BPTH Chapter 21

The Fake Ring is Actually Authentic

“Qingyu, What are you doing right now?” Looking at the remote cosmic, a myriad of thoughts passed through Qinghan’s mind. He was reminiscent of his previous life on Earth, of his deceased parents in this world, but especially of his friendless sister back in Grey City.

His sister’s lovely voice and happy countenance haunted Qinghan’s mind. Was it just a kind of domestic affection, or more than that? Qinghan wasn’t sure about his feelings towards Qingyu. Right now, all he knew, was that he missed her so much.

– Jiji! Jiji! –

Little black was scraping randomly at Qinghan’s chest, playing with his clothing. It was a naughty beast, who liked the outside more than the space in Qinghan’s chest. Looking at this little beast, Qinghan was overtaken by concern about when it would finally step out of its weak period.

“Stop it with that annoying sound, Jiji-Jiji!” Qinghan playfully scolded Little Black, “Hey, my dear Little Black, you are supposed to be a super-ranked battle beast, why are you making the sounds of a mouse? Since you are still young, I don’t expect you to howl like a dragon or a lion, but at least you should bark like a dog, so that it may match with your appearance. Otherwise, some people will complain that you are worse than a ‘lion-nosed dog’…”

“Jiji, Jiji…” Little Black was in utter confusion, rolling its black eyes funnily.

“Oh, buddy, stop it. I’m tired of this sound. Please stop it, or I will cut your little Jiji (the sound “Jiji” means “penis” in Chinese oral language) instead.” Qinghan was inexplicably irritated by the noise, as he was afraid that it could become another reason for mockery, if those in the Ye Family learned that his “Lion-nosed dog” sounded like a mouse.

“Ji… Ji…” Little Black continued this sound fearlessly, as if he was aware of Qinghan’s anger.

Left with no other choice, Qinghan decided to throw it back into the summoning space in his chest. Suddenly, the gleaming in Little Black’s eyes faded away, it turned out to be as vigilant as a lion – the hair on its head instantly erected.

“Ah? Something bad is going to happen?”

Realizing a sense of imminent danger, Qinghan slightly quivered. The successive fights with the demonic beasts these past few days had trained him to be a man of vigilance. He quickly summoned Little Black back to his chest, and leaned backwards before he let himself fall down the branch.

– Bang! –

“Oh, no…”

While Qinghan was falling from the branch, a black shadow had appeared from nowhere, stretching a pair of sharp claws towards Qinghan. The branch was immediately broken into two big pieces by the strength of this unknown beast. Sadly, Qinghan wasn’t lucky enough to avoid the attack, as the sharp claws had landed on his chest and ferociously scraped into his meat.

The aching agony spread all over his body, as if he was torn into small segments. He felt that three ribs in his left chest were broken. Soon after the unbearable physical sufferings, he almost lost the sense of pain in his left chest, as if it was numbed.

“Calm down! Calm down!”

Qinghan tried his best to stay sober in his mind, though he predicted that he couldn’t see tomorrow’s sunrise.

Now, his body was still falling down, the unknown beast jumped down as well, as though it was determined to kill Qinghan. Although all of this happened in just the blink of an eye, to Qinghan, every second counted. He racked his brain to figure a way out of this periculous situation. And, he mystically grinned.

“Son of a bastard, do you really want to kill me? Alright, I will drag you down to hell with me!”

Given the severe injury on his chest, Qinghan felt that he might not see tomorrow. With only some scratches, the unknown beast was already able to break his ribs, which indicated how mighty this beast was. As far as its strength was concerned, it could reach at least fifteen-horse. That meant, it could be a third-grade demonic beast, or perhaps even a fourth-grade one.

As a low-ranked cultivator in the Realm of the Elite, there was no way for Qinghan to outfight this aggressive demonic beast. And now he was almost half-dead, how would it be possible for him to survive from this?

