BPTH Chapter 20

First Battle

Qinghan put all of his belongings back into his bag, before he hastily walked towards the mountain range. Now, he was rather eager and full of excitement, as even his footsteps were more vigorous and nimble.

The Wild Mountain Rang already existed for more than ten-thousand years, which explained why all the trees here were extremely large and tall. The trees were so big that it even took several people standing hand in hand to embrace them. Also, some ancient, yet unknown plants, were all over the ground, like exotic flowers, bushes and vines. Moreover, it was not uncommon to encounter some poisonous insects on the way.

Fortunately, Qinghan was far from a reckless teenager. He had well prepared himself for this adventure. Early in the morning, he had bought some anti-insect medicine powder in Wild City, which would effectively prevent him from being bitten by those little creatures.


Qinghan heard some noise not far away, so he instantly hid himself behind a bunch of high weeds, waiting for the demonic beast to come closer. Soon, a wild boar entered his vision, which was rooting about around a small tree for food. The two tusks in its mouth were shining brightly in the sunlight, which gave Qinghan a sense of horror.

“Wild boar with tusks, that’s a first-grade demonic beast!”

Qinghan quickly searched for the knowledge in his brain, and identified that the approaching beast was a mere first-grade wild boar. It was actually a unique species of demonic beasts, because they always wandered alone in the mountain range. Even so, its tusks were extremely sharp.

“Haha, I’ll kill you!”

Qinghan took the dagger out of his bag, clenching it in one of his hands. He slowly moved out of the bushes, cautiously observing his surroundings.

– Whoosh! –

Qinghan slightly arched his body, and then spurted towards the wild boar.

– Boom! –

The wild boar quickly sensed the danger, as it quickly ran forward with its two sharp tusks protruding towards the upcoming Qinghan.

“Er! How can it respond so swiftly?” Originally, Qinghan was confident in beating this wild boar black and blue. Now, however, he was a little bit terrified by its speed. For the sake of safety, Qinghan even leaned backwards and stretched one of his feet out, kicking on the tusks of the wild boar. He then scraped the back of the wild boar with his dagger, before he bounced back.

– Yowl! Yowl! –

The wild boar was irritated to the greatest degree, as its back was furiously bleeding. With an agonizing howl, the boar kicked the earth with its rear feet, causing the dust and leaves to fly up into the air. Now, its eyes seemed to be on fire, as he was aggressively and furiously staring at Qinghan.

All of a sudden, the wild boar rushed to Qinghan, almost like the water from a choked river that suddenly breached the dike.

“Oh… My… God… How fast!”

As soon as Qinghan turned around, he discovered something was running in his direction. Luckily, by using his Battle Qi, he successfully dodged.

– Bang! –

Qinghan escaped, while the giant tree in front of him wasn’t so fortunate, as it immediately fell down with a booming sound.

“Oh, how powerful! I believe it’s equivalent to several horses’ strength. Alas, if I was that tree, I would’ve been crushed into powder…” Qinghan tightened his heart, yet he grew more and more excited over this fight with the wild boar. Like always, he loved a good challenge.

– Bang! Bang! Bang! –

The angry wild boar almost went mad, as it made several successive attacks towards Qinghan, as though it attempted to grind Qinghan into tiny bits and pieces. Fortunately, Qinghan cleverly dodged away each time when it ran towards him. Occasionally, Qinghan would stab into the body of the wild boar. Now, after several rounds, the wild boar became weaker and weaker, as blood kept oozing out of its back.

Interestingly, Qinghan intentionally stood in front of a big tree, because he found that this silly wild boar would collide with the tree instead whenever he dodged away.

“Haha! This ugly beast is so stupid, as he can only run in one direction. No wonder it’s only a first-grade demonic beast – despite its impressive strength, it’s rather stupid. Now, take your time, I’ll wait until you bleed to death.”

Qinghan tightly gripped his dagger, squatted a little bit, and narrowed his eyes into two slits, waiting for the right timing to stab the wild boar.

– Bang! –

With this last bump against the tree, the wild boar finally fell down. But quickly, it staggered to its feet and was about to flee.

“No way! I won’t let you run away.”

Qinghan twisted his body and chased after the already severely injured wild boar. Due to its excessive loss of blood, the wild boar had used up all of its strength, as its speed had vastly dropped. Thus, it was easy for Qinghan to catch up with it.

“Ground-breaking Chop!”

Qinghan bounced up high in the air, throwing the dagger in the direction of the head of the wild boar.

– Boom! –

The dagger was immersed into the head of the wild boar, only leaving the handle visible. The wild boar immediately collapsed, while blood was flooding out of its head. After several minutes of trembling, it gradually ceased to breathe.

