BPTH Chapter 193

I Miss Him

“Errr… your brother… let’s talk about your brother later. Kid, don’t move. Do you feel anything unusual in your body? Hey, Qingniu, go and get some maids to come over here, oh, and ask your granddaughter to come here as well. Then what? Oh, yeah, bring some porridge. I know she needs to eat something with less fat. She has only just woken up…”

The first question raised by Ye Qingyu left the three elders so frightened that their hearts were about to jump out of their throats. They didn’t know how to say or act in front of this mysterious girl.

It was Ye Tianlong, who finally took the initiative to break the silence, as he rubbed his hands and twitched his lips in embarrassment. He tried to put up a friendly smile to make Qingyu feel more comfortable. But, his remarks seemed awkwardly phrased as he began to spout out nonsense.

“Yeah, don’t worry, kid. You should lie down and have a rest. Everything will be settled. I’ll ask someone to take special care of you!” Qingniu gleefully responded and narrowed his ox-sized eyes, in case the abnormal size of his eyes would make Qingwu feel uncomfortable. As soon as he had finished his words, he ran out.

“Don’t be afraid, Ye Qingyu. This is our family leader, and he is also you and your brother’s grandfather. You should relax and try to get some rest. Let me tell you, Ye Jian is imprisoned, and Ye Qingkuang is expelled from the Ye Castle. So, the bad guys are no longer around. You can rest assured…”

Ye Baihu had finally regained his composure after his previous shock. As saint-realm cultivators, they had seen many grand scenes in their lifetime already. But, none of them were good at comforting a girl, especially when they were facing an unyielding girl like Qingyu. They were afraid that the smallest mistake would lead this girl to harm herself once again. Hence, they had to be meticulously careful in their phrasing.

Qingyu didn’t care in the least about the passionate and zealous confession of the three elders. Instead of believing in their kindness, she saw them as three ill-intended obscene old folks who deceived her by saying they would buy her candy. She started to, therefore, curl up and hide underneath the blankets of her bed.

“I-I want to see my brother. Let me see him. You said he is still alive, then bring him here. Otherwise… I’ll kill myself again!”


“Oh, no!”

Qingyu’s threat took effect. Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu were so afraid of her doing something extreme. Yet, they found it difficult to handle this situation.

– Sha, Sha! –

Footsteps could be heard quickly approaching. Soon, a pure face popped up at the door, this was Ye Qingwu.

With a gentle smile and slight excitement, she walked directly towards Qingyu, and asked, “Sister Qingyu, you finally woke up! Do you recognize me?”

“Y-You are Miss Qingwu? I know you!” Qingyu inspected Qingwu from top to bottom, and finally burst into a bright smile. She had seen Qingwu several times in the Ye Castle, and her angelic face and curving body was hard to forget. Most importantly, Qingwu had once saved her brother back at the School for Battle Beasts. Indeed, Qingyu was rather grateful for her heroin behavior at that time.

The casual conversation between the girls had lifted the tension, thus both Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu felt greatly relieved. It was fortunate that Qingyu actually remembered Qingwu, and had a good impression of her. This definitely made it easier to comfort Qingyu through the mouth of Qingwu, rather than the old folks.

“Ah, little Qingwu, please take care of Qingyu. And don’t forget to tell her that Qinghan isn’t dead. He is… out for cultivation. Qingyu is so weak right now, and she needs a lot of rest. I suggest you to move in here and sleep in the next room! Grandpa Baihu and I will come to see you later!”

Ye Tianlong threw the burden to Qingwu, as he conveyed his voice to the latter, and emphasized that she wasn’t allowed to tell Qingyu anything about the Luo Shen Mountain. At the same time, he stressed her how important it was to take good care of Qingyu. After that, he and Baihu left. In front of Qingyu, a girl with such limpid, innocent eyes, they had been somehow struck by a guilty conscience. Maybe they were ashamed of what they had done in the past…


“Sister Qingwu… please don’t hide anything from me. Tell me all the details about my brother. He is still alive, isn’t he?”

Currently, Qingwu and Qingyu were the only two people in the room. Qingyu was desperate to get a verbal confirmation from Qingwu, the only person she currently believed in.

In her memory, she had slammed her head towards the wall under the threat of Ye Qingxie. And later, she was in the Drunken-heart Garden, where she had found that Qinghan had returned from the Wild Mountain Range. Her brother had stirred up the Ye Castle and killed several key descendants. At last, the three great elders from the rear hill had arrived. Nevertheless, Ye Ron and Ye Jian had tried to kill Qinghan, so she had released her Soul Sacrifice to empower her brother to defend himself from the attacks from the bad guys.

After having used her Soul Sacrifice, however, she had fallen into a coma. She already knew that it hadn’t been a successful sacrifice. At that time, with so many elders, and great elders around, she wasn’t sure if her brother would finally make his way out or not. Now, a full year had passed by, she woke up and had met the three great elders on her bedside, who were having a discussion about her brother. So, without any hesitation, she blurted out such a question.

Despite the explanation of Ye Tianlong and Ye Baihu, Qingyu found their words incoherent and off-topic. She chose to believe in Qingwu, a girl who had helped her brother before.

“Of course not. I’m also a witness of that incident. It was me who crushed the jade token my grandfather had given me and invited the great elders out. Our leader had already investigated the whole thing, and found your brother innocent. Hey, I have another piece of good news to share with you. The so called lion-nosed dog your brother summoned is indeed believed to be a holy-grade battle beast! Think of it, how promising your brother will be as a cultivator. How could our family let such a genius die, right?” Qingwu stroked Qingyu’s hair as she continued her explanation, though there appeared a gleam of sorrowness in her eyes. Luckily, she managed to conceal it almost instantly.

“Oh… but where is my brother now? I desperately need to see him, after my super long sleep. I miss him so much!”

Joyfulness flashed in Qingyu’s eyes, because she was more assured of the authenticity of her brother’s high-ranked battle beast, even though Qinghan had previously already told her of this news. But, she felt rather sad because Qinghan wasn’t currently here.

“Hehe… little sister, you’ve been sleeping for more than a year. Y-your brother, he was sent by the family to a remote place to further cultivate. This place is… much more distant than Wild City. Do you know, that your brother is already really powerful? He is even the hero of the Prefecture War! Errr… I’ll tell you the details later. The most important thing for you right now is to get as much rest as possible. Your… brother will be unhappy if he finds you weak and faint when he returns.”

During their conversation, Qingwu noticed the hope and longing in Qingyu’s innocent eyes, which led her to show more compassion towards this poor girl. Meanwhile, the vision of Qinghan’s heroic behavior on Ghost Island began to float in her brain…

“Wow, after my long sleep, my brother has become a hero? He’s now really powerful? Are you sure you are not taking me for a fool?”

Upon hearing this, Qingyu’s smile burst into an even bigger grin, which added a naughty charm to her delicate face.

After a little silence, she continued, “Sister Qingwu, I’ll take care of my health as you told me. But, you have to tell me everything that has happened to my brother during this year, please!”

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