“Oh… It seems that I’ll die tonight anyway. Alright, come and eat me! I’ll perish together with you…” At this life and death moment, Qinghan stuck to this crazy idea.

He tried his best to lie as flat as possible while dropping from above, because he reckoned it would be necessary to expand the area of thrust surface in order to distribute his weight and cushion the pain.

“Third-grade demonic beast, saber-toothed tiger!”

Looking at the closely approaching beast in the moonlight, Qinghan saw a ferocious mouth, which was emitting an obnoxious stench. The white teeth in its mouth were like a couple of sharp sabers. Its eyes were lit with a cold light and there was the character of “Wang” (means King) on its forehead, which was twisting with its horrible expression. Qinghan was shocked to find out that it was actually a third-grade saber-toothed tiger, which was a rare species among the third-grade demonic beasts.

“Bring it on! Let me feel your power!”

With a thud, the four strong legs of the giant saber-toothed tiger all pressed on Qinghan’s body, which had already fallen on the ground. The total weight of the beast and Qinghan had reached well beyond hundreds of kilograms, leaving a visible mark on the weeds, which was at the height of one’s knees. Meanwhile, for the poor Qinghan, he felt as if he was just ran over by a racecar. Now, all of the bones in his body cracked with a crisp sound. As a result, Qinghan was enveloped by waves of indescribable physical pain. Suddenly, the blood surged up from his stomach and sprayed out of his mouth. He was like a dying prey for the saber-toothed tiger, bleeding its last amount of blood.

Originally, the beast had looked Qinghan’s body up and down, as if it hadn’t decided where to take its first bite.


When Qinghan vomited blood, the tiger twisted its royal head sideway, trying to avoid being stained by the filthy blood of this despicable creature beneath its claws.

At this very moment, the seemingly dead Qinghan reached his right hand, which was holding a dagger, out and cut through the neck of the saber-toothed tiger.

When the tiger turned its head back towards Qinghan, horror and desperation were filling its eyes. Blood was furiously gushing out of the cut in its neck. After a fit of trembling, the mighty tiger ultimately collapsed with its eyes remaining wide open, showing its everlasting regret for turning away.


Seeing the almost motionless tiger, Qinghan stopped holding his breath, instead, he breathed heavily. Despite the doomed situation, he still had the courage to fight until he would breath his last breath. Only if the saber-toothed tiger died, could he have the slightest chance of survival. Otherwise, the tiger would have definitely crushed him in one way or another.

“Hehe, What an impasse! This could probably be my last stand… Now, since I have killed a rare third-grade saber-toothed tiger, I’m ready to die. Dad and Mom, I’m coming… Oh, Qingyu, my dear Qingyu…”

Apart from his right hand and his head, almost his entire body was severely injured. Most of his bones were cracked and blood was oozing out of his body from several different places. Now, Qinghan was too weak to even lift his finger, let alone hunker to cultivate Battle Qi to heal his wounds.

“Very quietly I take my leave
As quietly as I came here;
Gently I flick my sleeves
Not even a wisp of cloud will I bring away.”

A piece of a modern poem struck Qinghan, he felt that life was actually like a painting. He had failed to paint a beautiful life on the background of the Flame Dragon Continent. He hoped, however, that in his next life, he would be able to paint his own magnificent country…

“Qingyu, Qingyu! Oh, my poor sister, without me, you’ll struggle alone in this world…”

With a long and deep sigh, Qinghan felt the vigor within his body slowly fading away.
Eventually, he closed his eyes, ready to face his final moment…

However, at this very moment!

A stream of warmth came from his ring finger. Magically, Qinghan regained his life force as the flow went through his entire body… He was utterly shocked by this mind-boggling change, while the desperate and helplessness in his heart were now squeezed out by rejoice and hope.

“This flow… Is actually restoring my body. Oh, God, I won’t die! Oh… Wait a minute. Where did this flow suddenly pop out from? My ring finger? Ah, it’s that fake bronze ring… Wait… Could it be… Could it be that this fake ring is actually authentic?”