BPTH Chapter 197

 ­Weird Energy and Cultivation Technique

“Hey, stop making fun of me, dear sister. There’s nothing between me and your brother…”

Qingwu’s heartbeat quickened as she tried her best to conceal her true feelings. By staring into Qingyu’s limpid eyes, she explained herself rather awkwardly.

“Sister Qingwu, I didn’t imply there to be a special relationship between the two of you. Don’t take me wrong. Eh, why are you so nervous?”

A tricky light appeared on Qingyu’s face, as she carefully observed Qingwu’s micro-expressions, “Alright, even if there is something going on between you two, I really don’t care, as long as it’s my brother’s choice.”


Qingwu was left speechless. She began to figure out why Qinghan loved his sister so much, because Qingyu was the rare kind of girl who had the ability to stay in harmony with the rest of the world, including some potential love competitors. While amidst her meditation, she glanced lopsided and found Ye Tianlong and Ye Qingniu walking in their direction.

In a hurry, she grabbed Qingyu’s sleeves and stepped forward to welcome the elders.

“Respectful greetings to you both. Haha, Grandpa!”

“Respectful leader, and Elder Qingniu!”

Both Qingwu and Qingyu bowed to the two approaching elders in full respect. Qingyu knew, these two elders had helped Qinghan a great deal, so she felt kind of indebted to them both. But, she wasn’t quite used to call Ye Tianlong “Grandpa”. Instead, she called him leader rather than grandfather.

“Forget the formalities. Qingyu, are you feeling better yet? Oh, remember, from now on, directly call me Grandpa. Qingwu, you also should call me First Grandpa. As for Ye Baihu, he is your Third Grandpa.”

Ye Tianlong put on a rarely-seen amicable face, as he talked to the two girls with more-than-usual patience.

At the same time, Ye Qingniu nodded to echo Ye Tianlong’s remarks, “Yeah, Qingyu, you can call me Second Granpa!”

“Okay! First Grandpa, and Grandpa, haha, are you satisfied?”

In response, Qingwu stuck out her tongue and made faces in a naughty way.

“F-first Grandpa… Second Grandpa.” Embarrassed, Qingyu lowered her head and spoke in a mellow voice.

“Hahaha… good girls! Errr, we actually came to see whether Qingyu is feeling better yet. Besides, we have something for you, Qingyu!”

Ye Tianlong laughed out loudly, before he reached out two fingers and pressed them on Qingyu’s pulse. He decided to use his Battle Qi to check on Qingyu’s condition.

However, the moment his Battle Qi flowed into Qingyu’s arm, it was bounced back by an even larger power. Eventually, his entire arm was forcefully pushed back.

“Ahh! Leader, W-what had happened?”

Standing beside Ye Tianlong, Ye Qingniu was dumbfounded to witness this weird moment. His ox-eyes looked even wider than normal.

Regardless of Ye Qingniu’s confusion, Ye Tianlong continued his efforts as he extended his arm and unleashed some Battle Qi. This time, he multiplied the amount of Battle Qi and was determined to let this flow of Battle Qi forcefully enter Qingyu’s body. Nevertheless the result remained exactly the same. The mysterious yet excessively powerful force, once again, pushed all the Battle Qi out. Driven by this force, Ye Tianlong’s arm was also bounced back.

“Weird, so weird… there is an inexplicable powerful force in Qingyu’s body, which brutally pushes my Battle Qi away! Oh, heaven, I’ve never seen or heard of anything like this, even at my age.”

The repeated failures deterred Ye Tianlong from trying another time. He had indeed released a great amount of Battle Qi the second time. No greater amount of Battle Qi was allowed if he wished for Qingyu to not be hurt.

He then turned to Ye Qingniu, and met the same confusing, shocked expression in his eyes. But weird as it was, they were rejoiced to find this. The more abnormal Qingyu’s body was, the more reliable their ancestor’s prophecy would be, in which Qingyu was believed to become an immortal within ten years.

“Qingyu, can you feel that amazing energy inside your body? Have you recently accidentally learned something new? I mean, the knowledge you would never try to learn, but it is already implanted in your brain all of a sudden.”

Ye Tianlong started to inquire Qingyu, hoping to find some traces for all the abnormalities. Now, Qingyu’s body was inaccessible for them, either through soul searching, or Battle Qi intervention.

As for Qingwu, she was an outsider in this matter. So she kept silent as she watched the solemn faces of the two elders. As for Qingniu, he didn’t have the guts to interrupt and challenge the authoritarianism of his leader. He just kept his mouth shut, and patiently waited for Qingyu’s response.

“Errr … this… how should I explain it to you? My brain is messed up by something that suddenly appeared a few days ago. I think it’s knowledge of cultivation techniques.”

After a little while of meditation, Qingyu finally decided to tell Ye Tianlong everything that had happened after she had woken up. She had been endowed with numerous cultivation knowhow, which she reckoned was part of her inheriting memories as a Jade Spirit Body. In the beginning, she didn’t have any intention to disclose this secret, but now since Ye Tianlong asked, she thought it wouldn’t do anybody harm if she spoke out. In addition, she herself was also eager to find an answer, especially when she had digested all the rudimentary knowledge she received a year ago, and was left baffled at the newly-come, more abstruse cultivation knowledge.

On hearing this exciting news, Ye Tianlong’s spirit lifted up, as he urged Qingyu, “What kind of cultivation knowledge is in your brain? Please tell me in detail!”

“Yeah, take your time. You’d better think it all over before answering this question. This is very important!”

Ye Qingniu was equally excited, as his face turned gleaming with radiance.

Whilst as for Qingyu, she blinked her eyes and took a long sigh, “This is really complicated. As far as I know, this knowledge includes the inhaling of Battle Qi, the breaking of one’s meridians… and how to condense Battle Qi in Dantian… oh, so many have come by, I can only remember a few of them.”

“Secret Cultivation Technique!”

Both Ye Tianlong and Ye Qingniu exclaimed as one. Their jubilance had now turned into an uncontrollable ecstasy.

As a non-cultivator, Qingyu never had any access to these techniques. But now, she was familiar with most of the common knowledge of cultivation. What was more, the increasing amount of knowledge in her brain would teach her much more than this. The elders firmly believed this must have something to do with the Immortal Crystal, if not solely caused by her special body. It seemed Ancestor Ye Ruoshui’s prophecy would one day be materialized.

In ten years, a new immortal would emerge in the Ye Family! At least, judging from the abnormal changes in Qingyu’s body, this could not just be mere ungrounded fictional bullshit.

“Perfect! Qingyu, now your priority should be to digest the knowledge in your brain, and cultivate accordingly. Please remember, don’t feel shy to ask us anything. We’ll meet almost any of your demands within our ability!”

Ye Tianlong stared into Qingyu’s face, expectantly. He couldn’t wait for the endless surprise she and her brother might give him.

“Yes, yes!” Qingniu nodded like a grain-eating chicken. If Qingyu eventually turned out to become an immortal, he and Ye Tianlong would be recorded as one of the two major contributors to bring out such a talent. They would be remembered forever if that was the case.

“Cultivate? Why should I cultivate? I’ve never had any interest in cultivation. Brutal slaughter is what I hate most.”

To their great astonishment, Qingyu denied Ye Tianlong’s proposal as she kept shaking her head, as if to show her determination. As early as a child, she was actually advised by her brother to cultivate, but she had always refused. What she yearned for was peace, rather than the barbarism of battle. And from her point of view, battles and cultivation walked hand in hand.

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