BPTH Chapter 28

The Chaotic Battle

To Qinghan’s sheer surprise, these five men had his portrait and had specially come here to capture him. There was no doubt, that these men were his enemies, even though he didn’t have any clue why they hated him so much. However, if he fell into their hands, nothing good would happen to him. Going forward, he would probably be killed by his enemies. However, if he went backwards, then there could still be a chance for him to escape in the chaotic battle.


Qinghan exerted all of his strength to run away in the opposite direction of these five men. He felt lucky, that previously, when he was on Little Black’s back, he hadn’t consume much of his strength or Battle Qi. Otherwise, he would’ve been long exhausted after hours of fleeing, and would be caught by these bastards he had just encountered.

There was only, perhaps three to four thousands meters from the ongoing battle between the fire wolves and the giant thorn dragon, to Qinghan. If he fully utilized his Battle Qi, it would take him less than a minute. Though Qinghan’s speed was quite impressive, he felt like this minute was much longer than normal, as he could sense the footsteps behind him coming closer and closer.

“I suppose that our target is the young lord from the Ye Family, who is a piece of garbage in cultivation. But I’m really confused right now, after seeing how fast he is running away. Who said he was only in the Realm of the Elite? Considering his speed, he’s supposed to be in the Realm of the Commander! I heard that he’s only fifteen years old and obviously, he meets the criteria to become one of the key descendants of their family. Uh… Our young lord has ordered us to capture him alive, yet I don’t see any chance to do that. Maybe we should just kill him and bring his body to our young lord. However… Based on the current circumstances, the strategy of capturing him alive is apparently not feasible given his appalling fleeing speed. Perhaps, if we directly kill him… Wait, let me think it over… At least, he is a descendant of the Ye Family, right? Their family will definitely seek revenge for his death. Oh, forget it, I don’t want to bring any trouble to our young lord.” Xue Yi frowned as he was weighing the cons and pros of his alternative strategy.

Eventually, Xue Yi decided to stick to the original task – to capture Qinghan alive. After all, if anything terrible happened, the Xue Family would be their strong backer.

Realizing that the target was leading them to the chaotic battle among the fire wolves, though Xue Yi wasn’t sure what kind of people or demonic beasts the fire wolves were fighting with, he was determined to block Qinghan’s way to enter that fighting scene, in case Qinghan would somehow manage to escape in the chaos.

Consequently, Xue Yi gathered all of his Battle Qi to catch up the small distance between him and Qinghan.

“Come on, I can do it!” A slight feeling of excitement struck Qinghan as he could already see the fighting scene. He planned to rush into the chaotic fight from the side, since he was alone and scrawny, he would hardly be noticed in the background of so many fire wolves. However, the five men behind him were larger in numbers, while at the same time, their bodies were taller and stronger. Their presence would certainly grab the attention of the demonic beasts there. In his idealized plan, he was supposed to flee away, while the five men chasing him would drag themselves into the chaotic battle.


His ideal was rosy, but reality was cruel.

While Qinghan was running, he had stolen a glance now and then over his shoulders, to check the distance between him and the five men. Suddenly, surprisingly, he found that one of the five men had accelerated his speed by almost two times, making the distance between them getting increasingly closer.

To Qinghan’s horror, this man instantly extracted the Battle Qi from his body, forming a large yellow palm-shaped Qi, which was now racing towards the back of Qinghan.

“His Battle Qi can be extracted from his body! Ahhh, he’s in the Realm of the General!” Qinghan was stunned, when he realized the capability of his enemies. He even thought, that the fact that the leader had dispatched such a high-level cultivator to kill him, was actually a compliment.

In the middle of his analysis, his back was struck by a powerful stream of strength, leaving him immediately almost half-dead. Qinghan felt as if he was taken apart by the force, as he spit out a mouthful of blood. He was immediately sent flying like a kite with a broken string. Eventually, his body fell and slammed against the ground with a loud thud.

“Big brother, is he dead? I think we were ordered to bring him back alive!” When they looked into the near distance, the five men found the already unconscious Qinghan, so one of them asked.

“No, he’s alive. Second Brother, please go there and take him with us. We’d better leave this damn place as soon as possible.” Xue Yi replied sternly as he retrieved his Battle Qi.

