BPTH Chapter 23 Part 2

His Terrifying Cultivation Speed (2)

During this month, Qinghan had formed a routine – he hunted and killed the first-grade demonic beasts during the day and cultivated Battle Qi, to clear up his congested meridians, at night.

Each time, he used the special method to dash away the sticky stuff in his meridians by flooding it with large amounts of Battle Qi, rather than dissolving or eroding it bit by bit.

During these thirty nights of self-torturing cultivation, Qinghan had lost consciousness many times due to the aching of his broken meridians. Luckily, however, he had managed to wake up each time with the help of his ring.

However, the fruits of this crazy cultivation were huge. The stuff jammed in his meridians were successfully being flooded away by the force of the Battle Qi. Not only that, even his physical strength had greatly improved.

It was terrifying! Within a single month, six of his meridians had been cleared up! In order to activate the Battle Qi circulation in the Nine-meridian Heavenly Circuit, Qinghan only had to put some more extra efforts in the last half of the absolute meridian. That meant, he would soon have opened all of his nine meridians, which was the requirement to enter into the Realm of the Commander.

Six meridians in one month!

This speed would probably be the new record in the whole Mars Prefecture. Only for those “geniuses”, who had extremely little stuff in their meridians, would such an incredible speed be possible.

Qinghan’s father, Ye Dao, for instance, was a widely-admitted talent in cultivation. However, it had still taken him over half a year to open all twelve of his big meridians. Even for the nine small meridians, he had required three full months.

To Qinghan’s knowledge, the only “peerless genius” in the history of the Mars Prefecture, was a descendant of the Feng Family, and had spent only one month to clear up the Nine-meridian Heavenly Circuit. This genius was considered to be the record-keeper in terms of cultivation speed. Since then, he had become an idol for all cultivators throughout the Flame Dragon Continent.

As for Qinghan, it had taken him one month to open six meridians, while his were obviously different from those true geniuses’. Because, since his meridians were densely stuffed with sticky particles, it took a lot more effort to clear them up.

If his current achievement was known by the Ye Family or announced to the public, then he would definitely enjoy overnight fame.

Obviously, Qinghan had improved by leaps and bounds during these days in the mountain range. While, for each single improvement, he had challenged the physical limits of his body, considering the sharp pain he had suffered in the process, he was actually self-abusing himself to a certain extent.

Of all the citizens in this continent, how many people, or more exactly, how many teenagers who were only fifteen years old, had the courage and determination to try out such a crazy method? The invincible willpower, as well as the capability of tolerance, was hard to find in a normal cultivator, let alone a teenager! As his last resort, Qinghan had persuaded himself, “To succeed, or to die”.

As for a man who had experienced two lives, Qinghan’s psychological age was well beyond thirty. In his previous life, he had also been an underdog, who was ill-treated by the world as a helpless orphan. Meanwhile, this life was far from a better one. Following his father’s death, he was mocked and bullied by his counterparts, as well as by his “respected” elders. These unhappy memories kept replaying in his head. Especially the rainy night, when he had kneeled down in front of the Elder Clan Hall… The oath he had made to his beloved mother; the attack from that bastard Wuhen; and the murderous look from his eldest uncle… All of this reminded Qinghan to be strong, much stronger than those who had looked down upon him! He aspired to become a bright star in cultivation, someone who could control his own destiny!

His astounding cultivating speed was a result of his unlimited ambition. With the aid of the healing function of the bronze ring, Qinghan was confident that he would be able to achieve his goals.


What most surprised Qinghan, was the power and speed of his little battle beast.

It had been two months since Little Black had entered into this world. For the first month, it had only been interested in sleeping and eating. However, since they climbed up into this mountain range, its sleeping time had gradually been shortened. According to Elder Tianxing, when a beast was less and less interested in sleeping, then it was about to step out of its weak period. If the beast didn’t fall asleep any more, it would be an indication for its final step in maturing. At that time, the physical appearance of the beast would be greatly changed.

Currently, Little Black spent one thirds of its time sleeping. And his body had grown up to the size of a human head, but no distinctive difference was found in its appearance. All of this served as solid proof that Little Black was still in its weak period.

Back when Qinghan was in the School of Battle Beasts, he was told by Elder Tianxing, that all battle beasts in their weak period had zero fighting capacities.

However, to his astonishment, in a random fight, Little Black had instantly killed a first-grade demonic beast. From then on, this head-sized little beast had kept chasing first-grade demonic beasts and killed them with one ferocious bite each time. The most incredible part was its speed, which was much faster than Qinghan’s, who was already a single step away from the Realm of the Commander.

