BPTH Chapter 23 Part 1

His Terrifying Cultivation Speed (1)

The so-called meridian-clearing stage was to dissolve, erode or decompose the congested stuff, which prevented cultivators from further improvements. It could be compared to molding a piece of candy in your mouth. You twist and lick it with your tongue, as this piece of candy will gradually dissolve into liquid and blend into your saliva. Obviously, in this process it took some time to completely dissolve the piece of candy, as it had to be done layer by layer.


The method created by Qinghan, crazy, pioneering and risky as it was, was supposed to clear up the jammed stuff more efficiently than the traditional method.

He had to rely on the Battle Qi itself, to rush into the meridian and smash into the congested stuff. Others would slowly suck the candy, while Qinghan would crunch it into powder.

Crunching! Chewing! Crashing it within seconds!

Undoubtedly, this new process should be tens, or even hundreds of times faster than the original one. Nevertheless… By directing the forceful Battle Qi directly into the congested meridians, it was almost equal to committing suicide. The meridians in his body, fragile as they were, would most likely be destroyed, together with the congested stuff, by the sheer force of the rushing Battle Qi.

“Broken meridians? I had one back in the Awakening Ceremony. No big deal. Let the crash be more ferocious… My magic bronze ring will save me anyway!”

Qinghan took a couple of deep breaths, as he was preparing himself for this monumental moment in his life. Clenching his fists, he expended all of the Battle Qi that he had stored in his already cleared-up meridians, and forced it to flood into his dashing meridian.

“Collide! Collide! Collide!”

A large amount of Battle Qi collided with the congested stuff in his dashing meridian. Now, due to its speed, the Battle Qi was almost as sharp as a sword. It became faster and faster, as it all rushed into the same direction.

– Boom! –

The flood of Battle Qi collided against the sticky congested stuff, instantly disintegrating the latter into small particles, like ignited firework.

“Er? Have I succeeded?”

Barely had Qinghan enjoyed the moment of happiness, when his dashing meridian imploded, due to the pressure of Battle Qi.


The pain of crashing a meridian was unspeakably unbearable. What was worse, was that Qinghan was caught in a fist of cramps, causing the muscles in his face to deform, making him resemble a demon.

“No… I’m losing my consciousness… My dear ring, don’t let me down…”

Within seconds, the bitter aching led Qinghan to faint. As he went down, he put all of his hopes on the bronze ring.

– Hiss! –

Fortunately, the bronze ring automatically emitted the white smoke, which penetrated into Qinghan’s skin, and finally came to a halt at the broken dashing meridian.

After the crash, the dashing meridian was riddled with a thousand gaping holes. Amazingly enough, all these holes started to patch themselves up when they were bathed in the white smoke.

Ten minutes past…

Twenty minutes past…

Only after half an hour had passed, did Qinghan reopen his eyes. Compared to his previous excruciating pain, right now, he was extremely comfortable, as if he was taking a warm bath in a cold winter. Several minutes later, he hunkered again, inspecting his inner body’s condition.

Within the dashing meridian, the congested stuff was reduced to a great extent. While at the same time, the wounds on the surface of the meridian had also disappeared.

“Wow, this is insane! My pioneering cultivating method has finally proven itself to be effective!”


A series of demented laughter echoed throughout the mountains, scaring away the nearby birds that peacefully sat on the trees.


One month later…

In the outside periphery of the Wild Mountain Range, a young man in black clothing hastily went down a mountain path. This youth wasn’t stout, but rather scrawny instead. However, his footsteps were quite steady and firm and his eyes were like two lighted torches, rendering a confident and unruffled temperament.

Suddenly, the young man abruptly halted in the middle of his steps. Surprisingly, the inertia of his high speed didn’t cause him to lean backwards, instead, he was surprisingly steady. He raised his head, prick-eared, to listen to the slight sounds of his surroundings. His body was as nimble as a palm civet, climbing into a nearby ancient tree without making a single sound.

