BPTH Chapter 189

The Four Guardians of Immortal City

“Long Pifu, don’t push us too hard. We would probably let you perish with us together if you leave us no chance!” One of the Demonic Saints flared up, as he looked around at the desperate group of remaining lion race demons.

“Turn in Yao Xie, otherwise your lion race will be annihilated today!”

Of course, Long Pifu wouldn’t be intimidated by the remarks of a Demonic Saint. He kept his composure, as he replied in a cold tone.

“Yeah, tell us where that old bastard Yao Xie is, then we’ll think of letting you go!”

Long Pifu’s response was echoed by other advanced cultivators from the Mars Prefecture’s side, as they yelled out in unison. The resounding voices showed their firm determination to tear the lion race demons apart.

“Hahaha… You can spare your efforts in killing Yao Xie, we’ll kill him instead!” This Demonic Saint let out a dry laughter, and cursed Yao Xie as well as his ancestors. But on second thought, he embarrassingly realized that he shared the same ancestors with Yao Xie.

After some silence, he was thoroughly convinced that they were totally doomed, given the flaming murderous intent in the human cultivators’ eyes. He even believed that Long Pifu’s request for a truce was only a flowery excuse. At this stage, neither side knew where Yao Xie was.

The Mars Prefecture wouldn’t let go of this opportunity to stir up a bloodshed battle, which was their normal way of handling similar incidents – being a whore but disguised in the shape of a virgin! They were kind of… shameless, in dealing with their enemies. The demons from other races, however, all naively believed in the twisted tongues of the humans. In order to get themselves out of any unnecessary trouble, they continued to act cooperatively.

“If you want to annihilate our lion race, start with me!”

A light of cruelness flashed through this Demonic Saint’s eyes. All of a sudden, he flew out of their group, and dashed towards the Mars Prefecture team as if he had gone crazy.

Immediately, there appeared a surging fire all over his body. The desperation in his eyes turned uncannily terrifying.


Amidst his madness, another two Demonic Saints targeted the Mars Prefecture team, as they copied the actions of the first Demonic Saint, as they were all covered in a flaming red fire. It seemed as if they were trying to burn their human enemies down to ashes.

“Dammit… They’re going to self-explode!”


The cultivators of the Mars Prefecture finally came to the realization that these three demons were going to act as suicide bombers! If they stayed there any longer, they would probably perish together with them. Hence, the humans all quickly retreated.

Strangely, some of the Saint-Realm cultivators remained there, with eyes glaring at the three demons, as if they were watching a circus performance. Eventually, when they stood in front of Long Pifu, and Ye Tianlong, an earsplitting thud could be heard.

– Bang! –

An earthly yellow light pierced through the air, and all the people and demons were wrapped in this glaring halo.

Long Pifu stretched out his skinny hands, and made several mysterious gestures. Instantly, a gigantic golden palm was formed, which was several meters in length! The golden palm flew towards the three burning Demonic Saints at an extremely fast speed.

Interestingly, the size of the golden palm increased once it met with the wind. The fiercer the wind, the larger it would become. The three Demonic Saints were all snatched up by this terrifyingly large palm, which threw them to the other lion race demons. Surprisingly, this hand seemed to be playing with some toys, rather than throwing away several advanced cultivators

– Boom! Boom! Boom! –

Immediately following the resounding sound of the three demons slamming into the ground, three mushroom-shaped clouds appeared in the sky. Cries of fear sounded out among the demons. In the next moment, countless of amputated legs and arms, and other parts of demonic bodies, were falling from the sky.


The non-lion-race demons, which stood in the near distance, were also shocked by such a scene. Now, they gloated over their decision to stay away from this drama from the very beginning.

The overwhelming power manifested by Long Pifu was definitely more than impressive. He had successfully gotten rid of the three demons like throwing three sandbags. His cultivation of the Rule of the Wood was almost in fruition… It seemed that he had reached the peak level of the Realm of the Saint, which meant, that he was only half a step away from the Heaven-Immortal Realm. Anyone who dared to confront him, would, by no means, survive the battle!

– Shoo! –

The other Demonic Saints in the group could only vomit blood in front of such humiliation. They decided to make their final attack, no matter what! They didn’t care whether they could bring down any of these human enemies, it was simply the pride of being a lion race demon that kept them going. Better death than dishonor…


Long Pifu looked back with an absent minded expression, as he looked a little bit exhausted. So he waved his arms to the group, as he asked them to annihilate the remnant lion race demons, once and for all.


“Stop, all of you!”

At this crucial moment, a sound came from the southeast sky, as four figures were flying in this direction.

The sudden disruption halted the movement of each side, as both the demons and the human cultivators were raising their heads towards the southeast sky.

“Your Excellency, guardians! Please help us!” The demons began to scream for help, in a sobbing tone. They were so thrilled to see the coming of their saviors.

Long Pifu and Ye Tianlong looked at each other, as both of them showed a small smile. Long Pifu waved to his group and asked them to step back. After that, he walked forward and greeted the four guardians with cupped hands, “I’m Long Pifu, respectful greetings to the four immortal guardians.”

“We also pay our respects to you, immortal guardians!”

The rest of the Mars Prefecture cultivators followed suit as they bowed to the newly arrived guardians. The non-lion-race demons, however, also flew in front of the four guardians and greeted them with due respect. They knew, that since Immortal City had intervened, the battle would be called off.

The ostensible greetings only made the lion race demons furious, though they all concealed it deep in their hearts. It was obvious that the guardians from Immortal City hadn’t come to dissuade them from fighting, since the battle had almost reached the end. They were, rather coming to show their pretentious attempt to pick up the pieces and clear the mess up.

“Forgo the formalities, all of you.” A tall man with a cluster of purple hair responded, as he looked around at the fallen pieces of demonic bodies. He then turned to Long Pifu and sighed with an expression of compassion.

“Old brother Long, this time, you went too far for this incident. I’ve already investigated it and confirmed that the fault lies on the demons’ side. However… don’t you think it’s inappropriate to annihilate the whole lion race because of Yao Xie? Instead of launching this… War of Retaliation, or whatever you call it, you can directly report this matter to Immortal City. Buddy, we’ll help you bring justice to the wrongdoers!”

Afterwards, he turned back to the demons with a deep sigh, “Your lion race demons are so hopelessly stupid, why don’t you run away when they are coming? If we arrived a little bit later, you would all be dead by now. Nothing is more precious than life itself!”

“Since we all know it’s only Yao Xie who hatched up the ambush plan, so… we need to capture Yao Xie as soon as possible. Honestly, we’re on our way to kill Yao Xie, but only found this farce halfway through. If we could’ve come at an earlier time, this whole tragedy could’ve been avoided. Alas, such a pity…”

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