BPTH Chapter 196

Ye Qingyu’s Confusion

“Thanks Little Black. It seems my soul power becomes increasingly powerful upon integration. It serves as a counterattack against the illusions. Little Black, come out! I should properly thank you!”

A shadowy figure emerged from his chest, as it condensed into the shape of a little beast. Little Black rolled his eyes with great concern, as if he was approaching Qinghan for not calling him out earlier, “Boss, I’ve told you to integrate with me whenever there’s an illusion attack. Just now was really too dangerous. Oh, heavens, I was so worried about you!”

As Qinghan’s battle beast, Little Black couldn’t leave the summoning space without being summoned by his master. When he had realized the risks of the illusions, he had first tried to warm Qinghan with his conveyed voice, but he had eventually given up doing so as he didn’t wish to interrupt Qinghan’s flow of mind.

“Hehe, sorry, Little Black!”

Qinghan held Little Black in his arms, and stroked his soft fur, as he responded in an apologetic tone, “Before, I thought our soul is separated even after integrating. Now, I know our souls can become one! Isn’t this amazing? Next time, when the illusion appears, we’ll integrate! Fabulous! Hopefully, it’ll be less arduous to pass the next few illusions!”

Indeed, before Qinghan had conquered the tree of fear, he was worried that Little Black was too weak to withstand such powerful illusion attacks, so he had avoided bringing him out. He was not sure whether Little Black would be able to face such grotesque illusions.

Now, he was shocked to learn that his soul and Little Black’s would actually become one upon integration. This was an unexpected surprise! Integrated, his cultivation was at the third level of the Realm of the Prince; if his soul would similarly become stronger, then passing the remaining illusions and obtaining the other six spirit fruits suddenly didn’t seem all that hard anymore…

“Boss, I hope you can pass the Illusion Trial as soon as possible. This place is so uncomfortably uncanny. I find it obnoxious to stay here for even one more second…”

Little Black nodded his head, as he swept his eyes around the white fog with a frightened expression.

“Hey, be patient. I have to spend another two months in cultivation to break into the Realm of the Prince. You know, once I do, my overall power will be in the Realm of the Emperor after integration. At that time, together, we’ll hopefully be powerful enough to face whatever illusion attacks us in the Illusion Trial.”

An ardent light appeared in Qinghan’s eyes, as he nodded with great confidence. He had been in this mountain for almost half a year now. The only person he couldn’t stop thinking about was his sister… He truly wished to be told that his sister had woken up and recovered, and was standing on the rear hill of the Ye Castle, waiting for his return…


The blowing of the autumn wind had brought ripples in the pool, and beside the pool, the clothing and hair of two girls fluttered gracefully.

One girl had wrapped her charming body up in a red dress, while her angelic face was revealed. The other one was wearing a white robe, with a gentle and weak look. The most striking part of her body was her silvery hair.

The two girls were Ye Qingwu and Ye Qingyu respectively. Instead of her favorite scarlet-red, eye-catching tights, Qingwu had changed into a red long dress ever since she had returned from the Prefecture War. Honestly, the wild part of her was slightly gone, for now she looked more like a gentlewoman. While as for Qingyu, she was still recovering but could get off from her bed and take a walk with Qingwu. It was Qingyu’s proposal to get out of the room to breathe in some fresh air.

“Sister Qingwu, do you think my brother will come back from the Visionary Forest?”

Standing at the lakeside, Qingyu asked in a pessimistic tone as she stared into the distance.

“This… Errr, it all depends on him. Maybe he’ll be back at the end of this year, or maybe next year, who knows? After all, he is there for cultivation!”

With a deep sigh, Qingwu, as agreed upon by the great elders, fabricated such a scenario that Qinghan was in the periphery of the Visionary Forest for cultivation, accompanied by some elders. Since Ye Tianlong had already given out an order that forbade anyone from telling Qingyu the truth about her brother, Qingwu had to behave accordingly.

As one of the three most barren areas in the Flaming Dragon Continent, the Visionary Forest provided a home to a great variety of demonic beasts, which even included some holy-grade demonic beasts. It was even said that the Green Dragon in that area was only half a step away from becoming a saint-level beast! Even immortal-level cultivators would find it a challenge to fight with such a beast.

The periphery of the Visionary Forest, however, was less dangerous. It was the ideal place for young cultivators to practice. Given Qinghan’s current achievements in cultivation, and the protection of the elders, it wasn’t Qinghan’s security that concerned Qingyu, it was just because… she had been in a coma for more than one year, before finally waking up. She was desperate to see her brother! When Qingwu told her that Qinghan would probably come back at the end of this year or even next year, she felt increasingly depressed.

“Eh, Is… is Yue Qingcheng beautiful?” Suddenly, Qingyu frowningly stared into Qingwu’s eyes.

During these days, Qingwu had mentioned her brother’s fiancée, Yue Qingcheng, multiple times. She had actually told Qingyu almost everything except for the occurrence at the Luo Shen Mountain. Of course, what happened that night between her and Qinghan after the drunken banquet, as well as her true feelings towards Qinghan, were all concealed deep in her own heart.

“Haha, my little sister, are you jealous? Honestly, I’m familiar with your brother, and am sure that he’ll put you on the number one spot, even if he had the fortune to marry all the beautiful girls in this continent! No one can replace you!”

Qingwu replied with a beautiful smile. She truly appreciated the love between Qingyu and her brother, and even admired her for being so committed in this relationship to sacrifice her soul in order to save Qinghan. It was a little awkward, however, to answer such subtle questions, especially between girls.

“Errr, how shall I describe Yue Qingcheng? She is the so called holy virgin of the Yue Family. You know, when one is entitled by this name, she must be excellent in various aspects. Yes, she has a charming appearance, great intelligence, and top cultivation levels… and most importantly, she is easy to get along with. Hey, you know what? You two share something in common, both of you are kind-hearted and have a gentle disposition!”

“Sister Qingwu, don’t make fun of me. I’m not jealous at all.”

Qingyu’s face turned blush, but the redness on her cheeks only made her even more adorable. Embarrassed, she avoided Qingwu’s stare for some time, but finally she refocused her glance at Qingwu with fluttering eyelashes, “Honestly, sister Qingwu, you’re also kind and beautiful. I bet my brother must have some feelings for you as well…”

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