BPTH Chapter 24

The Huntsman

The next day, his joyful mood was terminated by the encounter of a stranger.

Considering the countless adventurers in the Wild Mountain Range, it was not weird to meet others along the way. Actually, Qinghan had met some during his previous days. However… This man in front of him, was quite unique – He was wrapped in a loose black robe, which also covered his face, only revealing a pair of cold, murderous eyes. At the same time, a broadsword was hanging around his waist.

“Young man, take out all of your belongings, and… Disappear.” The man in black robe instructed Qinghan, in a domineering voice.

“Er! Are you one of the legendary huntsmen? Who hunts humans, rather than demonic beasts?”

Qinghan narrowed his eyes, observing the man in front of him. As the saying goes, a man who walks along the riverside will eventually soak his shoes. Now, the brutal huntsman was in his way. In this mountain range it was inevitable to encounter these people.

“Big… Big brother, please leave me with some traveling expenses.”

Qinghan stammered, while his face turned red and his body slightly shivered.

“Hehe, do you want your travel expenses or your life? Choose one.” Over the years, this huntsman had been accustomed to the most evil part of the human being, making his voice rigid and cold blooded. When he said these words, he slightly raised the broadsword as a warning sign.

“Ok, I… I choose my life!”

Out of panic, Qinghan took off the bag from his shoulder, while his knees were quickly becoming weaker and weaker. He hastily threw the bag on the ground, as he followed the huntsman’s instructions. At the same time, he slightly bent his left leg, in an attempt to disguise the handle of his dagger.

“Ha, Nice, you made the right decision! However, why are you trying to hide that good-looking dagger? Didn’t I tell you to take out all of your belongings?!”

The huntsman leisurely picked the bag up and weighed it in his hands. He had then inadvertently glanced at Qinghan and found the dagger.

“Errr… Big brother, I’m afraid, this… This is my last hope to walk out of this beast-ridden mountain range. You know, it is my only… My only weapon.”

Qinghan explained in broken sentences, hoping for some leniency from the huntsman.

“Give me the dagger, or I’ll make you sleep in this mountain range forever.” The huntsman didn’t care the slightest about Qinghan’s explanation, as he continued to threaten Qinghan with a wildly arrogant expression.

“Alas…” Qinghan pondered for a short while, and came up with a decision. He pulled out the dagger from its sheath, and unwillingly threw it in the direction of the huntsman.

Seeing the submissive Qinghan, the huntsman sneered in an almost inaudible voice.

The trajectory of the dagger formed a beautiful arc. By leaning forward a little bit, the huntsman was prepared to catch the approaching dagger.

However, his conceited eyes suddenly turned into panic and fear.

Within a second, a vague figure had chased in the direction of the dagger at an unbelievable speed, and finally, a white and slim hand had grabbed the handle of the dagger. Without a warning, one arm of the huntsman had been deeply cut by the dagger.

– Bang!-

The bag and the broadsword were both dropped on the ground. Out of fear, the huntsman hastily stepped backwards, while his right hand was holding his wounded left arm.

“I won’t kill you, buddy. Well, my advice for you, don’t be a huntsman anymore, it’s too risky. You should take on a less dangerous occupation to make a living. ”Qinghan dusted the bag off, and put it back on his shoulder.

“Oh… Judging from your speed, I suppose you are a cultivator in the Realm of the Commander… Thank you for not killing me. Look, one of my arms is already paralyzed by the cut of your dagger; I am obviously unqualified to be a huntsman in the future.” It took several minutes for the huntsman to come to himself. He was not only surprised by Qinghan’s speed, but also by his acting skills. As an experienced huntsman in this mountain, he felt ashamed to be cheated by a mere teenager.

Since his left arm was severely injured, the huntsman had no chance to wave his broadsword with his left arm in his lifetime again, deep inside his heart, the flaming anger had surged into a fury. Nevertheless, he was also a double-dealer, whose true intentions would never be found in his expression.

“Alright, take the broadsword with you, or else you’ll be eaten by the demonic beasts.” Qinghan kicked the broadsword to the huntsman before he left.

