BPTH Chapter 29 Part 2

 ­Crisis (2)

“Fourth Brother, I’ll leave the remaining fire wolves up to you. Fifth Brother, protect our Second Brother on your back. Meanwhile, I’ll go and help our big brother.” Xue San instantly killed a fire wolf with his sword. Looking around at the few fire wolves that were left, he ordered the other two with a booming voice. He then turned right and ran in Xue Yi’s and the dragon’s direction.

“Don’t worry about us, Third Brother! There are only about twenty wolves left here. I could bring them all down on my own. Fifth Brother, how about you, are you still ok?” Waving his arms to avoid the incoming fireball, Xue Si tore off the veil covering his face, showing a square-shaped face.

“I’m alright. Fourth Brother, let’s kill all of these bastard wolves!“ Xue Wu, who still carried Xue-er on his back, replied as he nimbly warded off the fireballs.

However, the burning wounds and his slower-than-normal speed showed that he was actually severely injured. Now, Xue Wu strenuously carried on fighting.

Meanwhile, Xue Si was fully prepared to launch a final intense fight with the fire wolves. With a large leap, he jumped into the small group of eight wolves in front of him.

With a crisp crackling sound, two of these wolves’ bellies were cut open, like two ripe watermelons. Without any rest, Xue Si dashed forward and inserted his sword into the head of another fire wolf, which had just shot its fireball. Immediately, he turned around, and killed another wolf, who was behind him.

Within in merely one minute, all eight fire wolves had been exterminated.

Witnessing the bloody slaughter of their counterparts, the rest of the fire wolves showed traces of timidity. After shooting dozens of fireballs, they all scattered away out of sheer panic.

Brandishing his sword in the air, Xue Wu successfully warded off all the incoming fireballs. With a long and deep sigh of relief, he looked around and found that the remaining fire wolves had all run away. However, when he lay his eyes on the body of the King of the fire wolves, he frowned in confusion.

“Haha, so funny, our target is on fire! Hey, Fourth Brother, would you please go over there and check if he’s still alive? If we bring back a dead body, our young lord Wuhen will scold us.”

On hearing this, Xue Si turned around and laughed out loudly.

“Oh, this luckless garbage young lord… The mighty blow exerted by our big brother already made him half-dead. Now, he was attacked by the fireballs. Look, his back is actually on fire, haha…”

Nevertheless, this wasn’t funny at all to Qinghan. He lay there quietly, and secretly communicated with Little Black, “My dear Little Black, are you ok now? Please… Please wake up, otherwise, we’re doomed today…”

– Rustle, Rustle, Rustle! –

With the approaching sound of the footsteps that tread on the weeds, Qinghan had his heart in his mouth. He attempted to summon Little Black many times, however, no reply came. For him, every second was a mental torture, until he finally heard a familiar voice.

“I’m ok now!”

“Oh, thank goodness.” Qinghan had a short talk with Little Black, and quickly rolled himself on the ground to extinguish the burning fire on his back.



The bitter groaning of Qinghan echoed in the forest as he twisted his body up and down in different positions.

At first, Xue Si was stunned by the appalling sounds Qinghan made. However, soon after, he bursted out into laughter again.

“Fourth Brother, is he ok?”

Xue San jerked his head towards Qinghan, while he was fiercely fighting with the dragon. However, Xue Yi just glanced at him coldly and continued the fight.

“Hehe! Nothing serious. Our target is still alive. He was attacked by a fireball. Now, I’ll go and capture him.” Xue Si replied, before he scurried towards Qinghan.

Right now, the fire was almost put out; Qinghan lay on the ground, panting heavily. Because of the unbearable burning agony, Qinghan’s face was distorted in an ugly expression. As Xue Si stepped near him, he looked up and asked, “W… Why are you guys so eager to attack me? I know you aren’t huntsmen, right?”

Taking a deep breath, he realized the bitter sound he made was kind of exaggerated, to the extent that it sounded hilarious. However, the burning pain was different from that of the meridian-breaking he suffered in his previous cultivation, he stared at Xue Si and stammered out.

“You’ll know soon enough.” Xue Si replied, as not the slightest trace of a smile could be found on his square-looking face.

“Is your boss Xue Wuhen?” Qinghan whispered, as he had faintly heard someone say “our young lord Wuhen”. No matter how much hatred the Ye Family member had for him, they would not murder their own descendants! The only person he could think of was Xue Wuhen, who had attacked him back on Cattle-fence Street.

“Er? No! I said once you meet him, you’ll know. For now, just stay where you are.” Xue Si replied impatiently.

Despite Xue Si’s efforts to disguise the true identity of their young lord, Qinghan was quite assured that it was Xue Wuhen who had sent these guys.

Xue Si didn’t want to waste any more time, so he stretched his fingers to pressure one of Qinghan’s meridians to suppress his flow of Battle Qi.


Suddenly, a “lion-nosed dog” like beast with a horn entered into Xue Si’s eyesight, who was totally dumbfounded. Little Black’s eyes were lit up, rendering a domineering, ancient and loyal temperament. Soon, it disappeared within Qinghan’s chest.

– Purr! Purr! –

At this very moment, Qinghan was struck by an enormous amount of power, penetrating into each of his meridians and cells. The warm flow of power was drifting through his body, while his muscles gave out a fit of quivering wherever the flow went. Accompanying a series of grunting noises, his muscles went through a process of shrinking and swelling.

However, in spite of the “explosion” inside of his body, Qinghan felt extremely enjoyable. Soon, a miniature of a soul-eating battle beast appeared on the left corner of his eye, which added a touch of evil and enchantment to his delicate and innocent face. A second later, Qinghan stood up, as his eyes became as bright as two streaks of lightning, dazzling the eyes of Xue Si.

Looking at the slack-jawed Xue Si, Qinghan grabbed his dagger and swept past him.

“Is… Is this the integration of a battle beast? How astonishing? Wait… What grade does that strange battle beast with a horn on its head belong to? I just looked at it for a second and I felt as if my soul was almost torn out of my skin… Gosh…” Xue Si wondered in befuddlement.

For most non-descendants of the Ye Family, the integration between a battle beast and its master was something only heard of in legends. Seldom had any of them the chance to witness this moment. Obviously, the descendants of the Ye Family weren’t bored to the extent where they’d show their integration skills off on the streets.

However, as a subordinate of Wuhen, Xue Si had seen some similar integration events before, even the integration of Ye Qingkuang and his seventh-grade violent bear. In front of the violent bear, which was about to enter its mature period, Xue Si had always held his breath to avoid provoking the brutal beast.

“According to the information collected by the Intelligence Department, Qinghan has only summoned his battle beast for roughly two months. And his beast was only a fourth-grade lion-nosed dog… No! This information has failed us yet again! His beast is at least a seventh-grade one! Oh, forget about this damn intelligence, first and foremost, I’ll capture him!”

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