BPTH Chapter 201

Majesty Shi, the King of the Flaming Dragon Continent!

“Come on, stop daydreaming! I don’t possess an Immortal Crystal!” Ye Ruoshui glanced at the three elders with cold eyes, for he already understood what they meant, “Neither do I nor that eccentric old man living on Concealed Island, or any of the great elders of the three prefectures have an Immortal Crystal. Humph, forget about using an Immortal Crystal as a shortcut in your cultivation!”

“Even the leader of Concealed Island didn’t have one? But it was he that gave me the Immortal Crystal that Qingyu absorbed.” Ye Tianlong broke in abruptly.

“Nope, this didn’t belong to him. Even upon death he wouldn’t acquire such a treasure.” With an even colder voice, Ye Ruoshui added, “Do you guys think the Immortal Crystal is a mundane treasure that everyone can have a chance to get? Naïve! Only the most valuable items existing between Heaven and Earth could be comparable with an Immortal Crystal. Throughout this Flaming Dragon Continent, only two guys have the luck to possess such a celestial item. One is the leader of Immortal City, and the other is the King of the Dark Forest, Majesty Shi! You know what? The Immortal Crystal that Qingyu inhaled was originally from Majesty Shi. He then gave it to the leader of Concealed Island!”

“Majesty Shi?”

Ye Tianlong, and the other two elders were so shocked that they couldn’t even get their mouths to close.

As for Ye Tianlong, he began recalling his journey to Concealed Island. In the beginning, the leader of Concealed Island rejected him but several days afterwards, he changed his mind and brought him the Immortal Crystal, which Ye Tianlong mistakenly believed was the Spirit Immortal Dan. It seemed Majesty Shi had gotten himself secretly involved in this matter by giving the Immortal Crystal to the Ye Family via the hands of Concealed Island’s leader.

However, it was widely known that Majesty Shi preferred to keep a low-profile. Despite his superpower, he never deliberately showed his ability to bait reputation. Of course, he didn’t have a genetic connection with the Ye Family. But, why was he so unbelievably generous as to be willing to give the Immortal Crystal to the Ye Family? What was his true intention? Most interestingly, why did he choose to give them in such a roundabout way, rather than giving this item directly to Ye Tianlong?

Ye Ruoshui received the perplexed looks of the elders, who were so eager to get an immediate answer from him.

“Alas, don’t ask me. I don’t know, either. Yes, it’s true that I’ve been to Concealed Island, but it took me great efforts to persuade the leader to tell me what exactly happened. When I realized the Immortal Crystal was from Majesty Shi, I proposed to go to the Dark Forest, north of the continent, to visit Majesty Shi. To my disappointment, that lofty Majesty Shi didn’t show up, but only conveyed his voice to deliver a simple sentence.”

“What did he say?” Ye Qingniu seemed to be the most curious one among them all.

At first, Ye Ruoshui escaped the curious gaze from Ye Tianlong, but a second later, he showed the same bewilderment as the other elders as he answered.

“Majesty Shi said, ‘Treat Ye Qinghan well!’.”


The three elders, including Ye Tianlong, were left speechless upon hearing such an outlandish answer.

What had happened? Since when did Qinghan have any relationship with Majesty Shi? Even Ye Ruoshui was rejected when he visited him, how was it possible that such an advanced cultivator would have any friend-like or whatsoever relation with a relatively lower-ranked teenager?

“I’ve confirmed with Qinghan and he said he doesn’t know Majesty Shi! I’m afraid, only Qinghan himself will be able unravel the mystery behind this matter.” As equally confused as the other elders, Ye Ruoshui shook his head but soon a smile appeared on his face, “Haha, this will turn out to be an advantage for Qinghan. Previously I said Qinghan would probably have a 60% to 70% chance to escape, but now I’m fully confident to promise you that Qinghan’s chance dashed to 100%, because of Majesty Shi!”

“What… Majesty Shi will help us save Qinghan?”

Being shocked and confused, Ye Tianlong added, “This… Ancestor, I remember you said, that no one, even those immortals, can enter the Luo Shen Mountain before the Heaven Path appears, haven’t you? But, how come Majesty Shi is an exception?”

“Majesty Shi is much more powerful than you guys think. He’s not only the King of the Dark Forest, but also the King of the Flaming Dragon Continent. For sure, he is a matchless existence in the whole continent!”

As Ye Ruoshui replied, the appreciative and ardent light in his eyes were easy to be spotted.