Qinghan was thrilled to outfight his enemy by the combination of his cultivation capacity and his wisdom. This was his first time to teach someone a lesson. Therefore, his confidence soared up into the sky at this moment. Actually, he was even a little bit dizzy with his success, totally forgetting the left behind huntsman.

“Ah, a demonic beast!”

All of a sudden, a scream from behind Qinghan disrupted his mindflow. Out of curiosity, he turned around to find what kind of demonic beast it was.


When he turned around, a white powder quickly reached him and blurred his vision, even though he did see something brightly shining in close proximity.

Luckily, as vigilant as he was, he closed his eyes and twisted his body to avoid the approaching powder. However, there was still some that slipped into his eyes.

Instantly, the function of his eyes seemingly paralyzed, while within his eyeballs there were aching, spicy and numbed sensations. Soon, the negative side-effects swarmed into his brain, and his nerves…

With a jerk, his body swayed lopsided, yet the sharp and shining broadsword still cut through the skin of his chest. A layer of skin and flesh was ripped off, spilling his blood unceasingly.

The white powder was actually pulverized lime and the man who had attacked Qinghan was the previously dealt with huntsman.

Qinghan collapsed to the ground, as the color of his clothing had become a mixture of white and red – the sprayed white lime and the scarlet red blood. He rubbed his closed eyes with one hand, while blindly waving his dagger with his other hand. Out of desperation and fury, the muscles on his face twisted in an ugly shape, revealing an embarrassing miserable appearance of himself.

“You know, young man, the biggest mistake you made is… Leniency. We’re in the mountains here, not in the city or back at your family.” The huntsman lifted his broadsword, which was still dripping blood at its rim. His approaching heavy footsteps were like those enchanted souls walking along the road that led to the netherworld.

“Yes, you injured my left arm, but you know, I’m a right-hander. Luckily for you, I’m very revengeful. An eye for an eye. You know, I hate the saying that revenge is a dish best served cold. I can’t wait for a decade, even one night is too long for me. Revenge should be done as soon as possible! Haha…”

The huntsman nodded his head approvingly, as though he was self-praising his improved eloquence. At the same time, the light in his eyes turned cold and cruel. Holding the broadsword high in the air, he was determined to finally end Qinghan’s life.

Suddenly, Qinghan came to a halt, giving up all forms of struggle, as a faint smile emerged on his face.

“Er?” The huntsman hesitated slightly, as Qinghan’s smile made him feel rather uncomfortable. However, the broadsword in his hands kept striking down towards Qinghan.

At this very moment!

The uncomfortable eyes of the huntsman turned into despair, before they showed boundless horror. Hardly had he clearly seen the appearance of the little beast that had jumped out of Qinghan’s chest, or his neck was already bitten by Little Black. It wasn’t until he tried to identify what had actually attacked him, that his brain lost consciousness and slipped into endless darkness.

The broadsword dropped from the huntsman’s hand, directly falling on the chest of Qinghan.

– Ohhhh! –

The tip of the broadsword further injured his bleeding chest. However, Qinhan didn’t care much about the pain. He sat up with great effort, jerking the bag from the back of his shoulder, before taking out a kettle of water. By pouring water into his eyes, he attempted to wash the lime powder out of his eyes.

Incredibly, the wound on his chest began healing itself with the help of the white smoke emitted from the ring. The function of the holy object had been verified many times during his crazy cultivation. Thus, he washed his eyes first, rather than cleaning the wound.

Turning back, he stared at Little Black’s black, yet gleaming eyes, as a tidal wave of emotions bursted out in his heart. The world he currently lived in, was no longer the sophisticated world called Earth. No, this place, it was a jungle. This feeling grew more and more intense as he went deeper and deeper into the mountain range.

The Wild Mountain Range, a place free from any authority or governance, be it the five prominent families of the Mars Prefecture, or even Immortal City, which was the center of this vast continent. This was a place for killing, as only the most competent could survive. Now, he considered it to be a wise decision to start from the periphery of the mountain range, otherwise he would’ve probably met with a premature dead by now.

Looking at the dead huntsman, whose eyes were still wide open, Qinghan sighed heavily.

“You’re right buddy. Thanks for reminding me about my fatal error, I won’t be lenient towards my enemies anymore. I agree with you, for revenge, even one night is too long to wait…”

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