BPTH Chapter 200

Ye Ruoshui Returns!

When they all arrived at Qingyu’s small pavilion, they were dumbstruck by the white Battle Qi released from Qingyu’s palms. Each of them had an exaggerated expression.

Within two months, Qingyu had passed three realms, and directly broke into the Realm of the General. She had indeed broken the record set up by the “previous” number one genius of the Mars Prefecture, in terms of the time used in reaching this realm. How terrifying! At the same time, they began having more confidence in their Ancestor Ye Ruoshui’s prediction about Ye Qingyu. It seemed that this girl had already become a miracle…

“My… little girl! I’m wondering, how exactly did you cultivate?”

After a full moment, Ye Tianlong stammered out as his lips wriggled in excitement.

“Yeah, girl, tell me, what kind of technique did you use that helped you improve so rapidly?” Ye Qingniu swallowed.

“How did I cultivate?”

Ye Qingniu blinked her long eyelashes, as she replied rather timidly, for the zealous stares of the three elders were so abnormally strange, as if they were watching a rare animal specie.

Eventually, Qingyu twisted her clothing and replied with a blushed face, “I just cultivated according to the techniques in the memory of my brain. Errr… Did I cultivate in the wrong way? Or am I not the material for cultivation?”

Upon hearing this, Ye Tianlong waved his hands in a hurry, and instead, he thumbed up for Qingyu as he praised her, “No, no! You’re brilliant! What we’re curious about was… how did you start learning to inhale the Battle Qi, break open your meridians and condense your Dantian?”

“Ahh, this is easy. I have spent a whole month in digesting the knowledge in my brain, before I actually started cultivating. And it took me only a short day to grasp how to inhale Battle Qi. As for the meridians, I’ve approximately consumed half a month to break open the twelve of them. Another couple of days were needed to condense my Dantian. Several days after my Dantian was condensed, I learned how to unleash the Battle Qi I once inhaled…”

Qingyu bent her fingers as a way to count the days, as if she was talking about something she was quite familiar with. But, her explanation only left the elders even more shocked, because what Qingyu suggested was mind boggling.

Apart from the one-month preparation for absorbing the theories of cultivation in her head, it indeed took her merely one month to achieve all of this!

“Oh, Heaven!”

Now, the elders’ feelings were very much like those ragged beggars who were hit by golden bars from the sky, they were left dizzy with numerous golden stars glittering in front of their eyes.


Amidst their confusion, a chilly gust came from behind, which stupefied them all. An instant later, a familiar black figure arrived.

“Respectful greetings to Ancestor Ye Ruoshui!”

The three great elders kneeled down all of a sudden, in great joy. While for Qingwu, she remained standing where she was, frowning at what happened in front of her.

“You two girls, hurry up and kneel down, this is our ancestor, Ye Ruoshui!” Realizing the seemingly slow-witted two girls, Ye Tianlong urged in muffled voice.

“No need. You guys all rise up. I said so many times, you don’t have to do these useless formalities in front me!”

The black figure was exactly Ye Ruoshui, who had been away from the Ye Castle for as long as eight months. His eyes were pinned on Qingyu’s face while waving towards the three elders. Soon, he showed a smile and asked, “What is your name, girl?”

As for Ye Qingyu, she was curious about the stranger, who she believed was a middle-aged man in appearance. When she received the ardent stare from this young ancestor, she couldn’t help stepping backwards in fear. Since Ye Tianlong and the other elders all recognized this stranger, and all treated him with respect, she relaxed a little bit, and replied, “I’m…I’m Ye Qingyu!”

“Ye Qingyu! Hmm, what a beautiful name!”

Ye Ruoshui nodded his head before he stepped out of the pavilion and said to the three elders, “You three, come with me!”

Ye Tianlong, Ye Baihu, and Ye Qingniu, all obediently followed their ancestor from behind.

As Ye Ruoshui walked silently forward, the three elders didn’t dare to speak up, but followed him gingerly. At last, they arrived at the small pool located on the rear hill of the Ye Castle.

To their surprise, Ye Ruoshui didn’t give a speech but just stared at the peaceful pool silently. Ye Tianlong and the other two elders had no choice but to accompany him on the side despite the curiosity.

“This girl, I mean Ye Qingyu, isn’t a descendent of our family, is she?”

After a long awkward silence, Ye Ruoshui finally spoke up as he asked with a solemn face.

“Ancestor, Ye Qingyu is an adopted child of my son. But… up until now, we’re still clueless as to where she came from, or who her parents are.” Ye Tianlong replied.

“Alas, what a pity… Remember, you need to make this girl believe in us and stay in this family, at any cost!” Ye Ruoshui took in a deep breath before he made this instruction.

“Tianlong totally understands your concern, ancestor. However, this girl… she promised to marry Qinghan because they’ve stuck to each other in times of joy and misery from when they were very little. I hope Qinghan will come back home safe and sound in five years, so that Qingyu won’t leave this family!” Ye Tianlong continued. He seemed to deliberately shift the subject from Qingyu to Qinghan, trying to exploit some information from Ye Ruoshui about this teenager.

“Ye Qinghan… Hehe” Ye Ruishui’s solemn face melted into a bright smile, and raised one of his eyebrows high as he replied confidently, “I once said he has a 40% to 50% chance of escaping the Luo Shen Mountain, right? But now, I can tell you guys, I estimated that his chance of getting out rose to 60% to 70%! Don’t worry about that kid, he is blessed…”

“Ahh… we’re so happy to hear that!”

The three elders also laughed out, as they were influenced by Ye Ruoshui’s good mood. Since their ancestor had confirmed Qinghan’s wellbeing, they were greatly relieved.

But a moment later, Ye Tianlong came up with another question.

“Ancestor, why were you away for so long? Eh, have you gotten the answer you wanted? What exactly is the Immortal Crystal? Why will Qingyu become an immortal by absorbing this item?”

As an immortal-level cultivator, Ye Ruoshui was able to teleport himself anywhere he wished to. In spite of the long distance between Concealed Island and Grey City, it wouldn’t take Ye Ruoshui long to arrive at the island. Even Ye Tianlong, a Saint-Realm cultivator, was able to reach such a distance within half a year. There was no reason Ye Ruoshui would spent eight months on this journey.

But, what interested Ye Tianlong the most was the Immortal Crystal, an item that could do magic even to a non-cultivator like Ye Qingyu, who had already reached the Realm of the General and would further surprise them by becoming an immortal just over nine years from now. Thinking of the arduous journey they took in cultivation, they were desperate to know if this Immortal Crystal could also give them the free ride and become an immortal. This way, they could stop with their arduous cultivation and take a shortcut.

No doubt, Ye Tianlong was wondering if their ancestor had obtained another Immortal Crystal.

If all of the three elders were given an Immortal Crystal, four more immortals would emerge in the Ye Family. Or if Ye Ruoshui gave each key descendant an Immortal Crystal, mass amount of immortals would be produced. At that time, the whole Flaming Dragon Continent would be the Ye Family’s territory.

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