“First-grade demonic beast, wind wolf. Oh, good, there is a flock of them… Eighteen in total! Haha, Little Black, you don’t have to worry about tomorrow’s food. Come out!” The young man whispered to himself. Soon, a ball of black smoke emerged from his chest and condensed into the shape of a lion-nosed dog.

This little black dog kept waving its tails, as though it was apple-polishing its master. While, the young man only touched its head, and shouted, “Let’s begin!”

With this passionate exclamation, the young man spurted, like a shooting arrow, into the direction of the flock of wind wolfs.

– Whoosh! –

The little beast immediately followed its master, as it was evidently faster than its master. Its pair of eyes were lit up with a red and glaring light.

Not far away, a flock of wind wolfs was leisurely walking around, as they were rooting for food. Suddenly, the two wolves in the front sensed danger ahead of them, their fur stood up, making it look as if they had been struck by lightning.

“Ground-breaking Chop!”

In the air, a pair of two black silhouettes appeared, one was big while the other was much smaller. The young man on the left did a split mid-air, as his feet were almost touching his shoulders. Unexpectedly, his leg slammed against the head of one of the two wolves that had stood in the front.

The wind wolf was well-known for its speed among the first-grade demonic beasts. However, in front of this young man, it only managed to slightly lean its head to one side.

– Bang! –

With a crisp sound, the stiff head of the wind wolf was directly turned into fine powder, as white brains matter flowed out in liquid form. Meanwhile, its blood was watering the nearby weeds.

This single kick had easily killed the wind wolf!

Meanwhile, the head-sized little beast was running towards another wolf, like a gust of wind. Its manner of attacking looked more peaceful than young man’s – It opened its mouth, revealing four keen-edged tiger teeth and bit through the neck of the wolf.

– Chi! –

With the sound of ripping the skin, several giant veins protruded, as its blood started to ooze out. The wind wolf collapsed with a thud, as fear and confusion were filling its eyes.

“Nice! Let’s compete for attack speed!”

The young man stole a glance at his little beast, before he quickened his steps towards the rest of the running wind wolves.


The little beast, arrogantly raised its head, as it closely followed behind the young man. Together, they rushed into the flock of wind wolves.

A couple of minutes later, all of the eighteen wind wolves had been slaughtered. On the ground, parts of their remains could be found.

“Jiji, Jiji!”

The little black beast kept on making this weird sound, as though it was claiming credit for its achievements.

However, the young man in black clothing looked horrible, as there were visible claw marks on his back as well as on his legs. Also, his clothing was torn up, and blood-stained. Strangely, the young man didn’t care about his injuries. Instead, with the help of his dagger, he calmly searched for the magic crystals in the head of each wolf.

“Jiji, Jiji!” Seeing its master not even giving him so much as a glance, the little beast cried out in a high pitch.

“Stop it! Come on, I’ve told you many times, I hate this voice. At least, you should sound like this: Grrrr! You know, this is the imposing manner you’re supposed to render. Anyway, enjoy your supper.” The young man frowned at his beast and threw five magic crystals at it.

“Grrr! Jiji…”

“You little beast… Oh, forget it. Seriously, why does it take so long for you to step out of your weak period, I mean, two months have already passed. As far as I know, the longest period for a battle beast was roughly two months; it was our ancestor Ruoshui’s holy-grade white tiger. Are you really trying to break that record? Are you actually more powerful than the white tiger? Don’t tell me you’re actually a divine-grade battle beast…” The young man unblinkingly stared into the eyes of the little beast.

“Jiji, Jiji!” The little beast only waved his tail in response, as his claws were busy picking up the magic crystals.

“Oh, I’m only a daydreamer. Look at your dog-like appearance… If you are a divine battle beast, then I’m an immortal. You don’t have any loyal temperament like all the other high-ranked battle beasts… Anyway, I’m going to take a shower and continue my cultivation. There is still a meridian that I need to clear up before I will finally enter the Realm of the Commander.”

The young man was Qinghan, and the little beast was Little Black. For the whole month, they had searched around the outside periphery of the mountain, and they had killed a great number of first-grade demonic beasts on the way. During these days, Qinghan had returned to Wild City twice, to replenish his tools and clothing.

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