BPTH Chapter 22

 ­The Crazy Method

“Is this fake ring actually authentic?”

Qinghan was surprised to find that his injuries had started to recover, the moment that the white smoke from the ring had started to run through his body. After a while, a second wave emerged and the injuries even miraculously scabbed. The flow went on and on, bringing in a comfortable warmth, as if Qinghan was bathing himself in a hot spring.

“The white smoke, ah, I remember! Back when I was in the Awakening Ceremony, it was this kind of smoke that saved my life. How magical… This fake ring finally turned out to be useful! What a damn good luck I have! Haha, will this ring help me out whenever I’m in any physical danger? If that’s the case, I’ll survive in any battle. It’s definitely a holy item, there’s no doubt about that!”

As his body had almost been fully recuperated, Qinghan grew more and more excited. He was well aware about the ranking of items in the Flame Dragon Continent: from low to high, it was the spirit items, precious items, holy items and the legendary immortal items. One obvious function of the holy item was to save its owner whenever he or she was suffering from fatal physical injuries. In other words, it could serve as a life-saving medicine. Indeed, the holy ring bestowed Qinghan with at least several more lives. Once he was injured in battle, he would soon after recover and be able to continue to fight, as long as he wasn’t instantly killed. The existence of holy items was really against the will of the heavens!

“I never thought that this ring would be real. After all, its surface scratched off so easily… Oh, My dear daddy, super daddy, now I sincerely apologize for all the ridiculous remarks I’ve previously made. I mocked you as a peddler touting down the streets… Sorry for that… Thank goodness, thank goodness! I didn’t flush it into the toilet. Oh, My God, I’ve got a holy item. Within such a short period, the severe injuries, which would’ve most likely ended my life, were recovered to an unbelievably large degree. I mean, except for some parts of the bones that are still aching, everything, including my meridians, have been fully healed. Oh… Wait… If it can really heal damaged meridians, then…”

Qinghan bounced up like a spring, as though he came up with a brilliant idea.


He was so overjoyed that he almost forgot his aching bones. The sudden jump worsened the pain, as his back was suddenly soaked with cold sweat. Despite all of his physical agony, Qinghan’s eyes had lit up with an overwhelming excitement. An excitement that was even more intense, than the one he had when he had realized that the ring was actually authentic.

“My meridians… Ha, I know how I should continue cultivating! If this method takes effect, then my ability will rise perpendicularly, and as a result, my Battle Qi will increase at a terrifying speed.”

“Theoretically, this method is ok! Absolutely ok!”

Clenching his fists, Qinghan wished to carry out this experimental method immediately. Yet, the healing process was still ongoing, he had to patiently wait until he had made a complete recovery.

“It’s healing so slowly… I don’t want to wait another second…” Qingha complained. If others were around, he would most likely be scolded for his impatience, since no one would nag on the efficiency of a holy item.

The passing of time was just like the water in the brook, flowing steadily and slowly.


Now, dawn was just around the corner, as everything around him was covered in a misty light. The early-morning air was extremely fresh, while the wind was humming through the numerous leaves of the trees, making it rustle in a beautiful rhythm.

“Oh! My God. Thank goodness. Thank Buddha…”

Qinghan energetically got to his feet. After one night’s healing process, his body was basically recovered, except for some faint pains that were still in his bones.

“Hopefully, I’ll have made a full recovery in the afternoon. This ring is absolutely incredible, I love it!”

Qinghan kissed the ring on his left hand, fondling the bronze surface admirably.

“Er, I have to cultivate a bit to speed up the healing process and leave here as soon as possible. Once my physical body allows me to carry out my experiment, I will instantly cultivate to a higher realm! Haha…”

Looking around, Qinghan found himself lying in high weed, where the plants were half the height of a human being. Now, he was in the middle of these thick weeds, almost invisible to his surroundings.

Actually, Qinghan was such a lucky guy. Last night, he had lain motionless on the ground, unaware of the ongoings of his surrounding. If it wasn’t for the high weeds, he would’ve be torn to pieces by the passing demonic beasts once they had discovered him.

Since he had not fully recovered yet, he decided to cultivate some Battle Qi to assist the healing process.

Battle Qi was a magic thing; it could be conveyed via the cells to all parts of the body. However, the cells were too slow to move the Battle Qi around the body. However, if it was done by the meridians, the speed would be multiplied.