“Yes!” Xue-Er nodded his head, and quickened his pace.

As he walked forward, Xue-Er’s hatred towards Qinghan grew more and more intense. Considering the hard work they had done since they had received this task from their young lord Wuhen, they had spent more than a month on tracing this Qinghan. He dearly missed all of the prostitutes back on Thirteenth-Street in Grey City, for their smooth legs and well-rounded breasts… If it wasn’t for Qinghan, he wouldn’t have to suffer from not having women for such a long time. Therefore, he decided to add some extra punches to the motionless Qinghan to balance his mood.

However, when he was only one step away from Qinghan, a giant, red figure entered his eyesight.

“What’s that?’

In front of such an emergency, Xue-Er instinctively stretched his fist toward the mysterious red figure.

– Bang! –

Actually, what Xue-Er confronted was the King of the fire wolves, who was about three meters long. Now, it lay on the ground, panting heavily, while its four legs trembled rhythmically. Apparently, this King of the fire wolves was quickly nearing death’s door – due to the harsh whip of the giant thorn dragon and the hard blow of Xue-Er.

“The King of the fire wolves?”

Looking at the groaning wolf underneath, Xue-Er wondered if it could be the legendary King of the fire wolves.

“Oh, God, Is my fist so powerful, that I almost killed a fifth-grade fire wolf. Ah, it seems the women I fucked last time have really nourished me a lot in cultivation…” He couldn’t stop his mental masturbation, standing there like a goof.

“Second Brother, retreat!”

The shouting was from Xue Yi, who wore a solemn expression, as he catapulted himself forward like a bombshell.

At the same time, the other three men in the group all took their weapons out, as they closely followed behind Xue Yi.

Right at the back of Xue-Er, through the gaps of the thick trees, a large, black head revealed itself. A pair of lantern-sized eyes was set on its scale-covered face, rendering a ferocious and cold atmosphere. In its open mouth, two lines of serrated teeth protruded like sharp swords, reflecting a cold light.

“Sixth-grade demonic beast, the giant thorn dragon!”

Hearing the warning, Xue-Er turned around and found the giant thorn dragon. It might’ve been the horrible eyes of the dragon that petrified Xue-Er, or he was still intoxicated from the triumphant moment when he had brought the King of the fire wolves down, as he lingered a second before he ran away. Sadly, the dragon had already noticed this tiny human being, and waved its black tail towards Xue-Er.

– Bang! –

The nearby trees immediately fell down and Xue-Er was thrown away until he smashed into a big tree, before he bounced back. After being forced to tumble on the ground for several times, he finally came to a stop and lay silently.

“Second Brother!”

“Oh, No!”

The other four men screamed in grievance. Meanwhile, countless numbers of fire wolves jumped out of the forest, running towards their King. All of a sudden, howls and wails mixed together, creating a lamenting symphony.

“Fifth Brother, please go and protect Xue-Er. Third Bother and Fourth Brother, you two assist me to kill this bastard dragon. Watch out for the fireballs!” Xue Yi stared at the giant thorn dragon with an uncontrollable fury. Originally, the five of them were all orphans who were adopted by the Xue Family, they grew up together, and cultivated together… Their brotherhood was as deep as the ocean.

Today, this bastard dragon had attacked Xue-Er, who was severely injured or, perhaps, even dead. As a result, Xue Yi was determined to kill this dragon at any cost, to seek revenge for his Second Brother. Plus, even if they took Qinghan and ran away immediately, their speed would certainly fall behind this sixth-grade giant thorn dragon.


Unexpectedly, the fire wolves took the initiative, as they kept spitting out fireballs. Since they had lost their spiritual leader, the grievance inside their hearts had transcended into a crazy indignation.

“I will kill you!”

Xue Yi raced directly towards the dragon, completely disregarding the falling fireballs overhead, because he had a Battle Qi Armor protecting his body.

At the same time, the other two men were also slowly running towards the dragon, closely following behind Xue Yi while shying away from the fireballs.

The scene became a boisterous chaotic battle now.

At this moment, no one had noticed that Qinghan, who had been lying on the ground, had slightly opened an invisible seam between his upper and lower eyelids, as he was patiently watching the fight…

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