As Little Black’s fighting capacity grew, its appetite increased as well. At first, five magic crystals per day were enough; Now, however, the amount had doubled to ten magic crystals. Consequently, Qinghan had to reschedule his fighting plan in order to keep up with his beast’s appetite.

In the daytime, Qinghan, together with Little Black, would wander around the outside periphery of the mountain range, waiting for their prey – the first-grade demonic beasts. As long as his finger was not bitten off, or he wasn’t killed instantly, Qinghan was fearless in front of these demonic beasts, because the ring would be his lifesaver in the end.

The horrible speed of Little Black was quite impressive, and it was safe and sound throughout each and every fight. The first-grade demonic beasts were like rotten apples for his incisive teeth.

At night, Little Black would be summoned back into the summoning space and slept soundly until the next morning. At the same time, Qinghan utilized this period of time to continue his cruel, yet super-efficient cultivation.


It was almost midnight.

On a large branch of an ancient tree, Qinghan was diligently cultivating.

Tonight! Tonight, he would flood away the remaining stuff in his absolute meridian, so that the Nine-meridian Heavenly Circuit would be unobstructed. In other words, he would soon step into a whole new realm – the Realm of the Commander!

“Qinghan, I’ve done my best. Your First Uncle, and Ye Ron, they fiercely rejected your request. After all, it would break the rules if we were to let your mother rest in the ancestral tomb. Now, listen, in order to be listed as one of the key descendants of the Ye Family, you have to cultivate diligently and show the elders that you have the potential to transcend the Realm of the Commander. Or, there is another option: to summon a sixth-grade combat beast before the Flame Dragon Festival! Anyway, I’ll recommend you to the Elder Clan once you’ve achieved either. I believe that your mother’s unfulfilled wish will be realized…”

Remembering the encouraging words told by his Third Uncle when his mother had passed away, Qinghan quivered in his heart. Tomorrow, he would wake up as a cultivator in the Realm of the Commander! Right now, he was only fifteen years old, there was still one year left for him to climb up to the Realm of the General. With the incredible ring, Qinghan believed that this goal was absolutely attainable. Moreover, all signs showed that Little Black was definitely not a normal beast, it could perhaps be a holy-grade or even higher. Given all of these achievements that he had already obtained, and those he would obtain in the near future, he was confident that he would soon be 100% qualified to be listed as a key descendant.

“Mom, it won’t take long for me to realize what I promised you in that oath. I won’t let you down… Humph! Ye Qingkuang, Ye Ron, and Ye Jian… All those so-called big bugs in the family, one day, I will tread all of you beneath my feet…” His face split into a weird, evil smile, as he raised the corners of his mouth.

Closing his eyes, Qinghan started to cultivate. It would be another long night of torture…

Qinghan’s garbage body would soon be upgraded to a body full of potential. He was only one step away from the Realm of the Commander!

Honestly, to most adult cultivators in the Mars Prefecture, the Realm of the Commander was far from ideal. Especially for descendants from the five prominent families, it wasn’t uncommon to obtain this realm. Whereas, for a fifteen-year old teenager, it was definitely an impressive achievement. It was no surprise, that the Ye Family had set one of the criteria for the key descendants to have entered into the Realm of the Commander before the age of sixteen.

Battle Qi was like wine and the body was like a container. The size and stiffness of the container would affect the volume of the wine a body could possibly contain. As the cultivation went on, the Battle Qi would accumulate at an increasing speed. However, if the body didn’t allow any entrance for the Battle Qi to penetrate, then the cultivator would stagnate in this process. This was why the preliminary stage of clearing up the meridian was so important, which guaranteed one’s further cultivation.

Feeling proud and elated, Qinghan was eager to shake off the title of “garbage” as soon as possible. He deeply believed that the thirty-night cultivation would finally pay off.

If it wasn’t for his toughness and perseverance, Qinghan would have definitely quit in the middle, as most cultivators would do. But, the endless suffering had brought him pain, as well as happiness. He knew, that no dream would be realized without hard work. Imaging the rosy prospects in the near future, he didn’t fear the physical aching anymore.

The following days, Qinghan and Little Black collaborated together in their fight against the demonic beasts. Now, at the outside periphery, this fighting team was almost invincible. With an adventurous spirit in his blood, Qinghan decided to enter slightly deeper into the mountain range.

As they walked along a mountain path, they occasionally bumped into one or two fourth-grade demonic beasts. And, even though it was a little bit tough for Qinghan to handle these higher-ranked demonic beasts, he quite enjoyed the challenge.

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