BPTH Chapter 199

 ­The Condensation of the Dantian’s Core

Qinghan started to feel how insurmountable this task was. In the limited space of his Dantian, he had to manipulate the movement of the liquidated Battle Qi until a vortex was formed. If the strength used was either too weak or too strong the vortex-forming process would be harmed. Great efforts had been taken by Qinghan in bringing the “grains” of Battle Qi to move unanimously in circles; yet any careless absentmindedness would lead to the whole process being in vain. The Battle Qi would collide with each other as they moved in opposite directions, or in some cases, these “grains” just randomly moved in every direction.

“Hu! Holy shit, this is as intricate as woman’s embroidery! I have to be meticulously careful and focused…”

Discouraged by his repeated failures, Qinghan nagged on the complexity of this task. He took two deep breaths, trying to calm himself down. It was like when non-Chinese people tried to learn how to use chopsticks for the first time. He was definitely driven crazy.

“Boss, take your time! There are no short-cuts regarding this process, the only way to success is as the motto goes, practice makes perfect! Come on, you’ll make it in the end!”

Based on the Soul Agreement, Little Black and his master could understand each other quite easily. Now, Little Black was trying to cheer Qinghan up.

“Ok, I’ll patiently cultivate!”

Helplessly, Qinghan stared at the white fog in the distance, and forced himself to calm down and focus, before he continued his embroidery-like complicated work.

One time, two times, three times… ninety times!

Qinghan kept on trying, but he never succeeded. It wasn’t until Little Black reminded him to prepare for the upcoming illusion that he stopped. These four hours worth of practice did bring him something, as he now had a general picture of what this core creating process looked like. As for the forming of the vortex, he still needed some time.

Immediately, Qinghan integrated with his battle beast, and passed the illusion without encountering any big dangers. Later, Qinghan stretched himself to relax his body, and picked some spirit fruits from the trees. He and Little Black thus enjoyed a great meal. After which, he hunkered down once again, ready for cultivation.


The sky turned dark, as the white fog was gradually devoured by the darkness.

Without noticing the nightfall, Qinghan kept struggling with the naughty grains of Battle Qi.

“Hahaha! I almost made it!”

A faint vortex was formed within his Dantian, as the liquidated Battle Qi was churning in circles at a high speed. Out of uncontrollable joy, Qinghan laughed out like crazy. But… the next moment, the vortex collapsed… It was his very excited emotions that had damaged the peaceful flow of his mind, thus leading to the disappearance of the vortex.

“What the fuck?”

Qinghan scratched his head regretfully. He was wishing to slap himself on his cheeks for making such a careless mistake.

“One more time!”

Grinding his teeth, Qinghan repeated the process from the very beginning, despite the fact that he was rather exhausted after so many times of practice.

One time, two times… 108 times… 380 times!

When the first red rays of the sun shone through the mountain’s white fog, Qinghan opened his eyes, twitched his lips, and showed a beautiful smile.

It had been a whole day and night, but the condensation of the Dantian’s core had finally succeeded. However, he was left with no energy to celebrate this landmark moment; instead, he fell down on the ground and slept.


At this moment, Qingwu was overexcited. The reason wasn’t Qinghan, who she missed so much, but his sister, Ye Qingyu!

Two months ago, Ye Tianlong and her grandfather, Ye Qingniu, had begged Qingyu to cultivate. At that time, she had been clueless as to why these two old men wanted Qingyu to cultivate. Eventually, she had obeyed her grandfather’s wish and successfully persuaded Qingyu into cultivating.

Afterwards, Qingyu had locked herself up in the small pavilion, for the sole purpose of cultivation! Her direct motivation was to give her brother a big surprise when he would return home.

Not even two months had passed during Qingyu’s reclusive cultivation. At this point, Qingyu had figured out why Ye Tianlong and her grandfather were so eager to see Qingyu cultivate.

Within a period as short as two months, Qingyu had already reached the Realm of the General, even though she had been a non-cultivator.

Looking at the white Battle Qi released from Qingyu’s palms, Qingwu rubbed her eyes to reassure herself that this was actually happening. Today, as Qingyu had stepped out of the pavilion, she had carelessly come over to show her interest, “Are you enjoying cultivation? What realm are you in now?”

To her great astonishment, Qingyu stood there totally bewildered by this question. She was looking at the flowing Battle Qi in her palms and raised her eyebrows, “Sister Qingwu, what are realms?”

“What? The unleashing of Battle Qi is a symbol of the Realm of the General. Wait… she became a General-Realm cultivator within merely two months?” Qingwu thought to herself.

Qingwu was greatly confused by how Qingyu been able to break all the twelve meridians and condensed her Dantian within two months.

The most perverted talent in the history of the Mars Prefecture was a teenager in the Feng Family. It was said that he had spent only three months in breaking into the Realm of the General from scratch. But Ye Qingyu, without any tutors to teach her any skills, had even broken into this realm within two months. In comparison, Qingyu had far exceeded that accomplished of the so-called talent from the Feng Family. Now, it was undeniable that she was the number one genius in this regard.

The Ye Family saw another peerless talent emerge. If this news was made public, it would certainly stir up the whole Mars Prefecture.

“If our leader and my grandpa know this, they must be thrilled! Also, when Qinghan comes back, he’ll be dumbfounded to find the dramatic changes in his sister…” Qingwu kept thinking to herself.

“Sister Qingwu! Hey, are you ok? You haven’t answered me what are these realms?” Confusingly, Qingyu blinked at Qingwu, who was obviously in a daze.


Finding it hard to suppress her excitement, Qingwu exclaimed in an exaggerated way, which shocked Qingyu a little bit. Following that, she threw a mysterious look at Qingyu, and said, word by word, “You stay here, I’ll come back very soon!”

Like a gust of wind, Qingwu ran out of the small pavilion and headed to Ye Tianlong’s room. Pushing the door open with her shaking hands, Qingwu dashed in impertinently, where she found Ye Tianlong, Ye Baihu, and Ye Qingniu cultivating in a hunkered position.

“Three grandpas, please wake up! Something big is happening!”


The three elders opened their eyes at the same time.

“Little girl, take it easy. Tell us what exactly happened?”

Qingwu’s actions left these three great elders greatly confused.

“Y-Ye Qingyu reached the Realm of the General!” The mixed joy and surprise were all displayed on Qingwu’s reddish face.

“Oh, really? Alright, let’s go and visit Ye Qingyu!”

Ye Tianlong and Ye Qingniu looked at each other in full excitement. Their wrinkled cheeks also grew blush because of the happy news.

– Shu! –

Ye Tianlong walked out of the room, with Ye Qingniu, Ye Baihu, and Qingwu following behind him. They were all heading to Qingyu’s small pavilion.

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