Thus, for all cultivators, clearing away the congested stuff in their meridians should be their first and foremost task.

Two hours passed!

Four hours passed!

Finally, half a day had passed…

Qinghan opened his sparkling eyes, and jumped high in the air. He made a variety of gestures by stretching out his arms and legs, ensuring that his body had fully recovered.

“I’m ok now! I have spent only one and a half day, yet the severe injuries have all disappeared!” Qinghan fixed his eyes on the ring, as he was smiling with joyfulness.

Grabbing the dagger on the ground, he sliced the head of the dead saber-toothed tiger open. Soon, an orange-colored magic crystal was revealed. He quickly tucked the crystal into his bag and spurted away.

By following his memory, he returned to a certain brook. Here, he stripped off his ragged and blood-stained clothes and jumped into the river to enjoy a nice bath. After a while, he swam back to the riverbank. He was rather afraid that the smell of the blood in his clothes would draw the attention of some high-ranked demonic beasts. So, instead of picking up his old clothes, which he had taken off several minutes ago, he rummaged through his bag and took a set of new clothes out, which he had previously bought in Wild City.

“That’s it!”

After his bath, Qinghan scurried to a big tree, which he believed to be a safe place to stay. This tree was roughly ten meters tall and it stood alone, without any other trees nearby. Yesterday, Qinghan had also carefully checked the tree on which he had rested. At first he had not found any nearby beasts. However, during the night, the saber-toothed tiger had sneakily attacked him from an adjacent tree, which branches were almost connected with the tree he had been on.

“As the saying goes: A fall into the pit, a gain in your wit. If I committed the same mistake twice, I would be as foolish as a pig. This tree is separated from the others, so it should be safe.”

“Alright, now it’s finally time to start cultivating!”

After taking some grains, Qinghan sat on one of the branches, crossed legged and close-eyed. He was thrilled to use his newly-found method.

“Ok… Calm down, calm down!”

He kept telling himself to be peaceful while cultivating. Yet, his heartbeat was jumping like a rabbit inside his chest. That was because, right now, he was going to try out a risky and unprecedented method in cultivation.

Qinghan was so eager to prove to the others that he wasn’t the piece of garbage they thought he was. He was determined to break the rules and create his own method – to rush away the congested stuff in his meridians with countless amounts of Battle Qi.

Not to dissolve, or erode, but to flush it away with the sheer force of the flooding Battle Qi.

The Realm of the Warrior, the Realm of the Soldier, the Realm of the Elite, the Realm of the Commander and the Realm of the General, these five realms were generally considered the first five realms in cultivation. Every breakthrough made in these realms would require Battle Qi. By dissolving, or eroding the stuff in the meridians, the Battle Qi would finally be able to be stored in the meridians.

Once the stuff that jammed the Nine-meridian Heavenly Circuit was cleared, the Battle Qi would be able to freely circulate within these nine small meridians, which was also an indication of leaving the realm of the elite and stepping into the Realm of the Commander. Afterwards, if one continued to cultivate, the Battle Qi would be condensed inside the Dantian and circulate through all the meridians in the body, forming the Grand Heavenly Circuit, which was a sign of having reached the Realm of the General.

For those “geniuses” with less congested stuff, it was an easy job to cultivate through these first five realms. Meanwhile, for those “pieces of garbage” with excessive stuff in their meridians, it was as unattainable as jumping up into the heavens. Many mediocre cultivators would stagnate somewhere within these first five realms.

Qinghan, obviously, belonged to the latter. He had been lingering in the Realm of the Elite for years now and couldn’t find a way out. Ironically, Qingkuang, who had only spent half a month to clear up one meridian, was labeled as a genius. The gap between half a month and several years was unbelievably huge. No wonder that his father, Ye Dao, had written in his account of experience that, talent was a prerequisite for cultivation.

Although there was a myriad of methods in cultivation, the methods for the first five realms were largely similar. It was only luck that made a difference here.


It was considered to be the most important, yet most vulnerable part of the body. A cultivator should take extra caution in clearing up the stuff congested in their meridians. Now, Qinghan was actually planning to let his Battle Qi flood into these vulnerable meridians to quickly clear them. This was obviously a rather dangerous plan – the force created by the running Battle Qi would probably burst his meridians. If that happened, Qinghan was supposed to… Die!