BPTH Chapter 29 Part 1

 ­Crisis (1)

Indeed, Qinghan had woken up at the moment when Xue-Er was attacked by the dragon. The palm of Battle Qi had really damaged his physical body to a great extent, as many of his inner organs were injured and some of his ribs were on the verge of breaking. However, Qinghan didn’t worry a bit about his dire situation. After all, he knew that the bronze ring would rescue him. As expected, white smoke already rose from the ring and healed most of his wounds.

The magical healing function of the bronze ring was no stranger to Qinghan, he could even brag that, as long as he wasn’t killed within a second, or his hand with the ring was amputated, he could recover after any injury, no matter how severe. Therefore, he didn’t care about his injuries once he woke up, instead, he observed the current situation with extreme caution.

For Qinghan, the chaotic battle among the fire wolves, the giant thorn dragon and his enemies, would pose not much of a threat to him, as no one in the fight would notice his “corpse”. He narrowed his eyes in a slit, but didn’t make any further movements. On one side, because his wounds had not yet fully recovered. On the other side, because the battle had only just commenced, he had to wait until it grew more intense and chaotic. If he risked running away right now, most likely, he would become the attacking target of all three parties.

The image of the steel-like giant tail of the dragon, and the yellow palm of Battle Qi exerted by Xue Yi, made Qinghan quiver in horror. Suddenly, something occurred to him, “Where’s the King of the fire wolves?”

In order to find the whereabouts of the King of the fire wolves, Qinghan slightly moved his head, from one direction to another. Eventually, in the near distance, he found the body of the King.

“It… It has already died? Oh… It’s only several steps away from me.”

“This King of the fire wolves is a peak fifth-grade demonic beast. If I extract the magic crystal from its body and feed it to Little Black, I believe, my beast will instantly step out of its weak period.”

Qinghan was rather tempted to move towards the corpse of the King of the fire wolves and dig the magic crystal out of its head.

Once the battle beast stepped into its maturing period, it would be a watershed for the cultivation of any descendant in the Ye Family. Only once the battle beast had stepped out of its weak period, could the integration of beast and owner be realized. And once they were integrated into one, their total strength, power and speed would be multiplied. Moreover, it was even said, that some of the lucky cultivators could even obtain new techniques during this process.

Qinghan was confident, that his Little Black was at least a holy-grade battle beast. Many of the following facts supported this hypothesis – The abnormal scene in the summoning space during the Awakening Ceremony; the terrifying speed of Little Black, even though it was still in its weak period; the soul-conveying speech Little Black had… All these were an obvious indication, that Little Black was none of those ordinary beasts. What if Qinghan integrated with such a powerful beast, would his capability in cultivation skyrocket? Damn, he was so eager to try it.

Lying on the ground, Qinghan racked his brain about thinking out a feasible strategy to secretly move towards the King of the fire wolves. Of course, he couldn’t blatantly crawl to its body and excavate its brain. In that case, he would undoubtedly be discovered. On top of that, if the fire wolves were to find him dismembering their respected leader, they would consider his behavior as a blasphemy and tear him into pieces.

– Bang! –

Suddenly, a fireball fell on Qinghan’s legs, flames immediately bursted out at the bottom of his trousers. Subsequently, the sprawling fire gradually crawled upward, which caused unbearable pain between Qinghan’s legs.

“I hate fire wolves! I’m ok with your special skill of spitting fire, but why are you shooting it so randomly? Think about the innocent flowers and weeds, and me! Enjoy your fight and keep away from me. I don’t think it’s illegal to be a spectator of this battle. Why punish me?”

As the fire on his trousers turned hotter and expanded to his crotch area, Qinghan sensed a familiar smell. This smell made him think of the delicious smell of barbecued meat.


“If I don’t do something now, then I’ll become some delicious roasted food.”

When he was about to extinguish the flames on his trousers, a large chunk of a wolf’s body was sent flying in his direction. The head of this wolf was smashed into a deformed shape, as blood still oozed out.

“God bless me!”’

Looking at the approaching wolf’s head, Qinghan’s gloomy mood suddenly disappeared; instead, he was full of joy. The incoming force of the flying wolf propelled him to roll over the ground… In the process, he intentionally controlled the direction.

Rolling and rolling… Finally, the body of the King of the fire wolves got in his way. He threw his body on the giant head of the King, face down. Now, the flames on his legs had been extinguished, revealing his scorched bare legs and ragged trousers.

“This is a heaven-sent opportunity!”

Disregarding the pain on his legs, he communicated with Little Black and summoned it out. Soon, a ball of black smoke came out of his chest, and formed into the shape of Little Black.

To avoid any attention, Little Black crept into Qinghan’s clothing, only showing its sharp claws. It instantly began digging into the head of the King of the fire wolves. Little Black gingerly excavated as per Qinghan’s request.


In this chaotic battle, Xue Yi and the dragon had moved slightly leftward, though the giant tail of the dragon was still within range to smash against Qinghan. On the other side of the fight, Xue Wu had bundled Xue-Er on his back, and had joined the battle with Xue San and Xue Si to kill the fire wolves.

In front of the fourth-grade fire wolves, the three of them were fearless, as they were all in the Realm of the Commander. As long as they could quickly avoid the fireballs, they were able to approach the wolves and kill them.

The number of dead fire wolves had already accumulated to more than twenty. Meanwhile, Xue Wu, who had to bear the weight of Xue-Er on his back, was accidentally hit by a fireball and his belly, as well as his chest, were burned and injured. However, as for Xue San and Xue Si, they barely had any wounds, it seemed as if the situation was well under their control.

On the other side, the fight between the dragon and Xue Yi became increasingly fierce. All of Xue Yi’s indignation for the dragon had transformed into a powerful attacking force. As a cultivator in the second level of the Realm of the General, he was fully confident in defeating this dragon, which was injured to some extent by the previous attacks of the fire wolves. Apparently, Xue Yi had already gained the upper hand in this fight, as he was relentlessly attacking the dragon.

“Hurry up, Little Black!”

The flying fireballs were roaring in his ears, Qinghan was worried that he might be hit by another one. If that happened, he would no longer be able bear the pain and play dead at the same time.


The stiff skull of the King of the fire wolves was finally cracked open, due to the continuous efforts of Little Black. The white brain flowed out, leaving a green magic crystal inside the skull. On seeing this, Little Black’s eyes lighted up, as he quickly snatched it up and swallowed it.

“Boss, this magic crystal has ample energy, I believe it’s enough to help me step out of the weak period. However, i need some time to digest it…” Little Black instantly closed its eyes, falling into a deep slumber.

“What? Don’t you just digest it immediately as per your previous eating habits? Wake up! Oh…” Qinghan was extremely desperate, as his body numbed, because he had been staying in one position for a long time.



The howls of the beasts, as well as the cracking sound of the fireballs, and the growls of Xue Yi, all indicated that this chaotic battle had already reached its climax.

Suddenly, another body of the fire wolves was thrown in the direction of Qinghan, he wriggled a bit and lay parallel with the King of the fire wolves. By doing so, he successfully blocked the oozing blood from the King’s head to bath him, while at the same time, he was better protected behind the gigantic head of the King. At least, the odds of being directly hit by a fireball were reduced.

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