“Yes, the forbidden-entrance system in the Luo Shen Mountian is absolutely impressive. I, like all other immortal-level cultivators, cannot physically step in the mountain without the Heaven Path. Well… as for Majesty Shi, I believe he has the ability to break this prohibition. As low-key as he might be, Majesty Shi kept himself from meddling with any of the chaos or confrontations between the three prefectures. The once notoriously three-prefecture-war was also going on without him. Many years before, the leader of Immortal City came to the three prefecture and slaughtered many of our advanced cultivators. But, the tragedy didn’t help to arouse Majesty’s interest or compassion; he simply turned his back on all the ridiculous things that happened in this continent. From my point of view, even if the people in this continent all died, he wouldn’t show up. His low-profile is an impression that has long been imbedded in our mind, but now, what he did really was contradictory to his personality. It is extremely difficult to understand!”

“Wow, man, he really is something! Wait, is the leader of Immortal City qualified to be his opponent?”

Ye Qingniu twitched his lips as he raised one of his eyebrows.

“Humph! The leader of Immortal City? Majesty Shi is able to bring him down with a single slap in his face!”

Ye Ruoshui answered scornfully, and it was obvious he favored Majesty Shi over Immortal City’s leader.


Being showered with waves of shocking news, the three elders behaved confusingly numbed.

The leader of Immortal City, named Tu, was considered by many as the most supreme existence in the continent, who was the only person that could summon the three prefectures. Now, however, Ye Ruoshui toppled down their long-established impression of Tu by degrading him as a person that could be slammed to death by Majesty Shi. How could they suddenly accept this?

“Ancestor, how can that Majesty Shi be this powerful? If he was really superb in cultivation, why does he allow Immortal City to dictate the Flaming Dragon Continent, why didn’t he stop the Immortal City guys from killing our cultivators, and why didn’t he destroy Immortal City instead?”

It was the first time Ye Baihu expressed his concern in this matter, as he highlighted the key points of the conversation.

“You’d better refrain your curiosity and stay a fool. The more you know, the more dangerous you’ll become. I will disclose everything to all of you when you guys become immortals! As for the Immortal Crystal, stop asking anything relating to this item, otherwise it’ll be detrimental to your cultivation.”

Ye Ruoshui shook his head, as if he was intentionally escaping their questions.

“Until we become immortals?” Ye Qingniu swallowed, and a firing aspiring light flashed in his eyes, as he talked in an excited, shivering tone, “Ancestor, do you think we can reach your current state? How long will it take us to become an immortal?”

“You guys?”

Ye Ruoshui looked the three of them up and down, before he answered coldly, “Hmm, you three… all have a chance to become immortals. In my Immortal Guide, I have related that anyone breaking into the Realm of the Saint have hope to become an immortal. However, you have to grasp the Laws of Heaven and Earth, which will take you several decades, or a hundred years, or even longer. Some died before they fully comprehended the laws that are required to become an immortal. Alas, luck and potential play great roles on the road to becoming an immortal. Any forced cultivation will be proven in vain.”

“Ahh, ancestor, I have another question to bother you with, I hope you don’t mind. How many cultivators in the Mars Prefecture alone have the potential to become immortals? Are they all in the five families?”

Since Ye Ruoshui was in good mood, Ye Tianlong decided to seize this opportunity by asking more. What he asked directly linked to the future prospect of the Ye Family.

“You mean the most promising ones? In my view, there are only two. If everything is on the right track, these two will eventually become immortals within 30 years!”

After a little while of meditation, Ye Ruoshui replied slowly, “The guy in Dragon City is the most likely one to become an immortal. He is good at grasping the Wood Element Laws. Another is… Oh, a member in the Yue Family, she is excellent at the Water Element Laws.”

“Long Pifu! A member of the Yue Family!”

As for Long Pifu, it was within the expectation of the three elders. But, the girl in the Yue Family… they never knew the next immortal would be from the Yue Family. The only person in the Yue Family that had the potential to be an immortal, they believed, was Yue Xishui.

“Ancestor, is the Yue Family leader Yue Xishui among the two?” Ye Tianlong urged.

“I’m not sure. But, she lives in the Consoling Heart Pavilion of the Yue Family!” Ye Ruoshui replied rather level-minded, compared with the excitement in Ye Tianlong’s tone.

“Consoling Heart Pavilion! Ah, it’s her!”

The pavilion mentioned by Ye Ruoshui was exactly where Yue Xishui lived. As a leader of the Yue Family, she had shut herself off from the rest of the world, and only focused on cultivation. It still shocked them all that she actually was on the brink of becoming an immortal…

Since Long Pifu was a long acquaintance of Ye Tianlong, Ye Tianlong felt happy for his friend’s upcoming achievement. But, for Yue Xishui, he planned to forge a better relationship with her. Since Qinghan was chosen as the son-in-law of the Yue Family, Ye Tianlong thought their relationship with the Yue Family as a whole would be smoothed out once Qinghan married Qingcheng.

However, Ye Qinghan was… alas, Ye Qinghan!

Thinking of Qinghan, Ye Tianlong’s joyful mood immediately faded away. At this moment, he had no clue as what his grandson was going through, or what kind of calamity he was undergoing…

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