that…” Noticing the approaching Qinghan and Qingyu, he fiercely clenched his fists, while hostility was plastered all over his face.

“Oh?” As soon as Qinghan discovered the aggressive-looking Qingxian, he pushed his sister to the side, in an attempt to save her from the advancing Qingxian. He then fearlessly walked towards Qingxian, knowing something terrible was about to happen.

“You brazen bastard, I thought that I’d see you running off the moment you’d see me.” Qingxian calmed down a little bit, as he expressed his surprise in Qinghan’s boldness.

“I only wanted to see, whether the scars that I left on your head have fully recovered.” Qinghan smiled.

“You…” Qingxian gave up on the hypocrisy that he used to show his royal temperament, “Fuck you. If it wasn’t for that sneak attack, the situation would’ve been reversed. It would’ve been you, who’d be begging for mercy! Now, let’s have a little rematch, so we may determine the real winner!”

“Sneak attack? Let’s say, if you were to be sneak attacked by your enemies, would you blame them and ask them for a second chance? How funny? You aren’t in the Alluring Smoke Pavilion, where you always have excuses ready to persuade the prostitutes to offer you a second chance whenever you have a premature ejaculation.” Qinghan sneered.

“You… You bastard, if you are so good at it, why not just fuck with me?” Qingxian was so mad that he couldn’t even make a consistent and reasonable sentence. Embarrassingly, he even mistakenly blurted the word “fuck” out, instead of “fight”.

“No! I refuse to fight with anyone who has premature ejaculations.” Qinghan rolled his eyes in disdain, “Hey, wait! Let me enlighten you with some of our family rules. According to the 26th rule of our family rules, the fight between members of the Ye Family should be based on a mutual agreement and must have witnesses at the scene. Once the fight has commenced, no one is allowed to kill the other, otherwise, the rule-breaker would be banished from our Ye Family… Ye Qingxian, listen, today I’m really not in the mood to fight. If you insist, I’m afraid, as per the rules, you will be banished.”

“You… You… You bastard! Coward! Garbage!” Qingxian cursed, as his eyes were spitting fire. However, after hearing the family rules, he eventually lowered his rising fists. He knew, that the family rules wouldn’t be lenient to him just because of his identity as a young lord.

“Garbage, bastard, beast!” Finding no proper way to release his anger, Qingxian kept cursing Qinghan, using all the dirty words he had learned over the years.

“Hum! Look at you, dumbass. I swear, I’ll surpass you within three years! Even though, I won’t fight with you today; let’s fight in the bigger family arena in three years from now!” After issuing this challenge, Qinghan was about to turn around and leave.

“Stop! You have to fight with me today, unless you admit that… That you are a good-for-nothing bastard whose mother was a prostitute!” Qingxian tried his best to provoke Qinghan.

“What?!” Qinghan turned around, “My mom has already passed away, why are you still trying to insult her? I guess your head must be itchy for more punches. Ok, let’s call up some witnesses and fight!”

“Great!” Qingxian excitedly exclaimed, as he started to stretch his body as a quick warming-up. He then waved towards the guards, who were patrolling the surroundings.

Soon, the guards had gathered around Qingxian, waiting for his instructions.

“Your Excellency, second young lord. Errr… And… The seventh young lord.”

“I will fight with Ye Qinghan, will you be here as our witnesses?” Qinghan replied, ignoring their flattering, yet fake, smiles.

The guards all widened their eyes, as they shot a suspicious look towards Qinghan. They thought that Qinghan was too foolish to fight with Qingxian for a second time. As a cultivator in the first level of the Realm of the Commander, Qingxian wouldn’t be defeated a second time. In fact, if it wasn’t for that staggering brick-blow, how could he have even lost the first fight?

However, they simply nodded towards Qingxian, before they took a step back. They were ready to watch another show…


Qinghan suddenly kneeled down on one leg, with a solemn expression.

“Your highness! Leader of the City Major Mansion.”

The moment Qinghan kneeled down, Qingxian thought he was going to beg for leniency. However, once he heard the title of his father, he suddenly became panicked, to the extent as if his clandestine love affair was publicly exposed. He turned around, expecting to find his smileless father.


Nobody was there! Instantly, Qingxian realized that it was just a hoax!

Nevertheless, when he realized that it was just a trick, it was already far too late, as a fist was quickly approaching the backside of his head…

Undoubtedly, Qingxian fainted once again.

“Asshole, even if you are in the Realm of the Emperor, I’ll still easily beat you up. Simply, because you’re brainless…” Qinghan lifted his feet and harshly kicked on the back of the fainted Qingxian.

The guards stood there, totally dumbfounded by the result of this fight. How could the second young lord fall for a sneak attack again?… Shameless, shameless! How could the seventh young lord be so shameless!?

The eight guards couldn’t help but feel like there was a chilly breeze blowing behind their backs, as if the cold winter had already arrived…


[1]: The seventh-day ceremony: After cremation, the Buddhist ritual requires a funeral/remembrance ceremony to be held on the seventh day after death. It can be held at the temple or at home, but it’s usually held at the temple.