– Whirr! Whirr! –

Qinghan gasped even more furiously, as he sat on the ground to calm down from his first battle in the Wild Mountain Range. Obviously, he was exhausted and drowsy.

After a short while, he managed to pull himself together. After pulling his dagger out, he also fished a black magic crystal out from within the head of the wild boar. Later, he sliced some pieces of meat from its muscle-ridden legs. He then wrapped the meat up in some big leaves, before he picked them up from underneath the giant tree and left.

With several jumps, Qinghan disappeared into the nearby thick branches.


Under the expansive branches of an ancient tree, Qinghan sat cross-legged on the ground. He was cultivating to gather more Battle Qi to prepare himself for his next fight.

“In a real fight, it’s destined to be risky. If I had just responded a second slower, I might’ve been killed by that beast. Ah, speed is so important…”

Qinghan reflected on his first fight, analyzing what he should improve. He figured that he’d better restrict the output of his Battle Qi in order to maintain his strength during his future battles.

Despite the nervousness on his debut, he had finally succeeded in finding the right way to bring down the wild boar. Yet, his speed and attacking techniques still needed to vastly improve.

Theoretically, the wild boar with tusks belonged to the strength type demonic beasts; it could exert five-horse’s strength. Meanwhile, Qinghan, as a cultivator in the Realm of the Elite, should be able to exert ten-horse’s strength. However, he could actually only use three to four horses’ strength in a real fight due to his lack of experience. Plus, the running of the wild boar helped to quicken its speed. Wisely, he didn’t confront the tough boar with his toughness, as he had chosen to prolong the fight and wear the beast out.

“Little Black, come out for your food.”

After some serious meditation, Qinghan realized that his own beast should also be hungry by now. So, he summoned it out. Suddenly, a streak of black steam pumped out from his chest and then condensed into the shape of a baby beast. The round nose of Little Black kept sniffing, though its pair of eyes still seemed rather sleepy.

Taking out the magic crystal from his bag, Qinghan put it in front of Little Black. Suddenly, Little Black jumped up from the ground, stretching its claws to the magic crystal.

After a few seconds, Little Black had finished the magic crystal. It then merrily jumped up against Qinghan, waving its tail.

“Alright, alright… Don’t flatter me. Go back to your space and have a nice sleep. I’ll find more food for you.” Qinghan grabbed Little Black and threw it in his chest.

He had no time to fool around with Little Black, as he had to find more magic crystals to ensure that his little beast wouldn’t be hungry. Usually, Little Black would eat five magic crystals each day.


– Bang! –

Another wild boar had fallen down, with blood flowing from its mouth.

Qinghan had effortlessly stabbed into the head of this beast and had taken out a grey magic crystal from its head.

It was the fifth day since Qinghan had stepped into this mountain range. He had already accumulated quite some battle experience from killing these first-grade wild boars. Though his skills in real combat were far from perfect, he was quickly improving it every time he encountered another wild boar. Now, the odds of errors in combat had been gradually reduced. He was rather satisfied, as it now only took one-fifth of his Battle Qi to bring down a wild boar.

After all, the wild boar with tusks was the lowest-grade of demonic beasts, their way of attacking was simple and easy to counterattack. A wild boar could exert a maximum of five-horse’s strength, which was the same as a cultivator in the Realm of the Warrior. As for Qinghan, who was in the first level of the Realm of the Elite, he was able to exert a minimum of ten-horse’s strength. During these days, he continued killing and kept drawing lessons from each fight, now he could finally exert ten-horse’s strength. At this point, killing first-grade demonic beasts was a piece of cake for him.

As for those senior cultivators, they were able to kill the wild boar within seconds. But for Qinghan, due to his comparatively low realm and small amount of Battle Qi, it took him several rounds to beat up this first-grade demonic beast. However, he had actually constructed a solid foundation during his past ten years of cultivation, which had helped him to win his first battle.

Besides, according to the information he had gathered, he was well-informed about the dangers at the heart of the mountain range. That was why he had only focused on the wild boars, which he thought, were easier to attack. Whenever he encountered some other species, he would hurriedly escape, as he either hid in the shrubs or climbed in the trees.

“Haha, today’s harvest: ten magic crystals! Time for a good rest!”

Looking through the thick branches, the sunset glow was scarlet red, covering the entire mountain range. Qinghan decided to find a safe place to rest. Because, if he kept walking forward, it would be too dangerous for him. If he bumped into some stronger demonic beast, he didn’t know what would happen.

Leaning against the back of a big tree branch, Qinghan put his hands on the back of his head, with a stick of grass root leisurely held in his mouth. He raised his head and looked up into the sky.

The moonlit evening-sky made him rather homesick. Meanwhile, the stars twinkled like glaring diamonds, as they hang high up in the sky.