BPTH Chapter 188

Demonic Immortal Hill

When dawn was just breaking through, Heaven Demonic City was caught in drizzles. The early spring weather still had coldness lingering around, and the raindrops made it feel even chillier.

The Demonic Immortal Hill was indeed a valley located in the rear area of Heaven Demonic City. The rain became heavier as time went by, and there was a tendency to encounter a rainstorm. However, the several tall demons, who had appeared in front of the valley, better known as the Demonic Immortal Hill, seemed unaware of the falling raindrops, as their golden hair and clothing were all soaked. Meanwhile, they didn’t give any heed to the mud stains on their luxurious outfits either. Silently, they all expectantly kneeled down, with their eyes fastened on the entrance of the valley.

Needleless to say, these demons were the advanced cultivators from the lion race. Given their power, they could shield away from the raindrops quite easily, but they didn’t. As advanced cultivators, they never had to condescend to anyone, but now they kneeled down and looked so wretched. They were willingly kowtowing to the old demons inside. They would be more than happy to see a downpour, because that could make them look more pathetic. Thus hopefully, they thought, that the old demons would be compassionate towards them.

Before Yao Xie had implemented his plan to ambush the Mars Prefecture Legion, he had received opposition from other demons. Being outraged, he had taken two of his most loyal subordinates and left for the Luo Shen Mountain. Even though his personal anger had been vented, this whole incident had brought the whole lion race to the brink of extinction. If the human invaders continued slaughtering them, then they could become extinct in the near future. As one of the most dominant races throughout the Demonic Prefecture, the lion race had long been notoriously rampant and arrogant, especially after Yao Xie had become the Demonic Evil. They were, therefore, not quite popular among the demons.

With the approaching human invaders, they had no way to hide and the old demons in the valley were their last resort. They deeply, deeply wished for their seniors to come out and help them survive this whole ordeal.

However… no response came, after they had remained kneeled down in front of the valley for a whole night! This morning, they hoped for a positive sign; yet contrary to their expectation, no sound came except the sound of the raindrops. Even the birds and beasts nearby were silent.

“Your Highness, Demonic Immortal, please save your citizens. We’ll forever remember your kindness if you lend us a hand!” As Long Pifu and his team were on their way to Heaven Immortal City, the demons realized their time was limited. No hesitation was allowed, for they had to fight for their survival, no matter what. If the people from the Mars Prefecture arrived, the rivers here would definitely turn red with blood…

Silence, absolute silence!

As if there existed no one inside the valley, not even a sigh could be heard. Among them, a Demonic Saint took out a dagger, and yelled, “Your Highness Demonic Immortal, if you refuse to come out, I’ll kill myself right here. After all, death is coming for us anyway.”

Immediately after his remarks, he held his dagger high and slit it through his throat. But, the moment the sharp edge of his dagger cut through his skin, he was abruptly forced to fly backwards. He was attacked by an unseen force right on his chest.

“Don’t let filthy blood tarnish my land. Otherwise, I’ll annihilate you all before the arrival of those humans from the Mars Prefecture!”

At the same time, a cold voice reverberated in the air, which startled the the demons present.

None of them went to the Demonic Saint, that had been attacked. Instead, they all bowed once again towards the valley, and exclaimed, “Your Highness, please save our race. We beg you to be compassionate, in the name of the whole demon race! Please…”

To their disappointment, however, the valley was once again caught in silence. Like throwing a stone in a tranquil river, there came no dramatic response, as only some faint ripples could be seen. The demons dared not to move, but only kept staring at the valley, wishing to hear the voice again.

“Go away. We won’t and can’t get ourselves involved! Don’t waste your time on us!”

After quite some minutes, another voice came. But, this voice was from a female demon..

“You’re not allowed to help us?”

The demons outside looked at each other in confusion, “Your Highness, why? You really won’t help us, even though we’re on the brink of extinction?”

“Alas… You have your rules, but we have ours. If we try to help you, then the old bastards from the Mars Prefecture will certainly team up with other immortal-level cultivators from the Flaming Dragon Continent, and come to invade all of us! I mean, the entire Mars Prefecture! At that time, it can really be called a genocide…” The female demon inside seemed to have more patience with the demons outside, as she explained to them with a deep sigh.

“Ahh… Is it Heaven’s intention to kill off the lion race?” The demons outside understood the situation, and howled desperately.

It seemed there were rules among immortal-level cultivators to curb their involvement in battles in the mortal world. Considering the power of such advanced cultivators, they could easily smash a city with one random punch. If they were allowed to mingle with the battles among the three prefectures, the Flaming Dragon Continent would’ve already perished.

“You have yourself to blame! Your lion race is too bossy, and no one likes you. Alas, go, just go. You won’t get our help on this matter. The Mars Prefecture team is coming!” The female Demonic Immortal concluded.

The Demonic Saints outside shook their heads helplessly, as they walked towards their injured partner and went back.


“Where are the lion race demons? Come out to receive your punishment!”

Scarcely had the group of demons entered their garden, or a group of human beings in had emerged in the sky, very much like a huge dark cloud, hovering above the city. With a thundering boom, slaughter enveloped the entire Heaven Demonic City.

– Swoosh! –

When the “dark cloud” was in the far distance, numerous advanced demons all flew up in the air, waiting for the confrontation. But, when the Mars Prefecture team appeared right in front of their eyes, many just stood by, like spectators.

– Swoosh! –

All of the Demonic Saints, as well as their followers, suddenly rose up, occupying a corner of the sky. All the demons from the lion race also flew up in the air, preparing for the imminent battle.

“This is a retaliation war. We only attack the lion race demons. As for other demons, please retreat to a safe distance, in case of being implicated. We appreciate your understanding. I promise, we won’t stay here after we’ve exacted our retaliation.”

Long Pifu flew in the front, as he made that announcement. Despite his dwarf-like figure, none of the demons present dared to look down upon him. They had learned from experience, for anyone who had underestimated Long Pifu, would eventually be found dead.

Besides the lion race demons, the other demons all retreated in a hurry. They were so scared that the ripple effect of this ferocious war would affect them. Only those with retarded brains wouldn’t run.

The evacuation order was given to the non-lion-race demons. The lion race, nevertheless, had to face it anyway. As one of the most powerful races in the Demonic Prefecture, they had their pride and dignity; yet now, they looked like a bunch of pathetic roaches, and had no other place to run away to, so all they could do and stay in their homebase – Heaven Demonic City.

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